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Making local woods work

Green (Living) Review

The Big Lottery Fund is awarding £1,151,111 to the Plunkett Foundation for its Making Local Woods Work project.

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Eating Local & Organic without Breaking the Bank.

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Local. Food Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) budget eating food frugal local meals money organic spending Organic. These two words are big in the food world.

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Local Specialties at Lake Junin

10,000 Birds

Luckily, there is a resident birding guide who can make finding the local specialties easy. local birding guide born and raised at the very shores of Lake Junin. Cesar has the local knowledge to find every bird in the area. The Ancient Lake Junin has its own flightless grebe, rail, and frog. Junin Rail Photo: Cesar Zeballos.

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Rare Birds in Costa Rica from a Local Birding Perspective

10,000 Birds

A rare bird is one we don’t see very often. However, that doesn’t mean that the bird species in question is necessarily endangered. It ended up on Cocos Island and since that eastern Pacific isle is in Costa Rican territory, Eastern Phoebe is on the list. Lincoln’s Sparrow for example. Oh, how that would be a nice year bird.

International airports source local farm food in 30 countries

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Locally grown hydroponic food in Thailand via Shutterstock. billion tonnes every year – is lost or wasted.

10 Paths to Localism. ~ Vicki Pozzebon

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credit Berry as the guru of the local economy movement, a man whose poems and essays are not only useful for direct [.].

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Buy Local

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Why should you buy local? There are all too many local, especially family-owned and co-operative, stores these days going out of business due to the low prices of cheaply made items from the massive discount department stores. Do yourself and your neighborhood a favor by supporting local shops.

Elk Antlers on the Prairie: A Shed Hunt to Benefit the Local Community

Nature Conservancy - Science

They’re collected by community members and sold to benefit the local 4-H and FFA groups. It is also a way to involve the local community.

Loyalty cards for independent shops boost local economy

Green (Living) Review

Recent graduates David Williams and Oliver Press, both 23, asked themselves this very question. Read more: [link

Coffee Maker ‘Grounds and Hounds’ Shares Profits With Local Animal Shelters


is as Read More The post Coffee Maker ‘Grounds and Hounds’ Shares Profits With Local Animal Shelters appeared first on Ecorazzi. When you brew a cup of coffee from “Grounds & Hounds,” you’re not just satisfying your caffeine craving — you’re saving a dog’s life.

A “lifer” in our local patch

10,000 Birds

Last Sunday was Grant’s birthday and we decided to bird our local area in search of something special.

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Local Harvest in London Fields

Green (Living) Review

London Fields Farmers’ Market celebrates the Harvest Festival with hyper-local food with the help of Mayor-backed Capital Growth project.

Message in a (recycled) bottle for local authorities

Green (Living) Review

And if that is not a wakeup call for not just going through the motions. percentage points on 2009’s figure.

Carrie Underwood Fights with Local Rep Over Ag Gag Bill


Read More The post Carrie Underwood Fights with Local Rep Over Ag Gag Bill appeared first on Ecorazzi.

U.S. chef survey: ‘local & sustainable’ hottest in 2012

Green Traveler Guides

Go local and sustainable, say America's chefs. National Restaurant Association poll finds locally sourced meat, seafood and produce top menu preferences U.S. chef survey: ‘local & sustainable’ hottest in 2012 is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Hottest trends for restaurants this year?

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Ginseng Digging: Local Traditions and Global Markets for Appalachia’s Medicinal Plants

Nature Conservancy - Science

On my desk right now is a book called Tales of the Ginseng that my parents gave me for my twelfth birthday in 1976. Related Articles. By Hal Herring.

Local Architect Questions the Logic of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Groundwork

Green Prophet

Doha-based architect Romi Sebastian questions the feasibility of Qatar’s urban planning ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Logical Planning. Traffic.

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Local Fishing Groups Hold the Tools for Sustainable Fishing, but Need the Strength of Property Rights

Nature Conservancy - Science

Follow that Grouper: What Migration Data Tell Us About Locally Managed Marine Conservation. Related Articles. By Cara Byington. By Justine E.

Marine Fisheries: Does Local Protection Mean Local Benefits?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Local fishers assist researchers at a spawning site for coral groupers. Will protecting such areas benefit local communities? Reference.

How to Make ‘Local’ Food Good Conservation, Too

Nature Conservancy - Science

The local food movement has captured the imagination of many foodies, chefs and gardeners. It often means food grown “near” the consumer (e.g.

