Charlotte McCurdy, Phillip Lim design carbon-neutral algae sequin dress


Designers Charlotte McCurdy and Phillip Lim have created a couture dress made of algae sequins to address this very issue, proving that fashionable materials like sequins don’t have to come at a cost to the environment. One X One Via Dezeen Images via Charlotte McCurdy.

Mapping out Charlotte’s lead on green tariffs


Read more here: Mapping out Charlotte’s lead on green tariffs. Duke Energy worked with the North Carolina city on its path toward achieving net zero emissions and improving social equity. Business Green cities city-on-its energy its-path net zero north-carolina renewable energy toward-achieving


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The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte Unveils Something Green Wedding Experience

Green (Living) Review

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte has unveiled a new Green wedding package designed to add environmental mindfulness to the wedding experience and become a keystone of the hotel’s eco-friendly practices. " Something Green takes advantage of the Charlotte area’s rich bounty of culinary products while also responding to marrying couples’ interest in creating environmentally-responsible receptions.

Hotels charge you (for free)

Green Traveler Guides

Boston/Cambridge California Car rental Charlotte China District of Columbia Electric vehicles England Hotels London Massachusetts New York New York City News Oregon Portland San Francisco Shenzhen South Carolina United Kingdom United States Charles Hotel DoubleTree Portland Electric cars Element Green Seal Green Travel News Kimpton Lenox Hotel Reuters Ritz-Carlton CharlotteCurious about electric cars?

America’s top 10 sweatiest cities

Green Traveler Guides

California Charlotte Dallas District of Columbia Florida Houston Los Angeles Miami North America North Carolina Orlando Raleigh San Diego Tampa Texas The Americas United States 10 sweatiest cities in U.S. | Green Travel News | Making summer travel plans? No sweat, or should we say lots of it. A team of environmental scientists has ranked major American metropolitan areas on their “sweatiness.”

New apartments bring sustainable architecture to the Upper West Side


Designed by award-winning BKSK Architects, Charlotte of the Upper West Side, as the complex is named, will house seven apartments, each with four bedrooms with en suite baths and a separate primary bedroom wing. Charlotte UWS Images via Depict.

Naturally cooled funicular offers spectacular views of the French Alps


Green atelier 360 bourg-saint car-free charlotte perriand interior landscape natural ventilation operable windows transport

2019 36

Dogs and cats living together

Environmental Economics

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 05/2005 « Yikes: "Environmental Substance Abuse" | Main | More on price gouging at the pump » March 01, 2011 Dogs and cats living together The entire Eastern Seaboard is alive with talk of incidents of paranormal activity: The Charlotte City Council approved significant changes to water and sewer rates Monday night, with most users paying more and heavy users - many of whom do extensive lawn watering - getting a discount.

2011 116

Where I'll be today

Environmental Economics

UNC Charlotte Economics Seminar Series: 2015 – 2016. John Whitehead  Appalachian State. Estimating Lost Recreational Use Value of Visitors to Northwest Florida from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill using Revealed and Stated Preference Data. 10-11:30am, Friday 207

2016 116

Only if it is a different state of mind

Environmental Economics

Of the Mountaineers’ 13 games, 10 have been away from Boone, which includes eight different states, if a trip to Charlotte is included. Charlotte, a large city in the Piedmont region of North Carolina near the South Carolina border, is a 2 hour bus ride from Boone, a small college town in the mountains. In fact, given the differences between Boone and Charlotte it is worlds away

2015 160

Campaign to Ban Disposable Face Masks Launched

Green (Living) Review

concludes Charlotte Green from commercial recycling company The UK will consume 19.2 billion single non-recyclable face masks in 2021. Most of these will be sent to landfill, the weight equivalent of 5 Eiffel Towers.

