New Poll: Americans Ready for Action on Carbon Pollution

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On Tuesday, the Sierra Club released a new poll with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research showing that seven-in-ten Americans favor the Environmental Protection Agency putting limits on the amount of carbon pollution that power plants can release. Public hearing in Washington, D.C.,

"95% consensus of expert economists: cut carbon pollution"

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The key finding: there’s a strong consensus among climate economics experts that we should put a price on carbon pollution to curb the expensive costs of climate change. In other words, there is a 95% consensus among expert climate economists that the US should follow through with its pledges to cut carbon pollution in the wake of the Paris international climate negotiations, and more than three out of four agreed that the US should take action to curb global warming no matter what.

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VIDEO: The Pacific Northwest Can End the Free Lunch for Carbon Polluters

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Have you ever tried to briefly explain to someone why we need to hold carbon polluters accountable? This is the first in a series of short videos about how the Pacific Northwest can use a carbon price to protect our communities and accelerate our transition to clean energy.

Four Charts Show Carbon Pollution Accountability Act is Still Awesome

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As the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act , now HB 1314 , wends its way through committee hearings, new economic analysis and revised revenue estimates are popping up. Less pollution, more clean energy, better schools, and more jobs. Assuming pollution prices start at $12.90

Survey Says: Americans want to cut carbon pollution

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Voters reject the idea that limits on carbon pollution will harm the economy. Voters believe, incorrectly, that the federal government already regulates carbon pollution.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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billion tons of CO2 annually — 40 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. With domestic sources of low- and no-carbon energy becoming more abundant and less expensive, we have the opportunity to achieve substantial reductions in overall emissions at relatively low cost.

Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Photo: Office of Governor Patrick)   From New Hampshire to California to Hawai’i to Montana, Governors across the country are applauding the Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever standards to clean up climate disruption carbon pollution.

"How Stringent Are the US EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants?"

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In March 2012, the EPA announced a proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants. No coal-fired units would come close to the emission targets unless there are future innovations in carbon capture and storage. Matthew J. Kotchen and Erin T. Mansur: In the absence of legislation for a US national climate policy, regulatory responsibility has fallen to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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The EPA proposed these first-ever limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants just last month. crowds gathered to speak out in favor of the carbon pollution standard, packing the hearing all day. Hundreds and hundreds of people gathered in Washington, D.C.,

Rejecting Keystone Means Less Tar Sands Extraction, Less Carbon Pollution

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  On June 2nd, Goldman Sachs published a research report, titled "Getting Oil Out of Canada: Heavy Oil Diffs Expected to Stay Wide and Volatile," stating that without Keystone XL, tar sands expansion, and therefore the carbon pollution that comes with it, would be dramatically reduced.

Former Coal Miner to Obama: Set Strong Carbon Pollution Limits on Coal Plants

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The following is testimony from Nick Mullins, a former coal miner from Virginia, given Thursday before the Environmental Protection Agency public hearing in Washington, DC, on carbon pollution standards.

C'mon Chamber! - 5 Utilities That Rejected Attacks on Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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The much-anticipated safeguards to clean up carbon pollution from existing power plants have finally been announced , and just as expected, both support and opposition for the protections is all over the airwaves. Similarly, the Los Angeles Times reported that Robert Flexon, CEO of Houston-based Dynegy viewed the carbon standards as an opportunity — not a threat.

US Court Supports EPA's Limits on Carbon Pollution


federal appeals court upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2009 findings that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from industry and vehicles endanger public health. On June 26, a U.S.

The Power of a Grassroots Movement. {Video}

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Carbon pollution from Dirty Energy is creating a world of Dirty Weather. The science on climate change is settled. Together we can stop it. The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.

WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio Lends Voice to New Eco-Documentary


Leonardo DiCaprio has more than a few choice words for the federal government when it comes to carbon pollution in the new documentary, "Carbon."

President Obama Announces New Truck Efficiency Standards

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carbon pollution nearly 10 percent. These truck standards are another step to slash oil use, save Americans money and bring down carbon pollution. When we’re smarter about what we ship and how we ship it, we save money and reduce carbon pollution.

On the road to Paris towards a new global climate deal

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China deal on limiting carbon pollution. Historically, the developed countries have emitted the most carbon pollution, and so have contributed the most to the build-up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

New Truck Standards: Opportunity to Cut Fuel Consumption 40% by 2025

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) are beginning the process of setting the next round of standards to reduce carbon pollution and fuel use from medium and heavy-duty vehicles (everything from delivery trucks to 18-wheelers).

EPA Carbon Standards Give Our Kids a Fighting Chance

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These standards won''t just take a big bite out of climate disruption, they’ll also help us tackle other serious power plant pollution that threatens our health, air and water - pollutants including soot, smog, and mercury.

Oil companies are planning on a carbon tax

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Here is the article without all of the crazy political stuff: More than two dozen of the nation’s biggest corporations, including the five major oil companies, are planning their future growth on the expectation that the government will force them to pay a price for carbon pollution as a way to control global warming. Companies do not know what form a future carbon price would take. Coal, which produces twice the carbon pollution of natural gas, would be a loser.

Help design the US's new carbon tax!

