Vintage Capes for Every Taste: All Under $100!

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This bright green cape channels the updated vintage style of the late “Lonely Tourist” Charlotte Charles, aka “Chuck,” in the gone-too-soon masterpiece Pushing Daisies. And remember that vintage purchases are good for the planet (and often your wallet)!

It's The Beginning Of The End For Plastic Bags In Abu Dhabi

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ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste Food & Health » Muslims Who Breastfeed Save Planet Earth New parents and nursing Muslim women will be pleased to know the Islamic perspective on nursing is pro-breastfeeding.

Weekend Reading 2/22/13

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Then, after years of legendary wilderness exploits, he gradually goes insane, gnawed hollow by the contradiction of living off of a timber industry that is desecrating the most magnificent forest on the planet, the place that makes him whole and human. The special tree that Hadwin fells is a beautiful, mutant, yellow-colored spruce on Haida Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, so the book examines the islands and the Haida who live there in some detail. Alan.

Case Study: We Measure One Family's Hajj Carbon Footprint (Part 1)

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Also how can we ‘green’ Hajj to make its impact on the planet gentler?

If you missed the Women’s March, just watch this to get all the goodness in your heart.

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Charlotte 10,000. Let’s share up some empathy for our sisters and brothers and society and planet—but let’s feel free to point out the truth, too. It’s the happiest empathy-fullest protest in histoooooorrrrryyyyy!

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Eco-Sexy Nutrition: An Apple a Day Increases Lifespan by 10.

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Eco-Sexy Nutrition for Men Sex Up Sustainability: Five Ways to Make Love to One Another and the Planet in 2011 Tinamarie is a regular contributor to

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Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

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Urban transport advisor Peter Midgley notes that “bike sharing has experienced the fastest growth of any mode of transport in the history of the planet.” Politicians, lobbyists, and tourists alike can ride bicycles along a specially marked lane between the White House and the U.S.

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Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models

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Urban Street Design Guidelines (Goverment of Charlotte, North Carolina) These guidelines won an EPA Smart Growth award for 2009. One Planet Communities (BioRegional Development Group) A set of sustainable communities worldwide.

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