Meet 22,000 Megawatts of Clean Energy in Algeria this May

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The 6th electro, automation & energy event in Algiers is happening May 5 to 8. Interested in knowing more about renewable energy opportunities in North Africa and the Arab world? Then head to Algeria this May to meet a high profile group of decision makers and companies targeting the growing Algerian energy sector. Image of Algeria sign from Shutterstock.

Algeria Solicits Bids for Wind and Solar Plants

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Finally poised to embrace renewable energy generation , little-known Algeria is accepting tender bids from solar and wind energy producers. Egypt , Morocco and Tunisia are either in the process of or are planning to build solar plants in their home countries. Once these plants are online, part of the energy they generate will be evacuated to Europe via subsea cables on the Mediterranean sea floor. solar installation sites.


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Desertec Nation Algeria to Host Huge Solar Trade Fair from Germany

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Algiers will be the place to be for utility-scale solar developers next May. The German trade fair specialists Messe and their Algerian daughter company in Algiers will hold a solar trade fair at the Palais des Expositions d’Alger from 7 to 10 May, 2012. The first two DII projects are sited in neighboring Morocco: the first nation ever to be almost half-powered by solar and Egypt which was named last year as among the top nations for renewable investment potential.

MENASOL in Dubai is for Middle East CV and CSP Solar Energy

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Want to find sunny Middle East solar opportunities? Think short term investments, and that higher risks mean bigger rewards says Belén Gallego who talks about MENASOL 2013 CV and CSP solar opportunities in Dubai this May. A two-day networking and conference in Dubai this May will give equal treatment to both concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) initiatives. Solar is an industry which I think will underpin our economy in the future.

6 Inspiring Solar-Powered Projects in the Middle East and North Africa

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We have listed 6 big and small solar-powered projects in the MENA region that have inspired us in the hopes that it will do the same for you. Big or small, solar-powered projects in the Middle East and North Africa are transforming our region. Not only do they hold promise of slowly improving air quality by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, but they also send the people who live here both an overt and subliminal message: renewable energy is possible and it is cool.

Looks Like Desertec & Morocco’s Govt Might Join Hands

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The Moroccan government may lean on Desertec to meet its renewable energy commitments. The Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) to help enable exports of Morocco’s vast renewable energy reserves to Europe. The Desertec initiative is designed to develop North Africa’s latent renewable energy potential in part to secure Europe’s cleaner energy future.

Siemens Exits Desertec and China Wants to Enter

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As part of its plan to shake off its unprofitable solar shackles, including Israel’s Solel initiative , German giant Siemens has exited the ambitious Desertec project. China’s State Grid Corp (SGCC) expressed an interest in becoming involved in the $514 billion Desertec renewable energy project, according to a conglomerate spokesperson, Reuters reports.

China 73

Exclusive Pics: Kuraymat – Egypt’s First Solar-Thermal Plant

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Renewable Energy professionals from Europe and Egypt (and Green Prophet!) took a field trip to Egypt’s first solar-thermal plant 90km south of Cairo! Brimming with the kind of energy that infuses a school field trip, roughly 80 professionals from the renewable energy industry packed into two large buses outside the Semiramis International Hotel in Cairo last Friday. The solar field has a capacity of 150 MW during peak hours.

Egypt 87

Has The Middle East Turned A New (Green) Leaf?

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Investment in renewables grew 104 percent in 2010 in the Middle East and North Africa region- is this a step towards a renewables revolution? According to data from the United Nations Environment Programme, new investment in renewables in the Middle East and Africa region grew 104 percent in 2010 to $5billion. But can renewables really break into the Gulf market and challenge the dominance of hydrocarbon-based energy?

2012 71

What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back?

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Susan Kraemer | February 23rd, 2011 | 11 Comments | Email this Share How is Israel ever going to meet its 10% renewable goal? To get 10% of its power from renewable energy, as it has pledged to do by 2020 – would take only about 4,000 MW of renewable power. Most of it will have to come from solar: there’s only 600 MW of wind potential. And that 5 MW solar project (4.9 What is it that holds Israeli renewable energy back?

