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Kids and Sports: 5 Effective Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset

The Green Changemakers

by Ashley Cullins When we talk about growth mindset, we usually apply it to academics. But practicing growth mindset in sports is extremely beneficial as well. In sports, the focus is too often solely on outcomes (winning or losing).

This is why Matt Lauer Broke my Heart & Pissed Me Off more than the Rest.

Elephant Journal

Here is the list. I don’t know about you, but to see this chronological list, compiled by, of 35 cases of sexual misconduct that have happened since. Enlightened Society Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. metoo harvey weintstein kevin spacey louis ck matt lauer rape sexual abuse sexual asault

2017 16

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Snow in Costa Rica!

10,000 Birds

It was already dark in mid-October when we arrived to the Costa Rican birding mecca of Rancho Naturalista to have dinner on the veranda but then were interrupted with a call: There’s a Mottled Owl at the other side! You can imagine the rest: everyone jumped from the table to look for the owl.

David Weimer on Richard Thaler's Nobel Prize and benefit-cost analysis

Environmental Economics

David Weimer ( Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler, Behavioral Economics, and Benefit-Cost Analysis ): Rational action lies at the heart of neoclassical economics. Sovereign consumers make choices that maximize their utilities. By observing the tradeoffs implicit in actual choices, or eliciting tradeoffs for hypothetical choices, benefit-cost analysts impute willingness to pay for desirable policy impacts and willingness to accept undesirable ones.

Sympathy for the Shark Finner

Nature Conservancy - Science

The gruesome Facebook photo showed a dead rhino with its horn hacked off, blood splattered on the grass. Unfortunately, images like this frequently appear on my feed, as I follow a lot of global conservation causes. And yet, I still have a visceral reaction.

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Ten Years of Select Economic Data in Graphs

Environmental Economics

A pet peeve of mine as an economist is giving too much credit to the current quarterback , er.President for [economic] wins and too much blame for [economic] losses. 

Recovery: Why Sea Lampreys Need to be Restored and Killed

Nature Conservancy - Science

Anglers had it straight from the outdoor page of the December 15, 2002 Lawrence (Massachusetts) Eagle-Tribune : “The fish ladders [on the Connecticut River] ought to be used to diminish the [sea] lamprey and prevent it from entering into the lakes and streams of New Hampshire.”

Churchill & Orwell – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Churchill & Orwell – The Fight For Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks Published 1st June 2017 Royal Hardback, £25 352 pages, with 26 b/w photographs ISBN 9780715652374 Liberty and truth have never been so topical.

Birding under Clouds of Uncertainty: Santa Ana NWR

10,000 Birds

When the news broke about a possible border wall through Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Texas, I decided to make plans to visit before it got bisected by a concrete barrier.

5 Questions to find out if you are a “Mansplainer.”

Elephant Journal

This phenomenon reaches peak absurdity not to mention actually being disgusting and dangerous in the form of the male “guru” (or yo. Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today #metoo dating goddess mansplaining misogyny relationships sara sophia sexism women women's rights

2017 13

Conserving Our National Mammal, One Satellite Herd at a Time

Conservancy Talk

Corissa Busse will never forget her first bison round up. “I I had just started with the Conservancy as a program administrator,” she recalls. “I I was there to take notes and help document all of the animals. I remember heading up towards the corral with my note pad, unsure of what to expect.

The Secret in the Sand Dunes

Nature Conservancy - Science

Dominick Solazzo likes to say the healthy dunes at Midway Beach and South Seaside Park on the Jersey Shore have a “secret ingredient.” Of course, it’s a secret that gives itself away pretty readily when the wind blows. More from Midway and the Jersey Shore. Saved by Sand Dunes. By Cara Byington.

Not my circus, not my monkeys

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “Not my circus, not my monkeys”, is a Polish proverb and one that we do well to remember each and every time someone wants to drag us into their dramas.

Parking Lot Birds

10,000 Birds

My Christmas Bird Count scouting went well this weekend in terms of finding some decent lingering birds but it was lousy in terms of photographic opportunities.

Yoga Snobbery: To Sanskrit or Not to Sanskrit?

Elephant Journal

I didn't want to be a robot just reciting "Om" because it was the cool yoga thing to do. I quit saying "Namaste" at the end of every class too, and for the first time this semester, I. Enlightened Society Right Livelihood Yoga correctional facility inmates instagram Namaste om sanskrit spiritual materialism trendy yoga in prison yoga pants yoga rehab yoga teaching yogi

2017 12

A Quick Guide to Preventing Water Pollution


Freshwater is a finite resource. Plants, animals and humans need fresh water to survive. Unfortunately, modern practices, including mass production, energy generation and carelessness, are resulting in high levels of water pollution.

