Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

Eco Chic

I am fascinated by trying to understand the socio-economic and political factors that variably influence these links to the natural world and, what we can learn as a society towards a sustainable planet.

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Review of 2006


The year ended with the market research group Mintel publishing a report saying: "2006 has proved to be a tipping point for the eco-warrior, as environmental issues and greener lifestyles have gone mainstream," So what has triggered this sea change? The images in the BBC's 'Planet Earth' of an exhausted polar bear curling up to die of hunger and exhaustion brought on by a lack of ice brought the consequences of climate change home to many.

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Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

Eco Chic

I am fascinated by trying to understand the socio-economic and political factors that variably influence these links to the natural world and, what we can learn as a society towards a sustainable planet.

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Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

Eco Chic

I am fascinated by trying to understand the socio-economic and political factors that variably influence these links to the natural world and, what we can learn as a society towards a sustainable planet. Worldchanging Women china climate change heroines for the planet science stem Tea yunnan

Watch The Stunning Trailer For David Attenborough’s LAST Film ‘Frozen Planet’


Billed as a sequel to the gorgeous and groundbreaking 2006 nature doc “Planet Earth” (Win the special edition here), “Frozen Planet” is coming to BBC shortly and the Discovery Channel this spring. As you would expect, it looks absolutely amazing – and will take viewers on a seven-part, mind-blowing tour of life in the Arctic and [.]. Entertainment Film/TV david attenborough oprah

Urban Planet Project

The Green Changemakers

Contact info For more information on Urban Planet, contact Project leader Danil Lundback danil@ecology.su.se +46 73 707 8718 The world is turning increasingly urban with more than five billion people projected to live in cities by 2030.

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For Earth Week: Three Transformative Ideas to Save the Planet

Conservancy Talk

Saving the planet will largely depend on our ability to close this gap. About a decade ago, agribusiness giant Cargill committed to stop buying soy grown on land deforested after 2006. This piece originally appeared in the Milken Institute’s “ The Power of Ideas 2015 : A Collection of Insights to Transform the Future.” Milken recently published the anthology — which contains remarks from 18 thought leaders — in advance of next week’s 18th annual Milken Institute Global Conference.

World-Renowned Author Dishes on GINKS, Green Sex and Making Love to Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Weiss isn’t one to shy away from provocations, especially when the wellbeing of the planet and her inhabitants are at stake. Stefanie Iris Weiss : I think I first heard the term used in 2006 or 2007. Five Ways to Make Love to One Another and the Planet.

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Heroines for the Planet: Future Weather Director Jenny Deller

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Jenny Deller Future Weather centers on 13-year-old Lauduree, who fears the collapse of both her family and the planet. My mom gave it to me in 2006, and I was immediately absorbed.

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Trash Planet: Germany

The Green Changemakers

by Marie Look The Trash Planet series highlights various countries around the world and how they handle their waste. According to the European Environment Agency, in 2006, Germany landfilled only about one percent of the country’s untreated waste.

Honduras?Land of Love & Peace? ~ Richard Phares | elephant.

Elephant Journal

Since the rule of Mel Zelaya , who became president of Honduras on January 27 2006, the number of senseless gruesome killings has multiplied. Were about anything that helps us to live a good life thats also good for others, and our planet. >>>

Heroines for the Planet: Executive Producer of Makers.com Betsy West

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In 2006, she joined the Oscar-nominated production company Storyville Films, and in 2007 was appointed a professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Calling all Black Country Swiss Tonys.


Car salesmen from the West Midlands have been judged the least eco-friendly Britons according to Planet Ark

A global manifesto for a happier planet

The Green Changemakers

The Happy Planet Index : [link] The HPI is an innovative measure that shows the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is delivered around the world. Steering towards success No single country listed in the Happy Planet Index has everything right. happy-planet-index-2-0.pdf

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The grass is greener on the eco-friendly side of the fence


While I'm behind her ambition (I tried to do the same 10 years ago, but had to turn back from Russia for family reasons), the big 'I'm doing this to save the planet' hoo-hah perpetuates the myth that 'green = hardship', which will make Jo(e) Public switch straight off The Energy Savings Trust have reported that eco-friendly Britons are more likely to experience a general sense of happiness and wellbeing, according to research from Imperial College London.

Flight of Fancy - A plane better than a Prius?


This won't save the planet on its own, but it would be significant progress. The Guardian is reporting that engineers have designed a 'flying wing' called the SAX-40 which would achieve 149 passenger miles per gallon compared with 121 for a Boeing 777. A Toyota Prius hybrid car (or a good diesel) gets 144 passenger miles per gallon. I don't know over what distance they make the comparison as obviously an aircraft has to go up and down as well as across, if you know what I mean.

