YogaGlo aims to patent their style of filming a Yoga Class?

Elephant Journal

I’m not saying these appropriating greed machines in the yoga community are anything like that evil; I’m simply suggesting that the appropriation of something wonderful and life-affirming can become so diluted that many will forget the healing traditions unless we continue to honor them.

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Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

Green Blog

Both the major parties, the Liberal –National Party Coalition Opposition (the Libs) and the Labor Government (the Labs) (collectively known as the Lib-Labs) are committed to a derisory policy of 5% off 2000 Domestic GHG pollution by 2020 but with greed-driven growth of coal and LNG Exports (at 2.6% Global Warming 2050 Africa Australia Boycotts climate change Climate Genocide climate justice Climate Racism climate racist Europe fossil fuels GHG greenhouse gas emissions USA


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Interesting Green Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

Green Home Blog

Environmentalist, Brent Schulkin came up with a unique idea a few years back which he coined as carrotmobbing – procott instead of boycott. Thinking ‘outside the box’ has and will continue to disallow greed and ignorance to drag us down. Interesting Green Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box. There are many ideas out there when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and helping the earth sustain life in lieu of man’s polluting ways.

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The demise of the “real” Charity Shop

Green (Living) Review

Personally, I must say, that I have begun to boycott those shops that have gone from donated goods to the majority of new purchased products and here especially those where the range is now predominately new brought-in stuff. Greed at play, once again, as so often. Boycott often is the best reply to such practices and, maybe, we all should take a close look at businesses, whether Charity Shops or green ones, and withdraw our custom from them if we are not happy with such practices.

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Gun/Knife control is not the issue

Green (Living) Review

Namely corporate greed leading to destruction and pollution of the environment and they encouraged us already then, in the 1960s and 1970s, to change and to be the change. It is corporate greed which causes to pollution and the destruction of the environment and it is not climate change or global warming (or -cooling, if we are to believe the scientists of the 1970s over the current ones) and not the other way around. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Gun/Knife control is not the issue.

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Dumpster diving; 2009's fastest growing industry

Green (Living) Review

They rescue furniture, clothes, household goods and even food cast off by others as a way to exit what they see as out-of-control consumerism and corporate greed. The Freegan movement is a total boycott of the economic system and its profit motive, and long may it continue, I hasten to add. They’re creating a new economic system based on the value of mutual needs and cooperation instead of a system based on greed and waste.

Freegan: strategies for sustainable living beyond capitalism

The Green Changemakers

Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed. After years of trying to boycott products from unethical corporations responsible for human rights violations, environmental destruction, and animal abuse, many of us found that no matter what we bought we ended up supporting something deplorable.

Accountability of People, Politicians, Corporations and Countries for War Crimes and Climate Crimes

Green Blog

Unfortunately World governments, backed by popular and corporate greed, are approaching the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit negotiations committed to INCREASING atmospheric CO2, in stark contravention of the advice from the World’s top climate scientists. Photo credit: andriux-uk. Top climate scientists in the top scientific journal Nature recently stated that we have exceeded crucial planetary boundaries beyond which we are at high risk of unacceptable environmental change.

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