Shell Ends Algae Biofuel Research

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Algae biofuels have been one of several beacons of hope for those looking to reduce or end our dependence on oil. In fact last year the DOE gave $24 million to a partnership between Shell Oil and HR Biopetroleum for reseach in algae biofuels. With a major player like Shell deeming algae-based biofuels a dead-end, does that mean that the algae biofuel dream is dead? Bio Fuel algae biofuel alternative fuel bio fuel biofuel Department of Energy DOE Shell

Finnair to make longest commercial biofuel flight

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A Finnair flight between Amsterdam and Helsinki next week will be the longest commercial biofuel flight flown anywhere in the world to date. “We Biofuel refers to fuel made from renewable organic raw materials. | Green Travel News |.

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The skeptical environmentalist on biofuels

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Government support of rapid growth in biofuel production has contributed to disarray in food production. Indeed, as a result of official policy in the United States and Europe, including aggressive production targets, biofuel consumed more than 6.5 View an alternate.

The Future of Alternative Energy Vehicles

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There will also be a small combustion engine fueled by ethanol. alternative energy Biofuels hybrid cars alternative fuels solar energy In 2015, two brothers named Cody and Tyler Kor plan to drive across the United States, from New York to San Francisco. Why is that a big deal? The trip is going to be made in a mostly electric 3D printed car. How small? […].

Univerve’s Algae to Biofuel Your Car

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GreenFuel, a US algae-to-biofuel business founded by Israeli Isaac Berzin more than 10 years ago, most likely failed because it was a bit ahead of the zeitgeist. He points out that biofuels are good alternatives to fossil fuels for the short and long term.

Algae returns as fuel for our future

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Researchers at Tel Aviv University have revealed how microalgae produce hydrogen, a clean fuel of the future, and suggest a possible mechanism to jumpstart mass production of this environmentally-friendly energy source. Cities alternative fuel biofuel

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Ethihad Jet Uses Biofuels for Inaugural Home Run

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Etihad Airways operates first biofuel powered delivery flight with Boeing and Sky Energy. Not yet on its fuel-efficient Dreamliners , Etihad’s new Boeing 777-300ER traveled from its Seattle birthplace to its home base at Abu Dhabi International Airport this past Wednesday.

The Failed Promise of Biofuels

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The premise of biofuels offers hope for an alternative fuel that can ease the country’s dependence on petroleum. Anything that can lessen its impact would be welcome, hence, the focus on biofuels. Carbon Dioxide and Biofuels. Nitrous Oxide and Biofuels.

Qatar Airways Praised for its Natural Gas/Biofuel Push to the Skies

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The President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Roberto Kobeh González said at the recent climate event COP18 in Doha that the project could revolutionize air travel and alternative energy efforts. “We Cheaper flights for all?

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Pee power may be best alternative energy bet yet

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Finding a viable alternative energy source to create low cost bio energy may be closer than we think. Some of these sources include energy from trash and algae as fuel for our future energy needs. Read more on alternative energy ideas: Algae returns as fuel for our future.

Abu Dhabi Turns to Natural Gas Green Transport

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The switch to alternative fuel is happening in partnership with Al Wathba Central Services, which is providing free training to ADFCA staff who’ll be driving these green machines. A CNG vehicle’s carbon footprint is about 75% of that of comparable gasoline fueled wheels.

74 Years Ago, Henry Ford Predicted Hemp Cars Powered by Biofuels

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It is debatable how affordable and reliable today’s autos [.] [ 74 Years Ago, Henry Ford Predicted Hemp Cars Powered by Biofuels from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Ethanol alternative fuels biomaterials cellulose Ford Motor Company hemp Henry Ford

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How Fast Fashion is Being Converted Into Jet Fuel

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It’s long process to turn a blazer into a blast-off , but that’s exactly what’s happening, as Bloomberg Business Week reports that Japanese recycling firm Japan Environmental Planning (Jeplan) has begun testing ways to use discarded clothes as jet fuel.

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Exxon Mobile Invests In Biofuels

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Exxon Mobile, the largest publicly traded oil company, recently announced an investment in biofuels. is their first such investment in biofuels. The company has announced a $600 million partnership in which algae will be studied for fuel.