Indy asks: "How Green is Your MP?"


Can you imagine Big Ian bellowing "The Planet Says NO Following Friends of the Earth's Big Ask campaign ( saucy version posted here ), The Independent has surveryed every MP in the land on their attitudes to the environment. The Indy's verdict: "If you take our responses as a guide, the LibDems care the most: 56 responded, with just 7 absentees. And David Cameron has clearly had an effect on the Conservatives: 114 replied, 82 didn't.

Carbon Offsetting: The Case for the Defence


Of course, carbon offsetting will not save the planet by itself, but it can certainly be part of the solution This is the second part of a piece on carbon offsetting - read the case for the prosecution here. In terms of carbon offsetting deflecting from the real problem, the very act of measuring your own carbon footprint can be an eye-opening experience, adding to, rather than buying off your guilt.

Ecological Footprinting Part 1


While it is not perfect, ecological footprinting is fast becoming the accepted way of estimating the effects of our way of life on the world and is currently championed by the WWF in the One Planet Living campaign. hectares In other words, we’re behaving as if we had a bigger planet than we actually have, which is why we’re suffering global warming as we exceed the earth's ability to recycle carbon.

Scrub that - this must be Green Monday!


Even green taxation raised its ugly head, but The Sun got its retaliation in first with a headline "I'm Saving the Planet - YOU Lot are Paying!" , a far cry from its recent green conversion. The green-talking yesterday has paled into insignificance compared to the release of the Stern report on the economics of climate change.

Britain Must Cut Flights or Miss CO2 Targets


Planet Ark reports: The British government must curb the huge expansion in air travel or risk overshooting its self-imposed target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2050, a study said on Tuesday. CO2 emissions from aviation in Britain are set to surge by between four and ten times 1990 levels by the middle of the century, accounting on their own for two-thirds of the government's emission target for that year, it said.

On the Rebound???


Airlines don't pay any tax on fuel, so flying is an extremely cheap way to damage the planet (and I've got previous). In December 2003 I wrote off my Ford Ka in a smallish prang. I replaced it with a Golf TDi, for two reasons: a. I want to have the option of using biodiesel (but that's another story.). It did 55mpg compared with the Ka's 40mpg. Brilliant - cut my fuel consumption by 28% and saved £250 each year. 250 is exactly the cost of a return flight from Newcastle to New York.

Environmental documentary: Planet Earth (online watching)

The Green Changemakers

Planet Earth - BBC TV series Wikipedia: Planet Earth is an Emmy Award and Peabody Award -winning BBC nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough and produced by Alastair Fothergill. It was first broadcast in the UK from 5 March 2006. The series was co-produced with Discovery Channel and the NHK in association with the CBC , and was described by its makers as "the definitive look at the diversity of our planet".

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Five Ways to Help Save the Planet in 30 Minutes or Less

The Green Changemakers

Here are five simple things you can do—in 30 minutes or less—to help protect the environment and save Planet Earth. Benefits of Public Transportation Keeping Your Tires Properly Inflated Could Help Save the Planet—and Your Life Eat Your Vegetables. A 2006 report by the University of Chicago found that adopting a vegan diet does more to reduce global warming than switching to a hybrid car.

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Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble

The Green Changemakers

Brown - 2006 Preface (pdf) 1. Table of Contents Lester R. Entering a New World (pdf) Introduction The Nature of the New World Learning from China Learning from the Past The Emerging Politics of Scarcity Getting the Price Right Plan B—A Plan of Hope PART I. A CIVILIZATION IN TROUBLE 2.

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There is nothing funny about climate change

Environmental Economics

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned Monday that global warming is likely to become completely irreversible if no successful effort is made to slow down the trend before 2006. "If we wait until 1998 or even 1995 to really start doing something about climate change, our planet's rising temperature will already have set in motion a series of devastating and irreparable long-term consequences. Via The Onion : A new report from the U.N.

TOMS Shoes- A Gift For Tomorrow

Green Life Smart Life

TOMS shoes were founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie who was traveling through Argentina and saw how many children did not have access to shoes. Tags: Good for the Planet Green Green Products Recycling Blake Mycoskie Blake Mycoskie's Blog eco-friendly shoes Espadrilles One for One Podoconiosis shoes TOMS shoes TOMS Shoes Blog I have never been a ‘shoe fashionista’. My shoe selection is simple. No matter the season, I can always rely on my TOMS.