Jumpstarting Solar Power in the MENA Region

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The Middle East and North Africa have faced a number of hurdles in getting what experts believe could be the greatest solar power grid in the world off the ground. From Morocco to Egypt to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), obstacles have continued to stand in the way of creating a grand solar project. With few fossil fuel reserves to call their own, Morocco has long demonstrated its commitment to generating renewable energy.

Arab Israeli Yafa Energy Plans to Solar Power Traditional Industry

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Yafa Energy could be a bridge over which Arab-Israeli technology finds its way to industries in the Arab world seeking renewable energy solutions. Yafa Energy has become the first Arab-Israeli company to win a prestigious European Union EUREKA (Exceptional, Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration) grant. Countries producing cement, glass, beverages and textiles need energy the most, yet have the least access to it. Beautiful sunny energy.

MENA Is Fired Up For A Solar Boom

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The Middle East-North Africa region has greater potential for Concentrated Solar Power projects than in another in the world, a new World Bank study finds. If the MENA region plays smart , it could benefit from a huge influx of Concentrated Solar Power projects , according to a new World Bank study. What strategic steps will bring local small and large scale businesses closer to their solar dream? More on Solar Projects in the MENA Region: SBY Blocks Arava Solar Power Field.

2011 54

Climate Investment Funds for Super Solar North Africa

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billion Climate Investment Fund (CIF) under a newly revised plan to construct solar plants and provide assistance that will facilitate easier uptake of further renewable generation in the future. Revised since the Arab Spring has created new economic priorities and political realities in the region, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia will generate 1,120 megawatts (MW) of concentrated solar power (CSP) under the plan, which was originally approved by CIF in 2009.

SolarPower for Small Portable Solar Grids Virtually Anywhere

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Large solar array plants, like those being installed by companies like BrightSource even ran into problems in the USA when a large project they were involved in was put on hold in California in 2009 when a planned 5,130 acre solar farm in the Mojave Desert ran into protest from environmentalists and Native American groups. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

Solar 72

Inspiring Qatari Man Designs Solar Generator For High-End Desert Camps

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After watching a sobering documentary about global warming, Hashim Al Sada has devoted his career to developing solar powered solutions for Qatar. Rather than dismissing these trappings and the pollution generated to maintain them, the 26 year old Qatari inventor Hashim Al Sada created a clean energy alternative that will allow his fellow Qataris to enjoy these full-luxury “camping&# trips without the attendant environmental destruction. High-end solar-powered camps.

Qatar 77

Leviathan and Solaris Synergy Imagine if the Water for the Shower.

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Israel is taking its turn to be the chair of the EU’s pan-European R&D clean-tech grants machine EUREKA, and a sense of urgency in finding new sources of energy is understandable. Solaris Synergy was grouped with the EDF Group from France to prototype its floating solar panels for large industrial or municipal bodies of water, such as reservoirs, which protect valuable land area for other needs. Municipal waterways provide a surprisingly consistent source of water energy.

2011 83

Israel Approves New Licenses For Mid-Sized Solar Fields.

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As Susan laments in her recent post ( What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back? ), Israel has been slow in deploying solar energy at home, despite its pioneering R&D work in this field. And last week the country seemed to take another step backward, as the Finance Ministry froze incentives for large solar plants in Israel. Dalkia, the energy arm of Veolia-Israel, won three of the licenses awarded this week and its total licensed capacity of 30.1

Grid Parity in the Arab World: Still Far Away

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How can this reality compete with the use of renewables? Grid parity, the point when the cost of power generated from renewable energy resources become equal or cheaper than conventional power costs, is around the corner for many countries. In the Arab world however, the gap between fossil-based and renewable generated power is wider than anywhere. In 2006, Abu Dhabi initiated a commitment to sustainability and embraced renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

2011 67

What is the Future of MENA Solar With the Region in Chaos?

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A group of over 22 government officials representing Egypt and other Middle Eastern and North African nations has been convened to provide some clarity in a round-table discussion on what the future will bring for renewable energy – now that dictators are toppling. A survey of key solar players by CSP Today found that the biggest uncertainty for solar development in the Middle East comes from the current unrest.

