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Banana Zombies, Healthy Halloween & Hope for a Sustainable Future

Green Living Ideas

But we diverted for an inspiring Green Dude segment with Jonathan Porritt, to talk about a sustainable future.

Seed Saving: A Crucial Part of Our Sustainable Future.

Elephant Journal

There has been an erosion in the diversity of the foods we eat and in the tradition of specialty varieties has been declining while heirloom crops are getting lost in a mire of corporate hybrids.

Our Sustainable Future Panel and Party: Circular Design in Fashion, Auto & Built Environment

Eco Chic

Wow, what an incredible turnout we had at the first-ever Our Sustainable Future event! We really, truly missed her.

Green Technology to Achieve a More Sustainable Future

Living Green & Saving Energy

Fortunately, we now live in an age in which pretty much everybody is aware that our environment is precious, and that we have to do something to help sustain it. alternative energy eco-innovation geothermal energy green construction saving energy saving money solar energy sustainability green technology solar panels sustainable construction

Values for peace and a sustainable future

The Green Changemakers

Global Spirit The wisdom to perceive the interconnectedness of all life and living. These qualities are the essential elements of global citizenship.

You’re Invited! Our Sustainable Future Discussion on the Future of the Circular Economy with GM, H&M and More

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The next step in sustainable production is the circular economy. Anna Gedda – Head of Sustainability, H&M Group. RSVP Here.

Sustainable Future for a Small Planet

The Green Changemakers

Investigates topical Alberta issues of energy use and depletion, climate change and alternative energy futures. Learn more.

Envisioning a Sustainable Future

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My presentation at MUC Researcher Seminar, March 16th-17th, 2007

Jordanian Activist Take To The Streets For A Sustainable Future

Green Prophet

Activist gathered on the streets of Amman today to say ‘No’ to nuclear energy and ‘Yes’ to renewables.

SUSTAINABLE FUTURES: Replacing Growth Imperative and Hierarchies with Sustainable Ways

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Countries and Sustainable Culture where we present key features of three different assessments 4. The final report from the study is now ready!

Celestopea: Gateway to a Sustainable Future

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your portal to a sustainable, abundant and fulfilling future. Tags: Future Sustainable-development Green Imagine a place.

Smart Strategies for a Sustainable Future

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Green Communities is a web-based toolkit and planning guide designed to help communities access the tools and information to help them become more sustainable, Green Communities. Begin your journey toward sustainability by clicking on Step 1: Where are we now! Action Plans are the key to achieving a community's future vision.

Permaculture -- The Path to a Sustainable Future

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Scientists, biologists, economists and even a few politicians are becoming aware that it is simply not sustainable. We dimly perceive that we are dangerously close to exhausting the earthly resources that sustain life on this planet. We can't see any clear path to the future. It all appears quite "normal" to us.

The Necessary Revolution: Creating a Sustainable Future

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Tags: Future Sustainable-development Economics

Local Communities Showcase the Way to Sustainable Future

Green Life Smart Life

This movement is showing that Main Street truly is the way to building a better, more sustainable future. Dedicated to promoting and sustaining local business, Local First organizations across the country are campaigning for a shift in the way we act, in the way we think and most importantly, in the way we spend.

Energy for a Sustainable Future Ebooks, online resources

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[link] Time : 9 hours Level : Introductory Introduction Introduction Resource Access to safe, clean and sustainable energy supplies is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity during the twenty-first century. 2 Definitions: energy, sustainability and the future 2.1 6 Energy in a sustainable future 6.1

Links Between a Poverty Fighting Present & a Sustainable Future

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In this context, was born a brave experiment in finding the nexus between sustainable development and poverty eradication. "We The primary focus is on poverty alleviation, based on the belief that sustainable development can be best implemented if it improves the quality of life and the standard of living of local residents. Quickly.

Get Ready for the 2011 International Green Awards!


By honoring celebrities, businesses, governments and entrepreneurs, the awards ceremony will highlight the best and brightest who are working hard to create a sustainable future. Want to party with [.]. Causes Environment Events

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A Poem for Earth Month – Thank You Mother Earth

Hug a Tree with Me

By: Roechelle Adair. Our Beautiful Earth. Green up community earth month sustainablity

Earth 57

Teach Kids Sustainable Behaviors and their Parents will Follow

Green Living Ideas

What are the barriers to adoption of sustainable behaviors, and how can we encourage people to reduce their energy consumption at home? This report from Oregon State University explains that when kids learned ‘energy-saving’ behavior, the parents followed suit, giving us a great path forward for future [&hellip.

