Birds, Hunters, and Lead

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In what some might see as an unlikely alliance, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, and – yes – hunters have banded together to convince those who hunt to use copper bullets instead of lead. The Center for Biological Diversity wants to stop the NRA’s lead-poisoning legislation.

Machi the Whimbrel Gunned Down by Hunters

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Scientists at The Center for Conservation Biology have announced that Machi, a Whimbrel that they have tracked via a satellite transmitter for over two years and 44,000 kilometers (27,000 miles) was gunned down on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe (French West Indies).

Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

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I get that you’re really angry, I mean, he was a popular lion and yes, his cute widdle cubs will probably die to, but I can’t help feeling you’ve kind of missed the point a bit, and well, ending all hunting in Africa will not solve much and maybe make things worse and… No, no, I’m not a hunter. Conservation conservation biology hunting lionsHi there.

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Review: Cristina Eisenberg’s The Carnivore Way

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She’s a hunter. Book Review bears book review Conservation Biology mammals predators trophic cascades western US wildlife management Photo: © Scott Copeland. The Carnivore Way: Coexisting with and Conserving North America’s Predators. By Cristina Eisenberg. Island Press, 2014.

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Review: When Conservation is Successful (Too Successful)

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Cambronne argues that no wildlife species has a more effective constituency than the whitetail: an active force of advocates in the form of deer hunters, deer feeders and people who just love having large animals around.

Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

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People have often assumed that hunter-gatherers went hungry more often than agriculturists. Not so…finds a study in Biology Letters analyzing famine frequency and severity in a large, cross-cultural database. Biology Letters). Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King.

Notes from the Deer Wars: Science & Values in the Eastern Forest

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There were lots of does and a small number of young bucks, since hunters targeted antlered deer. Hunters became accustomed to seeing 30 or more deer a day. Paradoxically, the biggest opponents of killing more deer were deer hunters. It’s clear he understands the hunters’ passion.

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The Largest Mammal That No Scientist Has Ever Seen in the Wild

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In 1992, a joint biological expedition by the Vietnam Ministry of Forestry and the World Wide Fund for Nature conducted a survey in the Annamite Mountains, a global biodiversity hotspot. Most of the information on saola has been gathered from information from local villagers and hunters.

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Lawsuit Filed Over EPA Refusal to Address Lead Poisoning of Wildlife

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The EPA has the ability to protect America’s wildlife from ongoing preventable lead poisoning, but continues to shirk its responsibility,” said Jeff Miller, conservation advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity.

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A Great Big Messy Pile of Bird … News

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The Cornell Lab’s new bird biology site is more than feather-deep. Not cool, British raptor hunters. Hello folks, and happy weekend! After weeks lost to work, stressing about work, stressing about not having work, and working on trying to get work, it looks like all my efforts have actually worked. So now I get to turn my attention back to birds, and blogging about them!

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Life - BBC documentary

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Hunter & Hunted , 8. Tags: Documentary Biology Movie Education [link] Life is a nature documentary series made for BBC television, first broadcast on BBC One and BBC HD from October to December 2009. The series takes a global view of the specialized strategies and extreme behavior that living things have evolved in order to survive; what Charles Darwin termed “the struggle for existence”. Four years in the making, the series has been shot entirely in high definition.

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Where to watch shorebirds around Belgrade, Serbia

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I didn’t study biology after high school because I told myself: no way I could possibly pass the chemistry! Still, local hunters shoot waterfowl here, so be extra careful from September to February, especially on weekends.

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Gendered Food & “Masculinity”


Welcome to the fresh hell of the 21st century where cultural tradition is equated with evolutionary biology. The association of “muscle meat” to masculinity is explained with the supposed biological argument that men are perceived as hunters. The women in the study were more strongly associated with “chocolate and salad,” which was attributed to both the cultural stereotype of dieting and the biological assumption that women are more likely to be foragers.

Small scale farming twice as old as we thought

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Marcelo Sternberg of the Department of Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants at TAU’s Faculty of Life Sciences and Prof. The plant material was found at the site of the Ohalo II people, who were fisher hunter-gatherers and established a sedentary human camp.

