GM is Bankrupt. Now What?

Living In a Toxic World

The bankruptcy of GM represents the bankrupt economic model we are currently trying to revive. When we awaken to this point then we can move forward to create a sustainable economic model that respects the ideals of democracy and free enterprise. Tags: economics crisis sustainable development green living business Everybody knows that GM is bankrupt. Many people probably thought it has been for a while. The broader impact is still unknown.

Guerilla Gardening

Green Earth Journey

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, the country experienced an economic crisis that led to food shortages. Guerilla Gardening is when a group of people (or I suppose you could go by yourself) find a piece of public property that is baron. At night they come back armed with shovels, plants, flashlights, and water. The plant the lowers in the cover of night and then leave. This beautifies these used spots without going through government procedures.

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Green (Living) Review

Leading Marketplace for Individual Philanthropy Matches Donations to Carbon Reducing Development Projects WASHINGTON, April 2009 : As we seek to combat global warming, the developing world faces a double burden: climate change threatens poor communities with both environmental and economic devastation in the form of floods, droughts, and ruined harvests.

Has Global Warming hijacked the environmental agenda?

Green (Living) Review

It is not just the trash; it is the consumption to which we are even encouraged by the governments in order to stimulate the economy in times of economic problems. When people suggested that the 2008/2009 financial and economic crisis would be an idea to scale back consumption the governments nigh on labeled all those that were not going out to spend the way our of the crisis as “terrorists”.

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EU climate deal to help overcome financial crisis

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Warsaw, Poland - Tackling climate change will help, not hinder, the efforts of the governments to overcome the global financial crisis, the environment chief of the European Union said recently. Critics have said that the financial crisis makes it very difficult for industry to make the necessary big investments in clean energy.

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Local Communities Showcase the Way to Sustainable Future

Green Life Smart Life

In the midst of this global economic crisis, there is a movement happening in some of the hardest hit places in America – local communities. This movement is showing that Main Street truly is the way to building a better, more sustainable future. And that’s just what Joe Grafton, founding director of the Somerville Local First has set out to prove.

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Climate change: the good and the astoundingly awful bad news

Green Blog

In a cloud/silver lining way, the global economic crisis has resulted in a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions over the last year, with decreases in travel and shipping, and the shelving or delay of some proposed coal-fired plants. Economic projections of the costs of carbon emissions caps and other environmental measures have decreased, making these efforts more economically and politically feasible. Photo credit: azrainman.

Educating for change

The Green Changemakers

The school enables students to take summer internships with social purpose, runs a popular Board Fellows program to match students with leading San Francisco Bay Area non-profits and in 2009 introduced a Social Innovation Fellowship that will provide financial and strategic support to students launching social-interest ventures. Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont Photo: Goddard College When Barack Obama won the U.S.

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The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia: A Regional Review

The Green Changemakers

ISBN: 978-971-561-788-8 Publication Date: April 2009 In stock This report provides a review of the economics of climate change in the Southeast Asian region. The basic policy message is that efforts must be made to apply all feasible and economically viable adaptation and mitigation measures as key elements of a sustainable development strategy for Southeast Asia. Economic and Social Development C. Tags: Management Ebook Economics Climate-change

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Living within our Means

The Green Changemakers

Living Within Our Means March 2009 The global economic crisis and accelerating climate change stem from the same causes and give warning of a “perfect storm” unless politicians act to transform capitalism, Jonathon Porritt warns in a pamphlet launched today. Although he welcomes the UK’s Climate Change Act, he warns that “there is no serious indicator that the Government is using the current crisis to rethink the way we live and the way we create wealth.” (p

Redefining Prosperity

The Green Changemakers

[link] The economy is geared, above all, to economic growth. Economic policy in the current recession is all about returning to growth – but an economic crisis can be an opportunity for some basic rethinking and restructuring. Two objectives other than growth – sustainability and wellbeing – have moved up the political and policy-making agenda in recent years, challenging the overriding priority traditionally given to economic growth.

Teaching Economics As If People Mattered

The Green Changemakers

[link] Defining Economics How do you define economics? How does the economy relate to our lives and what's the difference between democracy as a political system and capitalism as an economic system? What changes have families seen in their economic condition between 1976 and today? Signs of the Times What are the signs we are told to look for to gauge economic success? What would a pro-family economic agenda look like?

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A roadmap for a secure low carbon energy economy

The Green Changemakers

At the same time, the country is facing an economic crisis that strains public and private budgets, but also raises opportunities to stimulate the economy while building a cleaner and more reliable energy infrastructure in the process. Tags: Sustainable-development Ebook Energy Economics Green Climate-change

Why This Crisis May Be Our Best Chance to Build a New Economy

The Green Changemakers

As challenging as the economic meltdown may be, it buys time to build a new economy that serves life rather than money. The world of financial stability, environmental sustainability, economic justice, and peace that most psychologically healthy people want is possible if we replace a defective operating system that values only money, seeks to monetize every relationship, and pits each person in a competition with every other for dominance. By David Korten Wall Street is bankrupt.

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What if Peak Oil is Real?

Living In a Toxic World

Comparing the current economic crisis to the depression era should be more than an exercise in analyzing charts. Tags: economics individual responsibility oil prices energy use I don't mean to be a purveyor of doom and gloom but what if peak oil is real and happening now? Most of us have enjoyed the comforts of cheap and accessible everything. If that ends what will happen? Everything we have hinges on readily available crude oil.

The Price of Progress?