Ban 161

Thanks Tim for introducing me to Wordle, I sooo enjoyed spending way too much time on it (sarc level five)

Environmental Economics

Note: Sarc levels from I am Charlotte Simmons explained at the defunct blog I'm trying to put AERE sessions together for the SEA meetings. I have four loosely related papers. Typically, I call this session "Residuals." " Get it? This time I decide to enter the abstracts into Wordle and see if the word cloud is any help. Here it is: I can't really call the session "environmental," can I?

2014 122

International cannabis conference comes to Israel

Green Prophet

Mechoulam’s research paper on cannabis and epilepsy that spurred a desperate mother of Charlotte Figi to ask her physician if cannabis could be used to treat Dravet’s syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. Raphael Mechoulam, discoverer of THC, CBD in medicinal cannabis.

Cost estimates

Environmental Economics

A 9.4-mile light-rail extension should open for service by March 2017, and the Charlotte Area Transit System said Monday it has a firm price for the project: $1.16 That cost caused CATS to reduce the scope of the project, having it end on the UNC-Charlotte campus instead of a park-and-ride lot at Interstate 485. billion. In 2007, CATS said it could build an 11-mile extension for $700 million.

2012 122

If you build them. ?

Environmental Economics

will announce new energy plan": President Obama arrived in Charlotte late Wednesday morning, on a trip in which he will make a major announcement on a new program to spur growth in the "clean vehicle" industry. The President landed aboard Air Force One shortly before noon at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport and shook hands with some of the people who gathered near where the jet was parked. "President.

2012 122

Anthony Foxx: Riding the Rails for Better Transportation

Sierra Club Compass

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx (center) is lauded by President Obama and outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (right) (Photo: Yesterday, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx was formally nominated to be the next Secretary of Transportation of the United States.  A legislator from Charlotte – however – was committed to ensuring that North Carolina turn down the funding as well, and drafted up a bill to that effect.

Profit opportunity in the UNC system

Environmental Economics

While the state university system reduces quality with severe budget cuts imposed by the legislature with numerous political and programmitic constrains imposed by several layers of central authority, more nimble private universities see a profit opportunity : Northeastern University of Boston is officially laying down stakes in Charlotte today smack in the middle of the city at Trade and Tryon streets.

Profit 148

Israel plans for medical cannabis stock index

Green Prophet

The first notable case in the US was with Charlotte Figi. Cannabis treatments that include low THC and high CBC can treat children. Since the 60s Israel became known for its scientific look at cannabis.

We're #1!

Environmental Economics

He said the data show Charlotte area households drive an average of 21,500 miles annually. That's just a hair behind Raleigh-Durham's household average of 21,800 annual miles - which means annual fuel expenses of $4,304, or $60 more than the Charlotte area. #2 and #6. Six out of 10 are in the south: Forbes magazine.

2011 116

"AERE" Workshop

Environmental Economics

It is amazing how many excellent E&R economists are within driving distance of Boone, NC (and if you fly from Anchorage you are within driving distance once you get to Charlotte). Last weekend, the Department of Economics hosted the Appstate Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop. "AERE" "AERE" Workshop. get it?

2012 122

Dr. “Cannabis” Alan Shackelford puts medicine into marijuana, in Israel

Green Prophet

That girl, Charlotte Figi (pictured below), was fighting for her life. Cursed with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet’s Syndrome, Charlotte had about 300 seizures a week, some bringing her to the brink of death. ” Shackelford then poured over a stack of Charlotte’s medical records: “I decided that Charlotte would surely die if we didn’t do something to help her,” he tells Green Prophet. Charlotte was unresponsive to questions.

2015 87

Medical cannabis and children? University opens new unit

Green Prophet

Alan Shackelford was the first to openly prescribe medical cannabis to children – to Charlotte Figi. Science still does not know how the long-term effects weigh in.

Congratulations to Pete Schuhmann!

Environmental Economics

Fennebresque of Charlotte. Basking in reflected glory: The Board of Governors of the multi-campus University of North Carolina has selected 17 of its most outstanding faculty to receive the 19th Annual Awards for Excellence in Teaching. Each award winner will receive a commemorative bronze medallion and a $7,500 cash prize.

2013 144

Port-a-Bach gets the ‘Bach Pack’ solar array for enhanced self sufficiency


Charlotte Bowie, collaborated with Atelier Workshop and helped them expand the scope of their original design. The project was taken up by Charlotte as a DIY assignment and she wants to give the end user a product that is easy to install and use and will require no external assistance. Pratima Kalra: It was a few years back that we had mentioned about Port-a-Bach , a relocatable and self sufficient dwelling and since then many sequences of the same have been upgraded.

Drinking lattes, chilling with my AC and reading the WSJ

Environmental Economics

And this one is to get a puerile giggle out of Tim: "Our revenue streams are flat or declining," said Anthony Tata, transportation secretary of North Carolina, which is proposing HOT lanes for a section of highway near Charlotte. "We From the WSJ's Micro Weekly Review: On U.S. Highways, More Fast Lanes Aren't Free by: Cameron McWhirter Nov 29, 2013 Click here to view the full article on TOPICS: Congestion Pricing, Externalities.

2013 152

Friends of Merril Short Story Contest Now Open

The Alien Next Door

Charlotte Ashley just informed me that The Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest is now open for submissions. Calling all speculative short fiction writers! Here are the guidelines: From now until February 15th, 2015 our readers will consider speculative short fiction up to 6000 words for the top prize of $500, with two honourable mentions of $50 available as well. After that, the long-listed stories will be passed to our panel of judges , who choose between them the three winners.

2014 100

"Relax," said the night man

Environmental Economics

Upon our late arrival and after about a half mile run (gate D5 to G10) we barely made the connection for the flight to Charlotte (as we boarded we had our seats changed to first class so I'm finding it hard to complain too much. Upon arrival in Charlotte our luggage did not arrive with us. The poor guy had to drive back to Charlotte after midnight. Craig Newmark: You kinda think they would have figured it out by now. But no, they haven't.

2011 116

I heart Ironman

Environmental Economics

All the default numbers in the tool above are taken from a  federally-funded transportation project  in North Carolina, which promised to spend $461 million to reduce the travel time of some 100,000 train commuters between Charlotte and Raleigh by 13 minutes a trip, which would bring their one-way transit time down to just under three hours.

2013 131

Job-killing regulations?

Environmental Economics

17 and Charlotte No. "It has to be a mistake," says Derb Carter of the Southern Environmental Law Center, speaking of the latest Forbes rankings of the top 25 cities for business and careers. "Four  "Four are in job-killing, regulation-strangled North Carolina," he says, dripping with insincerity. He's right: Raleigh is No. 2, Durham No. 14, Asheville No.  "Hemp-ridden Asheville at No.

There is no such thing as a free lunch

Environmental Economics

Charlotte-based Duke plans to distribute about 150 of the pods to customers who buy or the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and other electric cars soon to be released to the mass market. Or firms passing on all of the cost increase: State regulators on Tuesday gave Duke Energy the go-ahead to offer customers free home charging stations for plug-in electric cars.

2011 126

Best Flags Collection

Green Prophet

This flag, flown by Commodore Perry during the war in which his ships captured a British squadron consisting of HMS Detroit, HMS Charlotte, and 4 smaller vessels. flag lover, seeking the best set of collections of flags?

Appstate budget cuts

Environmental Economics

I found the Appstate info (here is my take on the UNC-CH situation): East Carolina University , UNC Charlotte, Appalachian State University and Western Carolina University all will take cuts of 16 percent or more. Appalachian State said it would have to eliminate financial aid and loan staff at the same time that the number of students with financial need is increasing. via

2011 116

New Poll, Rally Show WV, NC and Beyond are Fed Up With Coal Industry's Pollution

Sierra Club Compass

So on Tuesday, February 25, hundreds of people are expected to rally at Duke Energy''s headquarters in Charlotte as the Sierra Club, Appalachian Voices, the North Carolina Conservation Network, and Greenpeace will deliver more than 8,500 letters demanding that the utility clean up its coal ash. I''ll be in Charlotte at the Duke rally - if you''re in the area please join us !

