Homegrown Energy; Biofuels in the Deserts


On the surface, the southwestern United States may not seem a likely choice for growing biofuels, since this part of the country is dry and has soils with low fertility. But because the region is also rich in sunlight, it has the potential to contribute a significant proportion of our energy portfolio as biofuels, especially with new technologies that reduce the need for water.

How Fast Fashion is Being Converted Into Jet Fuel

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It’s long process to turn a blazer into a blast-off , but that’s exactly what’s happening, as Bloomberg Business Week reports that Japanese recycling firm Japan Environmental Planning (Jeplan) has begun testing ways to use discarded clothes as jet fuel. With help from Osaka University, Jeplan has developed a means of extracting cotton fiber from old clothes and converting them into biofuel, namely, ethanol. How Do You Convert Clothes to Jet Fuel?

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Some Oil Companies are More Eco Friendly: Who’s Fuelling Your Summer Drives?

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While I’m 100% behind the idea of getting rid of personal cars altogether, like those happy biking Germans , or of running ALL cars on non-fossil fuel alternatives by 2030 (as Sweden built into their recent energy and climate bill), the thing is, these initiatives will take time. (In

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