Living In a Toxic World

From an environmental perspective, our policies in this current economic "crisis" are not really doing anything different. Tags: economics environmental damage sustainable development government regulation Developing countries are trying to build their economies and societies to offer a better standard of living for their citizens. However, progress comes at a price and tough choices need to be made.

Path to a Peace Economy

The Green Changemakers

David Korten presented the following speech on October 19, 2009 during a keynote lecture at the Economics of Peace Conference in Sonoma, California. You don’t treat a cancer with Band-Aids, and we can’t resolve our current economic crisis with marginal regulatory adjustments. Systemic Failure Our economic institutions have been designed by Wall Street interests to secure personal economic and political power in the hands of members of a small ruling elite.

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From Consumerism to Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

This may seem counterintuitive during this time of economic crisis. By Erik Assadourian Climate change grows more threatening every day. Yet most responses offered so far only attempt to address the symptoms — namely greenhouse gas emissions. Curbing emissions through technology change or efficiency measures won’t be enough. Instead, we have to focus on the root problem of climate change – not to mention many other ecological and social problems – the consumer culture.

Beyond Food: Community Gardens as Places of Connection and Empowerment

Green (Living) Review

As a way to confront the congestion, economic instability, and environmental degradation that were part and parcel of turn-of-the-century urban life, residents began taking matters into their own hands—by planting school gardens, for example, or cultivating the vacant lots between buildings. Since then, the popularity of these gardens has seen ebbs and flows in relation to the social and economic climates of particular eras.

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Economy could cause “gardening” craze to spike

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people everywhere in the developed world, with the economic crisis still biting, are looking at gardening to save money. We are talking here about a gardening that will not be concentrating on the growoing of pretty flowers but on food for the table.

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Nike Considers the Environment As It Readies Its Sports Line

Eco Friendly Daily

And this strategic move couldn’t have come any sooner as the world battles the environmental problems on one hand and the economic crisis on the other. The new products unveiled on Tuesday not only promote a new track of eco consciousness but also symbolize an attempt by the American conglomerate to maintain their profits in the face of the economic slowdown. The new line on showcase is 15 percent of Nike’s total Spring 2009 offering. Nike is doing it.

Will unplugging things really save money?

Green (Living) Review

This seems like a wise challenge for everyone being and seeing that we are still in the middle of an economic crisis that may or may not be over soon. According to National Grid it will and does by Michael Smith (Veshengro) National Electric, a US company, has a new campaign asking everyone to try and cut down their electrical usage by 3%.

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The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World

The Green Changemakers

The Economics of Happiness (2011) ($5) 65 min · Economic globalization has led to a massive expansion in the scale and power of big business and banking. Money & Life (2013) 86 min · Money & Life is a passionate and inspirational essay-style documentary that asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous. The Movie (2009) 80 min · DIRT! A more beautiful, just and sustainable world is possible.

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Qualitative Growth

The Green Changemakers

coauthored with Hazel Henderson, posted September 2009 A conceptual framework for finding solutions to our current crisis that are economically sound, ecologically sustainable, and socially just © 2009 Fritjof Capra, © 2009 Hazel Henderson; published by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales as part of its thought leadership series Outside Insights The current global recession has been dominating the news since the beginning of the year.

Beyond Consumption: Enabling Participation for Livable Cities

The Green Changemakers

In Public Space We Trust Public Design Festival, 2009 I wrote The Enabling City , a toolkit on social innovation for urban sustainability and participatory governance, in the early days of green consumerism's ascendance to popularity. [link]. It was an interesting, if deeply troubling, time.

Less Work, More Living

The Green Changemakers

Imagining a world in which jobs take up much less of our time may seem utopian, especially now, when a scarcity mentality dominates the economic conversation. But fewer work hours for people with jobs is a key step toward solving the unemployment crisis—while giving Americans healthier lives. It’s a trend that, if done correctly, could get us out of our current economic crisis and away from unsustainable economic growth.

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Observations on the Year Behind us & Some Predictions for 2010

The Green Changemakers

We at SLM believe that when we look back, the first decade of the 21st century will be clearly seen as one of the major pivot points in history, bringing with it a deepening and broadening understanding of the connectedness of living and economic systems, as well as the seeds of a dramatic shift in the nature, goals and methodologies of business and the way things are made. In Britain 2009 saw Queen Elizabeth ask, “Why did no one see the crisis coming?”

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Urban Biodiversity Strategies

The Green Changemakers

Lurking just below the surface of the global economic crisis is a whole series of resource crises, including energy (peak oil), water, food security, shifting weather patterns and more. A growing movement for green cities is finding ways to connect ecological repair with economic prosperity. Donald Dearborn and Salit Kark (2009) gave 7 motivations for conserving biodiversity in the city.

Heinberg on Life Beyond Growth

The Green Changemakers

In late 2009 and early 2010, the economy showed some signs of renewed vigor. What if the decades-long era of economic growth based on ever-increasing rates of resource extraction, manufacturing, and consumption is over, finished, and done? What if the economic conditions that all of us grew up expecting to continue practically forever were merely a blip on history’s timeline? We have reached the end of economic growth as we have known it.

Building a Green Economy

The Green Changemakers

Link on ENN -- Know Your Environment When leaders of the 20 largest economies gather in Washington this week , a centerpiece of their deliberations should be a Global Green Deal that capitalizes on the current economic crisis to build economically and environmentally sustainable economies. The perfect storm of today's economic, environmental, and social ravages requires a robust, multi-pronged response. Tags: Sustainable-development Economics Green

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