2014 87

Our Last Coal Ash Spill: No More Delays for Coal Water Pollution Protections

Sierra Club Compass

Last week, security guards at Duke Energy's Charlotte headquarters blocked me from delivering 9,000 petitions signed by Duke customers calling on the company to clean up its toxic coal ash, in the wake of a spill that decimated 70 miles of the Dan River. As I told the crowd in Charlotte, reported by CNN, "This needs to be our last wake-up call.

2014 84

Can I Make CBD Oil Products From Autoflowers at Home?

Green Prophet

CBD saved the life of Charlotte, for whom the high CBD-oil Charlotte’s Web was named. Source: Fast Buds. Nowadays, you can legally buy CBD-infused products practically everywhere.

Getting Started With CBD Dosing

Green Prophet

At Charlotte’s Web, you can buy CBD oil , CBD isolate, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and much more. For example, Charlotte’s Web’s least strong CBD oil is 7mg/ml, while its highest strength is 60mg/ml. With a good retailer like Charlotte’s Web, you’ll notice a few different things. One of the first questions that people ask when they’re first learning about CBD is, what is CBD ? This is an important thing to learn about as a beginner.

2020 43

The bicycle, the new “old” way to travel

Green (Living) Review

City bikes distributor and manufacturer Linus Bikes, an American bicycle manufacturer, based in California, became aware of Charlotte’s newest initiative in “going green” through the introduction of bike sharing stations, and believes to be a testament to the reemerging popularity of bicycling as a popular mode of travel. It is because of this that Charlotte decided to get with the times and enact a bike sharing program of their own.

2012 116

Furniture made from the sea plant eelgrass


Related: Charlotte McCurdy, Phillip Lim design carbon-neutral algae sequin dress Building up from the Acoustic Mats, MOMENTUM also integrates glass and steel into the pieces. Natural material selection for products can provide a low environmental impact and carbon emission output. Architect and designer David Thulstrup incorporated this idea into his recent exhibit called the MOMENTUM collection.

Syqe marijuana inhaler syncs your medical cannabis dosage using 3D printed technology

Green Prophet

But bags of money aside, people who are turning to cannabis for medical relief are swearing that this age old natural remedy has the power to change lives, like that of a little American girl (about 5) called Charlotte who was convulsing herself to death with 200 epileptic seizures a day. After using cannabis which was bred to be low in THC (that which gets you “high”) and high in CBD (that which gives you therapy) Charlotte is now able to start living a normal life.

2014 86

NOMA Collectives Joshua Tree Edit highlights global artisans


NOMA Collective Photographs courtesy of Charlotte Lea.

Monday Morning Quarterback fumbles on price gouging*

Environmental Economics

The tank read 5/8ths when I pulled into the Charlotte Douglas International Airport's Hertz lot at 5:35 a.m. Peter King: Hertz Should Be Ashamed of Itself Dept.: I rented a full-sized Hertz vehicle for my two-day trip to North Carolina and the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Awards. Two days, $44 a day. Drove the car 169 miles. Tuesday. "Did "Did you fill the tank with gas?'' '' the courteous check-in gal asked. "No,

2011 122

Shahar Livne’s minable materials from plastics and leather from waste meat

Green Prophet

by Charlotte Kin. Lithoplast, a new material from old plastic. Imagine the islands of garbage floating in the seas, the plastic bags filling the landfills.

2020 83

Become a wildlife guardian this autumn

Green (Living) Review

RSPB Wildlife Advisor, Charlotte Ambrose said: “Up until now birds have been able to feed on insects and seeds, but the cold weather means they move into our gardens to find refuge.

2019 103