To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days

The Green Changemakers

president will face a nation in economic chaos, a people suffering from deepening political divisions, and a planet in desperate need of leadership on a whole host of extremely critical issues. The first hundred days of a new administration are the honeymoon, the period in which the president can present a new vision for the nation and begin to advance a new agenda. Barnstorming a world without borders, the President can begin America’s journey toward a bright green future.

2008 40

Yale to Launch Energy Sciences Institute on West Campus


President Richard C. “For the sake of future generations, we must make a rapid transition to low-carbon and carbon-free energy technologies Levin announced today that Thomas F. Steyer ’79 and his wife, Kathryn A.

Ontario, Canada, Goes Coal-Free

Sierra Club Compass

Part of a bold plan launched by former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty in 2003 to cut pollution in the province, this is great news for everyone who loves clean air and is working to provide a safe and liveable planet for future generations.

Canada 114