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Sustainable Product Development and Manufacturing–Free Online Course from Stanford University

The Green Changemakers

In 2007, he published a book on Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization. Production Sustainable-development Education

Eco-Products Directory 2008: For Sustainable Production and Consumption

The Green Changemakers

Database • Eco-materials • Eco-components • Eco-products • Eco-services Company List Members List PR space for environmental programs Back Cover.

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WIN This GIANT Entertainment Box From EcoSalon


We're giving away the best of the best eco and sustainable products picked out by EcoSalon. You won't want to miss this. Read More. Contests Featured News

Homemade Cleaning Products That Work As Well as Those You Buy

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The post Homemade Cleaning Products That Work As Well as Those You Buy appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Eco Home Living green home living natural cleaning natural cleaning recipes non-toxic cleaning products sustainable products

4 Eco-Friendly & Stylish Home Improvement Options

Living Green & Saving Energy

Although many environmentally sustainable products have a reputation for being expensive or too difficult to acquire, goods that are kind to the environment are quickly becoming more mainstream and affordable. Green building and eco-friendly don’t have to be intimidating words.

Going Green with Terrene

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Terrene Sustainable Building Supply sells high-quality, environmentally responsible, “green&# building products. Terrene’s goal is to expand the availability and use of green building products throughout New England. They are offering franchises to interested qualified parties.

Did you know…you could shop for the Earth?

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Here is their mission: To give consumers an environmentally conscious alternative to everyday products. To allow consumers to be able to choose affordable eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality and without having to completely change the way he or she lives. Just a heads up to all you Rhode Islanders! STORE.


Green Life Smart Life

Choose from categories like clothing, kids, home, furniture, gadgets and accessories to find green and safe products for your whole family. Tagged: going green, green design, Green Products, modern living, Sustainable Design, Sustainable products. I am a huge fan of organic cotton, especially in sheets and bedding.

Eco Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Tags: Special Occasions Charity Bouquets energy food Green Spa Mother's Day online sources Online Store Organic Consumers Association Style's online store sustainable product wholesome food

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Seriously fun floors….naturally

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It’s a natural product that starts with completely natural ingredients. and sustainably harvested forests. As if that isn’t sustainable enough, marmoleum has a an earth-to-earth lifecycle - it is completely biodegradable, right up the solvent-free adhesives used in installation. Affordable and easy to clean.


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The dwiss is a domestic recycling system carefully hand-crafted in the UK using sustainable beech plywood. adds Walker.

Dubai Green Store Dubbed “World’s Most Sustainable Building”

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Architecture & Urban eco-products LEED The Change Initiative USGBC World''s Most Sustainable Building Kennedy Jr.,

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Aya Kaya Has Fun With Sustainable Design

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Read more about sustainable design:: Lebanese Designer Ziad Ghanem Creates Recycled Couture. Top 5 Arab Sustainable Designers.

The Key to Sustainability: Cradle to Cradle Thinking

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Sustainability is the key to green living. Almost every green concept emanates from the idea of sustainability. The three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle—all derive form the concept of sustainability. A sustainable product has a minimal environmental impact. Ideally, the materials from which a sustainable product [.].

Giveaway of Conscious Box Collection of Eco-friendly Products, ends 7/28

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Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of a collection of Eco-friendly and sustainable products. It even makes a wonderful and unique gift.

Abu Dhabi Flushes Out Inefficient Plumbing

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Abu Dhabi gives seal of approval to products with high environmental performance. Did your grandma read Good Housekeeping ?

World Centric’s Compostable Toothbrush Bites Into Dental Product Waste

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450 million toothbrushes wind up in landfills every year in the US alone, says sustainable-products company World Centric.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

Conservancy Talk

WWF works with some of the biggest companies in the world to create a global marketplace based on more sustainable production of key raw materials.

Route to the Future Event

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Their expert advice sessions and practical skills training are making it easier for people to adopt sustainable ways to live, work and build.