Product Review: Green Guru Travel Kit

Green Living Ideas

Ever wonder what happens to tents, banners, bike tubes, wetsuits, yoga mats, and other products after their useful life is done? Well here at GreenLivingIdeas, we do. We also like to present our readers with some of the coolest sustainable products to help you green your lifestyle…but of course to do so in style! So [&hellip. The post Product Review: Green Guru Travel Kit appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Yoga & Growth in the Heartbeat of the Himalayas.

Elephant Journal

Each day and hike made us stronger and weaker at the same time. Stronger in that it pushed us to meet our bodies’ ability; weaker in that it allo. Travel Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today Adventure Himalayas prana savasana self-growth spirituality yoga retreat

Relationship Red Flags: 4 Strategies People use to Never be Wrong & Keep you Apologizing.

Elephant Journal

So what’s going on when you find yourself trying to resolve an issue with someone and no matter how hard you try, the problem somehow ends up be. Family Health & Wellness Love Z ADMIN Love Featured Today dating dating myself love marriage me time mindful dating mindful love mindful relationships relationships self-improvement working on ourselves

3 Simple (but not Easy) Reminders to help us Spread the Light.

Elephant Journal

It is true that we are all "entitled to our own opinions." But the world we need can't be built on entitlement. Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) better world donate Fake news make the world a better place trump

A Powerful Tool that can Save us from a Post-Truth Dystopia.

Elephant Journal

Nuance has lost its meaning in a world filled with nuanced issues. Enlightened Society Right Livelihood 1984 2016 election Al Franken clinton Fake news George Orwell integrity intuition Roy Moore trump truth

Some Quick Tips to help us stop Stressing over Money.

Elephant Journal

Many of us experience our bodies kicking into that fight-or-flight survival mode when we are trying to make a sale, or withdrawing money, or looking at our bank statement. This is because in our brains our money is still very closely linked to survival.

Our Obsession with Releasing is Hurting Us.

Elephant Journal

This threat response, which may have been a way of surviving in our past, can leave us in a state of learned helplessness today. Many trauma survivors need to. Health & Wellness Yoga Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today biotensegrity Buckminster Fuller letting go release tensegrity trauma

How Men & Women can Honor each Other’s Boundaries in a “Me Too” World.

Elephant Journal

I am talking about sexual harassment and assault, but I am also talking about those little everyday things that we have come to expect as just part of being a woman: an unwanted hug from a friend or. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Love equal rights feminism healthy boundaries letting go me too movement men and women respecting boundaries sexual assault sexual harassment women's rights

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of December 2017)

10,000 Birds

We have so little of the year left, yet so much left to do. With holiday preparations and Christmas Bird Count scouting, it’s all a person can do to find a couple more ticks for the year list. Truly, this is a time of year to have your priorities in order!

Covenham Reservoir

10,000 Birds

Following on from our walk and discovery of the Long-billed Dowitcher at Saltfleetby on October 9th we planned another walk before we went home. Mum suggested Covenham Reservoir, because even after rain the track should be fairly dry and there were bound to be birds!

Confessions from a Christmas Bird Count in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

A blog is a place to express ideas, thoughts, recipes, and whatever floats your personal boat. At 10,000 Birds, readers who haven’t been here before might correctly surmise that this platform talks about anything bird-related.

Buxton Brewery: Ring Your Mother

10,000 Birds

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of December 2017?

10,000 Birds

Another weekend is here, carrying all sorts of inclement weather, natural disasters, and societal upheaval. At least we have birds! I’m pretty locked up this weekend, which may make bird chasing tough, but a trip down to the Southern Tier always has the potential for surprises.

Snowy Owl Ethics

10,000 Birds

Greg Lawrence is a long-time friend of 10,000 Birds and a birding machine in the Rochester, New York, area. He is currently a Fish and Wildlife Technician with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and a Graduate Research Assistant at the Research Foundation for SUNY.

Birder, Defined

10,000 Birds

I recently read Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries , a book by Kory Stamper , a lexicographer at Merriam-Webster. For anyone who has even a passing interest in words, definitions, or dictionaries, it is fascinating. I highly recommend it and I’m not alone.

The interesting habits of Harris’s Hawks

10,000 Birds

For as long as I have been living here in Mexico, I have truly enjoyed watching the Harris’s Hawks antics. Soaring on the warm desert updrafts, or sitting on a group of cactus tops, always in groups of two, three or more.

Jimmy Kimmel Returns with Baby Billy After Heart Surgery.

Elephant Journal

Two things: you can call your Congressperson (number above and in video) and save 9 million children—seriously. And, you have 3 days left to save nearly $700 on Healthcare if you don’t have it. DACA and CHIP are being used as bargaining chips for the Trump Tax Cuts.

This Baby Boomer’s Comedy Songs are going Viral—and I’m Obsessed.

Elephant Journal

I love when "unlikely" things go viral. Arts Eleditor Articles Funny baby boomer funny videos internet trolls Lauren Mayer Lauren Mayer Comedy Meghan Trainor net neutrality PsychoSuperMom sexual harassment trump