The End of Growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “We do not have enough growth in the economy. For that statement, I suggest, we read: “We must have more growth so that capital can make more profits and screw the Planet and its inhabitants.” This is not to say that state capitalism that used to masquerade as “socialism” is any less harsh on the Planet. This growth must be stopped or this plant will devour us all. economic growth end of growth green living growth growth myths

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The madness of perpetual growth on a finite planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is amazing how many, apparently same, people believe that you can have infinite perpetual economic growth on a finite Planet such as ours. Perpetual economic growth and its cousin, limitless technological expansion, are notions and beliefs so deeply and firmly held by so many in this culture that they often go entirely unquestioned. The entire idea of capitalism is based on this exploitation of the Planet and of the poor.

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Do "neoclassical economists regard population growth as necessary for per capita growth in gross domestic product over the long term"?

Environmental Economics

Bob Hughes, American Fisheries Society president writes : "Population growth is a component of economic growth, determining it's natural rate (Harrod 1939). In addition, neoclassical economists regard population growth as necessary for per capita growth in gross domestic product over the long term (Romer 1990; Jones 1998). " But actually Romer says that human capital (i.e.,

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Fake economic growth

Green (Living) Review

In the economic statistics, however, those cars show up as sales of new vehicles and thus create a fake economic growth and also a fake GDP for the countries where those cars have been made and registered. But this fake economy and growth is also the key reason why obsolescence is built into (almost) every product today as only NEW sales count in the statistics and repair does not show up in this league table and it is but that league table that counts.

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Common Resources: Economic Growth and Carbon Taxes

Environmental Economics

Ray Kopp:  I believe it’s time to end the discussion of the impact a carbon tax would have on US economic growth. A new study by scholars at RFF shows that a substantial, broad-based, revenue-neutral tax on carbon dioxide emissions would have imperceptible effects on macroeconomic growth as measured by GDP. The funds from the CO2 tax are used in a revenue neutral manner in four different analyses to finance tax rate reductions on; 1) capital, 2) labor, and 3) consumption.

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The obsession with economic growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Governments all over the world, bar in the tiny Himalayan state of Bhutan, are obsessed, literally, with economic growth but not in order that people can have a better life and way of life but because it determines the general domestic product (GDP) of a country and with it and through it a nation''s credit status and credit worthiness. This obsession with growth goes even so far as to creating a fake growth in that industry keeps producing.

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Capital Growth launches £150,000 fund to help Londoners boost food growing

Green (Living) Review

Fruit and vegetables to be grown above Southwark Tube station, as Transport for London joins Capital Growth by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched on December 4, 2009, a £150,000 fund to help Londoners grow their own food in under-used areas of the capital. This is in addition to the practical support being offered to communities to help them to identify plots and join Capital Growth.

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Growth hacking with CROs for impact and ecological businesses

Green Prophet

“I am not a plastic bag”, was a growth hacking message and product that generated massive amounts of sales while creating great marketing positioning for a fashion designer, with purpose. . This vision might be fulfilled by a new kind of role we are seeing coming from Silicon Valley and the position is driven by growth hackers normally working in bunkers from the basement or working hand in hand with the marketing VP.

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London’s urban food scene explodes across the capital!

Green (Living) Review

This fortnight of events celebrates all the amazing food growers and producers our city has to offer” Eloise Dey of the Capital Growth campaign, which promotes food growing in London, said ''Urban Food Fortnight is a great opportunity to celebrate the existing trade of delicious, super-local fruit and veg as well as a chance for new food growers to start selling their produce to local food businesses.

Natural Capitalism

The Green Changemakers

Natural Capitalism is based on respecting and learning from the natural order of things rather than replacing nature with human cleverness. -- Satish Kumar Natural capital is the living world that provides resources and ecosystem services, which we can neither replace nor live without. Each year these trees accrued natural capital. The capital was then re-invested elsewhere. If we protect our natural world, all by itself it will accrue natural capital.

It's the Planet Stupid!: Capitalism and The Destruction of the Commons

Green (Living) Review

Growth, GDP, Wealth and Other Non-sequitors Ask any good capitalist what an economy is for, they’ll say something like “maximizing wealth,” or “growing GDP.” There is a war going on right now between those who are working to protect the commons and the hard-core capitalists, who are working to privatize our economy, culture, ecology, environment and government. The stakes are high.

