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2019 84

Amazing Alcids at Shinnecock Inlet

10,000 Birds

When reports of an extremely cooperative Thick-billed Murre at Shinnecock Inlet starting coming in early last week I resigned myself to living vicariously through the photos taken by others.

2019 163

Collaborative list – December 2018

10,000 Birds

Best wishes to you all for 2019, keep safe and keep birding. So what do you want first? The numbers? The accolades? The lifers? December’s collaborative results also summarises the year’s efforts, so this is December 2018 and the rest of 2018 all rolled into one sentence.

2019 141

Renewables better investment than oil and gas, says Gulf body

Green Prophet

News that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t like to hear: Renewable energy is the most competitive form of power generation in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, according to a new report published today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

2019 91

From the Euphrates to the Tigris, water matters conference in Iraq

Green Prophet

This event will be an important opportunity to promote a society-wide coalition for transboundary water cooperation that includes all relevant actors in the region. We believe the preservation and equal sharing of water resources requires cooperation across Mesopotamia and on global levels.

Iraq 90

What Incentives and Rebates Are Available for Solar Power?


It can be taken on thirty percent of the amount of investment in the solar system (after any rebates) through 2019. Construction of the system must have begun by 2019 to take advantage of the full thirty percent credit. The average payback period for.

2018 57

Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher offer new RS556 assault rifle system

Green (Living) Review

This German-Austrian cooperation project adds a key item to Rheinmetall's growing array of infantry products.

2017 164

Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer

Green Blog

Scenario 2, Russia 2019: The Colder War. With a title like Climate Wars this book looks “alarmist&# even to someone sick and tired of being called just that. But actually, it is far less dramatic than the action paced science fiction that may come to mind.

War 102

U.S. Nuclear Power in Decline

Green Blog

A 2013 report by Mark Cooper at the Vermont Law School indicates that there are nine merchant reactors that, like Kewaunee, were granted 20-year life extensions but are especially at risk of closure. Nuclear power generation in the United States is falling.

The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

Sightline Daily

” Although construction has not started, the project has already cost Enbridge around $500 million Canadian, and the company’s CEO has said that the earliest possible start date is now 2019. “Everybody outside the Northwest thinks that’s where energy projects go to die.”

Oil 114

Collaborative List – July 2018

10,000 Birds

And so to summer. Traditionally, the slow season, but the beats have mopped their collective brow and outdone their previous efforts. The UK has been birded clean by Tom as he ends his Little Big Year (Part 1).

2018 152

Collaborative List – November 2018

10,000 Birds

A big thank you goes out to Tristan, who demonstrated that at least one person reads this drivel. He pointed out that Illinois had been sadly neglected up to this point, so Redgannet made a special visit to Chicago to redress this oversight.

2018 141

Collaborative List – October 2018

10,000 Birds

In a month that contained the eBird Big Day , we can naturally expect that the beats have been racing about providing much fodder for the collaborative list. The two most prolific contributors, Pat and Tom, have been sharing their birding space in Costa Rica.

2018 141

Collaborative list – August 2018

10,000 Birds

Is it wrong of me to go birding to get away from the kids now that they are at home all day? August is the make or break month for relationships. Can the whole family live together in harmony during the school holidays? Bravo if you have. Happy birding if you suddenly find yourself single.

2018 130

Collaborative list – September 2018

10,000 Birds

The nights are drawing in and the mornings are cooler and noticeably damper. It’s September and time for birds to start their southerly journeys. The beats have been out to line their route and cheer them along, wishing them bon voyage and a safe return next spring.

2018 141

Peak energy, climate change, and the collapse of global civilization - The current peak oil crisis

The Green Changemakers

Global natural gas production will likely peak sometime between 2019 – 2030 (see Figure 68). Global natural gas production will likely peak sometime between 2019 – 2030. by Tariel Mórrígan [link] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY “We are in a crisis in the evolution of human society.

Combined Beats’ List – September

10,000 Birds

Cooper’s Hawk – Accipiter cooperii. Duncan has been in Africa, sweeping all before him like a brush fire. Through Botswana during the first week of September, then into Ethiopia with a late flourish, he has carried the list to 2191 as at September 30t h.

2016 176