Tough Love on the Beach

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In June, I go to Nickerson Beach, a place of nesting Common Terns , American Oystercatchers , Piping Plovers , and, later in the summer, Black Skimmers. That kind of behavior could get you starved on Nickerson Beach! There are other kinds of tough love on Nickerson Beach.

Birds at Rockaway Beach

10,000 Birds

I spent the early morning hours the last two days on the beach in the eastern Rockaways, taking advantage of slanted light and cooperative birds. This Piping Plover was the only one left on the beach and I saw it both mornings. Semipalmated Plovers , like this young bird, were all over the beach. And I saw two on Sunday on Rockaway Beach. By the time this post goes live on Monday morning I will be back out on the beach seeing what else there is to see.

Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

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Hawaii’s Plastic Beach. Kamilo Beach. Earth’s oceans are vast – they cover 71% of our planet’s surface – and the majority of that area is never visited or even seen by people, which can make it easy to ignore the growing problem of pollution in our waters.

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Birding Barra’s Beach-bars

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This week’s trip was blighted by my inability to say “do it yourself” and more rigorous adventures had to be postponed while I recouperated in a beach-side bar. How lucky then, that aforementioned bar was on the beach in Rio de Janiero.

Birdlife on Amazonian River Beaches

10,000 Birds

A walk along an ocean beach is likely to result in sighting of terns, gulls and sandpipers with various bill lengths, and plovers. Some terns use the ocean at different depths, sandpipers use the surfline, and plovers other sections of the beach further inland. Aerial view of an Amazonian River showing exposed sandy beaches. Beaches formed along Amazonian rivers are not much different. Most birds use these ephemeral beaches as breeding grounds.

How to Love a Beach Girl.

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Adventure Inspiring (Wow) Literary Journal Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Sexy beach girl great depths how to love mermaid ocean piscean gypsy pisces seaIt’s closing your eyes and feeling the way the tides of her lips roll across your face and lips.

Plastic 'nurdles' found littering UK beaches

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The nurdles are often spilt accidentally into rivers and oceans or fall into drains where they are washed out to sea.

Report: Plastic pollution in the ocean is reaching crisis levels

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Plastic has infiltrated the ocean’s ecosystem, from plankton to whales. trillion pieces of plastic trash in the world’s oceans, and each year, 8 million tons of plastic are added to the count. It’s reaching crisis proportions,” says Andreas Merkl, CEO of the Ocean Conservancy.

Migration and Cable Beach

10,000 Birds

Over the last few weeks the number of people using Cable Beach in Broome has fallen and the number of shorebirds using Cable Beach has increased. It is particularly apparent at high tide each day and they also use the beach in larger numbers at night. We were looking for individually marked shorebirds recently on Cable Beach and discovered we had not just individually marked birds, but an individual shorebird! Little Curlew on Cable Beach.

In Search of the White Wagtail at Cabrillo Beach

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When a White Wagtail was found on 10 December at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, just south of Los Angeles, I was pretty stoked. Driving freeways in southern California is fun, provided the traffic isn’t heavy, and it wasn’t on my quick cruise to Cabrillo Beach.

Our Love is an Ocean.

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Literary Journal Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Sexy WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Love Featured Today beach compassion hearts love lovers ocean passions salty sea I want to sit all day and breathe in the sweetly salty scent of our balmy, deep-sea love.

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One Way to Save Flipper (and his Ocean).

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During the day we can see so many people enjoying the sunshine, the ocean, the beaches…but what happens when the sun sets? Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Green WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Green Featured Today beaches environmental organisations green ocean whales The people leave but their trash remains.

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Gyrfalcon at Gilgo Beach, Suffolk County, New York

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Though it was first found last weekend the Gyrfalcon at Gilgo Beach was not known by the vast majority of New York birders until it showed up on the New York City Rare Bird Alert email late Friday night.

Shampoo bottle made from ocean plastics hailed as ‘technological breakthrough’

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Limited edition Head & Shoulders bottle to go on sale in France represents tiny proportion of global sales Beaches strewn with plastic waste have become a graphic illustration of just how much plastic we use in everything from food packaging to cosmetics, and how much of it gets thrown away.

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How the Ocean helps us Let go.

