My Nemesis Birds to Be

10,000 Birds

Sure, I didn’t like it in 2007 when I was doing a (not very) big year in New York and Black-backed Woodpecker would not cooperate for me. Black Woodpecker – This is a bird that has eluded me on two trips to Germany – both of which included exploring forests where they were supposed to be present – and a trip to a region of Hungary where they are supposed to be common. “Thus, I give up the binoculars!”

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The Eurasian Nuthatch

10,000 Birds

And while I can still remember the first time I saw one in 2007, in the company of Jochen and Hendrik in a pine forest on the coast of the Baltic Sea, it took until this year’s trip to Hungary before I managed to get a decent image of one.

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Black Woodpecker: Officially a Nemesis

10,000 Birds

Sure, occasionally a bird has given me problems, like Black-backed Woodpeckers back in 2007 when I was doing an alleged Big Year in New York State, but not seeing a bird for a single year does not make it a nemesis. I have never before had a true nemesis bird.

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Egypt Resists Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Maize

Green Prophet

When France attempted to ban GMOs in 2007, then US ambassador Craig Stapleton recommended that Washington penalise the EU and particularly countries which did not support the use of GM crops , according to The Guardian.

Tesco caught breaching EU rules on harmful chemicals

Green (Living) Review

Under the landmark Registration Evaluation Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) legislation introduced in 2007 consumers, upon request, have been given the 'right to know' about whether products they are buying contain certain chemicals known to be toxic or carcinogenic.

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Activists to target Danish Ministry of Defense to highlight fate of climate refugees

Green (Living) Review

In 2007, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that an increase in sea levels of just 18 to 59 centimeters (seven to 24 inches) would make the Maldives virtually uninhabitable by 2100, and other Small Island States face a similar fate. Many years ago we saw movies that showed people radar at the borders between Austria and Hungary (before the latter become a member of the EU) and those, no doubt, will now be exported to the further reaches of the EU borders.

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Research for Sustainability

The Green Changemakers

The conference is expected to attract participants from politics, science and industry including high-level representatives from research policy from Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary with whom the dialogue on sustainability research was started at the 4th BMBF Forum for Sustainability (L2L) in Leipzig in 2007. Research for Sustainability (URL: [link] Framework programme for a sustainable innovative society Download (engl.) (URL:

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