How can a Teacher help in Student Career Guidance?

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Teachers play a crucial role in every student’s life. They are every student’s first guide to academics & career. If asked to take a walk down the memory lane into your childhood, what are the first few things you’d remember? Your memories with family, friends, your school and… TEACHERS! As a Teacher, one not only […].

Top Ten Career Counsellors in India for Career Counselling

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Career Counselling is an art of understanding the pain points of the students and guide them with advice and roadmaps for a successful career. Here are 10 best counsellors from India who optimized the counselling function and delivered their best using Global Career Counsellor certification by Univariety and UCLA Extension. TOP CAREER COUNSELLORS IN INDIA: 1) Amrita Singh […].

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The Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Academia

Eco Friendly Daily

If you’re someone who adores the process of absorbing new facts and looking for new insights, a career in this sector of the economy should be at the top of your choices. They can also decide to make this their full-time career and climb the academic ladder.

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I'm at that point in my career where I'm ready to do something absolutely crazy

Environmental Economics

  With Antonio Bento, Dana Goldman, me and Arie Kapteyn now all at USC (and many other research active Price School faculty) ,  a talented student can take his/her knowledge of econometrics and apply it to the economics of aging, health, the environment and cities.  I strongly encourage serious students to apply. I'm especially interested in attracting students who are graduates from U.S

My Students, Myself: 4 Tips for Attracting Your Type of Student. ~ Kimberly Lo

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New yoga instructors are often given a lot of advice when they are starting out, but few are ever asked about the sort of students that they would like to teach. The fact is, there are as many different types of students as there are styles of yoga. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Free Content to Partners Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom career New students style teacher yoga practice

Bison Bellows and Bones: Student-Scientists on the Prairie

Nature Conservancy - Science

Michelle Hulke (left) and Mary Joy Sun, student bison researchers from Gustavus Adolphus College, collect bones on the prairie to reassemble a bison skeleton. Ordway Prairie Preserve, students from Gustavus Adolphus College will soon be arriving to follow bison herds for the summer. Today, we’re running a previously published blog on last year’s student researchers at Ordway Prairie. Just another evening for students on break, right?

The Real Value of Yoga Teacher Training. 

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Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga career students teacher training training programIf you are considering spending your money doing teacher training, think carefully.

What Elon Musk has to say about Education.

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Enlightened Society Family Inspiring (Wow) Right Livelihood career education system Elon Musk For Children learning learning based on strengths problem-solvers right livelihood school students thinkingWe need a system that allows our different skill sets to rise to the top.

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Why I Quit Teaching.

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Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education career education fired jobs learning private public quit school students system teacher teaching workSchool is not the way to a good quality education.

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Design student creates couture Envirosax dress out of reusable bags - unveiled at Sundance Film Festival

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Amit Ayalon, from Tel Aviv, Israel, is a recent graduate of the Australian Institute of Creative Design and won most outstanding student of the year award. Amit Ayalon is currently looking for career opportunities and can be reached via email at or via cell phone +61 404 545 704. Envirosax , the original designer reusable bag, has selected Amit Ayalon, a recent design graduate to create a dress out of beautiful Envirosax designs and colors.

Poorly Known Species at Most Risk from Extinction

Nature Conservancy - Science

Earlier this year, the University of Queensland played host to the first Student Conference on Conservation Science to be held in Australia. At the Australian conference there was an emphasis on supporting attendance of students from Asia and the Pacific. The Nature Conservancy sponsored prizes for the best talks and poster presentation by students at the conference. The small-toothed sportive lemur is poorly known by science, a fact that increases its extinction risk.

IIT Bombay students design electric car for FSAE Motorsport competition


The aim of the competition is to promote excellence and careers in engineering by challenging the students of universities around the world to compete, build, design and develop as a team. Accepting the challenge, for the first time a team of thirty students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, is designing an electric car for this international competition, which will compete with 109 cars at the Silverstone Formula 1 race track.

Brainwashing them where they live

Environmental Economics

With the start of the autumn 2014 semester, the university adds a new housing learning community focused on sustainability to its diverse living options for new and returning students. The university offers its students more than a dozen learning communities, which are comprised of groups of students who live together on a residence hall floor who have common majors, career aspirations or personal interests.

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Behind the Namaste Scene: What I Really Learned as a Yoga Teacher. ~ Annie Au

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Being a yoga teacher presumes the role of teacher, mentor, friend, sage, field psychologist, career advisor and depending on which style of yoga an acrobat. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Yoga behind the scene daily life day job dream job emotions imperfection journey karaoke mantra Patanjali PMS practice student teacher training treater yoga philosophy yoga teacher

A Student's Guide to Community Service

The Green Changemakers

Why are so many students interested in serving their communities? Because they want to: Make a difference Develop new skills Prepare for college Explore career paths Have fun working with friends Feel good about themselves Although the efforts of one person may seem small, every act of service can have an important impact on someone. BE A CRIME FIGHTER So you have an interest in police work as a career, or are concerned about crime in your community.

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5 Tips to Close the Sale (Yogically).