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Waxman, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Representative Earl Blumenauer, and Senator Brian Schatz released draft carbon-pricing legislation and solicited feedback on it from stakeholders and the public.  the price per ton should rise at the rate of the social cost of carbon.

What’s Your Climate Change Elevator Pitch?

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Related Stories VIDEO: The Pacific Northwest Can End the Free Lunch for Carbon Polluters It’s Accountability Time for Seattle Port Commissioners Weekend Reading 2/13/15.

All You Need to Know About BC’s Carbon Tax Shift in Five Charts

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When British Columbia enacted a carbon tax shift in 2008, many thought other jurisdictions would follow soon with their own ways of cashing in their carbon. Ottawa was murmuring about following the lead of Washington, DC, with a carbon cap or tax of its own.

Obama defends new carbon emission rules in face of growing criticism

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In what could become a defining moment in environmental history, President Obama unveiled a plan on June 2 to cut carbon emissions by nearly a third within 15 years. But they can dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air.

New Database Shows Solar is Soaring in Schools

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Already, unchecked carbon pollution from each coal-fired power plant leads to 491 asthma attacks and 22 asthma-related emergency room visits each year, many of those children. Luckily, many schools are taking action and cutting carbon pollution by switching to solar.

Sixteen Building Blocks of a Green, Entrepreneurial, Cooperative Economy

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The need to prevent ecological and climate collapse is so urgent that if we are to stop the rising global temperature from blowing through the 2°C mark we need to reduce our carbon pollution by 10% a year—far faster anything being considered in global climate negotiations.

Everything Oregon Legislators Need To Know About Stopping Climate Pollution

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You have seven minutes to tell Oregon legislators everything they need to know about stopping climate pollution. By the end of next year, one quarter of all the greenhouse gas pollution in the world will have a price tag attached. Making polluters pay will not hurt the economy.

Obama signs executive order to cut government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent, increase use of renewable energy

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US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order to cut the federal government’s carbon pollution emissions by 40 percent by 2025. The Department of Defense currently has the largest carbon emissions of the US federal government.

Talking Carbon Taxes, Free-Enterprise Style

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Photo Credit: Orin Zebest via Compfight cc What’s the best way to make a case for a carbon pollution tax to conservative audiences? Just listen to the outspoken conservatives who favor a tax on carbon pollution. Making the case for carbon pollution taxes.

All the World’s Carbon Pricing Systems in One Animated Map

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Oregon and Washington leaders are contemplating turbocharging their clean energy transition by instituting carbon pricing here in the Pacific Northwest. Will a cap or tax on carbon work? Since you ask: Scandinavian countries have been pricing carbon for more than two decades.

Lima climate talks begin as countries eye global treaty in 2015

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China''s reluctance to set such targets in the past has been a key stumbling block to reaching an international agreement, more significant since China became the world''s largest emitter of carbon pollution in the last few years. new EPA rules for new and existing power plants limiting their carbon pollution; continued commitment to renewable energy which started with the 2009 stimulus bill; and heightened attention in Obama''s 2013 Inaugural and State of the Union speeches.

Canadian Clean Energy Initiative Under Attack - Compass

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In a deeply troubling decision  reported  this week, the World Trade Organization (WTO)  has issued a confidential ruling against  Ontario’s successful “feed-in tariff” incentives program that is designed to reduce carbon pollution and create clean energy jobs.

"Follow the Plastic Bag Example, Nudge Polluters to Pay"

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That solution would be making polluters pay: putting a price on carbon dioxide through a direct cap or tax on carbon pollution. It’s quite a leap from plastic bags to carbon prices. Similarly, increase the price of carbon, watch carbon pollution fall.

Another big broken window

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Over the past several decades, power plants have curtailed their emissions of harmful pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, soot and mercury. But power plants have continued to pump unlimited amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, with disastrous consequences.

Asheville Votes to Move Beyond Coal

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Duke's coal plant in Asheville is the largest source of climate-disrupting carbon pollution in western North Carolina, which makes no sense for a city like Asheville that is a leader on clean air, clean water, and tackling climate disruption. Chicago. Los Angeles. Austin. Asheville.

Why Is Google Supporting a Climate-Denying Senator?

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He regularly repeats misinformation and outright lies about climate science, going so far as to say that carbon pollution and warming temperatures are "beneficial to our economy and our environment" and calling climate change "the greatest hoax perpetuated on the American people."

WATCH: Obama Wants to Clean Up Planet for Kid’s Health


Obama seeks to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants as a way to improve the health and well-being of children. Read More The post WATCH: Obama Wants to Clean Up Planet for Kid’s Health appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Healthy Living News Science Top News barack obama

Horse before cart

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Benefit estimation becomes politically important, get ready for "junk science" attacks: Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Republicans told administration officials they’re “troubled” by a recent change to the way agencies calculate benefits from carbon regulations.

Irony Alert: A Delaware Oil Company Feels Threatened by Sea Level Rise

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Well, carbon pollution caused by burning fossil fuels is a key cause of the climate crisis -- and without action, they’ll be free to drill, extract, frack, refine, transport, and burn oil as much as they want.

Four Carbon Cap-Tax Hybrids

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A tax and a cap are just different vehicles for delivering the same thing: a carbon price that holds polluters responsible for their pollution, drives the transition to clean energy, and staves off the worst risks of climate volatility. State will meet its carbon goals.