Biomass Energy Advantages and Disadvantages


Biomass is everywhere. Food, waste products, firewood: all of these are sources of biomass energy. What is biomass energy and how biomass energy used? The most common types of biomass energy fuels. Quick Navigation for Biomass Energy Advantages and Disadvantages.

Whisky Will Power 9,000 Homes With New Biomass Plant

Wend Magazine

In 2013, the town of Rothe in the Speyside region will become home to a biomass power plant that will use the grain byproducts of whisky production to produce energy. Whisky (also spelled whiskey ) is “a spirit distilled from malted grain.&#

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Biomass 'carbon neutrality' debate continues to divide opinion

Green (Living) Review

Using biomass, specifically energy derived from burning wood, as a crux in the UK's effort to transition towards a low-carbon economy has come under scrutiny again, after the former secretary for energy and climate change and his ex-special advisor clashed over its use.

Could Biomass Fuel Landgrabs?


Yes, according to a report published at the end of August which outlines a predicted rise of biomass demand by as much as 600 percent to accommodate various nations’ needs for biofuel to replace petroleum-based fossil fuels.

Biomass Energy :What is It ?


What is biomass energy? I say low-tech because as long as people have been lighting fires they’ve been using biomass energy. But please don’t confuse biomass energy with the term biomass, which means the total weight of all organisms in a given area.

Egypt to Test Unique CSP Solar/Biomass Hybrid

Green Prophet

A consortium of European governments, universities and research institutions are funding an innovative solar/biomass hybrid test, coordinated by Italy’s national energy agency, ENEA. This uses mirrors to focus sunlight to heat up the molten salts, and these molten salts then both store and supply the heat needed to produce electricity in the same way that traditional thermal (coal, gas, or biomass) plants operate – on steam driven turbines. Image: Christopher Kraemer.

Brilliant Biomass Stoves And Sleek Solar Heaters At Project Lebanon 2011

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Cleantech, Science & Technology alternative energy Beirut biomass fuels cleantech Lebanon Sustainability Week Project Lebanon 2011 renewable energy Solar EnergyWho says the Middle East can’t be sustainable?

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Just in Time for Summer, Biomass Packaging Debuts New, Bio-Based Cold Cup

Green (Living) Review

To jump-start sales of the new cold cup, BioMass Packaging is offering a ten percent discount on all orders placed before the end of May 2012.

EBEC to highlight latest biomass heating innovations ahead of Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy

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EBEC (European Bioenergy Expo and Conference), the UK's largest dedicated bioenergy event, will be showcasing new biomass boiler technologies to coincide with the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme by the Department for Energy & Climate Change.

Forests and not biomass needed in fight against Climate Change

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is very concerned about the development of a series of biomass-fired plants that will increase the UK’s timber imports to 50 million tonnes by 2015. The CIWEM is concerned that the move towards biomass-fired plants does not show any political will to stem forest loss, nor does it seem to consider the carbon emissions involved in shipping the wood such large distances.

Biomass Energy Set Back - Heatherwick Studio's BEI -Teesside


A brief follow up to my article last month on biomass energy with a look at one of the most innovative projects proposed in the United Kingdom who’s fate now hangs in limbo. A blending of art, function, and ecology the project known as BEI-Teesside could have brought much needed notoriety to biomass energy, revitalized a small town, and produced cleaner energy to thousands.

A Compact Brayton-Cycle Engine and Biomass Process for Mixed-Alcohol Fuels

Eco Friendly Daily

Texas A&M chemical engineering professor has developed a process to convert biomass to a mixed alcohol fuel that contains more energy than fuel ethanol.

Microbial Biomass in the Oceans Weighs As Much As 240 Billion African Elephants

Eco Friendly Daily

The invisible bulk made up of life forms like these, makes up 50 to 90 percent of the biomass in the seas. Humans and elephants both have to take a bow before a family of organisms which aren’t even visible to the naked eye. In terms of sheer numbers and by mass, microbes are huge.

Breakthrough Technology Converts CO2 to Ethanol without Biomass

Green Living Ideas

Producing fuel out of thin air sounds like a pipe dream, but a new process from a biofuel company promises to be able to turn CO2 and sunlight into fuel, bypassing the current need for large amounts of agricultural land and water to produce biomass feedstock. Joule Biotechnologies has announced that it can [.] [ Breakthrough Technology Converts CO2 to Ethanol without Biomass from Green Living Ideas ].

