Apply Now for Ford & UNESCO’s $100,000 Enviro-Grants

Green Prophet

After writing a visceral post about environmental organizations that accept money from large corporations , in protest of greenwashing , Arwa interviewed the Emirates Diving Association , who explained their decision to accept $10,000 from Ford. Government and non-government initiatives committed to Conservation Engineering, Protection of the Natural Environment, or Environmental Education are encouraged to apply for a share of $100,000 currently up for grabs.

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Ohev Sholom is America’s First Jewish “Energy Star”

Green Prophet

On May 16, the US Environmental Protection Agency will formally present Ohev Sholom its Energy Star achievement certification — meaning that the synagogue meets strict performance levels set by a government agency better known for regulating factory emissions and auto gas-mileage standards than presenting bronze plaques to houses of God.

The 2011 Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education

The Green Changemakers

Her ground-breaking work and years of experience bring an authoritative voice to this nascent field and give confidence that, as she says, “it all begins with a change in thinking” and “we just have to educate for it.” Her impressive accomplishments and the examples she brings to the interview are a must-read of inspiration for anyone involved with sustainability education. Show that your company or institution educates for sustainability.

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