Miami Beach Convention Center receives a stunning LEED Silver makeover


Global design firm Fentress Architects and Arquitectonia have given the 1950s-era Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) a sustainable and modern redesign — that has also recently received LEED Silver certification.

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Miami Beach Aquatic Center and Park will include 3 acres of native landscaping


Architectural firm Brooks + Scarpa recently unveiled its design concept for the new Miami Beach Aquatic Center and Park. Located just a block from the beach, the structure’s ocean-facing terraces provide sweeping views for community members to enjoy.

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Discover Miami’s Best Outdoor Group Retreats

Green Prophet

Miami offers some great scenery for everyone. Whether it’s the calming beaches or the thriving party district, Miami offers a great excuse for you to pack your bags and go for a long drive. Do you want a Miami charter tour bus rental ? Remember Miami drives can become unbearably hot and can take hours, so, you might need some professional help at the end of the day. Or if in the Middle East, Miami recommends this ! Miami Zoo – Let’s face it.

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Artist unveils sand-covered traffic jam on Miami beach to protest climate change


This time, the innovative artist has unveiled his largest art installation yet — a collection of more than 60 “vehicles” made of sand that are stuck in a traffic jam on Miami Beach. Unveiled at Lincoln Road for this year’s Miami Art Week, the enormous art installation consists of 66 sand-covered sculptures in the shapes of cars and trucks. Read the original post: Artist unveils sand-covered traffic jam on Miami beach to protest climate change.

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Museum of Plastic pops up at Art Basel Miami


The Museum of Plastic is popping up once again, this time at the EDITION Hotel during Art Basel Miami, from Friday, December 6 through Sunday, December 8. Inhabitat: What is Art Basel Miami? It will be installed at the EDITION Hotel , which is right on Miami Beach.

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Eco Chick Takes on Art Basel: Solberg, Shallit and Shangri-La

Eco Chic

Art Basel descends on the city of Miami annually in December and all hell breaks loose. Having just moved to Miami in August, I was curious about the hype. This was Shallit’s first time showing at Art Basel Miami Beach, and he told Eco-Chick: “I was privileged to show my work…at the first art fair run solely by women in Art Basel history. For the tens of thousands who travel to Miami for the art event, many come for the nightlife.

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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, December 4

Cool Green Science

CBS Miami ). Adaptation Animals Climate Change Climate Science & Research Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Global Warming Green Living Policy Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy beached whales Bloomberg captive chimps cattle chimpanzees chimps and human rights Christian Science Monitor Everglades gassy cattle Huffington Post human rights methane miami MNN pilot whales rights of chimpanzees solar energy startup warning systems

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Go Celtics!

Environmental Economics

Another missed opportunity: From the inbox: The National Marine Fisheries Service has two positions for marine resource economists with the Social Science Research Group at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, FL. I'll always regret not titling this post: "You should apply for this job just so you might be able to say 'I'm taking my talents to South Beach.&

You should only subsidize a bad on opposite day

Environmental Economics

Miami Beach is leading the way, increasing local fees to finance a $400 million plan that includes raising streets, installing pumps and elevating sea walls. Flood walls, pumps and road improvements are also subsidies for those who build/remain in risky areas:  Local governments, under pressure from annoyed citizens, are beginning to act. Elections are being won on promises to invest money to protect against flooding.

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Melting Florida panther statue highlights climate change


But it’s for a good cause — The CLEO Institute is working with the VoLo Foundation and Miami ad agency Zubi to make an artistic statement about how climate change is decimating the panther population and other wildlife.

Yes, the federal government does close stuff down

Environmental Economics

Unfortunately, in this case it is a research lab: For more than a century, federal scientists have worked on Pivers Island near the historic town of Beaufort and the beaches of Emerald Isle studying the ocean and the fish, turtles and dolphins of its seagrass estuaries and rocky reefs. Surrounded by three university labs, it’s one of a handful of oceanography hubs in the nation and the only government research center between New Jersey and Miami studying Atlantic fish populations.

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"Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries"

Environmental Economics

The increasingly routine tidal flooding is making life miserable in places like Miami Beach; Charleston, S.C.; FYI, 28 centuries is 2800 (28 x 100) years: The worsening of tidal flooding in American coastal communities is largely a consequence of greenhouse gases from human activity, and the problem will grow far worse in coming decades, scientists reported Monday.

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Tidings from the King Tide

Cool Green Science

Diver Freddy Perez from the Miami Beach Storm Water Dept. Patricia Sagastume Looking at the pictures of water flowing down Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderale and road crews plugging drains in Miami Beach, I’m reminded of a line from one of E.B. Here in South Florida, we’re already seeing how mangroves, beaches, dunes and coral reefs can play a role in coastal defense by slowing erosion, breaking waves and absorbing storm water.

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WASHINGTON: NC ocean research lab on White House chopping block | Local/State |

Environmental Economics

For more than a century, federal scientists have worked on Pivers Island near the historic town of Beaufort and the beaches of Emerald Isle studying the ocean and the fish, turtles and dolphins of its seagrass estuaries and rocky reefs. Surrounded by three university labs, it’s one of a handful of oceanography hubs in the nation and the only government research center between New Jersey and Miami studying Atlantic fish populations.

D. Tobias Wong 1974-2010 – Orbituary

Green (Living) Review

In addition to the objects he created, re-created, repurposed, rarefied and otherwise manipulated, Wong's work included events and happenings that included, among many others, a pop-up tattoo parlor at Art Basel Miami Beach/Design Miami and the Wrong Store, a "store" in New York that was in fact never open. (As Tobias Wong, “father” of the Sun Jar, dies age 35 by Michael Smith (Veshengro) D.