When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Sustainability and business growth don’t usually get talked about together. Johnson Controls—inventor of the thermostat—is contributing to growth in the green building market. With these examples and more, there is increasing evidence that sustainability can be a driver of business growth. Building the Evidence for When Sustainability Can Drive Growth. The big questions for science, policy, and management are: When can sustainability drive new growth?

Selfish Capitalism Vs The Planet


While climate change, resource depletion and environmental degradation are decimating the planet at an alarming rate, one of the underlying purveyors of all this strife is rarely discussed, the economy and our capitalist system that promotes never ever ending growth in the use of resources and energy. James outlines how selfish capitalism has spread throughout most parts of the Western world, New Zealand included.

Cleantech's Growth Journey


From start-ups to large corporations and national governments, organizations worldwide are embracing cleantech as a means of growth, efficiency and competitive advantage. Already, major businesses are transitioning to adopt clean energy strategies and make major long-term capital investments to alter and diversify their energy mix. However, the cleantech story is not only one of continuous growth.

BBC’s Bill Turnbull helps London festival to celebrate capital’s honey

Green (Living) Review

This free festival gives Londoners the chance to judge a tasting competition from a large selection of the capital’s diverse honeys, from Bexley to Battersea, Greenwich to King’s Cross, Ealing to Wimbledon, and the Royal Festival Hall itself. The honey festival is just one of many activities across London this August to celebrate the capital’s honey, with shops and restaurants buying honey direct from London’s beekeepers.

Are We Undervaluing Nature’s Role in the World’s Growth Story?

Conservancy Talk

And it’s a solution that cannot only help solve climate change but also help transform our global growth story. I have also seen development occur in a way that can be replicated at the global scale required to make truly sustainable, climate-friendly growth a reality. Much of this “green growth” story to date has focused on new energy technology, and the renewables sector has made great strides. Like most fathers of teenage children, I am often accused of being out of touch.

The growth machine is killing our planet, so why hasn’t it been stopped?

Green Blog

But the growth machine pushes on. When the leaders of the world’s richest countries, the G20, met in Toronto two years ago, they unanimously agreed that their “highest priority” was to “lay the foundation for strong, sustainable and balanced growth.” They used the word “growth” 29 times in their nine-page final declaration. Corporate executives, economists, pundits, bureaucrats, and of course politicians … all agree that growth is good and non-growth is bad.

“Only Sustainable 2011”, the Capital of Sustainable Energy for the Americas

Green (Living) Review

As the industry with more growth projection within the next decade, Only Sust ainable 2011 ( ) hosts not only a one-of-a-kind event in the Americas, but also a “vital meeting place for investors, banks, companies, scientists, governments and other actors within the renewable energy sector,” states Only Sustainable Director, Javier P.

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Want to Tackle Income Inequality? You Need to Go After Capital.

Mother Jones

You Need to Go After Capital Gains. Capital gains and dividends have contributed more to the rise of income inequality than everything else put together. Most of that has come in capital gains and dividends." If higher rates on capital gains were bad for growth, Obamas proposal might be a bad idea. The problem is that theres very little evidence that low rates on capital gains have any effect on economic growth at all. Skip to Navigation.

Tourists Not Terrorists: The Middle East Can Capitalize on World Eco-Travel Trends

Green Prophet

Global rankings are sometimes seen as PR tools, oversimplified and at times politicized, but they still provide indicators on key trends and “smart growth” opportunities. Compared to the these countries, the Middle East continues to be an economically strong growth market and is not lacking in cultural and landscape-related resources to position it in a more favorable position in these rankings.

Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development

The Green Changemakers

To get to sustainable development, we need well-designed, inclusive green growth policies that can improve social welfare for all, promote careful stewardship of natural resources, and respect the delicate balance of the planet. In the 2012 report Inclusive Green Growth: The Pathway to Sustainable Development , World Bank economists set out an economic argument and framework for countries to begin greening their growth.