2011 72

$109 Billion Solar Plan to Power a Third of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia has finally noticed it has twenty centuries of solar reserves and has made plans to tap them. The Kingdom has just announced a $109 billion plan to create a solar industry that generates a third of the nation’s electricity by 2032, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Maher al- Odan, a consultant at the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE) announced a plan to have 41 GW of solar capacity within two decades.

Shale gas and fracking lies exposed in Tunisia by local bloggers

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Recent statements from Mohamed Akrout, CEO of ETAP, Ben Rchid Dali, CEO of energy, Zuhair El Khadi, research director at the institute of Strategic Studies and various economist at the Tunisian Institute of Competitiveness and Quantitative Studies all deny the existence of shale gas drilling in Tunisia. Even though these renewable energies have their drawbacks too, the reality of exploitation of shale gas portrays a far grimmer reality for Tunisians.

Israel Utility Envisions Territory Near Gaza Covered In Solar Fields

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Israel’s National Public Utility Authority (PUA) has received numerous requests to build solar facilities along the edge of the Gaza strip, according to Xinhua News Agency. Two out of the eleven companies would provide 180MW of electricity generated by solar-thermal technology, while the remaining nine will generated an additional 500MW with photovoltaics. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

Were Tesla's Solar Innovations “Buried” by Big Oil? | Green Prophet

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Tesla’s “electromagnetic current&# tower But of all his inventions, what may become the most beneficial are those dealing with creating electricity from magnetic energy wages created by the sun. In very simple laymen’s terms Tesla concluded that the sun itself is a white hot ball of pure energy with a positive electrical charge. Israel’s Shmuel Ovadia and his SDE Energy Company is now beginning to harness ocean waves and currents to produce electricity.

2011 78

Making A Revolution for Biking and “Critical Mass” In Cairo

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More on greening Cairo: Keep It Clean Cairo Tap Into Solar Energy at MENASOL Get A Ride With Egypt Car Poolers Inji El Abd is the co-founder of the Green Arm (a platform and incubator for environmental initiatives in Egypt) and the Cycling for Change movement (whose mission is to make Cairo a bicycle friendly city). What is the Future of MENA Solar With the Region in Chaos?

2011 84

Plan B 4.0 – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Cutting carbon emissions will require both a worldwide revolution in energy efficiency and a shift from oil, coal, and gas to wind, solar, and geothermal energy. The energy efficiency revolution will transform everything from lighting to transportation. The shift to renewable sources of energy is moving at a pace and on a scale we could not imagine even two years ago. The annual growth in solar generating capacity will also soon overtake that of coal.

2009 107

Could Saudi Arabia Become the Saudi Arabia of Solar

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Susan Kraemer | March 3rd, 2011 | 3 Comments | Email this Share Middle East to Become a $90 Billion a Year Solar Exporter? A report from international energy consultants AT Kearney , quoted in the The Saudi , said that the oil-rich Middle East has the potential to become a solar “boom center&# within ten years, creating 100,000 jobs and able to export $90 billion a year from solar projects. billion in the region to develop solar projects in the region.

Cooking With Sheep Manure In South Hebron

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Leave a Response RSS click here Most Popular Hijab-Friendly Ensemble From Fashion Conscience THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back? said on Solar Technologies FZE Plans To Build Middle East’s Largest Solar Panel Plant in Dubai : Hannah Katsman said on 10 Ways To Buy Less When You Breastfeed Your Baby : I just read in a. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

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Harassmap Lets Women Cyclists in Cairo Report Abuse Via SMS

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Read more on greening Cairo: Keep It Clean Cairo Tap Into Solar Energy at MENASOL Get A Ride With Egypt Car Poolers Inji El Abd is the co-founder of the Green Arm (a platform and incubator for environmental initiatives in Egypt) and the Cycling for Change movement (whose mission is to make Cairo a bicycle friendly city). Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

2011 85

How Food Insecurity Fuels Anger in the Middle East

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Relevant research into protected agriculture, solar energy for desalinization and greenhouse hydroponics for example have the potential to enhance domestic food self-sufficiency in the GCC countries. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?

2011 67

Israel Ministry Rules Against Unsightly Transmission Lines For.

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As we push to exploit the Negev desert’s ubiquitous solar energy , we inevitably have to deal with evacuating said energy. Were Tesla’s Solar Innovations “Buried&# by Big Oil?