Know Your Audience: A Ring-necked Duck in Germany

10,000 Birds

One of the most important topics – apart from grammar lessons and coffee breaks – rotated around knowing your audience. and so I figured that a profound analysis of my audience might also help me in my blogging career here on your favourite blog. So, who then is my audience?

"Quick tips on giving research presentations"

Environmental Economics

Andrew Gelman: So, if I have any general advice on presentations, let me give it here. As always, think ahead of time about your goals and your audience. It’s not about bragging rights, it’s about making it clear to the audience why they should be listening to you on this topic. If you know anyone— anyone —in the audience, plant a question or two. If it’s good stuff, it can stand up unadorned and a discerning audience will realize its importance.

2014 160

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Hypothetical Bias presentation at TAMU; & et cetera

Environmental Economics

It didn't hurt that one of the authors of this paper was in the audience. I was in College Station, TX at the end of March to talk about hypothetical bias of stated preference data to the folks in agricultural economics (here is the PDF of the PPT ). I covered three recent papers that have ex-ante/ex-post SP/RP data which, as a whole, show (I argue): ex-ante SP data is positively correlated with ex-post RP data; there is hypothetical bias in ex-ante SP data (i.e.,

2014 154

Conference Presentations (downloadable): Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities

The Green Changemakers

PowerPoint Presentations PDF files of all the PowerPoint presentations collected from speakers at the conference are posted on the conference program below. If you do not see a pdf file for a particular speaker/session, they either did not use PowerPoint or we were unable to obtain a copy of their presentation. Successfully Engaging Diverse Audiences in Regional Planning: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies [CM 1.5]

And, But, Therefore (SEA meeting mini-debrief)

Environmental Economics

I attended X of these and each one had an audience between 15 and 25 (with one exception). The presentations were great (i.e., In case you missed it, here are the presentations (thanks to everyone for making their presentations available!): Caviglia-Harris ,  Salisbury University  " Five Steps to a Kick-Ass Presentation " John C.   Here is what may have been the biggest session audience during the conference: 

2014 154

Quote of the Day: Yep, I'm REALLY that guy

Environmental Economics

  Because the audience was supposed to be* a mix of academics, industry-types, government officials, and graduate students, I decided to give the keynote blog-style (non-technical and UNscholarly).    I guess my approachable presentation style belies my academic credibility.    *Turned out to be an all academic audience.  "Are you REALLY the guy that wrote that book on nonmarket valuation?"

2019 100

Kenneth Arrow 1921-2017

Environmental Economics

 A while back--I want to say a decade or so, but really I have no idea--I had the opportunity to present a paper at a workshop at Stanford.  In the audience, center of the front row, was Ken Arrow. Here is my obligatory Ken Arrow story upon hearing the news of his passing. Arrow was foundational in the field of welfare economics, a field on which most of environmental valuation (my field) is based.

2017 116

THat's all well and good, but what is the incentive for sustainability?

Environmental Economics

After my compelling presentation to an audience of hundreds (I even had a teleprompter--which I promptly ignored), an audience member stopped me and said "I don't know why this whole sustainability thing is such a big deal. Generally speaking, people are getting better and better all the time at managing their own environmental footprints, and the effect that they have on the planet.

2015 156

Even more notes from the SEA meetings

Environmental Economics

Continuing the SEA debriefing , after an unfortunate delay, in the presentations category: I took Will Wheeler's advice and wrote up a life satisfaction (i.e., I "happily" revealed my skepticism towards the life satisfaction valuation literature (which has been well described by Kerry Smith ), while challenging the audience to determine if that attitude reveals itself in our empirical effort (I don't think it does.

2011 116

Keys to give a successful talk

Elephant Journal

A few days ago I had the opportunity to give a brief talk in the thread of the presentation of my last book. Judging by the good words received and the echo of social networks, liked most of the audience, but much more enjoyed as a lecturer to perceive the welcome and beauty of the […].

Guidelines for chairing an AERE session at the SEA meetings

Environmental Economics

The following guidelines for chairing AERE sessions at the SEA meetings are provided to ensure a smooth running conference.[*]  An attentive, well-prepared session chair can help ensure that the speakers give trouble-free talks and that the audience appreciates the entire session. You are the one everyone will turn to if there are problems among your speakers or within your audience.  There are other things for an audience member to do if your session ends early.