Global warming could end the tradition of ice hockey in Canada


Time and again, we have harped about the prime importance of a low carbon, sustainable future essential for the very survival of the generations coming after us. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Technology.

Sustainable Olives

Green Earth Journey

- Musco Family Olive Company - Investing in a Sustainable Future from Cosimo Bullo on Vimeo

The Eiffel Tower goes green, two wind turbines installed on the iconic monument

Green Blog

Two wind turbines have been installed on France’s most iconic site, the Eiffel Tower, as part of the famous tower’s extensive green retrofit project.

Nature’s Place on the Global Stage

Conservancy Talk

How to lift millions from poverty while ensuring that a growing middle class uses resources sustainably are at the top of the agenda.

Saudi Arabia to grow world’s largest crescent-shaped Garden of Eden

Green Prophet

Lifestyle biodiversity Riyahd Saudi Arabia sustainable design Saudi Arabia is building the world’s largest botanical gardens on nearly 2.5

Quick Take: Technology Opens New Doors for Fisheries

Conservancy Talk

This week, I joined colleagues and partners at the Seaweb Seafood Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana to discuss sustainable seafood and fisheries. But most of their catch comes from fisheries that are poorly managed, overfished and have little access to the growing market for sustainable seafood. Take Chile for example.

Beirut’s Rooftop Revolution (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

We interview urban designer Wassim Melki who envisions a sustainable future for Beirut’s skyline. The list goes on.

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Found in Translation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Their commitment to creating a sustainable future for their land is a commitment to creating a sustainable future for their people.

How to Thrive in the Next Economy – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

John Thackara is a writer and event producer who has spent a lifetime searching for live examples of what a sustainable future can be like.

Sharing Spaces for Events is the New Green: Splacer Leads the Way

Eco Chic

Being a website that has been covering the sustainable scene (and is run by Lindsay and I, who both live those values!)

2016 24

Dispatch from inside Masdar

Green Prophet

Masdar serves as a real-life experiment of how our sustainable future might look like. See coverage of COP20 ).

Cool Green Science: The Best of the Blog 2015

Nature Conservancy - Science

But sometimes, denser housing is the best choice for a sustainable future, argues urban conservation expert Rob McDonald. By Justine E.

2015 31

Welcome 2013 at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Green Prophet

Kick off the new year with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week to be held January 13 through 17. Address water challenges in arid regions.

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Sustainatopia 2011 Honors Celebs And Activists Who Commit To Doing Good


Ever heard of Sustanatopia ? There’s a VIP pre-party before the event too! For tickets and more info on how you can get involved, click here !

2011 15

Here’s to Earth Day: 9 eco-friendly Caribbean resorts

Green Traveler Guides

Green Globe certified for its commitment to sustainable operation of the resort. | Green Travel News |. Iberostar Cozumel, Mexico. Lucia.

Qatar: First Saltwater Barley Crop Sprouts in the Desert

Green Prophet

A 4,000 hectare project could create up to 6,000 direct jobs and 13,000 indirect jobs, Brading said at the meeting. ” they asked.

Qatar 20

Emerald Edge: Old Growth Forest Injects New Life into Conservation

Conservancy Talk

In many ways, Tribal Parks such as these represent First Nations’ visions for sustainable management of their lands. The land here is wild.

Wharton’s Looking for Middle East Green-novation at Innovation Tournament

Green Prophet

Describe a solution that addresses one or more of these sustainability problems: 1. Crazy idea keeping you up at night? Here’s the deal.

UAE 21

Changing the Way We Think About Water: Q&A with Peter Gleick

Conservancy Talk

Photo credit: © Ami Vitale Mark Tercek: What gives you hope for our water future? Peter Gleick knows water. What do you mean by that? Peter H.

The New Horse-Powered Farm – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Including working horses in the farming mix can bring a satisfying solution, offering a viable model for a sustainable, resilient small farm.