Israeli solar power plant to generate electricity day and night

Green Prophet

The facility will be backed up by biomass to produce power during the four hours of the day that solar energy can’t be utilized. Biomass alone cannot meet electricity demand but combining it with solar energy and storage represents the cheapest and cleanest alternative.”.

Biomass Plants Proposed for Disposal of Fukushima Disaster Debris


Japan’s Forestry Agency is considering building biomass power plants that can use timber from the thousands of houses that were destroyed by the massive 11 March tsunami.

Not All Bioenergy is Carbon Neutral

Conservancy Talk

Earlier this month the EPA released a policy paper that declared forest biomass a carbon neutral source of energy. Converting biomass to energy can be good for the environment but conversion strategies that are too aggressive can also do great damage to our climate and to nature.

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Biofuel: Now With More Birds

10,000 Birds

Basically, the scientists logged the types of vegetation growing at each site, computed how much biomass (the raw materials of biofuel) could be had from it, and tracked the numbers and species of nesting birds. News biofuel biomass Dickcissel grasslands When you hear the word “biofuel,” you probably think of corn, right? But other types of plant matter can power our vehicles and our homes.

Forest Fires and Other Biomass Really Heat Things Up


Emissions from forest fires and other biomass burning has a greater impact on global warming than previously understood, according to a new study. “We used to think the lighter particles in the smoke from forest fires and crop burning had a cooling effect that might offset the warming effect of the darker black carbon particles in the smoke,” said Dr. Ramanathan of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and one of the authors of the study.

A team of researchers develops a cheap method to make plastics from biomass


But, this will not last long, as a team of scientists have lately discovered a new, cheaper way to create plastic bottles from biomass instead of petroleum. Team develops cheaper, non-petroleum method to make plastics from biomass.

A Compact Brayton-Cycle Engine and Biomass Process for Mixed-Alcohol Fuels

Eco Friendly Daily

Texas A&M chemical engineering professor has developed a process to convert biomass to a mixed alcohol fuel that contains more energy than fuel ethanol.

Bioenergy- Overcoming the Roadblocks so we can use more waste biomass in India


Biomass resources have been in use for a variety of purposes for a very long time. Considering the case of India alone, biomass has the potential to cater to nearly 15% of the existingpower capacity in the country. Their uses include meeting domestic and industrial thermal requirements and the generation of power to fulfil any electrical or mechanical needs.

Powering Buildings With Bioreactor Algae Skin Facades

Green Prophet

Inside a building laboratory, the harvested biomass is converted to biogas which can be burned to provide winter heat. Algae produces up to five times as much biomass per hectare as terrestrial plants and contains oils that can be also be used for energy.

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Ionic solvents to save energy during biomass processing


Ionic solvents to save energy during biomass processing. According to a study conducted by the scientists at the Imperial College London, ionic solvents have slippery properties that could save approximately 80 percent energy consumed during biomass processing. Biomass products are considered highly environmentally friendly and they are sourced from fast growing tree species like willows and pines. These products include, oils, biomass derived plastics, polyesters, etc.

Tapping Middle East Biogas Potential in Lebanon and Pakistan

Green Prophet

“This project is a prime example of how innovation can be used to tackle some of Pakistan’s most pressing development issues,” Mouayed Makhlouf, International Finance Corporations (IFC) Director for the Middle East and North Africa told Biomass Magazine.

Over 50% of Germany's renewable energy is owned by citizens & farmers, not utility companies

Green (Living) Review

It is also a much more resilient system in that the entire grid cannot be knocked for six by this or that incident when the entire country has small, personal or community owned power generating plants, whether wind, PV, or biomass.

Happy Tequila Day! Did You Know Plastics Can Be Made from Tequila By-Products?

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According to the United Nations Environment Programme’s WasteAgriculturalBiomassEST_Compendium : 5 billion metric tons of agricultural biomass waste is produced annually. Ecology agave auto biomass bioplastics cars Ford jose cuervo plastic sustainable materials tequila waste

Biogenic Energy

Nature Conservancy - Science

Forest biomass is not carbon-neutral in a meaningful time frame. Energy Forest Carbon Forests Sustainability

Bioplastic from biomass set to reduce our dependency on oil


Bioplastic from biomass set to reduce our dependency on oil. Plastics from Biomass These scientists in collaboration with Dow Chemicals, discovered a process to make chemical raw materials from biomass. SynGas, a gaseous mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide synthesized from biomass, is passed across the catalyst, converting it into useful end products, ethylene and propylene. Cheaper fuel from solid biomass and wastes. Please login. Sign In.

