Masdar Reps Head Stateside To Recruit Bright Green Talent

Green Prophet

Instead, we need to get them interested in the other green-lined path, in good clean energy. One George Mason University student told the paper that it is crucial to get ahead in the green energy field, to become a market leader.

Transition Towns or Bright Green Cities?

The Green Changemakers

That volatile emotional mix of fear and hope has made it the most rapidly growing dark green movement in the world. 4) What We Need Instead: Bright Green Citizens What we need is a movement of local efforts aimed at changing things that matter at scales that matter, based on the politics of optimism. How can we design a networked movement that aims to forestall and undo catastrophe, by building bright green regions and sharing innovation?

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Wood-Warbler Haiku 2

10,000 Birds

Bright green square on back. Buzzy Parula. Flits from branch to branch, pauses. Inspiration haiku Northern Parula poetry wood-warblers

14 Recipes for Turning Avocados Into OMGados


By Hilary Pollack | It’s no secret that vegans love avocado; with its creamy texture; mild, buttery flavor; and bright green hue, it enlivens and enriches virtually any dish.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, October 27 | Conservancy Talk

Conservancy Talk

2009 40

How to do Everything Better: 10 Ways to be (More) Awesome.

Elephant Journal

If we nurture those qualities in ourselves, there will be no limit to the bright green mountains we can conquer. Doing everything better and being awesome boils down to this: hard work, self love, gratitude and kindness.

Flipo Solar LED Christmas Lights

Solar Power Ninja

WE’ve been waiting a long time for a good set of solar-powered Christmas lights – and these red and green LEDS from Flipo do exactly that. Solar technology is becoming more and more efficient, and more and more handy around the house!

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Planting The Garden – Why Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells are a Gardener’s Best Friend!

Green (Living) Review

It is always such a neat contrast to see the bright green color of the annual rye cover crop mixing into the dark, rich soil. It is just about planting time for the garden at the farm.

2016 136

Need Ideas For Modern Home Wall Art?

Green Furniture Home Design

Many current trends for wall art consist of abstract styles with bright and colorful designs. Modern wall art doesn’t just mean bright and colorful canvases. Wallpaper has also been brought back into style recently with bright greens, blues, and yellows.

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Great Bowerbird bower at Cygnet Park-Broome

10,000 Birds

The Great Bowerbirds like to collect both white and green. However, they are bright green and very attractive to a Great Bowerbird. Nice green bags on a roll! Recently I have been walking a neighbour’s small male black Pug and we visit a local park daily.

2019 158

Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf Bird Leaf Leaf Leaf Leaf

10,000 Birds

You’d think that dressing in green to hide from predators inside a dense rainforest is as a strategy as plain as day, yet only a surprisingly limited number of bird species on Borneo have ventured down that evolutionary road. In fact, flipping through your field guide of choice will reveal a dominance of browns and an abundance of blues, but a bright green is hard to come by.

2015 162

The Most Colorful Trees in The World

Green Earth Journey

Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing the bright-green inner bark. From Wikipedia: Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus, the Mindanao Gum, or the Rainbow Gum. It is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Its natural distribution spans New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi and Mindanao.

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Saudi’s Waste of Ice Age Water Depicted in 4 NASA Images

Green Prophet

A bright green block is healthy, according to NASA, while the orange-hued segments aren’t faring so well beneath the crippling desert sun. Using this combination of wavelengths, healthy vegetation appears bright green while dry vegetation appears orange.

2012 107

Eat Local(s). ~ Paige Vignola

Elephant Journal

In the course of two days in which I had to neglect my garden duties, my squash leaves went from a beautiful bright green spade shaped promise of future culinary delight to a black dotted, lattice-worked, partially desiccated and depressed looking plant-skeleton. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor''s Picks food garden garden pests gardening Miami organic vegetables This new local diner has taken a shine to my experimental plants.

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Nature Photo of the Week: Hello Green Anole

Conservancy Talk

Is it just us or does it look like this bright green anole is setting up to play the piano? Nature Photo of the Week Photography animal photos Animals anole anole photo Flickr green anole Nature Conservancy Flickr nature image nature photography nature picture

The first Pied Oystercatcher chicks of 2019

10,000 Birds

Despite the bright colours of the birds they can be quite well camouflaged in the dune vegetation. One chick has its back to us next to the bright green leaves next to the left adult Pied Oystercatcher in the photo below.

2019 165

Lawns Should Go the Way of the Dodo

10,000 Birds

The desire for a bright green, evenly clipped, thoroughly artificial lawn comes from the same place as the desire for strict dress codes, all white neighborhoods, and dead hippies. I agree very strongly with Hamilton Nolan. This, especially, is a nice paragraph: Lawns are a false idol.

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When Heineken Bottles Were Square

Green (Living) Review

The distinctive, bright green of a Heineken beer bottle can be found in more than 70 countries today. good ideas green living reuse In 1963, Alfred Heineken created a beer bottle that could also function as a brick to build houses in impoverished countries.

Birding Central Alabama

10,000 Birds

Now we visited during the height of summer, exploring for the first time the bright green canopies of the mostly-deciduous forest. It was early when my husband and I pulled into Paul M. Grist State Park in central Alabama. Not early for a birder – it was after 8:30 a.m.

Blue-faced Parrot Finch

10,000 Birds

I suddenly saw a ridiculously brightly coloured bird fly out of one of our dense native bushes and land on the ground. I had never seen anything like it and it looked like the sort of bird a small child would colour in given only three colours to play with-bright green, bright blue and red!

2012 146

White-eyed Vireos in Florida’s Econfina River State Park

10,000 Birds

In some places bright green grasses grew to our calves, swishing against our legs as we walked.

Has Ford´s Ambassador – The Green Sheikh – Been Cloned?

Green Prophet

Ford has appointed The Green Sheikh (right) as the Ambassador to their generous environmental grants program. More on Ford and the Green Sheikh: The Green Sheikh Knows How to Treat a Lady. The Green Sheikh on Ramadan: Waste 2 Food or Food 2 Waste?

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Using Cloud Computing to Untangle How Trees Can Cool Cities

Nature Conservancy - Science

Living, green plants use solar radiation for photosynthesis. Photo © Google Earth Engine 3 of 4 The same area showing the live biomass, with the vegetation is bright green from the NDVI.

2016 110

Week Ten: A little less travel

10,000 Birds

Every morning, I would get a squawk, and see a bright green and blue flash over my head, and off to the top of another tall tree.

2018 147

Returning to the Wilderness After Some Serious Town Time

Wend Magazine

The landscape was mostly the bright green of aspen and birch, dotted with a darker green of the spruces and jack pine that had survived the fire. After a break of several days in Southend, Saskatchewan we began paddling the Reindeer River.

2011 130

Product Review - Flip and Tumble

Green Earth Journey

The winner will receive a bright green Flip and Tumble 24/7 bag! Flip and Tumble 24/7 is my husband's absolute favorite reusable bag and I will tell you why. I have currently taken on a project I don't know if I will be able to finish.

2009 130

The great green Caribbean lowlands – Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

One of those pooie reptiles: Green Iguana by Niklas Aronsson. On day one I was surprised and captivated by those unbelievably colourful ones, such as the Great Green Macaw or all those tanagers, but on day two I realized that however beautiful, those colourful ones are easy to ID.

The Caroni Swamp Scarlet Ibis Show

10,000 Birds

What’s not to like about big, bright red, big-beaked, birds? I visited Caroni Swamp on 19 July 2013, which is not exactly the ideal time of year to see lots of ibis come into their roosting area where the hordes of bright red birds on bright green foliage make it appear to be a particularly spectacular tropical Christmas. If you are a birder and you visit Trinidad and Tobago you must go to the Caroni Swamp. Actually, scratch that.

2013 177

A Painted Bunting in Queens!

10,000 Birds

I consoled myself by declaring that the bird would surely stick around, that it was only a boring green-and-yellow female anyway (not a brilliant male ), and that even if it didn’t stick around another was sure to show up again someday.

