Australian Green Party Leader Leaves - Christine Milne New Leader


In a surprise move, Senator Bob Brown, 67,leader of the Greens in Australia has announced that he will leave the Senate in June. The move came as a surprise, but Senator Bob Brown said he had been considering The party will now need to find a successor for his seat.The new Leader of the Greens is Christine Milne, who was unanimously elected by her colleagues today.Adam Bandt from Melbourne is the new Deputy.

Japanese Whaling Ships Rams Sea Shepherd's Ships


Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says a Japanese whaling ship has rammed its two protest ships, and that one of them, the Bob Barker, is taking on water. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Captain Paul Watson,has posted on his Facebook page this afternoon, that the Nisshin Maru had rammed both the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker "but both vessels continue to hold their positions. The Bob Barker is taking on water in their engine room''.


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Paul Watson Stands Down from Lead Role in Anti-Whaling Exercise -Australian Chapter Takes Over


while former Greens Party leader and former Australian Senator Bob Brown has joined the Board of Directors of Sea Shepherd Australia The Australian Chapter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has announced it will direct the organization’s ninth Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Zero Tolerance. Sea Shepherd founder and President, Captain Paul Watson, has stepped down from Sea Shepherd U.S. and Sea Shepherd Australia.

Australian PM Julia Gillard’s appalling record of climate change inaction

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Among PM Gillard’s first acts in June 2010, after the Coup that removed the very popularly elected PM Kevin Rudd, was to approve export of dried brown coal from Victoria to Asia that is expected to generate 59 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2020. Australia is a world leader in annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution. Pro-coal, pro-gas Australian PM Julia Gillard has an appalling record of climate change inaction falsely dressed up as the opposite.