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Every day the ocean is different. This amazes me—like the beach, I'd like to think we are different everyday too. Health & Wellness Literary Journal happiness healing let go letting go life ocean Ocean helps us Let go sea self love spirituality waterLittle things change.

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Sea Snakes and other creatures of the beach

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A Sea Snake is not able to use its muscles to raise itself up and bite you if you hold it by its tail, so that is the way we put it back into the ocean or by using a stick where it is easier. There is a huge variation in the size of Sea Snakes and usually they appear washed up after rough seas and they may well be sick or weak when they wash up, but by returning them to the ocean we do give them a second chance. being returned to the ocean.

Beach Clean-up, What You Can Do

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Beach Clean-up, What You Can Do. Beach trash. It’s amazing how much litter ends up on beaches in the United States. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigators played volleyball at Illinois Beach State Park, but their aim wasn’t to have fun.

Do You Know Your Dog-Beach Etiquette?

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A wet nose gently prods me awake, letting me know it’s time for our walk on the beach. At four years old, Bailey has the boundless energy of a puppy and the heart of a beach bum. Sign on the beach at Amelia Island. When leaving the beach, make sure to fill in any holes.

Love YOUR Body at the Beach This Summer (Change your Swimsuit and Attitude, Not Your Diet)

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It’s as if retailers don’t want me at the beach. Too many women just “don’t swim” because they are uncomfortable in their swimsuits and on the beach, which just… sucks.). As a curvy woman, I have always had an issue finding cute swimsuits that fit my body.

Waterfalls, Craters, and Beaches Galore: Ethical Travel on Maui

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Day One: Walk on Lava Walk and Get to the Big Beach. Of course, an ideal way to commence your Hawaiian vacation starts with a beach day. To begin with a bit of exploration, head towards Makena Beach State Park (Big Beach) and drive past the beach until you hit the Lava Fields.

Be Summer Cool (and Beach-Ready) with Sundippers

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The company accomplishes this while keeping an eye on the future of the oceans; a portion of all proceeds are donated to beach clean-up and surf community development. 100% Organic Cotton Beach Cover-Up. Dipper Shades. We LOVE these.

Ocean Plastic Turned Useful in Hyper-Modern New Sneaker by Adidas and Parley

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Most of us don’t realize how dire a situation this is: Diminishment of biodiversity in our ocean is the single greatest threat to the survival of humanity. Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Parley for the Oceans).

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10 Best Sublime Beaches in the Middle East

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You might not be able to strut around in a thong or sun tan topless in the Middle East, but there are many beautiful beaches in the region that just don’t get enough fanfare. Without further adieu, we start with one of the most well known of the region’s beaches.

8 Super-Natural Summer Sunscreens Sans Toxic Ingredients: Time for the Beach!

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We know you love the beach— so do we ! But summer beach excursions mean sunscreen, and that can mean confusion. So what’s the best way to protect both ourselves and our oceans? Natural Sunscreen, Del Mar Beach Supply Co. Image via Flickr user Hernan Piñera.

There is a Plastic Island the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. What this Company is doing to help.

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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents… Method is doing a really cool “ocean plastic” bottle design that is made out of plastic harvested from beach litter.

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Sea Turtles of St. Croix: Research Benefits Nesting Beaches

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Everyone enjoys a day at the beach, but for sea turtles safe beach access is a matter of life and death. Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. I’m here to learn more about this research program that could provide a blueprint for protecting sea turtle nesting beaches.

Heavily polluted Israeli stream cuts beach in half

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The world’s increasingly polluted seas and oceans, as well as rising sea levels, are now becoming a sad reality as Mankind’s contribution is becoming increasingly evident. Oceans spiralling downward, threatening life on earth. Health beaches Israel marine pollution Netanya

Government Approves Wind Farm Off Ocean City

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The Obama administration opened Maryland’s coast to offshore wind farms Monday and is seeking bidders to erect more than 300 turbines in a 206-square-mile area off the coast of Ocean City. The closest turbines to the coast will be roughly 10 nautical miles from Ocean City. and won’t be able to be seen from the beach, according to the U.S. Government / Industry maryland wind farm ocean city wind farm

Smoking Hot On The Beach

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Looking forward to some relaxing time on the beach this year? If you live near – or visit – a coastal beach, having healthy oceans becomes a more personal topic. After all, beach litter and floating debris are not the most endearing sights.

California’s Central Coast: green by the beach

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| Beach House Biodynamic |. But we can never pass up a good beach, either. In the classic California beach town of Cayucos … at one of the best green inns in the state, the elegant Cass House.

"Atlantic Ocean Excited To Move Into Beautiful Beachfront Mansion Soon"

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America's finest news source: WEST PALM BEACH, FL—Admitting it has had its eye on the property for quite some time, the Atlantic Ocean confirmed Monday that it was looking forward to moving into a beautiful beachfront mansion in the near future. The ocean noted, however, that it might make a few cosmetic changes to the mansion once it moves in, including gutting the lower floor and taking out a few walls.

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Environmental Economics: Beach hardening: market vs non-market values

Environmental Economics

Will the race to protect real estate end up destroying some public beaches? North Carolina and Oregon are the only two states that forbid hard structures such as seawalls and groins, which may protect property at the expense of a natural beach. The key variable is beach width.

Hawaii Beaches Eroding Quickly


A new study by the University of Hawaii shows the state is on pace to lose 100 feet of beach in the coming decades and Maui is most at risk. Kailua beach has been fighting erosion for years but now a new study finds that Maui beaches are disappearing even faster.

Photographs of Ocean Debris Salvaged from the World's Beaches


However, a closer look reveals an intelligent stance on raising awareness about ocean debris. Even while reading this, the massive mound of trash, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is floating around in the north Pacific Ocean.

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Ocean’s Garbage Patches Cleanup Tackled by Teen Boyan Slat

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Nineteen-year-old Boyan Slat plans to clean the ocean, whereas most teenagers can’t even tidy their rooms. Plastic garbage travels through waterways to the ocean where it accumulates in high concentrations called gyres.

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WATCH: Giant Squid Washes Up on Spain Beach


The squid is an elusive species, living in the far depths of the ocean. Read More The post WATCH: Giant Squid Washes Up on Spain Beach appeared first on Ecorazzi. The remains of a giant squid washed up last week in Cantabria.

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‘Cousteau Finds Ideal Sunscreen: Protecting Both Humans and Ocean’

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Chosen as the Official SunCare of Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, Reef Safe will donate a portion of every bottle sold to support Ocean Futures’ worldwide efforts of preserving the ocean for future generations.

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Blogger Beach Cleanup

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Montage of Blogger Beach Cleanup, part of Featuring: Cicle The Daily Ocean Heal the Bay Green LA Girl Green Media News NRDC Sustainable Works. YouTube event blogs los angeles Siel greenlagirl eco

Lucky Enough. ~ Stacey Ebert

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With each crash of the wave the ocean provides answers to life’s deepest questions and gives solace to those searching for that elusive inner peace. Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Travel beach beach life lifeguards Long Beach mindful nature ocean sand sea surf travel walk — Adventure

Ocean Plastic’s Impact on Wild Sea Turtles. ~ Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

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Our plastic footprint is on remote beaches, in isolated patches of ocean and in the stomachs of wild endangered animals.

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EU to pay fishermen to trawl for ocean litter

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) According to information the European Union is launching a pilot program in the Mediterranean in May 2011 that will pay fishing fleets to collect and then recycle the plastic waste littering the ocean.

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The Tricky Economics of Ongoing Subsidies for People Who Want Their Beach and Eat it Too

Environmental Economics

Some good stuff (new research) from a colleague of mine here at Ohio State (Sathya Gopalakrishnan--who I was smart enough to hire) and a couple of other 'contributors' from some schools in North Carolina*: The value of many oceanfront properties on the East Coast could drop dramatically if Congress were to suddenly end federal beach nourishment subsidies, a new study by researchers at three universities finds. Brad Murray, professor of earth and ocean sciences at Duke. “We

World Ocean Day at Nausicaa Boulogne

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The three mast Belem, once owned by the Duke of Westminster, celebrates World Ocean Day at Nausicaa, Boulogne from 6 to 8 June 2010 A REAL CELEBRATION OF THE SEA will take place leading up to World Ocean Day (08 June 2010) that aims to stimulate public interest in the marine environment. The organiser, the World Ocean Network, of which NAUSICAA is a founding member, has organised a full program of activities, entertainment and workshops from 5 to 8 June.

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