2012 126

"Applying econometrics to elephant poaching: our response to Underwood and Burn"

Environmental Economics

You may agree or disagree but the part that I found most interesting is this: In the context of a debate like the present one, it becomes particularly important that the data and analytical methods of all parties are accessible so they can be poked, prodded, and interrogated. Solomon Hsiang at G-FEED ( some background here ): Nitin Sekar and I recently released a paper  examining whether a large legal sale of ivory affected poaching rates of elephants around the world.

2016 136

Peregrine Falcon vs Brown Pelican?

10,000 Birds

When doing some research for a presentation on cavity nesting birds of Northern California, I came upon a reference titled “ Cavity Nesting Birds of North American Forests.” ” My presentation consisted of several photographs of cavity nesting birds as well as videos, some mine, some from the internet. My audience was surprised as was I. // v=-wpM1LwKaak.

2014 157

A new journal: Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics

Environmental Economics

A co-author was presenting one of our papers at a conference. At the end of the presentation an audience member offered the very unhelpful, wasting time to here himself (of course, it's a guy) speak comment: "I don't find it surprising that [results our result]" As if, surprise is the goal of research.

2019 109

More notes from the SEA meetings

Environmental Economics

Could there be a better place to  present your research, make a minor error and not get hammered for it? Every AERE presentation that I saw (8 out of 10) was well thought out and well delivered. Instead of some poor SOB struggling to find something useful to say about a paper far outside their narrow research niche, audience Q&A led to useful comments for just about every presenter. For the first time two redheads presented in the same session.

2011 122

Tom Morello Accepts MTV Occupy Wall Street Performance Award


Last night, the MTV O Awards Show presented Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, with the “Most Memorable Occupy Wall Street Performance” award. While introducing Morello, Matt Pinfield told the audience that the axeman’s performance of “The Fabled City” at Occupy Wall Street ”showcases music’s undying [.].

Just in time for the Final Four

Environmental Economics

" He then spent the remaining time answering questions from the live audience submitted on YouTube and Twitter.  Thanks to Dr. Johnson, we're able to share the presentation with you.  Learn some sports economics from an Env-Econ co-author. From the inbox: On Tuesday night, we hosted the fifth installation of our Flameside Chat series with special guest Dr. Bruce Johnson, James Graham Brown Professor of Economics.

2015 125

Attorney: Facebook power deal could be “sea change” for renewables

Green (Living) Review

Throne was retained by Facebook to guide the social media giant through negotiations with Public Service Company of New Mexico and the state’s regulatory process, though he told his audience at the Santa Fe Public Library’s Southside branch that he was making his presentation as a private attorney and not on Facebook’s behalf. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —

'F**k Nuance'*

Environmental Economics

" That is the title of a paper he presented at the conference and later uploaded to his website. "Seriously, '   The non-nuanced audience then uses the perceived 'Now' to dismiss 'Then,'  which leaves us where we are today (in my nuanced opinion of course): Political discourse based solely on selection of opinions that support preconceived notion rather than critical assessment of important issues based on science. 

2015 172

Ursula K Le Guin Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at NBA

The Alien Next Door

Neil Gaiman presents lifetime achievement award to Ursula K. Le Guin first told her audience that she wanted to share her award with her fellow-fantasy and science fiction writers, who have for so long watched "the beautiful awards" like the one she''d just received, go to the "so-called realists". Le Guin at 2014 National Book Awards from National Book Foundation on Vimeo. Ursula K.

Crickets chirping

Environmental Economics

" I'm sure that if invited to participate in the future we could make every effort to have a representative present the economics angle in a balanced way that would benefit the audience. The sound I hear after sending this email in response to a showing of the Economics of Happiness on campus: The film "economics of happiness" was the major topic of discussion in my senior seminar class yesterday.

2012 116

Cold: What Mountain Films are All About

Wend Magazine

Showing next week at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Alberta, Canada, Cold has all the elements that define the modern adventure flick with real, raw, and relevant content that inspires audiences to edge of their seats and the heights of their own ambitions. With temperatures at 36 degrees below zero the team faced deep snow, high winds and the ever-present risk of avalanche.

