Wooden Watches and Kirtland’s Warblers

10,000 Birds

I love my new WeWood watch , a sustainable yet stylish timepiece made of maple, and I like WeWood even more now that I’ve learned about the 4,000 trees they helped place into American Forest’s Kirtland’s Warbler Habitat Creation Project in Michigan.

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Peregrine Falcon vs Brown Pelican?

10,000 Birds

When doing some research for a presentation on cavity nesting birds of Northern California, I came upon a reference titled “ Cavity Nesting Birds of North American Forests.” //www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wpM1LwKaak. v=-wpM1LwKaak.

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A Tale of Two Turkeys

Nature Conservancy - Science

The return of the American wild turkey is either an incredible conservation success or too much of a good thing, depending on who you ask. The American wild turkey is arguably one of the greatest conservation success stories ever; some argue it’s been far too successful.

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Best Rustic Sofas and Couches for the Cottage

Green Furniture Home Design

Features mossy forest green chenille and durable leather look micro-suede. Black Forest Berea Hickory Sofa. Made from hickory grown in American forests.

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Gorgeous WEwood Watches Made of Salvaged Wood on Sale in Egypt

Green Prophet

When they opened a branch in Los Angeles, WEwood teamed up with American Forests – a tree-planting organization. “In just the first three months, WEwood planted 5,000 trees with American Forests, and sets challenging targets for 2012 and beyond.

2012 102

Salvaged wood watches - A unique innovation


WEwood has teamed up with American Forests, an organization that encourages tree plantation. The management of WEwood has already achieved substantial success and in the first three months and has planted over 5,000 trees in association with American Forests.

We Can’t All Be Whiskey Jacks – Meditations on a Bad Bird Name

10,000 Birds

The Wood Duck , while it deserves many lines of poetry in its own right, is named with a folksy straightforwardness that seems appropriate to its place in the American forest and the American literature. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of our more elaborate and storied bird names.

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Eco-Friendly Cartridges Motivate Corporations to Go Green and Cuts Cost

Green (Living) Review

to: [link] - American Forests plants a tree for each dollar donated.

Samsill Branches into Raw Ring Binders

Green (Living) Review

Additionally, Samsill partners with American Forests to plant 7,500 trees annually through its Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration projects. Samsill, the largest independently owned manufacture of three-ring binders has now added raw binders to their diverse line of ring binders.

2012 130

How To Recycle Paper

Green Earth Journey

Step 6: Contact the American Forest & Paper Association for more information about recycling paper. Things You’ll Need: * Brown Paper Bags * Old Newspapers * Recycle Bins * Twine Step 1: Check with your county department of public works to find out about local curbside recycling programs and community drop-off centers, or look under "Recycling" in the yellow pages. Also call 1 (800) CLEANUP for state recycling information.

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Wood at Architect@Work London 2016

Green (Living) Review

Another exhibition was ROTUNDA SEROTINA The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) partnered with designers Kolman Boye and furniture-makers Benchmark to create a towering structure of food plates in a commission for Wallpaper* Handmade 2015 called the Rotunda Serotina.

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Emerald Ash Borers vs. Woodpeckers (and Nuthatches)

10,000 Birds

forests have ever seen may not be as simple as learning to sing “do re mi.” These birds may be the North American ash tree’s last line of defense against the EAB invasion. Another paper recently published in Forest Ecology and Management documented that EAB predators’ behavior matches their growing numbers. “There are some data suggesting that they can depredate quite a surprisingly high percentage of emerald ash borer larvae in some forests,” points out Koenig. “It’s

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Documenting the value of paper

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you are interested in what research has to say about the value of paper, don’t miss this recently released report from the American Forest & Paper Association. Trust me, I am a forester.

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The Working Proof: Art plus (+) Charity equals (=) Positivity (+)

Eco Chic

Edition of 100 15% of the gross sale of this print goes to: American Forests. Edition of 50 15% of the gross sale of this print goes to: American Forests.

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Not All Bioenergy is Carbon Neutral

Conservancy Talk

Earlier this month the EPA released a policy paper that declared forest biomass a carbon neutral source of energy. A forest land owner who sells the residue from his sawtimber harvests can gain additional revenue that helps pay his property taxes so he can keep his lands in forests.

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Do Good, Look Great, with Roozt’s Perfect (Green) Summer Must-Haves

Eco Chic

to environmental organizations such as American Forests and The Blue Project. Guest post by Amy Rasplika. Roozt.com is on a mission to find the coolest, sexiest cause-related brands with the most inspiring stories attached. In a phrase, we are “bringing sexy back to giving back”.