2012 136

E.Z. Orchards: Hawk Haus Cider

10,000 Birds

The nose offers sweet but slightly earthy aromas of coriander and honey, along with loads of bright green apple. Upfront apple flavors continue on the palate, abetted by a bright lemony acidity, caramelly sweetness, and a moderate dose of herbaceous tannins.

2018 130

NZ Green Party Gets Serious About Green Jobs


How refreshing to hear a NZ political party talking about green jobs.

Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers: Kiwi Rising Double IPL

10,000 Birds

Unlike the bird, the fruit known as the kiwi isn’t native to New Zealand, but received that appellation in a marketing ploy by Kiwi kiwi growers – or if you prefer, New Zealander Chinese gooseberry farmers – to associate the fleshy, bright green fruit with Down Under agriculture.

2018 130

White wading bird study

10,000 Birds

The juvenile Little Blue Heron has dull green legs. The Snowy Egret has bright green feet, with black and green on the legs.

2017 144

Eat Your Weeds! The Best Edible Weeds

Green (Living) Review

Nettles ( Urtica dioica ): This classic spring green, known for its stinging hairs, sounds intimidating to eat (and gloves are necessary when collecting), but the leaves lose their sting when cooked. You can mix these with cultivated greens such as spinach, kale, arugula and chard.

2014 138

Life Birds at Point Reyes National Seashore

10,000 Birds

Though California is in the midst of a horrible drought, the hills were covered in bright green grass, providing fodder for Tule Elk that roamed the property. California is big. Not just the state itself, which covers over 150,000 square miles, but also its parks, natural areas, and, as I was soon to learn, national seashores and recreation areas.

Israel as impact tech hub despite funding setbacks

Green Prophet

From security to virtual reality, Israel’s future in the tech world is certainly looking bright. Green Tech and Gadgets

Gaza’s Getting 20! Zero-Emissions Eco-Schools

Green Prophet

Although the current focus remains on building schools in Gaza, UNRWA also operates in the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, where it is hoped 1/2 refugees will eventually have access to a bright green education! :: UNRWA. Architecture & Urban eco-schools environmental education Gaza green building green design renewable energy Solar Energy Sustainable Development UNRWA

Ubud, Bali: Nila Wati’s Sari Organic and Overflowing Basket Café

Green Traveler Guides

Following a narrow ledge in the middle of bright green rice shoots, I approach a large, traditional thatched-roof home surrounded with coconut and palm trees. She planted green beans, lettuce, spinach, herbs—all grew beautifully. | Ubud’s Organic Pioneer |.

2011 282

Why would anyone do vegan tabling?


We designed bright green vegan advocacy pens that have written on them. We make it fun and engaging by asking the young children to choose their favourite colors among the bright, laminated cards. Guest Post by Vanda Kadas.

2017 81

Birding and Butterflying North Carolina Gamelands

10,000 Birds

The trees are just beginning to leaf out, and the whole forest glowed that beautiful bright green you can only see at the very beginning of spring. Another bright yellow warbler alighted only a dozen or so feet from me, but even then I couldn’t take a photograph, let alone reach my binoculars. I don’t know if you have ever tried to bird with a cold, but it’s not easy.

NCLR Releases Study about 'Bright Future' for Latinos in the Green.

Sierra Club Compass

Obamas Legacy, the Climate Rally, and What It Means for Coal » NCLR Releases Study about Bright Future for Latinos in the Green Jobs Sector. Investing in education and training for Latino workers should be part of any strategy to advance the green economy." Compass.

Vintage Capes for Every Taste: All Under $100!

Eco Chic

This bright green cape channels the updated vintage style of the late “Lonely Tourist” Charlotte Charles, aka “Chuck,” in the gone-too-soon masterpiece Pushing Daisies. When I get dressed each morning, I decide what movie I want to be in that day.

Kayak Birding in Northern Maine

10,000 Birds

Paddling away, we headed towards one end of the lake, where the water was shallower and the shores were rimmed with bushes, short trees, and bright green reeds and cattails. Apparently our bright yellow and red (my mother had chosen an equally bright red kayak) forms were nonthreatening when approaching from the water, and the birds were wholly uninterested in our presence.

2013 157