Know Your Audience: A Ring-necked Duck in Germany

10,000 Birds

I recently participated in an “English Report Writing” training, sponsored of course by my employer, and this post will function as a test to see how well I was focussed on the lecture (instead of the sky outside the seminar room which may hold a black stork any day during spring migration). One of the most important topics – apart from grammar lessons and coffee breaks – rotated around knowing your audience. So, who then is my audience?

2010 Sustainability Seminar Series

The Green Changemakers

To help foster dialogue between social and natural scientists on the challenges of sustainability in the 21st century, the Center for Unconventional Security will convene a seminar series to bring a select group of scholars, researchers, experts, and business leaders to UC, Irvine to present a variety of perspectives on choices and challenges related to sustainability.

2010 46

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I propose the First Annual Env-Econ Open Non-Structured Colloquium, Compendium, Corrigendum, Conference and Seminar for the Inebriation of the Profession (sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar)

Environmental Economics

Why should a graduate student pay hundreds of dollars — often from their own pocket — to fly to a conference, get a hotel room, and give a talk to an audience of three, two of those being friends who heard the practice talk the night before in said hotel room? Is it time to rethink the academic conference?

"Applying econometrics to elephant poaching: our response to Underwood and Burn"

Environmental Economics

    There is also an explanation for those outside economics about why we post working papers and present unpublished work at seminars: Multiple colleagues from ecology have inquired why we released the paper as an NBER working paper prior to peer review. Solomon Hsiang at G-FEED ( some background here ): Nitin Sekar and I recently released a paper  examining whether a large legal sale of ivory affected poaching rates of elephants around the world.

2016 136

Making people laugh, one opportunity cost joke at a time

Environmental Economics

Yoram performed his stand-up routine to a packed and appreciative audience of students and staff in the George Fox lecture theatre on 10 May 2012. Earlier in the day he showed his serious academic side, delivering a seminar on his research interests in environmental economics.

Crickets chirping

Environmental Economics

The sound I hear after sending this email in response to a showing of the Economics of Happiness on campus: The film "economics of happiness" was the major topic of discussion in my senior seminar class yesterday. " I'm sure that if invited to participate in the future we could make every effort to have a representative present the economics angle in a balanced way that would benefit the audience.

2012 116

Regression, Economics and Theory-Crafting

Environmental Economics

  I can imagine the early seminars for these papers with no standard errors will lead to a lot of grumbling in the audience.    It will take some practice, but I see nothing wrong with economists getting better at explaining models - it will add to our audience! I apologize ahead of time for the rant that's ahead. 

Jeremy Paxman Warns UK at Litter ‘Tipping Point’

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Jeremy Paxman, speaking in Solihull at the FPA annual Environment Seminar, set tone for the litter agenda in 2016 by calling on the whole supply chain to take action to tackle the UK’s litter crisis or face legislative action.

2016 108

BBC to stop give equal airtime to climate deniers

Green Blog

The Trust wishes to emphasize the importance of attempting to establish where the weight of scientific agreement may be found and make that clear to audiences," the BBC Trust writes in the report. As a result of that review, around 200 journalists and staff members at the BBC attended various seminars and workshops intended to improve their science coverage.

I found a way to highlight the gender problem in economics on this blog

Environmental Economics

Jacobson, an environmental economist at Williams College, recounted an experience during graduate school that she said was indicative: A well-respected female economist delivering a talk at her department was repeatedly interrupted by male economists when trying to answer questions from the audience. “In In the middle of the seminar, a male economist I respect turned around — they’re in the audience — and they were explaining the answer for her, on her behalf,” Ms.

2018 116

Jews, Muslims, Christians in Israel Unite for Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Sponsored by the Julia Burke Foundation in California, his organization divides its actions into two spheres: one dedicated to fighting climate change, the other to providing ecological-theological seminars and college-credit courses to show how faith intersects with environmental values. Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development members have already given about 25 “green theology&# seminars. Providing teaching material to unite Holy Land faiths.

2011 87

This is outrageous! How to take natural health to a whole new level

Eco-Vegan Girl

One day it occurred to her that she couldn't reach a big audience if she only held classes in Laguna Beach, so she developed an amazing program that can be accessed from any location. Pam now offers an incredible 30 day tele-seminar, during which she teaches and coaches on the raw food diet. “Raw food is a power tool in the tool kit that helps you create the life you love to live." ~ Pam Sterling Changing my diet has had a profound impact on my mind, body, soul, and environment.

2010 54

Climate Week to Showcase Eco Solutions for the Home

Green (Living) Review

This unique collaboration of the Ideal Home Show 2011 will highlight the importance of Climate Week to a mass consumer audience of an estimated 250,000 visitors, raising public awareness whilst demonstrating to consumers what they can do to reduce energy consumption and minimise their carbon footprints in the home, whilst keeping our costs down and maintaining our home comforts.

2011 109

Go Green Expo NYC: April 17-19

Green (Living) Review

The event will showcase a variety of special interest consumer and business areas including: Home Building and Energy Conservation; Health, Beauty and Fashion; Travel and Transportation; Business and Electronics and a Kids Zone, giving New Yorkers a chance to see, learn and interact with the latest in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services, as well as participate in interactive seminars with leaders in the green industry, local politicians and community organizations.

2009 100

Top 10 Things to see at Grand Designs Live, London 2010

Green (Living) Review

Targeted at both consumer and professional audiences alike, the theatre will host a mixture of industry experts and celebrities delivering consumer friendly advice and practical demonstrations on home building, interior design and more! Experts from the British Beekeeping Association will be offering their professional advice and seminars daily.

2010 115

Goal of Bhutan, 'Gross National Happiness'

The Green Changemakers

presidential election of 1968, Robert Kennedy asked the audience to consider what is included and what is not included in the world-leading American GNP. He lives in Yokohama with his family and every year grows rice with his seminar students at Maioka Park adjacent to the university campus.

Free documentary Films Archive

The Green Changemakers

Winner of the Sundance Audience Award. He is currently conducting permaculture ("Holzer Permaculture") seminars both at his der krameterhof farm and worldwide, while continuing to work on his alpine farm. An audience and critical favorite, An Inconvenient Truth makes the compelling case that global warming is real, man-made, and its effects will be cataclysmic if we don’t act now.