After the Clearcuts: People and Ecology in an Alaska Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Another market possibility is using wood biomass for home heating; pellet stoves are more efficient than fuel oil. “We A black-tailed fawn peers out from forest cover on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

Can Bio Coal Turn Coal Power Plants into Green Energy Producers?

Green Living Ideas

According to the supporters of bio coal, the answer is yes – coal plants can burn bio coal, created from biomass, without retooling their storage, handling, or burning systems. Bio coal is somewhat similar to charcoal, but created from biomass harvested from plantations, urban [.] [ Can Bio Coal Turn Coal Power Plants into Green Energy Producers? Tags: Alternative Energy Bio Coal biomass-based energy production charcoal coal power plants green energy renewable energy

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In a New Census, Trees Rule the Planet

Green Prophet

A new type of global census based on the total biomass of different life forms on Earth suggests that much of what we think we know about such questions is based on outdated research, incomplete estimates or simply unfounded anecdotes. Comparative biomass at a glance, in gigatons of carbon.

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Ecological unequal exchange is helping Europe maintain its leading role, greenhouse gases and overconsumption

Green Blog

The European Union is a large importer of oil, coal, gas, minerals, metals, biomass etc. “To secure future oil imports USA is now using “force to reassert dominance” via “state terror and coercion” in Afghanistan and Iraq.&#.

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Britannia to Run Out of Wood for Second Time in 500 Years

Green Living Ideas

A British company that provides strategic analysis of climate change, sustainability and energy issues to British corporations.Verdantix has published a report finding that the explosion of large-scale biomass plants in the UK could wind up struggling to find the biomass supply needed to keep plants running. Tags: Carbon Offsets/Credits Carbon/ GHG Reduction biomass coal Deforestation deforestation legislation history environmental legislation wood waste

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A sliver of farmland to create an eco fertilizer farm

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Use of biomass as the source of hydrogen and energy for ammonia fertilizer is competitive with electricity as a replacement for natural gas or other fossil fuels, the authors wrote. The biomass has a bonus. Switchgrass or sweet sorghum could do a regular farm into an eco-er farm. .

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Building A Compost Water Heater For Hot Water Abundance

Green (Living) Review

The Pain Mound is a large pile of woody biomass, aka mulch. Invented by French farmer Jean Pain in the 1970s, it is made of woodchips and sawdust, surrounded by a ring of hay bales for structure and insulation. As the Pain Mound decomposes, heat is produced and harnessed using a hydronic loop.

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How I-1464 Limits Corporate Cash, Lobbyist Access, and IEs

Sightline Daily

That year, lobbied by Sprague, the Washington legislature passed an amendment to the state’s Clean Energy Initiative that loosened definitions of clean energy to include energy produced from older biomass plants, such as Avista’s 1983-vintage Kettle Falls biomass facility. And the Washington Government Accountability Act is only getting started. |

New Science: Mangrove Forests as Incredible Carbon Stores

Nature Conservancy - Science

Because on average, mangroves have double the living biomass of tropical forests overall. Look at the map here and you’ll see that there’s a tenfold range in above-ground biomass: Figure 1. Global mangrove map showing modeled patterns of above-ground biomass per unit area.

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Germany kicks our butts, again, at clean energy

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percent of the power fed into the country’s grid in the first nine months of 2014, biomass for 8.1, Germany has hit a new clean energy milestone : So far this year, the country has gotten more electricity from renewables than from any other single source, 27.7 percent.

See kids, economics is fun!

Environmental Economics

Happy Earth Day, one day late: Duke Energy aims to more than double the wind, solar and biomass energy in its portfolio by 2020, according to its 2012 sustainability report.

Contiguous cover forestry

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The only reason, though they are, unfortunately, not open with this, for eucalyptus is the fact that it is fast growing and, apparently, very suitable for the making of biomass pellets.

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Turning his tiny ghost town green is this octogenarian’s dream

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He also planted eucalyptus trees for biomass, and hopes to add a hydrogen system unless his health gets in the way (he’s been diagnosed with congestive heart and renal failures). What do you call 30-some people living in the same area? A town, a village, a hamlet?

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Using Cloud Computing to Untangle How Trees Can Cool Cities

Nature Conservancy - Science

We geographers use this characteristic to detect live biomass using an equation call the Normalized Differential Vegetation Index ratio (NDVI), a very well-studied indicator of above-ground live biomass that uses the red and near infrared bands. (In

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