A Gathering at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

10,000 Birds

I usually stop at the two refuges that have easily accessed auto tour routes, the Sacramento NWR and Colusa NWR. I also spotted Red-tailed, Red-shouldered and Cooper’s Hawks on the 3 mile auto tour route. Just before the final leg of the auto route, where it begins to turn back toward the Black-crowned Night-Heron roost, I spotted a substantial group of large white birds foraging just off the road.

Keystone XL: The Iconic Climate Battle

Sierra Club Compass

And the attention and controversy we’ve generated in this fight has led to a common question, “Why Keystone XL, what’s the big deal?” If he opens the door to exploitation of the tar sands, he sends the signal to oil, coal and gas companies around the world that the one president who actually got climate change, didn’t have the courage to stand up for what was right and protect the birthright of future generations—a healthy planet.

2013 87

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Start the Year Off Right: Take Action on Climate Change Now

Conservancy Talk

And first Tesla, and now all auto companies, are making electric cars. 4) Professional Opportunity Probably the only good thing about the mess my generation has made in the environment is the range of interesting and challenging jobs that will be available for today’s young people to get us on the right path. Vulnerable people all around the world and future generations too are counting on us.

2018 49

Don’t Just Complain, Blame, or Worry. Do Something: How You Can Take Action for a Sustainable Planet

Conservancy Talk

Can we have a future where people get the food, energy, and economic growth they need without sacrificing nature? Those of you from my generation might remember the show “Laugh-In,” the “Saturday Night Live” of that time. The auto industry said it would be impossible. We rather easily met the five-year deadline, and continue to reduce auto pollution every year. And forget about the future for a moment.

2017 54

Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil

The Green Changemakers

When a city accepts as a mandate its quality of life; when it respects the people who live in it; when it respects the environment; when it prepares for future generations, the people share the responsibility for that mandate, and this shared cause is the only way to achieve that collective dream.' Yet auto traffic has dropped substantially; Curitiba has the highest public ridership of any Brazilian city (about 2.14

Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time

The Green Changemakers

In 2005, the Chicago City Council designated the “Logan Square Boulevards District” as an official city landmark district, preserving this design for future generations. But, it is the most ambitious in this goal, it seems, as wind-generated and hydroelectric sources now generate 85 percent of its energy. Lijnbaan in Rotterdam : This area represents the first purpose-built pedestrian street (little to no auto traffic), opened in 1953. Written by L.G.

2010 40

The New Values of the 21st Century Citizen

The Green Changemakers

But if what you want is to preserve it for future generations, corporations don’t work. For example, media companies that count on advertising revenue from Oil companies and Auto manufacturers are likely to have their presentation of global warming data colored by their need to protect that advertising revenue. It’s love for future generations (our grandchildren included!) Values guide decision making [link] Values guide decision making.

2008 40

10 Big, Really Hard Things We Can Do to Save the Planet

The Green Changemakers

Simply put, nuclear weapons have no place in a bright green future. Read More in the Worldchanging Archive: A New Military Mission: Clean Energy The Future of the U.S. CREATE A GLOBALLY TRANSPARENT SOCIETY We write often about transparency, which is part of the foundation for a just, equitable, sustainable and democratic future. Tags: Environment Future Sustainable-development Energy Green

2009 40

The 2011 Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education

The Green Changemakers

He speaks of how we use stories to create our future as “ancestors in training” and this is the way that epiphanies which lead to real change will be incorporated into the community base. CONTINUE READING OPINION Teaching Sustainability in Graduate Education: A Call to Leadership Development By Viniece Jennings The generic definition of sustainable development involves using resources to meet current needs without forfeiting those of future generations.

2011 40

Sustaining the web of life

The Green Changemakers

Benyus, Biomimicry (Quill, 1997) A natural biosystem: Runs on current sunlight Uses only the energy it needs Fits form to function Recycles everything Rewards cooperation Banks on diversity Curbs excesses from within Taps the power of limits Learns from its context Provides for future generations Natural Capitalism Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and Hunter Lovins in a book entitled Natural Capitalism (Little Brown & Company 1999) provide an application of natural principles to business.

2008 40

To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days

The Green Changemakers

Barnstorming a world without borders, the President can begin America’s journey toward a bright green future. A part of the presidential executive action package should be action to halt new coal-fired generation that does not have carbon capture and storage. Eric Corey Freed, Principal, organicARCHITECT ; Author, "Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies" Our next President must embrace the idea of an inevitable future free of fossil fuels.

2008 40

The Garden Of Simplicity

The Green Changemakers

As these two warnings by the world's elder scientists indicate, powerful adversity trends (such as global climate change, the depletion of key resources such as water and cheap oil, a burgeoning population, and a growing gap between the rich and poor) are converging into a whole-systems crisis, creating the possibility of an evolutionary crash within this generation. A whole generation has tasted the fruits of an affluent society and has discovered that money does not buy happiness.

2008 40

Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we can.

Elephant Journal

80,000 votes, not enough to fill some football stadiums, and we wouldn’t have to wonder if America had any future.” For 240 years, our nation’s call to citizenship has given work and purpose to each new generation. Our youth and drive, our diversity and openness, our boundless capacity for risk and reinvention mean that the future should be ours. In other words, it will determine our future.

2017 64