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South Florida Citizens Demand Rubio Support Climate Action.

Sierra Club Compass

On behalf of the homeowners, business owners, and residents of Florida who are in the path of the storm of climate change, concerned citizens gathered at Rubio’s office in Miami today to tell him enough is enough. That’s exactly the message Sierra Club members delivered to Rubio today in a letter also signed by representatives from the Southern Energy Network, the CLEO Institute, and Emerge Miami. Compass.

End Cities Criminalizing Homelessness

Green (Living) Review

Miami, FL recently considered prohibiting the public from feeding the homeless, Venice Beach police began chasing homeless people off the beach after midnight, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom continues to push an ordinance that would ban sitting on city sidewalks. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Last November, a homeless man in Boulder, Colorado named David Madison tried to get a bed for the night at the city's only local shelter, but was turned away due to a lack of space.

Obra Architects stimulates climate change discussion with a climate-correcting machine


Related: Artist unveils sand-covered traffic jam on Miami beach to protest climate change “This project is a demonstration, a chance to focus public attention on issues of the city, climate change , our environment and the future,” the firm said. “In To raise awareness about climate change, Obra Architects has created the Perpetual Spring , an eye-catching pavilion at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea.

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U.S. Bike-Sharing Fleet More than Doubles in 2013

Green Blog

Paul (1,550 bikes), Hubway in the Boston area (1,100 bikes), and DecoBike Miami Beach (1,000 bikes). New entries in Florida could push the country past that mark, with launches expected in Miami (500 bikes, an expansion from Miami Beach), St. The opening of the San Francisco Bay Area bike share on August 29, 2013, brings the combined fleet of shared bikes in the United States above 18,000, more than a doubling since the start of the year.

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IKEA Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend with Free IKEA Blue Bag Giveaway at Select Local Spots as Its Next "Random Act of Life Improvement"

Green (Living) Review

IKEA Blue Bag is the Perfect Carry-All for Trips to the Beach, Weekend Getaways and More Conshohocken, PA : On Thursday, May 24, 2012, IKEA, The Life Improvement Store, will be giving away free IKEA blue bags at locations outside of IKEA US stores* to kick off the summer season and help people prepare for their upcoming Memorial Day weekend plans.

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Upcoming vegan festivals around the US in 2020


Edward Yniguez and Kawani Brown, in partnership with their nonprofit Plant Based For All, are behind several popular vegan events in southern California, including the annual Long Beach Vegan Fest.

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Your essential guide to eco-wellness in Tampa, Florida


It’s a winning combination of sunshine, beaches and big-city amenities. Tampa is right on the New York-Miami Silver Star line, with two passenger trains daily. Tampa is a big city that loves to live outside. The city of almost 400,000 has gone from old-time Florida to explosive modern growth, surprising some long-time residents to find that their city is suddenly hip. Tampa’s setting on Tampa Bay lends itself to water sports.

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Venomous Visitors

Eco Friendly Daily

The Bahamas are particularly hard hit – with lionfish spotted in shallow and deep water, around beaches and in mangrove swamps. According to one account, a private collector’s tank was broken during Hurricane Andrew in 1992, releasing six lionfish near Miami. The tropical lionfish is a popular sight in many aquaria. Drifting peacefully, few visitors can really imagine the threat of those venomous spines.

Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

Green Blog

Miami Beach is planning to add 500 bikes to its current fleet of 1,000 as it extends into Miami this year. Southern California will be rolling into bike sharing in a big way with programs opening in Los Angeles (4,000 cycles), Long Beach (2,500), and San Diego (1,800). Politicians, lobbyists, and tourists alike can ride bicycles along a specially marked lane between the White House and the U.S.

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Green Lodging Key West | Organic Food Key West | Green Hotel Key.

Green Traveler Guides

Our other pick here is the newest wing of the Southernmost on the Beach , completed only last year (dozens of plants and trees were saved and replanted in the process). Casa Marina first opened on the island’s biggest private beach in 1920, designed for railroad tycoon Henry Flagler by the architects who did the New York Public Library and other classics of the era.

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Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon

Green Blog

Such pent-up demand for more cycling options is on display in cities across the United States—from Buffalo to Boulder, Omaha to Oklahoma City, and Long Beach in New York to Long Beach in California—where shared bicycle programs are taking root. Another large bike share that opened in 2011 was in Miami Beach. The program will soon be expanded to the city of Miami, adding 500 bikes to the current fleet of 1,000.

Why the Green New Deal is More Prevalent and Necessary Than When it was First Proposed

Green Prophet

coastal communities expected to face chronic and disruptive flooding before the end of the century – from Miami Beach, Fla. Let’s just get this out of the way first, climate change is real and it is a direct consequence of our lack of regard for the scientific data. Whether everyone can agree to that statement is a different argument, but for the purpose of this article, let’s accept it. By refusing to acknowledge this threat, we are unquestionably years behind creating solutions.

Can We Outrun the Rising Tide?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Sea-level rise is inundating coastal cities such as Miami and is exacerbating the impact of coastal storms such as Hurricane Sandy. When beaches are faced with hardened sea walls and roads and houses parallel the coastline just above the current extent of high tide, there is no obvious way for landward flooding to form new wetlands. Sea level is destined to rise as much as 110 cm during the remainder of this century.

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What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

The Green Changemakers

Though located along a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway, this park at Laguna Beach (near top) has loads of activities, food, and places to sit. More Great Commercial Streets: Devon Street Chicago, IL, USA Venice Beach Venice , CA, USA Elmwood Avenue District Buffalo, NY, USA St. PPS announces its new Great Cities Initiative, which applies the principles of Placemaking to entire cities.

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