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Product Review - KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen

Green Earth Journey

We love our planet and for that reason alone, we don’t test on animals. NEXT POST Labels: Product Review, giveaway

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A New Diet for the Planet?

Conservancy Talk

Without them, increased production leads to increased returns for farmers, and that draws more people into farming. And what about GMOs?”.

Heroines for the Planet: Art Activist Asher Jay

Eco Chic

To me, art and fashion are inextricably linked; I utilize both to transmit the narrative scope of a singular thought process. We are LIFE.

Water Condensers: Technology to Save the Planet?

Environmental News Network

Can this innovative science become a planet-wide technology that can save countless lives? By: Guest Contributor, Linda Bailey.

Meet the Microorganisms That Will Save the Planet (And the Fashion Industry)

Eco Chic

How do we produce the stuff we need with less (or no) impact on the planet’s limited resources? From Vegan Leather From Tea.

Ionic solvents to save energy during biomass processing


Green Products. Ionic solvents to save energy during biomass processing. According to a study conducted by the scientists at the Imperial College London, ionic solvents have slippery properties that could save approximately 80 percent energy consumed during biomass processing. eco friendly products. Please login. Sign In.

The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

" ~ Jeremy Irons, actor; executive producer of Trashed Waste is something we make every day, but we rarely give it much thought.

Heroines for the Planet: Model and Skincare Chef May Lindstrom

Eco Chic

Lindsay: I’ve spoken to so many women who have suffered averse reactions to beauty and personal care products, myself included.

This company turns recycled plastic bags into designer furniture with a traditional Egyptian weaving process

Green (Living) Review

Plastic shopping bags, as useful as they are for the 12 minutes when they're in use, are a curse on our planet. Read more here

Heroines for the Planet: Vaute Couture Vegan Fashion Designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve, she designs clothes so you all can, too. I couldn’t wait another second.

Processing Plastics

Eco Friendly Daily

Most products made with recycled plastics need to be molded due to the nature of the reformed pellets. It’s plastic. . Green News Green Tips

How Business Leaders Can Help Save the Planet—and Lead a Joyous Life

Conservancy Talk

As a result, deforestation of the Amazon because of soy production has nearly come to a halt. Cargill’s leadership on reducing the impacts of soy production was more than a purely environmental or ethical decision. Meanwhile, energy production is being increased at other dams so that current hydropower levels are maintained.

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Heroines for the Planet: Robin Wilson, Designer of Healthy Homes with Heart

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Starting my own firm, having a social media presence and being an interior designer with branded products has met all the requirements.

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Katerva Picks 8 Global Projects to Save Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Economy: EBay’s is the world’s largest multi-seller marketplace for socially and environmentally responsible shopping, which features thousands of products from around the world and combines trust and transparency with the online shopping experience. Who are Katerva’s Top 8? Read on.

Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

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Is global tea production ecologically sustainable? It is a neat a process of co-evolution. ” . How have these travels changed you?

The environmental footprint of recycled products

Green (Living) Review

then made into the products, which are then, in turn, shipped back for you to buy. for sale. It leaves a huge environmental footprint, however.

What the Passage of the Wind Production Tax Credit Means for.

Sierra Club Compass

Dont Frack Our "Promised Land" » What the Passage of the Wind Production Tax Credit Means for 2013 and Beyond. Compass. Search.

Heroines for the Planet: Anna Getty

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Her main objective is to be of service to others and the planet, and so long as she’s doing just that, she’s at peace. I wanted to help people make more conscious choices about their lives , what they ate, how they took care of themselves, their families and children and the planet. So I had double the work.


Green (Living) Review

Until such a time, however, any wooden product keeps the carbon dioxide locked up that the tree has absorbed during the time that it grew.

New Agro Food Park for Denmark to change the core of a broken system

Green Prophet

We all need better food in our lives. Now Denmark is putting its stake in the ground and ploughing ahead with new ideas. Cities agritech urban food

Product Review - Lunch Bots

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I felt strongly enough about this need to create a product myself. EV NEXT POST Labels: Product Review, ECO Online ShoppingHyla).