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Sustainable Brands Conference Update: Empowering Consumers

The Green Samaritan

Moving from blueberries to business, the Sustainable Brands Conference ’11 kicks off next week in Monterey, California June 7-10.

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10 Green Prophets for 2012

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Senad Hadzic has shown the world of Islam that the most sustainable way of making it to Mecca is by doing it by foot. Tristan Reid. On record.

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Green N Brown Discount

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Green N Brown, an online store for sustainable products, describes themselves as "a one stop shop for greener future". Learn more about the company, their approach to selecting products and grab the coupon code GLT readers can get an extra 5% discount on their entire range - that's on top of any offers currently running.

Two Sides Targets U.S. Consumers With New Ad Campaign

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magazine and newspaper publishers to reach consumers with the No Wonder You Love Paper ad campaign. forests than 50 years ago.


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The Nissan LEAF is the perfect solution, allowing us to deliver a high quality product to our discerning customers.

Eco friendly iPhone speakers are made using recycled paper


The product is sustainable and is made of entirely FSC certified recycle fibers which are already used. Picture Gallery. Via: Treehugge

Park Lighting Installations: Sustainable and smart solar power


Sustainable Park Lighting. Sustainable Park Lighting. This was a group project, which centered around lighting and sustainability.

Palm Fiber Crates: Cairo’s Sustainable Street Furniture

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You’ll recall that she recently displayed her sassy Off the Gireed furniture line at the Design is a Verb exhibition at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center and continues to work with local artisans to produce unique, sustainable products that also celebrate Egypt’s cultural heritage. All images via Tafline Laylin.

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Uses for wine corks

Green (Living) Review

Start saving them for a few handy projects. Create baseboard. Works with both real and plastic corks and looks great. Works ONLY with both real corks.

Green Products: Marketing or real change of values?

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But, when put in the context of consumer spending in 2012 of 1,500 billion Euro then that what is being spent on “green” products is only 2.4%

Samsill Branches into Raw Ring Binders

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The stylish alternative of raw ring binders is a highly desired sustainable office product.

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Zaufishan got in touch with Leen to ask why she designed the miswak and whether it contributes to environment sustainability. We will.


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Over 250,000 visitors over 17 days will view the retrofit of the famed terrace house on the cobbles of Coronation Street to show visitors just how easy it is to create a sustainable home. And a trip to Coronation Street would not be complete without a visit to the local Rovers Return where Betty’s famous ‘Hot Pot’ and a pint are so familiar.

Masdar’s 10 MW Solar Plant Takes 3,300 Cars Off the Road

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This month was its 2 year anniversary. Yalla! This month it enters its third year of operation. Like a pilot run. MW Solar Field. Masdar City Photos.

TreeHouse is like Home Depot with a green conscience

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Furthermore, the center of the store — prime product space — is reserved for education and demonstrations. Read more: [link].


Gorgeous WEwood Watches Made of Salvaged Wood on Sale in Egypt

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” Usually, products like these are much harder to come by in the Middle East and North Africa. But don’t get us wrong.

In New Video, Health Executives Urge Colleagues to Develop Sustainable Operations

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Partners HealthCare in Boston, MA, is building a state-of-the art facility, the Lunder Building as part of its sustainability effort.

The first gourmet coffee to come from DRCongo for over 40 years hits the UK

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To secure the quality and increase the yields of this coffee in the long term, Mzuzu farmers are developing more sustainable production systems.

Charcoal on landfills is an affordable and effective way to trap methane


It is a cheap and a sustainable product as it is made from crop waste on site at a landfill. Via: Sciencedaily

Heroines for the Planet: Avery Dennison’s Sustainability Leader Helen Sahi

Eco Chic

Heroine for the Planet Helen Sahi, Avery Dennison’s Senior Director of Sustainability. . Brilliant!). ” Sahi told Eco-Chick.

Shop Greener at Shop to be Green

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For every traditional (Green-less) product out there, there is a Greener counterpart. The products all vary in price.