October, 2016

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Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland–A Book Review

10,000 Birds

British birders are very serious about birding and their birds. and share their expertise ,  or do big years or write excellent blog posts. inches.

Loose lips sink ships follow-up

Environmental Economics

I didn't realize how bad this quote is playing among Democrats, environmentalists and others.    From Fuse Washington : However, recent comments by Bauman compelled us to publicly endorse the Alliance and voice our opposition to I-732. Where do we even begin? He has been working tirelessly to build support.

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Five Strategies to get our Kids to Eat Better (& Like it).

Elephant Journal

Patients often tell me how challenging it is to get their kids on board with healthier eating. The key here is creating new favorites together. Shares.

Chefs’ dream garden grows in the middle of Manhattan at Farm.One

Green Prophet

Rob Laing, the founder and CEO of Farm.One. Local, real food (#realfood) is more than a rage. It’s the new everything in food. How do they do it?

2016 35

Looking for RASCals (Reptiles & Amphibians of SoCal)

Nature Conservancy - Science

What kind of lizard is that climbing up the wall? How can we protect and attract biodiversity in urban habitats? Related Articles. By Lisa Feldkamp.

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How to Flip your Mood when you Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed: 5 Steps.

Elephant Journal

Years ago someone showed me the “gratitude hand.” It’s a powerful little tool that I often use both personally and professionally to help develop a state of gratitude. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality fingers gratitude gratitude exercise gratitude hand hands wrong side of the bed

2016 36

Algae returns as fuel for our future

Green Prophet

Their results have been published in back-to-back studies in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology for Biofuels. Answering the need for clean energy.

Make Your Yard (or School Grounds or Office Building) a Wildlife Haven

Nature Conservancy - Science

Turning your yard – or other small outdoor space – into a wildlife haven is easier than you think. Related Articles. By Matt Miller. By Lisa Feldkamp.

Vegans who campaign against fur are upset that Aritzia is using fake fur but real down


You know how we won’t shut up about how ineffective single issue campaigns are, including  the ones against fur ? News Sticky

The Sunbird and the Parasite

10,000 Birds

I’m back! Not for nothing have my email addresses and online IDs called back these furious and pretty birds for the last 15 years.

2016 42

The truth about the Monday Demonstrations in East Germany

Green (Living) Review

Far from it. The majority wanted a reform of the system to true democratic socialism and not a destruction of it. But, I digressed a little.

The 2 most Common Reasons why People get Divorced.

Elephant Journal

Divorce is just not that complicated. Any reason can be boiled down and fit into reason #1 or reason #2.

2016 33

The White House Garden gets support to endure from Burpee seed company

Green Prophet

Obama created the garden in 2009, and made sure to expand it twice so it will be hard to plow under by the next family. Burpee Seeds, officially W.

2016 25

After the Harvest: Three Expert Steps for Healthy Autumn Soil in Your Garden

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s autumn. Do you know where your nematodes are? Related Articles. Simple Tips to Turn Your Yard Into Pollinator Paradise. By Matt Miller. Yikes.

2016 27

New milk marketing shows the desperation of dairy farmers


We all know milk has fallen from the hot list to the not list. So what can the Dairy Farmers of Canada do? News Sticky

Glass 20

Myrtle Warblers in Autumn

10,000 Birds

Personally, I prefer to call them Butterbutts. Ever wonder why they are called Butterbutts? Or maybe it was seeing its own reflection in the lens?

2016 39

Civil Defense Concept

Green (Living) Review

Civil defense, in a time not so long ago, also did not just concentrate on the eventuality of war. Toilet paper, batteries, flashlights, etc.,

What We Need to Know about the Voices in our Heads.

Elephant Journal

I avoided being creative for almost 35 years, only because I listened to that voice in my head.

2016 33

Refugee architecture earns an exhibit in a NYC museum

Green Prophet

Entitled “Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter”, the show looks at emergency housing in contemporary crisis zones. Think again.


Three Great Fall Reads: Natural Page Turners

Nature Conservancy - Science

When I chose my summer book picks this year, I wrote that nature books have never been this fun. Hell’s Gate. by Bill Schutt and J.R.

Mali 18

What we should learn from the 11 farms fined for antibiotics in milk


It’s common practice for dairy cows to receive antibiotics, but we’re still made to believe those antibiotics won’t make it into milk cartons.

Brown Falcon foraging after a bush fire

10,000 Birds

These rest areas offer shade and picnic tables and often water and toilets too. Brown Falcon in the car-park. Brown Falcon turning leaves.

2016 28

Stop the Fuelishness – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Dust Jacket Hardcover – Price $29.99 The short review could be: “this book is utter foolishness” and it could end there. Really?

Why we Struggle with Weight Loss: The Missing Link.

Elephant Journal

 . Life can become frustrating when we’ve tried everything yet can’t lose weight. Over the years, I’ve had many patients complain about this problem.

2016 33

Partners Join to Protect Mongolia’s River Wolves

Conservancy Talk

They call them “river wolves.” That nickname is not far off. Taimen can reach up to 2 meters in length and weigh more than 90 kilograms.

Follow that Grizzly: Understanding Bear Movements in the Northwest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Collared grizzly bear number 106 became a local legend of sorts. She did not live in a national park or a vast wilderness area. Related Articles.

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An inventor has made vegan cheese from potatoes


Could the future of vegan cheese be spuds? Andrew Dyhin calls it CHATO, a cheese-like product that’s made up of 100% potato. News Sticky

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Birding at a Quarry in the Kimberley

10,000 Birds

Often the quarries are very picturesque too as you can see above and below! Quarry landscape. The total water left at the quarry! Zebra Finch.

Water 23

The Spurtle

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There is a lot of – well, let's call it what it is – rubbish being talked about what a spurtle is.

2016 11

Why Separation was the Most Loving Thing in my Marriage.

Elephant Journal

Is it a hangover from our religious days when marriage kept society’s structure together. But some marriages are meant for a few chapters.

2016 32

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Oola’s modesty-wear for Muslims

Green Prophet

The hijab or face-covering for Muslim women needs to be comfortable and sport-relevant says Qatar-based founders of Oola Sportswear. Oola is that seed.

Put a Face on the World’s Vanishing Fish with FishFace

Nature Conservancy - Science

Enter FishFace, a new application under development by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with Refind Technologies. Google Impact Challenge.

Pamela Anderson poisoned Wikileaks leader with a vegan sandwich


From famous lifesaver, to rumoured life-taker? So, no one is dead and vegan food has absolutely nothing to do with this. Oh, the hilarity of it all!

Black-fronted Dotterels maintaining egg temperature

10,000 Birds

The Black-fronted Dotterel breeds throughout the year around Broome and usually close to fresh water. Black-fronted Dotterel hovering over two eggs.

2016 21