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10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth

Green Home Blog

Here 10 reasons why vegetarianism can save the planet as reported in 2010 in The Observer, a United Kingdom periodical. 10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth. Vegetarian living is continuing to gain momentum due to its many advantages both health wise and environmentally.

Harvard Study Proves Why Are Honeybees Disappearing


They have thrived in amazing harmony on this planet for 50 million years. In 2006, it was recorded the first mass disappearance of honeybee colonies in North America and Europe caused by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). After 2006, this number increased to around 30% [1].

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Big Idea: We need a New Science of Physical Economics

Green (Living) Review

Meantime they seem to have no idea whatsoever what to actually build physically and thus they are not developing anything like a strategy for a recovery that actually fits the situation on our oh-so physical planet Earth at this time of its Great Recession.

Human Propelled Energy: Right Under Our Nose

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Although humans still struggle to create, embrace and utilize clean energy it remains an uphill battle when special interest groups worry more about the bottom line than the health of our planet. Human Propelled Energy: Right Under Our Nose.

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Dispatch From A Post-Carbon World: Planting The Seeds For A More Resilient Future

Green (Living) Review

Not to mention the equilibrium of our planet’s climate, now threatened by the relentless combustion of all those fossil fuels. United by concerns about Peak Oil , a warming planet and global economic instability, some 27 groups throughout New England — part of 151 groups in the U.

Skiing (and Saving) Patagonia

Wend Magazine

Never before had we experienced such a vast and ecologically diverse corner of the planet – and our physical and emotional reaction to the power and beauty before us is something we will never forget.

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"A Tale of Tradeoffs"

Environmental Economics

The level of concern has still not returned to that of a decade ago; in 2006, 79 percent of adults called global warming serious. The financial crisis and recession made Americans more worried about the immediate condition of the economy, rather than about the long-term condition of the planet. Economists criticize opinion polls because they don't recognize tradeoffs.

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Ranked: The Most Eco Friendly Game Consoles

Green Prophet

With the future of the planet looking ever grimmer when it comes to excessive energy usage and climate change, it is important to consider how our gaming devices contribute to the planet’s dire state.

I Got it Wrong on Climate Change -I Should Have Been More Blunt- It's Much Worse


Lord Stern who wrote the UK government-commissioned review on climate change in 2006 which was thought of as the reference work on the subject says he underestimated the risks, and should have been more "blunt" about the threat posed to the economy by rising temperatures.

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Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution


In fact, carbon dioxide is such a potent air pollutant that it has begun to change climate of the whole planet. In 2006, researchers in Borneo observed that Bornean white-bearded gibbons cease to sing their special “couple-bonding and territorial songs” when haze suffocates their habitat.

The California Spill and the Continuance of Harmful Oil Operations

Environmental News Network

According to federal records, Plains All American subsidiaries have reported at least 223 accidents along their lines and spilled a combined 864,300 gallons of hazardous liquids since 2006, have been subject to 25 enforcement actions, and tallied damages topping $32 million.

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What Altruism in Animals can Teach Us About Ourselves

The Alien Next Door

It started with nineteenth century scientist Edward Westermarck who argued that morality involved both humans and non-human animals and both culture and evolution (de Waal 2006). 2006 Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved. 2006 "Social Cultures Among Nonhuman Primates."

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The Pluto Debate Continues

Eco Friendly Daily

Grade schools across the country and around the world have taught their students that Pluto is the last and smallest planet. That is, until 2006, when the International Astronomical Union decided to take the traditional planet’s name down to a non-planet form.

Will Closer Partnership Between Labor and Greens Help Build Both Movements?

Sierra Club Compass

At last week’s AFL-CIO convention, the quadrennial gathering of representatives of 55 unions representing some 11 million members, delegates passed several resolutions that could benefit people and the planet by strengthening both the labor and environmental movements. Photo: Earth Beat Radio.

Fascinating, Frustrating Morocco: a Tour in Photos

Green Prophet

In late 2006, Barbara Weibel left a corporate career to pursue her true passions of travel, photography, and writing. Severed goat heads, bloody and besieged by flies, lay side-by-side on a butcher’s slab.

Study: Earth’s Water Cycles Changing Rapidly Due To Global Warming

Eco Friendly Daily

The planet is changing due to global warming. One group of researchers performed such studies regarding water cycles on the planet. The researchers found that 18 percent more water made its way to the world’s oceans in 2006 than it did in 1994.