Heinberg on Life Beyond Growth

The Green Changemakers

What if the decades-long era of economic growth based on ever-increasing rates of resource extraction, manufacturing, and consumption is over, finished, and done? It’s an uncomfortable idea, but one that cannot be ignored: The “normal” late-20th century economy of seemingly endless growth actually emerged from an aberrant set of conditions that cannot be perpetuated. We have reached the end of economic growth as we have known it. That enables more growth.

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A Thirst For Growth: Fueling China’s Urban Expansion

Conservancy Talk

But, there’s a catch — you only have 7 percent of the world’s freshwater resources and in addition to supporting urban growth, you need to provide water for 400 million rural residents and meet the tremendous demands from agriculture, energy, and manufacturing sectors. As the country develops and invests in the systems that will enable and support urban growth, it would be wise to also invest in the natural systems on which cities depend—particularly their watersheds.

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The problem with consumerism

Green (Living) Review

It has been said that capitalism carries the seed of war in itself like clouds carry rain, but to that we should add that it also carries the seed of planetary destruction in itself in the same way. The capitalist economic model of perpetual growth via predestined and pre-programed obsolescence can no longer – in fact it never could – function on a finite Planet. capitalism consumerism green living planned obsolescence

Inclusive Green Growth : The Pathway to Sustainable Development

The Green Changemakers

Inclusive Green Growth Abstract: As the global population heads toward 9 billion by 2050, decisions made today will lock countries into growth patterns that may or may not be sustainable in the future. Economic development during the next two decades cannot mirror the previous two: poverty reduction remains urgent but growth and equity can be pursued without relying on policies and practices that foul the air, water, and land.

The pathological consumption of the majority

Green (Living) Review

The growth of inequality that has accompanied the consumer boom ensures that the rising economic tide no longer lifts all boats, not that it ever really did. In the US in 2010 a remarkable 93% of the growth in incomes accrued to the top 1% of the population. capitalism consumerism consumption economy green living society system thriftiness

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Beyond business as usual: ten principles to promote Nigerian social capitalism

The Green Changemakers

Ancient Nigerian proverb about philanthropy The current recession has caused worldwide soul-searching about whether conventional capitalism is the right economic model for the 21st century. The remarkable growth in the non-profit and philanthropic sector across the world, even through the recession, is in part an effort to create alternative strategies and institutions to help communities failed by so many of the 20th century capital models.

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Buying for the landfill

Green (Living) Review

However, nothing is going to change unless either the political model changes and capitalism is tossed on the landfill itself, the landfill of history, or consumers vote with their feet and wallets. What must become obsolete are not products but the system that created this willful “planned obsolescence” and the idea of infinite perpetual economic growth on a finite Planet with finite resources. capitalism green living landfills planned obsolescence recycling waste

Is BT about to Ditch Fixed Line Phones?

Green (Living) Review

It is all about that and shows, once again, the danger capitalism is to the people and privatization of essential services, be this post, telephone, or other utilities. British Telecom BT capitalismby Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to sources BT considers existing telecoms regulations obsolete and wishes to drop its commitment to fixed line telecommunications.

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Lightyear Leadership

Blue Earth

I am a new advisor to Lightyear Leadership and the company is transforming people and organizations with a growth mindset via the Lightyear Hub and consulting services. Organizations implementing Lightyear include Lululemon, Earls Restaurants, Stance and of course here at Longboard Capital. If you are ready to dig deep and do the work to create a future for yourself, your family and colleagues that would not have otherwise existed, check out

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New Report: UNEP Links Economic Growth to Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

Submitted by Jonna McKone on February 22, 2011 City growth patterns. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today launched a new report that makes the case for investing 2 percent of global GDP into 10 key sectors to propel a transition towards a “low carbon, resource efficient Green Economy ” and catalyze growth and poverty reduction in developing countries. Instead, environmental degradation drains capital from developing countries.


Peter Kareiva on “What’s Good for Nature is Good for Business”

Nature Conservancy - Science

Capitalism eats nature for breakfast — that’s received wisdom among environmentalists. During the event, Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva argued that economic growth, high finance and the corporate bottom line are not only compatible with healthy nature, but essential to it. People and Conservation business case for conservation Ecosystem Services natural capital Peter Kareiva video By Bob Lalasz, director of science communications for The Nature Conservancy .