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Hate talking money with your yoga students? Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga business business advice Cailen Ascher career advice closing the sale make money money private clients teaching tips yoga teacher Closing the sale" can feel totally un-yogic, but luckily I have some tips that''ll help you move beyond the "awkward" and into abundance!

Net Impact lets Students Make Small Steps for Big Wins

Green Living Ideas

Net Impact ’s Inaugural Small Steps, Big Wins Campus Challenge inspires students to take tore than 45,000 actions on 74 Campuses! Since the Challenge launched in October 2012, students collectively took more than 45,000 actions which translated into: 39,258 pounds of CO2 saved by taking public transportation or walking instead of driving. Small Steps, Big Wins enables students to complete actions designed to inspire everyday activism.

Green jobs in the Middle East: find them at Masdar’s World Future Energy Summit

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If so, you might want to head over to the 7th World Future Energy Summit (WFES), where Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Reed Exhibitions are hosting a “Green Career Fair.” The Green Career Fair provides a platform for potential employers and employees to meet, and on site workshops, a Career Advice Desk, and HR professionals will provide insight into the kinds of jobs that are available in the renewable energy field in particular.

How to Find the Best Environmental Internships: Get a Green Job

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A good place to start is the Student Conservation Association (SCA), which places over 2,000 interns a year and focuses on expense paid year round internships, many of which are outdoors. The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) is also a well known resource for finding internships for bachelors, masters and doctoral students and recent graduates. Ecology college credit environmental internships green jobs students work

Start the Year Off Right: Take Action on Climate Change Now

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Just before the end of 2017, I had the chance to speak to a group of college students about what they can do to act on climate change. The students of today will likely be the key to addressing the climate challenge. I suggested four specific ways students can step up and make a very positive difference. In the past, college students have often been the loudest and most important voices behind big changes and cultural shifts. We need college students to do more.

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Banish Barbie with These 6 Body-Positive Doll Alternatives

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What I love about her is that she, like Barbie, has a wide range of careers and interests that are in no way limited to typically “girly” pursuits. Among other things, she’s a paleontologist , a pirate queen , a budding naturalist , and an ordinary student. Barbie’s endless list of careers changed all that. Health Is Beauty american girl dolls barbie body image body-positive careers dolls girls health healthy dolls lammily lottie dolls mixis women

We're (App State) #1!

Environmental Economics

This top 20 list describes some of the country’s best schools for prospective students interested in the outdoors. Students at App State have a wealth of outdoor opportunity right at their fingertips, as some of the East Coast’s best mountain biking, caving, climbing, and paddling are within an hour’s drive from the ASU campus. Students are also encouraged to volunteer with the Blue Ridge Parkway Corps to educate tourists about preserving the trails.

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Empowering the Next Generation of Environmentalists—One Teen at a Time

Conservancy Talk

Working alongside Nature Conservancy scientists as an intern last summer opened Jomar Velez’s eyes to the variety of science careers he could pursue, says the 17-year-old. High schooler Jomar Velez clears debris at a Florida natural area as part of his LEAF internship, which he says opened his eyes to a variety of science careers. © Many of the LEAF students I met will study science in college.

Refugees code their way to assylum

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A new project by the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa is offering a coding course to selected refugees, giving them a jumpstart to a new career path. All 10 students completed the course successfully and expressed interest in pursuing advanced-level coding programs in future.

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Full of Grace.

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I’ve been teaching yoga for eight years, and I can’t begin to convey the “blood, sweat and tears” that have gone into my teaching career. After teaching my morning yoga class, a few days ago, I received an email from a student expressing how much she loves my classes because there is “grace in the […].

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Come study sustainability at THE Ohio State University

Environmental Economics

Students who have a passion for sustainability can put their passion into practice by enrolling in Ohio State’s new major called Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) ( [link] ).    The EEDS major is a multi-disciplinary degree program in sustainability that provides students in-depth training in the economic, business and social aspects of sustainability. Students can enroll now for Fall 2012!

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One of the greatest failures of university economics departments.

Environmental Economics

is our passivity when our employers erect monopolies on campus to exploit students: The rise of online textbook retailers such as Chegg, Amazon, and, has put official college and university bookstores on the defensive. Chegg is a nine-year-old company that offers textbook rentals and sales, along with tutoring and career services. "The school should not be working against the interest of the student financially."

"Pros And Cons Of Going To Grad School"

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America's Finest News Source: While graduate school is often touted as a way to specialize in a given field and increase earning power, opponents argue it can put students into debt without helping them get better jobs. Opportunity for more specialized student loan debt. Could lead to career in academia.

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Q&A with Jonathan Lash: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek: You had a long career in the environment, including eighteen years as President of WRI, before taking your current post as President of Hampshire College. What inspired your career shift? Jonathan Lash: The simple answer is that Hampshire’s students inspired me. When a friend convinced me to explore becoming President of Hampshire the students who interviewed me were smart, passionate, creative and seemingly fearless.