Scotland Company To Convert Whiskey To Biofuel

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Alternative fuels are growing in popularity as the world faces growing oil prices. Currently biofuels are produced using a variety of sources, including crops and fast-growing plants that would otherwise never be used as crops. Alternative Energy

Turning Fat into Fuel: The Production of Biodiesel

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Despite its biological origins, raw materials (feedstock) must be refined before it’s suitable for conversion into fuel. All of these unwanted products are separated from the fuel before it’s sold. One of these methods is the use of alternative fuels for powering their fleets.

US Navy Runs Destroyer Trial on Algae Biofuel


Navy pumped 20,000 gallons of algae-based fuel into a destroyer ship and launched its biggest biofuel test yet last week. The U.S. It was a 20 hour trip along the California coast.

Is US Biofuel Production Going to Double in the Next Decade?


A recent study, released on 11 October, "Biofuel Markets and Technologies" released by Pike Research states that the global biofuel market will double within the next decade to $183.3

Biodiesel Blues: Car Manufacturers Say No to B100 in New Diesel Vehicles

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We had no intention of making our own fuel, but we were able to buy B99 at a local gas station. Biodiesel Fuel. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. Fueling a Biodiesel Nation. Alt Fuels Comparison. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Biodiesel alternative fuels Biofuels cars clean air emissions A few years ago when we bought a new truck, we specifically purchased a diesel so we could use biodiesel in it.

Biodiesel Blues: Car Manufacturers Say No to B100 in New Diesel Vehicles

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We had no intention of making our own fuel, but we were able to buy B99 at a local gas station. Biodiesel Fuel. Fueling a Biodiesel Nation. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. Alt Fuels Comparison. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Biodiesel alternative fuels Biofuels cars clean air emissions A few years ago when we bought a new truck, we specifically purchased a diesel so we could use biodiesel in it.

Chicken Fat Biodiesel Prevents Fuel Filter Clogs

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From algae to hemp, biofuels run the gamut of possibilities. The plant [.] [ Chicken Fat Biodiesel Prevents Fuel Filter Clogs from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Biodiesel alternative fuels Biofuels chicken fat cloud point diesel R3 It seems that anything can be used to make biodiesel these days. Now add chicken fat to the list of biodiesel sources.

Put a Zebra in Your Tank: A Chemical Crapshoot?

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Processors have made ethanol from cornstarch and sugar for decades, but using food products to make biofuel raises demand for staple commodities like corn and seed oils with disastrous impact to the food chain. Then distill the alcohol into fuel.

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Wood Might Not Be So Green After All

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Before the discovery of fossil fuels, most fires – fueling early engines and other industrial advances – burned wood. The intention is to support alternative energy sources and to establish non-petroleum processing systems.

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I mandate [insert something ridiculous here]

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More on the problems with environmental standards: When the companies that supply motor fuel close the books on 2011, they will pay about $6.8 million in penalties to the Treasury because they failed to mix a special type of biofuel into their gasoline and diesel as required by law. Outside a handful of laboratories and workshops, the ingredient, cellulosic biofuel, does not exist. Only the cellulosic fuel is commercially unavailable.

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New, Less Expensive Method For Producing Ethanol Discovered

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Biofuels are a hot topic when discussing alternative fuel methods. Many nations have biofuels readily available for use in vehicles. Many airlines have also taken to using, or at least experimenting with, biofuels. Alternative Energy

Aussie Algae Fuel Provides Hope for Green Oil


Newly trialled native algae species provide real hope for the development of commercially viable fuels from algae, a University of Queensland scientist has found.

Department of Navy Recognized as Energy Leader by Industry Experts

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Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus issued amplifying and visionary energy goals that will transform Navy energy use over the next ten years, moving the Navy from a vulnerable and unsustainable petroleum-based energy strategy to the widespread use of alternative/renewable fuels for ships and aircraft.

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"The Case for a Higher Gasoline Tax"

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") in the NYTimes: But if our goal is to get Americans to drive less and use more fuel-efficient vehicles, and to reduce air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases, gas prices need to be even higher. Here is the abstract to the paper : The United States has adopted fuel economy standards that require increases in the on-road efficiency of new passenger vehicles, with the goal of reducing petroleum use and (more recently) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Valerie J.

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A Green Globe: 4 Surprisingly Sustainable Countries

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Tokelau, like many other communities in the South Pacific, previously relied heavily on diesel fuel for energy. Singapore provides citizens with electric vehicle charging stations and alternate fuel public transportation. By: Guest Contributor, Christopher Beck.