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Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

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And keeping cats, natural hunters, indoors is, as a matter of biology and of common sense, not the healthiest state for them. Mark Gamin, a Cleveland lawyer, likes cats and birds both.

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Ghana – Rainforest Birding on the Brink by Adam Riley

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The Upper Guinea forests are one of the world’s 25 most biologically diverse and endangered ecosystems and are also classified as an Endemic Bird Area, with nearly 20 endemic birds, most of them threatened by extinction. We actually spent considerable time searching unsuccessfully for this highly sought-after bird; however I did suspect they were not gone, as several hunters I interviewed knew the bird and claimed it still existed.

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We Should Kill More Lions

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Hunters go to Africa to shoot lions, and this is without question a good thing; for birds, for ecosystems, and for lions in general! I guess the natural question is… how does some hunter from the US help in the conservation of the lion? Hunters are prepared to spend a lot of money for the privilege of shooting a lion. Oh, and then there are the hunters.

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Environmental Economics: More on bigfoot

Environmental Economics

  Note: played golf last Sunday at the Uwharrie Golf Club and a fellow in our foursome is a good friend of the hunter described below and he relayed this story. The hunter said the group was very, very serious about this quest. The hunter tells them it can’t be.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

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Among these partners are hunters, auto insurance companies and the driving public, the public health sector, the timber industry, and agriculture. Hunters. Hunters spend billions of dollars each year in pursuit of white-tailed deer. Such hunters could be very helpful.

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Single on the Sea Ice

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It is limited to First Nations hunters with some specific exceptions. Part of the allotted quota can be used for guiding sport hunters, with vigorous monitoring of the harvest. Polar bears are not having a good time.

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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Nationwide, wildlife watchers now outspend hunters 6 to 1. Giving a few hundred hunters something else to shoot, in my opinion, cannot be worth the blowback from tens of thousands of people who are willing to travel and spend just to watch the birds fly over. I’ve received letters and emails from a number of avid hunters who find the concept of shooting cranes repugnant. Hunters and fish and wildlife departments having a stake in Sandhills is a great thing.

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Kuwait fish market serves “extinct” shark

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Step aside, Team Zissou; looks like local fishmongers are joining the elite biological teams researching the world’s oceans. A species of shark, a sand tiger shark, thought to be extinct for over a century has surfaced in a Kuwaiti fish market.

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Eyes and Ears: Indigenous Guardians steward Canada’s lands and waters

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Hunters were coming home empty handed. The Guardians developed a public outreach and education strategy that includes open meetings and educational posters about moose population biology and Gitanyow traditional hunting laws.

What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?


conditions in the environment through biological modifications and natural selection. It is a principle of biology that each successive generation of a species is better adapted to the changing environment than its parent. Species slowly and gradually adapt to changing.

The Role of Green Manure in Soil Fertility


High amount of organic material ensures soil fertility by improving its biological and physical properties. One strategy of the biological control of pests is to boost the numbers of their natural predators. We can be only as healthy as our soils are.

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Shorebirds Are Still Being Hunted, Often Legally

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Shorebird hunters had their own calls, decoys, and hunting blinds. In 2011, after they were grounded by a tropical storm, 2,000 American Golden Plover were shot by sport hunters in Barbados.

Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


According to recent research published by the Society for Conservation Biology, up to 2.7 Hunters began capitalizing on pangolin sales when Mao Tse Tung formally promoted Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 1950s. Pangolins are small nocturnal creatures.

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Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


Wetlands are one of the most biologically diverse and productive of earth’s ecosystems. They are also home to many beautiful migratory birds and as such are visited both by birdwatchers and hunters. .

W.H. Hudson

Wend Magazine

A naturalist, a hunter, a rancher, a military man, a scientist, a writer, an explorer and a politician, he was solid in geography and well-read in history, strong in biology, French, and German, but interestingly enough, deficient in mathematics, Latin and Greek.