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World War Z Reviewed: Mother Nature is a Serial Killer

The Alien Next Door

In the South American forests, a species of acacia tree produces a waxy berry of protein at the ends of its leaves that provides nourishment for the growing infants of the ant colony residing in the tree. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. I don’t watch zombie movies.

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Pygmy Rabbit Quest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Once this area was covered by a lake, and more similar to Central American forest than the arid sagebrush country of today. Pygmy rabbit. Photo: H. Ulmschneider (BLM) and R. Dixon (IDFG). By Matt Miller, senior science writer.

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Cavity Nesting Birds of North America and Their Babies!

10,000 Birds

Bufflehead ( Bucephala albeola ) Female at Cavity Entrance photos by Larry Jordan “Some 85 species of North American birds excavate nesting holes, use cavities resulting from decay (natural cavities), or use holes created by other species in dead or deteriorating trees.

Antarctic Invaders, Fungal Wonders and Birds Galore

Nature Conservancy - Science

Extinction Countdown/Scientific American). Bad, bad Bambi : Deer overgrazing of natives now blamed for garlic mustard prevalence in North American forests. American Wind Energy Association).

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On non-use values, second best, job creation and other oddly related things

Environmental Economics

The government set aside millions of acres of forest to protect the owl, but the bird’s population continues to decline — a 40 percent slide in 25 years. By removing selected barred owls and better managing forests, officials can give communities, foresters and land managers in three states important tools to promote healthier and more productive forests, Salazar said.

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Modavanti: Hot Summer Sustainable Style

Eco Chic

For every garment sold a tree is planted through the American Forest Releaf Program. We want modern styles that look good and do right. But the question of where to shop is not always apparent. Stuck? We’ve got a hint that will make it easy.

An Eco Christmas

Green Earth Journey

Try these options when you will be getting a real Christmas tree; Buy from a small-scale sustainable grower and/or make sure the tree has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation. American Forests provides detailed information about tree planting. *

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A Green (and cheap!) Way to Get Textbooks for School

Green Life Smart Life

In addition to the $160 or so I saved in the process of renting, Chegg offers to plant a tree for every textbook rented through the American Forests Global ReLeaf Program and lets you choose the region of the world you’d like to have it planted. As a Political Science and Writing major in college, my textbooks were never too outrageously priced.

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Logging Ash to Save Hemlocks

Nature Conservancy - Science

Do chainsaws belong on a forest preserve? This might seem a tough thing for a forest conservationist to admit: there are times when an invasive forest pest can’t be stopped. It will arrive in the forest, and trees will die. Welcome to forest management, 2014 edition.

Forests of the future may actually soak up more CO2 than previously believed

Green (Living) Review

Assumptions of the response of the ecosystem to rise in CO2 and pollution levels are incorrect By Michael Smith (Veshengro) North American forests appear to have a greater capacity to soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas than researchers had previously anticipated.

2011 158

On Earth Day: Stop Junk Mail and keep trees in the forests

Green (Living) Review

The nonprofit 41pounds.org service stops your paper junk mail – and keeps more trees in the forest providing oxygen for us to breathe and absorbing carbon to cool the planet. Each of us can make changes that improve our daily lives AND improve the planet’s health – like stopping the daily deluge of junk mail that ravages the forests and clutters your home.” The world’s temperate forests absorb 2 billion tons of carbon annually to help keep the planet cool and healthy.

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Research Shows Americans Still Prefer Print and Paper Communications

Green (Living) Review

Research Shows Americans Still Prefer Print and Paper Communications, but Misconceptions about Environmental Sustainability Remain If you prefer to read from paper instead of an electronic screen, you’re not alone. But survey results also show that many Americans still have misconceptions about the environmental impacts of print and paper.

IKEA Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend with Free IKEA Blue Bag Giveaway at Select Local Spots as Its Next "Random Act of Life Improvement"

Green (Living) Review

The first Random Act of Life Improvement took place on October 1, 2011, when IKEA partnered with American Forest to give away 38,000 tree seedlings across the country.

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An ECO Christmas

Green Earth Journey

So buy a great one the first time around and take good care of it.Try these options when you will be getting a real Christmas tree; Buy from a small-scale sustainable grower and/or make sure the tree has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation.

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The 8 ‘Must-Dos’ of Being Green

The Green Changemakers

The average American family uses 1.5 This is great news, especially since the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) states that 87 percent of the U.S. EPA, each American throws away an average of 1.3

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City Trees: Photographers Explore the Urban Forest

The Green Changemakers

Photo: Stevan Northcutt , "Departure," Tampa International Airport, Florida In her early work on urban forests, Kate Glicksberg photographed "the clusters of trees that live in the intersections of highway overpasses" in Los Angeles. "I Tags: Nature Urban Green Forest

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