The Need for Innovation in Local, Diversified Food Production


Save Water, Save The Planet

Green (Living) Review

By taking small steps to conserve water, you can help the planet in big ways. gallon-per-flush (gpf) standard, moving away from conventional 3.5 - 5 gpf models For those who already know about carbon footprint, learning more about water footprint will heighten awareness of how much water each consumer product and business practice consumes. Doing Their Part to Protect the Planet

Green (Living) Review

In an effort to protect the planet for future generations while providing quality products, , a comprehensive new website that features only products that are environmentally friendly, has been launched in Fall last year. This press release is presented for your information only.

The growth machine is killing our planet, so why hasn’t it been stopped?

Green Blog

Why, in the face of massive evidence that constant expansion of production and extraction of resources is killing us, do governments and corporations keep shoveling coal for the runaway growth train? is the most productive, creates the greatest wealth?’ But the growth machine pushes on. It’s not just inertia.


Green (Living) Review

SILVER SPRING, MD, April 2009 : Planet Green , the first 24-hour multiplatform lifestyle and entertainment brand devoted to the environment, announced that Emeril Green, Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff, Greensburg, Renovation Nation, and Wa$ted! Coming back for its second season, Planet Green’s series Wa$ted! Tags: PLANET GREEN

Sustainable Consumption and Production Publication

The Green Changemakers

Encouraging Sustainable Consumption and Production and promoting ‘Green Growth’. Brochure for UN CSD-14. Unternehmen Armut. 44 ff. PDF, 1.5

When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Now, like many other companies, it is in the process of setting or adopting new goals. Related Articles. By Sheila Walsh Reddy. By Jen Molnar.

Is wood more hygienic than plastic?

Green (Living) Review

wood woodland crafts woodland products woodworkers But then again you do not have to leave your wooden chopping board laying about in the damp.

Trash Planet: Germany

The Green Changemakers

by Marie Look The Trash Planet series highlights various countries around the world and how they handle their waste. So how do they do it?

One Planet Living

The Green Changemakers

Download the One Planet Living Communities Manual here PDF 1.2 Clearly, the situation in different countries will vary.

Terra Tech Corp Company Offers 5 Earth Day Friendly Tips to Eat for a Healthier Body and Planet

Green (Living) Review

OTCBB: TRTC.OB), a leader in sustainable urban agricultural products has 5 Earth Day friendly tips on how to eat for a healthier body and planet.

Earth Friendly Products Eliminates Over 600,000 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Pollution

Green (Living) Review

Garden Grove, CA : Earth Friendly Products ( ), a leader in manufacturing award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning products, has succeeded in using 100% renewable energy in each of its five plants during the entire manufacturing process. The purchase of green energy will not affect product pricing and cost to consumers.

A few things that are not – necessarily - going to save the Planet

Green (Living) Review

A few things that, maybe, aren’t going to save the Planet but still will be beneficial for you and the Planet. Always buy organic – NO, not necessarily There is no question that farming without pesticides is good for the Planet, but you can make a bigger difference with other food choices. Just need another one or two of them.

Could test-tube meat be the future of food?

Green Prophet

By the time meat gets to the consumer, it’s been processed far beyond its original form,” animal rights activist Koby Barak told The Times of Israel.

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Ecological Footprints and One Planet Thinking

The Green Changemakers

A focus on the backstory takes us to the "cradle" stage of a product's lifestyle, where the entire rest of its life is determined. hectares.

Vegan Leather Is Not Worse For The Environment Than Real Leather


These authors might be surprised to learn that phthalates are in meat and dairy products, too. Why target faux leather only? Of course not.

Happy Tequila Day! Did You Know Plastics Can Be Made from Tequila By-Products?

Eco Chic

Well, there’s a bunch of waste that comes out of that process, namely the fibers from the agave plant once the juices are extracted from it.

High Fructose Corn Syrup IS Bad for Your Kidney, Liver and the Planet (but can be Funny Too)!

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Mainly, because it’s processed, and processed foods are what are making us fat, by sneaking ingredients into our bodies that our bodies never evolved to digest. Some HFCS has also been found to contain detectable levels of mercury (17 out of 55 products containing HFCS tested high on the charts for mercury). Really.

A global manifesto for a happier planet

The Green Changemakers

It shows the relative efficiency with which nations convert the planet’s natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens.