The genesis of ecosystem services

Environmental Economics

The  Chronicle of Higher Education profiles Gretchen Daily and the  Natural Capital Project : No one knew exactly how the science of ecosystem services would work, beyond the idea that it would combine ecology with economics.

Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?


Biodiversity, short for biological diversity refers to the variety of life. That area can be as large as the earth itself or it can be in a very small ecosystem such as the life in and surrounding a patch of moss on a fallen tree trunk. Biodiversity and the ecosystem sustainability.

Recovery: The Return of Native Fish, Victims of Bucket Biology

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Alien trout, with which California saturated naturally fishless ponds during the age of ecological cluelessness, are eating the tadpoles and depleting the adults’ invertebrate food supply. “Conservation” is no longer enough. Instead of just saving what’s left we need to restore what’s lost.


Green (Living) Review

The world celebrates our biological diversity on 22 May each year, but do we truly appreciate its value? In its latest report on ecosystem services, CIWEM champions the fundamental role of biodiversity and ecosystems to human survival and well-being. CIWEM’s new report asks governments worldwide to carry out an independent assessment of the moral and ethical implications of placing a monetary value on ecosystem services.

New Science: Time to Step Away from the Ecological Footprint?

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Not according to a new article in the journal PLoS Biology coauthored by Nature Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva. The Ecological Footprint had utility in its day,” says Kareiva. “It Science Ecological Footprint metrics Peter Kareiva sustainability

Woodpecker Skull Design, Novel Ecosystems, Yawning Wolves and More

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I hate that new stuff : Are novel ecosystems cheapening restoration policies? Trends in Evolution and Ecology via Phys Org). Fewer than 5% of papers in the top 20 conservation biology journals are open access. Conservation Biology).

UN launches Decade on Biodiversity to stem loss of ecosystems

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In his own statement at the launch of the Decade, Mr. Akasaka stressed that stable ecosystems have the capacity to create jobs.

Ecosystem services and poverty alleviation

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[link] by Garry Peterson Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation ( ESPA ) is an exciting new research programme funded by a consortium of development and science agencies in the UK. I’m on ESPA’s international advisory board and they asked me for some thoughts on the ecosystem service science. The success of this idea has lead to many “payment for ecosystem service” schemes, which are now being implemented or are being discussed. Ecology Letters, 12, 1394-404. (

Rising to the Challenge of Biodiversity Conservation in a Human-dominated World

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In a recent peer-reviewed article in the scientific journal Conservation Biology , I propose a framework that conservation organizations can use in today’s complex world to set objectives and plan strategies to achieve them.

New Study: Marine Protection Goals Are on Target, But Still Not Enough

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This study was the first to plot MPAs alongside coastal density, finding that most MPAs are in areas far away from people, in remote ecosystems that typically have high levels of biodiversity and few conflicting demands for ocean space. MPAs of the Future: Protecting for Ecosystem Services.

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Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

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Not so…finds a study in Biology Letters analyzing famine frequency and severity in a large, cross-cultural database. Biology Letters). Why more biodiversity = more ecosystem resilience : the definitive takeout? Dynamic Ecology). Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King.

Can We Restore…Everything? 100 Words from Hobbs, Ellis, Marvier & Others

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Yes, argued a paper last fall in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution , if you think of that lot as a place that can’t be restored to a natural state before people turned it weedy and parkable (as in, “can be parked on by cars” — not “can be turned into a park”).

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Ecological Footprints and One Planet Thinking

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Principle 2: Ecological Footprints and One Planet Thinking The green space is teeming these days with lengthy and complex explanations about the meaning of sustainability. Ecological Footprint and One Planet both frame human impact in terms of physical space.

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New Science Shows Seagrass Meadows Suppress Pathogens

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And her thoughts immediately jumped to the seagrass ecosystems around the islands where she and her colleagues worked with collaborators at Hasanuddin University in Indonesia. Seagrass ecosystem in Spermonde Islands ©Joleah Lamb. NatureNet Fellows Science Update.

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Review: When Conservation is Successful (Too Successful)

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Deerland: America’s Hunt for Ecological Balance and the Essence of Wildness. From an ecological perspective, white-tailed deer mow down forest habitat—turning once diverse ecosystems into denuded landscapes.

Debate: What Good Are Planetary Boundaries?

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The major disagreements of the evening came over 1) whether outlining global limits for the stable functioning of nature (as opposed to tipping points for individual ecosystems) is good science — and 2) whether “limits” are the correct approach to achieving environmental goals.

Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

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The killing of Cecil was equated with murder, a moral crime rather than a symptom of a ecological problem. Conservation is concerned about protecting populations, species, habitats, ecosystems. Conservation conservation biology hunting lionsHi there. I can’t help noticing that you’ve just posted an angry story about Cecil the Lion on your timeline.

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Embracing Your Future: Natural Swimming Pools

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You reach the floating station, which serves as an algal farm to capture biological fuel. NSP schematic Natural swimming pools are balanced living aquatic ecosystems, you reflect. Including the frogs and that little water strider for their role in providing a healthy ecosystem.

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How much bird is there, anyway?

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The reason this is interesting is this: If you have two groups of animal types living in the same habitat, they usually differentiate themselves by either timing or some key relationship to the ecology which is usually (though not always) reflected in body size.

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Evidence-based Conservation: An Economic Perspective

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Yet, for many interventions, that evidence base currently is less than solid, especially interventions that aim to increase the provision of ecosystem services. Conservation Biology 25(5):1032-1043. Conservation Biology 15:50–54. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 11(2):98–105.

Citizen Science Tuesday: Otter Spotter

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Otter Spotter is the citizen science project of the River Otter Ecology Program (ROEP)andthey need your helpto learn more about North American river otters and the ecosystems that they inhabit. Citizen Science citizen science ecology otters watersheds wetlands

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Dan Auerbach

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That kind of expansive perspective is typical of Auerbach, who sculpted and studied literary criticism and molecular biology as an undergraduate. “I Most people who are diverting water to irrigate their fields aren’t interested in harming the ecosystem and spoiling our heritage.

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Locally Based Monitoring: Are Scientists at Risk of Losing Their Day Jobs?

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For one, people who use natural areas possess a wealth of knowledge of these ecosystems, making it a no brainer to involve local people in conservation. Ecology in 2005 in Montreal and spent the next five years working in remote corners of the globe as a field biologist.

Conservation Future: Announcing the 2013 NatureNet Fellows

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Jointly mentored by a Conservancy expert and a senior scholar from one of the partner universities, each fellow will pursue research that promises to deliver crucial answers around sustainable food production systems, clean water supplies, energy futures, and urban ecology.

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Q&A with Ian McAllister: Protecting the World’s Largest Remaining Temperate Rainforest

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Ian McAllister: The largest remaining intact temperate rainforest left on earth, a fabled region of towering trees and rare mammals, the Great Bear Rainforest stands out as an ecological powerhouse on a planet plagued by diminishing ecological value.

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Working with Farmers and Nature

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We know that agriculture is dependent on often undervalued ecosystem services, from pollination to nutrient cycling ( Power 2010, Wratten et al. Ecosystem services in biologically diversified versus conventional farming systems: benefits, externalities, and trade-offs.

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Flying Snakes, White Green Roofs, Why Agoutis Should Sleep in & More

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Resolved: Ecosystem Services — for or against? A list of open-access journals in conservation and ecology can help. Conservation Biology). The Cooler Africa conservation agouti Climate Change Copenhagen cuthroat trout Ecosystem Services jellyfish migration

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Breathtaking Portraits: Why Are These Climate Scientists So Scared?

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This is Shauna Murray , a Biological Scientist working at University of Technology Sydney, University of Tokyo, and University of New South Wales. Creative Arts art climate change ecology photography scared scientists science scientists These scientists are scared.

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10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


ecosystems to function and humans to thrive. Without biodiversity in an ecosystem we would not have the many plants and animals we find in our world today, including us. The different plants and animals in an environment work together to maintain balance in the ecosystem [1].

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Black-backed Woodpeckers and Forest Fires in California and the West

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A new report was just released January 6th by the Center for Biological Diversity and the John Muir Project outlining the important ecological benefits of last summer’s Rim Fire in Northern California and exposes how a U.S. It was July of 2012.

What Are the Major Threats to Biodiversity?


Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems. . Let’s consider a simplified example of the biodiversity within a tropical rainforest ecosystem. Further reading: Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems? We cannot buy an ecosystem.

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Scientists team up to stop Egypt military from expanding the Suez Canal

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While it sounds like a peace plan for the seas, invasive species tend to lack natural predators and completely take over and sometimes destroy entire ecosystems – like purple loosestrife in America.

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Why You Need Insect Houses for the Garden?


More often, it is actually a positive sign of an ecologically balanced environment. The remaining 97 to 99 percent perform crucial services for the ecosystem. Biological pest control. Connection to the nature and ecology. 3 Biological pest control.

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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George Wuerthner, an ecologist and former hunting guide with a degree in wildlife biology, takes the debate a step further. ” Compassionate conservation describes an emerging field of interest which Bekoff describes in his book Rewilding Our Hearts : “Compassionate conservation has become a popular new phrase and mind-set over the past few years, one that has increasingly informed global efforts to conserve species and restore ecosystems.

The Sagebrush Sea: The “Land In Between” Finally Gets the Spotlight

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This week PBS Nature airs The Sagebrush Sea, celebrating the often unappreciated sagebrush ecosystem and its inhabitants. An ecological transformation has been taking place across western sage for centuries. On the flip side, hope for the sagebrush ecosystem is everywhere.

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Researching the deep of the sea with “Deep Heart” station

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Still, the ecological, physical and chemical processes underlying marine ecosystems remain largely unknown. Our project was also conceived to understand the downward flows of carbon better and other particles from biological or other sources” adds Professor Weinstein.

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The Lost Macaw of Cuba

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Unfortunately, these features that make island ecosystems so unique have also lead to a disproportionate number of extinct island birds relative to continental ecosystems. Although knowledge of its existence dates back to writings made by Christopher Columbus in the 14th century, we know relatively little about this bird’s biology, ecology, and historical distribution. We must fight to save every species we can, every ecosystem, every niche.

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Megan McSherry

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when she published a paper with Dr. Mark Ritchie in Global Change Biology that showed “grazer effects on soil organic carbon are highly context-specific and imply that grazers in different regions might be managed differently to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.”.

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NatureNet Fellows 2015: Energy Tech from Clams, Rethinking Island Biogeography & More

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2015 NatureNet Fellow Sanaz Vihidinia is developing completely new, highly efficient photovoltaic clean energy technologies and devices based on the light-scattering cells of giant clams, like this one found in the waters near Palau. image courtesy of Sanaz Vihidinia).

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Why Is It Important to Conserve Biodiversity?


Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems. It not only encompasses the ecological processes as we can see them, but also holds the key to the evolutionary processes that sustain life and the cultural relationships that nurture the spirit. .

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Agroforestry Systems and Practices


They protect, separate, shield, provide and feed–just like trees in natural ecosystems. Agroforestry systems can be as diverse as natural ecosystems are. The practice is based on ecological principles that are observed in natural ecosystems.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Monoculture Farming


This means that if farmers rotate monocultures on the same land in a sensible way that respects the soil ecology, they can achieve high yields from certain monocrops in the long-term. #5 Further reading: Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems? #2 Farming is one of our oldest.

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The New Neotropical Companion: A Book Review by a Lover of the Neotropics

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The New Neotropical Companion describes, explains, and provides insight into the unique ecosystems of the Neotropics. The first edition, A Neotropical Companion: An Introduction to the Animals, Plants, and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics , was published in 1989.

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