3 Big Reasons to Support Your Local Farmer’s Market this Summer.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Green Canada Farmers Markets local agriculture local farming Nova Scotia sustainableFarmers markets have everything from kale, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, and asparagus to tomatoes and much more. Nova Scotia […].

Berkeley’s Revival Bar + Kitchen: whole-hog on local, sustainable, farm-to-table

Green Traveler Guides

Berkeley’s Revival Bar + Kitchen: whole-hog on local, sustainable, farm-to-table is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | East Bay Green | Used to be, the neighborhood was, well, kinda scuzzy. patch of northern California urban oh my in downtown Berkeley, only a between-classes stroll from the UC-Berkeley campus.

CEO Of Organic Foods Company In Dubai Calls Local Farming “Stupid”

Green Prophet

No one would ever expect an organic food distributor to favor importing food to locally-grown produce, except in the Middle East.

Farm to Table in Hawaii: Eating Local, Connecting the World.

Elephant Journal

When we purchase food that was grown locally, we make choices that promote true sustainability—while directly supporting those who are supporting us.


Green (Living) Review

Local Money, Local Industry, Local Food, Local Everything by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In order to transition successfully to a post-oil age world we must localize everything as much as possible. Thus everything will have to be grown right in our own backyards, or thereabouts locally.

Free Beach Wifi to Tel Aviv Tourists and Locals

Green Prophet

On top of that and its rental bike program Tel-O-Fun , Tel Aviv is becoming a pretty cool city. . Map is here. Photo via Emilio Labrador. Cities

Beirut’s Pascale Habis cooks up a new local Lebanese cookbook

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Lifestyle Beirut books cooking local Middle Eastern cuisine organic Pascale Habis recipes So what’s the point of owning a cookbook?

Buy local and not at the People's Republic of China

Green (Living) Review

When, however, you buy from local producers you support local people and the local economy. Buy local and support localism.


Green (Living) Review

and systematically assesses the impact of organic agriculture on local economies titled U.S. Read more here

Local Parks: For People or for Wildlife?

Green (Living) Review

That such parks can be and are a haven to wildlife, however, is and must come secondary to the original uses.

Is the Local Food Movement Really Sustainable?

Elephant Journal

When asked why they buy local food, the stereotypical tote-bag-carrying farmer’s market customer will tell you that their reasons have a lot to do with environmental sustainability and doing their part to save the planet.

Want to Save the World? Build a Local Economy!

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It seems obvious to me that the [.].

If You Like Local Independent Coffee Shops, Help Pay the Rent. ~ Sue Heilbronner

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Healthy Finds At Safeway: A Slideshow of Their Organic, Local, Gluten-Free and Vegan Foods!

Eco-Vegan Girl

However, now that you know that one of their stores carries these items you can confidentially ask your local store to do the same.

Israeli Designer Brings the Nation’s Melting Pot Aesthetic Into His Local-Themed Furniture

Green Prophet

Industrial designer Michael Tsinovsky brought together Israel’s many local styles in his ‘asli’ furniture design. Design Milk.

The Pros & Cons of International vs. Local Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Elephant Journal

While international teaching programs tend to draw exceptional talent and allow students to immerse themselves in a yogic culture, local trainings tend to be. Health & Wellness Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today India yoga teacher training

A fresh look at local food systems

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Santa Barbara, in California, in the USA, has one what most people would say is a thriving agricultural local food system. It ranks in the top 1 percent of counties in the States in value of agricultural products and produce, primarily fruits and vegetables. We must be stupid or something.

Getting it right for local transport?

Green (Living) Review

London, Jan 19, 2011: Today’s Local Transport White Paper and Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Guidance for the first time ring fences money for walking, cycling and public transport and gives a real opportunity to get people travelling around in ways that are good for their health and the environment.

Buy local or don't buy at all?

Environmental Economics

Elisabeth Rosenthal at the NYTimes : But even as more Americans buy foods with the organic label, the products are increasingly removed from the traditional organic ideal: produce that is not only free of chemicals and pesticides but also grown locally on small farms in a way that protects the environment. invite you to share your views.

Local Wind Energy Industry Emerges In Turkey

Green Prophet

Turkey has used wind energy for more than ten years now, but never from locally developed and produced wind turbines. billion locally.