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What the Conservation Movement Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conservancy Talk

It’s also a good time to reflect on the lessons that other movements can learn from Dr. King’s leadership. s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Migration in Motion: Visualizing Species Movements Due to Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

As climate change alters 
habitats and disrupts ecosystems, where will
 animals move to survive?
 Now you can see those migrations in motion.

Join the urban farming movement

Green Prophet

Part of the produce grown in these community farming projects is given to local food banks for distribution to needy people. Another M.E.

How The Mainstream “Animal Movement” Has Destroyed Veganism


Ever wondered what the effects of the mainstream “animal movement” are on the public perception of veganism? This is not a coincidence.

The Gap Between Wildlife and the Animal Rights Movement

10,000 Birds

Today I’m exploring a couple questions that have been bouncing in my head for a while…I’d love to hear your thoughts…I’m not calling into question animal rights, just the focus of the movement. Excuse the sudden and random departure from the typical self-aggrandizing and narcissistic ornithophilic content.

Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

Green Blog

Our only hope is the rise of mass movements with the combined goals of saving the environment and achieving social justice. The U.S. inaction.

Zero Waste Movement: 10 Ways to Join the Party.

Elephant Journal

Did you know the average American creates four pounds of trash a day? That’s 1,500 pounds of trash a year. Have you ever thought about where it all goes? Seriously, where do we store 1,500 pounds of trash for every person in America? Needless to say, trash management is a national (and global) crisis. Human beings contributed […].

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The Party – the working class movement – is always right

Green (Living) Review

That does not, however, mean that the movement, the party, can do no wrong on other levels; far from it. But that was not what is meant at all.

2017 11

The Power of a Grassroots Movement. {Video}

Elephant Journal

The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.

Why The Mainstream “Animal Movement” Promotes Peter Singer


Singer’s work is, in many ways, the machine that the mainstream movement uses to print money. Corporate welfarism is a problem. Sticky Veganis

2017 11

#myREALlife: The Social Media Movement that’s Changing the way we tell our Stories.

Elephant Journal

In an effort to "keep up," we hide our daily struggles, hiccups and hurts and choose to only document our best selves. We compare ourselves to what appears perfect and inevitably feel alone in our imperfection.

Why the Self-Help Movement Needs to Die.

Elephant Journal

I felt that I needed to change some fundamental internal flaw.

Walking Dead Star Urges U.S. to Join Cruelty Free Movement


to Join Cruelty Free Movement appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News Norman Reedus

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Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

Green Prophet

Business & Politics Energy activism Anti-nuclear movement interview Jordan nuclear power plantsOur interview with activist Basel Burgan, a leading figure against nuclear proliferation for energy, in Jordan. . Burgan’s also the general manager and owner of Burgan Drugstores, and is committed proponent for a nuclear-free Jordan.

Celebs Join Movement to Remember Euthanized Homeless Pets


Read More The post Celebs Join Movement to Remember Euthanized Homeless Pets appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Islamic Gardens – They Could Build A Green Muslim Movement

Green Prophet

What kind of state did you find the environmental movement amongst British Muslims in the UK? Mark Bryant says they can.

Not My Movement; Not My Orgs: Part 2


I have written before about how justice for only some is no justice at all. Campaigns targeted against fur are, by default, campaigns targeting women.

The Feminist Movement has not Changed Women, it has Found Them.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights american family feminism feminist movement finding sense of self gender rolesIf this is killing the American way of life, I say good riddance.

McKibben To Environment Movement: ‘Be More Confrontational’

Green Prophet

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Bill McKibben has had an eventful couple of weeks. So where are we going wrong? Wear A Tie And Get Arrested.

VIDEO: Animal Rights Movement Moving Backwards


Watch the video above for his lecture on what’s holding the animal movement back, and how The Abolitionist Approach can help propel it forward.

No Need For Movement. {Adult Poem}

Elephant Journal

To all the men who are good with their hands: Blog (always click 4 all blogs) love poem romance sex

San Diego Schools Join Meatless Monday Movement


Read More The post San Diego Schools Join Meatless Monday Movement appeared first on Ecorazzi. Board V.P. Eats Featured News Vegetarian


Green (Living) Review

As we look at the challenges facing our world, from poverty to climate change, it’s clear that these problems are interconnected. Read more: [link

Mindfulness Isn’t a Trend, It’s a Movement.

Elephant Journal

It’s a movement. Mindfulness is not a trend, as people have been declaring on this and other sites.

How the Farm-to-Car Movement’s Leader, Debbie Mielewski of Ford, Works: Heroines for the Planet

Eco Chic

” The post How the Farm-to-Car Movement’s Leader, Debbie Mielewski of Ford, Works: Heroines for the Planet appeared first on Eco-Chick.

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Support the Bike—A Visit with the Architect of the “Free Cycles” Movement.

Elephant Journal

“We learn how to build the world while we learn how to build a bicycle.” ~ Unknown.

How the Tiny House Movement turned me Into a Hater.

Elephant Journal

I have seen real people—seemingly normal people—buy and live in a coffin sized house. I’ve had bigger doll houses than some of these so called.

Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

Green Prophet

Can urban agriculture save Cairo? We think it’s a pretty good start. One group of friends is giving it their all. All urban farmers are welcome.

Can cell phones track your movements when turned off

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The short and simple answer here is an emphatic NO, whatever conspiracy theorists and those wishing to sell you gadgets are trying to claim. One caveat I would like to add there and that is if a cell phone would be fitted with a GPS tracker that is kept active without the phone being on tracking would be possible.

Timelapse Captures Movement of the Skies

Wend Magazine

Occupy Movement Steers Toward Pedal Power. Click here to view the embedded video. Tanguy Louvigny uses HDR photography to build this incredible timelapse of the skies. My favorite part starts at 1:45. Related posts: The Most Incredible Timelapse Video Ever. Another Time-Lapse Treasure: Ocean Sky

Turkey’s First “Slow City” Promotes Local Agriculture, Slow Food Movement

Green Prophet

Read more about the slow food movement in the Middle East: Egypt To Get 3% Of Africa’s Thousand Slow Food Gardens.

Ian Somerhalder: Social Media Is Key To Conservation Movement


Following his testimony on Capitol Hill last week , The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder spoke about youth involvement in conservation efforts.

Green 15

Beirut, Lebanon: eating organic & slow

Green Traveler Guides

| A Green Revolution | Come to Beirut. Come for the more recent French colonial heritage, impressive [.]

Stop “Shoulding” Yourself to Exercise: Revitalizing Fitness with Mindful Movement.

Elephant Journal

Do you find yourself exhausted even just thinking about exercise? Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness activity exercise exhaustion fitness health health wellness mindfulness

Ian Somerhalder Supports Anti-Fracking Movement


Actor and activist, Ian Somerhalder, is criticizing a proposal to set up a fracking well in St. Tammany in his native state of Louisiana.

Privilege and the Hierarchy of Oppression within the Animal Rights Movement


Guest Essay By Benjamin MacEllen. Every day can be a struggle to be heard, valued, or even to just survive. Francione. Gender People Sticky

Occupy Movement Steers Toward Pedal Power

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is now literally people-powered. After their gas-fueled generators were confiscated on Friday, the protestors have found a solution in the stationary bike. Check out the video above for more info on how exactly these bikes work. Check it out: Click here to view the embedded video.

Not my Movement; Not my Orgs: Part 1


In this essay, I’ll detail some of the worst offenses (in a long list) of the perpetuation of animal oppression championed by these orgs. Awards.

The Donate Movement – Improve, Strengthen, Create A Healthier World

The Green Samaritan

link] Amey Owen I recently myself learned about The Donate Movement after donating some old things at Goodwill. Last year 1.9 Pretty amazing!

2009 11

Ladies, the “Bad*ss Movement” is Overrated.

Elephant Journal

We are strong in our trust and even in our softness. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Non New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Writer's Contest June 1-14 badass don't give a fuck feminism pain relationships softness strong woman woman