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10 Ways Abu Dhabi Leads The Arab Gulf’s Green Revolution

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The switch to alternative fuel is phased, with plans to convert 20% of the total fleet to CNG by the end of 2015. A CNG vehicle’s carbon footprint is about 75% of that of comparable gas-fueled wheels.

Greenfleet Online

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As part of this effort, the Navy aims to reduce energy demand and increase alternative and renewable energy supply. The recent testing of the experimental RCB-X riverine command boat using a 50-50 blend of an algae-based biofuel and petroleum was a step toward accomplishing these goals.

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EnvEcon NCAA Bracket Challenge Update

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Main | The skeptical environmentalist on biofuels » March 16, 2011 EnvEcon NCAA Bracket Challenge Update 11 entries so far.  View an alternate.

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The only thing I ask is that you please not treat me like a celebrity

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View an alternate.

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Hannukah and Other Celebrations of Efficient Lighting Through History

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By the 1700s, whale oil became the biofuel of choice because it produced a steady smokeless light. Kerosene was also smelly and dangerous but camphene, a cleaner-burning alternative fuel, was taxed out of the market because it contained drinkable alcohol.

Heroines for the Planet: Race Car Driver & Environmental Activist Leilani Munter

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What’s one of your go-to vegetarian meals to fuel up for a big race? Leilani: We need to get away from fossil fuels and move towards clean renewable energy sources from the wind, the sun, the ocean, geothermal, and biofuels. Photo by Douglas E. Murray.

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2 Sides To The Ethanol Food Crisis: What is Ethanol?

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In short, Ethanol is an alternative fuel derived from plants. For a courtesy video on the Ethanol production process visit RFA (Renewable Fuel Association). Ethanol is used as a renewable fuel that is believed to be safer and burn cleaner than gas.

Some Oil Companies are More Eco Friendly: Who’s Fuelling Your Summer Drives?

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While I’m 100% behind the idea of getting rid of personal cars altogether, like those happy biking Germans , or of running ALL cars on non-fossil fuel alternatives by 2030 (as Sweden built into their recent energy and climate bill), the thing is, these initiatives will take time. (In

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PlanetSolar demonstrates viability of solar boats feeding energy to grid


Biofuels. Ships, like all motor-powered vehicles, burn tons of fuel while maintaining on-board systems when docked at port. Studies show that a cruise ship which stays at port for 10 hours can burn approximately 20 metric tons of fuel and produce 60 tons of carbon dioxide. As technology improves and the need for alternative fuel sources grows, it’s pretty much a certainty that there will be a market for them. Methyl ketones from glucose converted into biofuel.

Solar powered hydrogen filling station opens in Germany


Biofuels. Fraunhofer ISE has opened a public hydrogen filling station in Freiburg, Germany, which has been created to serve as a demonstration platform for a clean fuel dispensing station network that is planned for the state. The creators state that the pump can be used to refill cars, buses and bikes that run on fuel cells. Solar-Powered Hydrogen fuel station opens Woodland! The new fuel. Honda debuts solar-powered hydrogen fueling station.

StarLight Solar: An unmanned high altitude solar electric hybrid airship


Biofuels. As a part of the aviation industry’s increasingly desperate attempt to cut costs and go green, many new designs that run on alternate fuel are taking shape. Methyl ketones from glucose converted into biofuel. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture. Technology. Green Products. Solar Power. More >>. Renewable Energy.

12 steps to unite to combate Climate Change

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A plan to reduce carbon emissions will first focus on the type of energy and the way it is used; for example electricity for buildings and fuel for transport. A study by the Telework Coalition ( found that if 32 million Americans who could telecommute did so one day a week, they would drive 2 billion kilometres less, save 300 million litres of fuel and gain the equivalent of 32 million extra hours every week for leisure, family or work.

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10 Solutions for Climate Change

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Forego Fossil Fuels —The first challenge is eliminating the burning of coal , oil and, eventually, natural gas. And citizens of developing nations want and arguably deserve the same comforts, which are largely thanks to the energy stored in such fuels. So try to employ alternatives when possible—plant-derived plastics, biodiesel, wind power—and to invest in the change, be it by divesting from oil stocks or investing in companies practicing carbon capture and storage.