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Good Birders Still Don’t Wear White: A Book Review

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Dorian Anderson finds a moment of connection with a duck hunter during his bicycle big year, and, despite his distaste for the sport, realizes that in hunters we have allies for conservation.

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Do birds avoid predators because of culture?

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I spent a lot of time with Efe Pygmy hunters in the deep forest, and I spent a certain amount of time either entirely alone or with only one other researcher, this or that American. But in the absence of Efe Pygmy hunters, we ran into ground mammals much more frequently, and not because we were doing a better job of sneaking around. Tradeoffs in behavior, and plasticity. We assume natural selection has shaped birds to avoid predators.

At Sea With the Marine Birds of the Raincoast: A Book Review

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The species was seemingly killed off by feather hunters, but then, after years, reappeared at the site of one of the deserted breeding colonies, Torishima Island in Japan. The albatross was saved by its biology, a life cycle which dictates that young birds spend years at sea.

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Recovery: Saving Loons from Lead Fishing Tackle

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National Parks such as Yellowstone and Glacier have long banned lead in most fishing activities, but sadly, these restrictions are not yet widespread,” remarks the Park Service ’s chief of biological resources, Elaine Leslie.

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Conserving Nature’s Stage

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Joined by leading researchers — including Paul Beier of Northern Arizona University and Malcolm Hunter of the University of Maine — they explore how this strategy can be applied to current conservation efforts in a recent special issue of Conservation Biology.

Eating Animals and Magical Thinking


This is particularly true when the imagery of hunter-gather people strongly influences the “eco-minded”. Hunter gather people had a unique and powerful relationship with the environment. There are two types of evolution, biological and cultural. Guest Post by Bill Tara.

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India’s Banjaar Tola: Bengal tiger-spotting in eco-luxury

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That was before a century of poachers, big-game hunters and ill-conceived policies that preyed on many species to the brink of extinction. | Kanha Roars Back |. T wo young Royal Bengal tigers are gorging themselves on freshly-killed chital. This is the moment I had come on safari in India for.

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More Habitat for Snowy Plover?

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Fish & Wildlife comes in response to a lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity. He lives in Forest Hills with Daisy, their son, Desmond Shearwater, and their two indoor cats, Hunter and B.B. Fish & Wildlife comes in response to a lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity. home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / More Habitat for Snowy Plover?

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Gray wolf gets endangered species protection in California

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Amaroq Weiss, of the Center for Biological Diversity , remarked, "The Pacific states are the last, best place for wolves. Gray wolves have taken much flak from oppositional groups, which include hunters and ranchers.

Urban Wildlife: Threats and Benefits of Humans-Animals Interaction


Pushing their biological boundaries, these animals have adjusted to city life and they have adapted to its environment. With the exclusion of pets, we usually imagine animals. living in wild, open spaces, far from the busy streets we walk every day and the dull urban noises.

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Elk in the Neighborhood: On Conservation and Lost Hope

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Hornaday ran the zoo, and was also a member of the Boone and Crockett Club , a group of influential big game hunters concerned about the rapid loss of wildlife across the continent. Oftentimes, it’s a passionate individual with no biological training who shapes the world around them.

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Can Nature Take Care of Itself?

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Wild birds are biologic organisms just as we and our domestic pets are. This blog was written by Marge Gibson, co-founder of Raptor Education Group, Inc. in Antigo, WI: Most of us have our own idea what the phrase “nature takes care of itself” means. My father, a lifelong conservationist, spoke those words with reverence when describing the natural world. We are an integral part of that world, and a connection with it carries responsibility.

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The Best of Cool Green Science: Fishy Edition

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My enthusiasm is driven by the fish and their biology, and the beautiful places they are found. Ghost Hunters: Recovering Lost & Abandoned Fishing Gear Saves Fish. Recovery: The Return of Native Fish, Victims of Bucket Biology.

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Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather–A Book Review

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And, like many body parts that are separated from the whole, a feather sometimes become an artifact, a thing apart from a living creature, invested with values beyond the original, biological function. A feather is a magical thing.

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