2011 157

NAREA's Award for Outstanding Public Service through Economics

Environmental Economics

Kathleen Bell, Past-President of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association , presenting the award to Al McGartland, Director of US EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics: From the NAREA: We are happy to celebrate Al's unique and meaningful public service contributions, including his efforts to (1) expand environmental economics research capacity and (2) increase the use of economic science in environmental policy making.

Corporate Branding of Birds for Conservation: A Modest Proposal

10,000 Birds

And the faces around this table – faces you might recognize, and names, if I hadn’t signed an NDA that I’m pretty sure allows me to be shot into space if I tell you who was present – were doing a pretty good job of acting like they wanted to hear them. A trilling song pierced the room’s hush and the shuffle of papers from the audience. ” A few of the younger, less formal members of the audience murmured in appreciation.

2019 169

I survived NOLA

Environmental Economics

I presented one of my papers  in the 1 pm stated preference session (lunch involved finishing up my presentation). The presentations were good. Wouldn't you be willing to pay $42 for all of the benefits of AERE membership , plus great comments on your paper from interested audience members (and not disinterested discussants) and an overall sunnier mood in an AERE session? The audience consisted of co-authors and a stray economist or two.

2012 133

Is the IPCC's science the gold standard or questionnable?

Environmental Economics

There were five audience members at the Monday meeting, three of whom spoke about the draft update during public comments. Mr. Droz, while present at the meeting, didn’t comment. As Colbert transitions the NC Sea Level Rise panel continues its work: The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission’s science panel made a few final adjustments Monday to the draft five-year update to its sea level rise report before agreeing it was ready for peer review. 

IPCC 164

My first organic food conference in the Land of Milk & Honey

Green Prophet

Dr. Gazit presented a formal definition of the term “organic” and provided an in-depth discussion of the 4 principles that underlie organic methods as well as their application- namely, Health, Environment, Fairness, and Responsibility. The second lecture, presented by Hila Aflalo of “Organic Life” ( ), discussed organic consumerism, covering the various reasons why organic is more expensive than non-organic.

The squirrel next door

10,000 Birds

I still know my audience - this is primarily a blog read by birders in North America, who see the term “squirrel” as little more than a synonym for house sparrow, starling, pest and cholera. But bear with me for a second: this post presents a different context for a different squirrel. Introducing to you, my valued audience: the squirrel next door. Stop and stay, don’t move that mouse.

2015 141

Justin Timberlake Honored With Big Help Award For Charity Work


The award was presented by actress Rosario Dawson , and honors individuals who take an active role in their community and the world around them to inspire kids to help others. When the Social Network star accepted the award, he asked the audience to stand up and yell as loudly as they could if they had ever helped anyone, “Even your sister, ew!&# The room filled with cheers as most of the audience took a stand.

2011 66

The Usual Waterfowl

10,000 Birds

Bird blogging is a privilege, in that recounting one’s birding excursions is a lot more fun when an audience actually follows the action. Although winter presents the best opportunities for spotting a diversity of waterfowl, the same handful of species makes up at least 90% of all sightings in the New York Metro area no matter what time of year it is.

2011 140

I and the Bird is Back!

10,000 Birds

I and the Bird ran uninterrupted every other Thursday until April 2011 with a total of 149 editions presenting the best writing of hundreds of nature bloggers around the world. So I put I and the Bird on hiatus, unwilling to bring it back until we could find a better way to present superior bird blogging. We will then curate and present your best contributions on a page that serves as a super hub on the topic.

2012 188

Audubon: America’s Greatest Naturalist and His Voyage of Discovery to Labrador

10,000 Birds

While his mission — to carefully reconstruct a journey that occurred at a critical professional, personal, and philosophical juncture in Audubon’s career — involves the kind of painstaking attention to detail that one associates with the most specialized of academic topics, Logan also manages to produce a book that is extremely readable for a non-scholarly audience. Maybe it’s not soon to be a major motion picture, but the 10,000 Birds audience will enjoy it anyway.