2015 74

How to Get Decision-Makers to Invest in Nature

Conservancy Talk

That’s what I told 250 scientists during my recent keynote address at the Natural Capital Symposium at Stanford University in California. Last year, we installed special structures in the water to foster coral reef growth – and break waves – along 30 meters of Grenada’s economically critical shoreline. Show us the data. That’s what I hear almost every time I work with decision-makers.

Recession good for profits

Green (Living) Review

Recession is always good for the capitalists and capitalism as it guarantees them a labor force that is scared of losing their jobs and thus will accept lower wages and bad working conditions just to be able to have some sort of an income. One that is not built on continuous economic growth, which is not possible anyway in a world with finite non-renewable resources. austerity recession greed capitalism corporate profits

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Reuse Economy

Green (Living) Review

It will, however, stifle the economic growth – and a good thing that will be too – that the powers-that-be keep telling us we must have in order to prosper; they that is, not us, the ordinary man and woman. capitalism economy green living reuse reuse economy by Michael Smith (Veshengro) This is not about reusing the economy but about an economy of reuse rather. Reusing what we have and this reuse can, does and will take many different forms.

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Capitalists can buy themselves out of any crisis

Green (Living) Review

There are very few that cannot be laid at the door of capital and the banks. Many of them also do not even risk their own capital but play with stolen money and resources. Aside from the fact that the perpetual growth economy not being sustainable it is all done by exploitation. It creates nothing but ownership by the state, and I mean the state, that is to say state capitalism, and turning workers not into owners but into wage slave to the state and that just will not do.

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Attracts Criticism Around Comments at Climate Change Conference. ~ Guenevere Neufeld

Elephant Journal

The current economic structure relies on a hypothetical world of infinite growth. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Archbishop Desmond Tutu failures of capitalism green oilsands

Global Economy Expanded More Slowly than Expected in 2011

Green Blog

Economists had anticipated a slowdown, but this was even less growth than expected, thanks to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, unrest in oil-producing countries, the debt crisis in Europe, and a stagnating recovery in the United States. The 2011 growth in developing Asian economies was dampened somewhat by the disaster in Japan, which disrupted global supply chains in automotives, electronics, and other sectors. The global economy grew 3.8 percent in 2011, a drop from 5.2

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For-Profit Conservation: A New Tool to Mobilize Investment?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Or Althelia Ecosphere , which is investing debt and equity capital in sustainable land use activities that generate environmental assets, such as carbon credits and certified commodities. Recently, population growth and climate change have stressed these habitats. Another critical element of the LTM program’s success story is the four years that NRT and TNC spent incubating the program with grant capital.

Green energy alone won’t save the earth – social change is also needed

Green Blog

The most effective strategy for curbing carbon emissions is likely to be one that aims to not only develop non-fossil energy sources, but also to find ways to alter political and economic contexts so that fossil-fuel energy is more easily displaced and to curtail the growth in energy consumption as much as possible. “A Energy climate change fossil fuels Global Warming green energy green technology nature Renewable Energy Richard York social change study sustainable capitalism

2012 85

Why do we need to get richer?

Green (Living) Review

The holy grail of perpetual economic growth. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) What is it with our obsession with wanting to grow ever richer and with the notion and holy grail of perpetual economic growth and GDP? The emphasis on constant economic growth has led many in the developed world to worship wealth. What is required is a resource-based economy and a constant economy and not a constant growth economy. more economic growth perpetual growth economy

2013 121

Occupy Earth: Nature is the 99%, too

Green Blog

Clearcutting a forest and clearcutting a labor force are two sides of the same coin. […] The fundamental contradiction of our time is this: We have built an all-encompassing economic engine that requires unending growth. Green Quote 99 percent banks capitalism Climate Racism democracy ecological crisis ecosocialism Global Warming Occupy Earth Occupy Wall Street overconsumption OWS social justice unequal exchange

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The world’s economic model is suicide, says UN Secretary General

Green Blog

He told the gathering of heads of State, international economists, business leaders and representatives of civil society that to avoid national and global “disaster&# will require balanced development that will lift millions out of poverty and, at the same time, protect the planet and ecosystems that support economic growth. Governments can provide the conditions for green growth by setting “a price on carbon,&# Hedegaard said.

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