2015 Kenneth G. Elzinga Distinguished Teaching Award

Environmental Economics

Professor Mathews has spent her career at UNC Asheville, where she currently is a professor of economics and the Interdisciplinary Distinguished Professor of the Mountain South. During her time on the UNC Asheville faculty, Professor Mathews has received exceptional evaluations from her students. Students praise her for her ability to explain complex economic concepts in clear and meaningful ways.

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Coronavirus refugees look for safe havens at overseas colleges

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COVID is creating student refugees looking for the safest bet for studying at college next year. For young adults looking to broaden their career outlooks, travelling to COVID -safer countries is part of the new agenda, according to a press release by Hebrew University in Jerusalem, now experiencing an overwhelming interest in its overseas programs. Compared to statistics around the world. Israel fared pretty well in managing the coronavirus outbreak.

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There goes the demand and supply for jocks easy econ-A

Environmental Economics

Next to a student’s grade, the record will include the median grade of classmates, the percentile range and the number of students in the class section. A snapshot average grade for a student’s mix of courses, the SPA is akin to a sports team’s strength of schedule. Anything less than an A is unacceptable for some students. This is a good thing: Tar Heels in search of the easy A, beware.

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Why do I do this?

Environmental Economics

Hargett was honored for his contributions to the economic education of students in Clayton County Public Schools, school officials noted in a press release. There are many proficient and dedicated educators but Mr. Hargett’s commitment to his students makes him an outstanding educator and a true asset to Morrow High School and Clayton County Public Schools.”.

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Reasons why interested candidates should study engineering

Green Prophet

The life of an engineering student is never easy! There are ample debates and discussions about the course and future of engineering as a career opportunity. And this makes students aspire to be an engineer and pursue a career that brings then a promising job and career. Hence, students must learn about engineering and have a basic overview of it right in their high-school. Engineering can help you with a prospective career.

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University of Georgia Sierra Club Activists Win Prestigious Environmental Scholarship

Sierra Club Compass

University of Georgia (UGA) students Ian Karra and Sara Black each found their environmental activist callings after attending the Sierra Student Coalition's nationally-recognized Summer Leadership Training Program (SPROG). It recognizes students who exhibit future leadership potential, academic achievement, and a record of public service. Ian and Sara were the only students awarded the scholarship from UGA. Photo by Maura Friedman.

Believing in Kids, Believing in Nature

Conservancy Talk

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it came from a thriving school garden right here in Chicago, harvested by students and teachers with a deep appreciation for nature. At Southside Occupational Academy, a Chicago Public School that serves special needs students ages 16-22, protecting the natural world is a key part of the school’s mission and the students’ futures. “We At the market, students sold succulents in pottery made on site.

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Environmental Economics

I was able to get this far in my career by publishing as many papers as possible and carefully negotiating departmental politics, but now the real work begins,” said Botkin, 43, whose tenured faculty position ensures his employment until he voluntarily exits the job or dies. “I’m candidates as possible, and voluntarily extend my office hours so I can provide students with as much one-on-one time as they need.

2014 144

Invest in future foresters

Green (Living) Review

Forestry and related courses are struggling for applicants • Shortage of skills at all levels • lack of awareness of forestry as a career option • Students qualifying with very little practical experience Huge growth is planned for the timber sector – this will require more skilled workers. The problem is that even if a youngster at school expresses an interest for a career in forestry, horticulture, etc.,

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The Washington Post has a better op-ed on the value of a college education than the NY Times

Environmental Economics

And good colleges provide lots of help to students who face challenges completing their degrees in a reasonable amount of time. But students need to make a similar commitment to breathe it in and be enlivened by it. Students have to play a major role in making sure it’s money well spent. Students need to apply themselves to the daunting task of using their minds, a much harder challenge than most people realize, until they actually try to do it.

Marine Resource Economics has published an unpublished paper off the reading list of "Wilen?s resource economics course at UC Davis" (fn 3)

Environmental Economics

Three of Professor Wilen's students (including current and former editors of MRE) introduce the paper like this: Throughout his career, James E. Jim) Wilen has had a remarkable influence on the development of resource and fisheries economics through his path-breaking research contributions, influence on fisheries policy, and outstanding legacy as a mentor.

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Required reading for anyone thinking about going to graduate school

Environmental Economics

Even at the top five departments, it would be hard to argue that the bottom half of their students are successful in terms of academic research. At the majority of the departments ranked in the top ten in conventional rankings (such as Coupé 2003), 60 percent of their students fail to meet this 0.1 For graduate students in economics (and also potential graduate students), the message is that becoming a successful research economist is difficult.

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Announcing the 2016 Women in Science Summit

Nature Conservancy - Science

How do we get more women into science, technology, engineering and math careers? To help mentor rising young scientists through the challenges that women in science careers face, the California Academy of Sciences is holding the 2016 Women in Science Summit on January 28, 2016. And once they’re there, how do we help them overcome gender bias in the workplace?

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Why I Kissed my Mat: from an Overachieving Yogi.

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All the stereotypes apply: played piano in Carnegie Hall; studied with precollege Juilliard students for a summer; have three degrees from top tier universities; met modest career success. I’m a classic Asian American. I use it in the stereotypical sense of being from an overachieving family. Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga Yoga News & Culture Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today ego perfectionism