2016 158

Climate Change- Do the Maths


So I had my brothers’ grandchildren – twin littlies Claire and Maddie and newborn Jack – in mind as I listened to Bill McKibben’s “Do the Maths” climate change presentation during his brief time in New Zealand in early June. I was in the audience of 700-plus in Auckland for

The Cooler: Don’t Be Such a Science Communicator

Nature Conservancy - Science

AAAS, NSF, many university and organizations (including The Nature Conservancy) offer their scientists and engineers formal and informal media, speaking and presentation training. audience for S&T news has dropped by 50% since 1998? We now need to understand our audiences — big time, says Scheufele. Photo: Flickr user Daniel Spiess under a Creative Commons license. Bob Lalasz is director of science communications for The Nature Conservancy.


Green (Living) Review

Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury, Chairman of the Environment Agency, presented Caroline with her award before an audience of MPs, Lords and senior environmentalists. Lord Smith said, “It is a great privilege to present the prestigious CIWEM Environmental Parliamentarian of the Year Award to a parliamentary colleague who, whilst only arriving in Westminster in May, has a long history of championing green issues.”

2010 136

Do You Speak the Language of Opportunity?

Sightline Daily

Research has shown time and again that audiences are more receptive to new or unfamiliar arguments when they are framed by shared values. The folks behind The Opportunity Agenda remind us that “if we present only a litany of facts and rhetoric that conflict, or appear to conflict, with an audience’s core values, they will often disregard the facts.” Leading with values helps us tap the better angels of our audiences’ nature.

Celebrities Will Eat Vegan At BAFTA This Weekend


With many more non-vegans present, we’re looking forward to hearing how the food is enjoyed. It’s great to see that a highly publicized, red carpet event can promote eating vegan to their attendees and audience at large. Celebrities attending the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards this weekend will eat vegan. On Sunday, head chef Anton Manganaro will treat A-listers to an extravagant vegan meal.

2016 59

The Community Gardening Handbook – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

The authors clearly presents the unique workings of community gardens, covering everything from legality to land tenure, to skill shares and seed sowing, seed saving, and much more. In The Community Gardening Handbook, Ben Raskin shares his keen expertise in an invaluable introduction to a new wave of collective self-sufficiency, encouraging a community audience to grow food and to garden together. " This is a very well presented book and very recommendable.

2017 105

Nature Blog Network: A Eulogy

10,000 Birds

The great struggle then, as now, was reaching new readers and cultivating an engaged audience. But we nature bloggers, in our tiny corner of the internet, needed more avenues to connect to larger audiences. Presenting the Nature Blog Network, the toplist for the nature blog community. Can you remember the world before blogs?

2014 209

How to Sustain a Sustainability Blog: With Sustainablog

Wend Magazine

In order to write about something coherently, you have to dig into it, organize it in your head, and figure out how to present complex concepts to an audience that may not know them. For American audiences particularly (of a wide range of political and ideological stripes), this concept really resonates… and it ties perfectly into practices like gardening, small-scale energy production, and do-it-yourself projects. Jeff McIntire-Strasburg A beer with Jeff.

2011 181

I found a way to highlight the gender problem in economics on this blog

Environmental Economics

They are as common as PowerPoint presentations and pie charts. That panel on Friday was stocked with women, each of whom presented new research that revealed a systemic bias in economics and presaged a move by the field’s leaders to promise to address some of those issues. In the middle of the seminar, a male economist I respect turned around — they’re in the audience — and they were explaining the answer for her, on her behalf,” Ms. There's a gender problem in economics?

2018 116

The Zombie Idea of Science Communications

Nature Conservancy - Science

So much science communications work must speak to specific audiences, often at a hyperlocal level. I joined hundreds of other practitioners, scholars and media who’d gathered for two days to hear presentations and discussions on the latest in science communications research. Penn’s Kathleen Hall Jamieson gave a keynote about countering attacks on scientific integrity that, when boiled down, blamed scientists’ arrogant presentation style for public division on climate change.

We Went to See Eileen Fisher at The New School and It Was Life Changing

Eco Chic

Part of the Parsons Festival’s 2016 offerings, the talk was surprisingly warm and inviting though the auditorium was packed with a captivated audience. The fashion industry has some real big issues to solve and that presents real opportunities for growth and creativity. She was very humble and opened herself up to the audience.

2016 47