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How Are Casinos Becoming More Environmentally Friendly?

Living Green & Saving Energy

With global warming and the green-living culture becoming a significant issue, companies in all industries are having to re-think their strategies of production, sales and performance to in keep with a more environmentally friendly business plan. green business practices environmentally friendly casinos green casinos

Environmentally friendly banks

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A financial institution's environmental street cred should also be gauged by its investments and. A really green bank is one that goes way beyond using paper made with recycled content. which industries it loans money to

First lab-grown hamburger served, could make the meat-industry more ethical and environmentally friendly

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The human population is soon expected to reach nine billion people and, despite the environmental impact, we are eating more and more meat.

Unclog your drains the environmentally friendly way

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Let's look at unclogging the drain the environmentally friendly way, shall we. There are a few ways to clear clogs the environmentally conscious way: The plunger is one example, and one that often does the trick in no time. What now? Most people would now reach for the bleach or the lye-based stuff to clear out the clog.

Building Pollution Solutions: Making Bricks from Butts.

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If producers substituted only 2.5

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More Environmentally Friendly Cars

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eco-friendly cars have been produced but these have either been very unpractical or hideously expensive. For many years, scientists have been warning of the dangers to the environment. from car usage but very little seems to have been done about it. While more. This is starting to change

The Commuter Comparison: Why I Bike to Work.

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Bicycle Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness bicycle commuting cycling driving environmentally friendly green nature stressLast night, I was having dinner with my girlfriend and we spoke about a topic that we rarely discuss—commuting. Not a big difference.

Environmentally friendly head scratcher of the day

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  " Hambrock and Spetter explain that their goal is to create a more environmentally friendly transport for crowded urban settings. " " Huh

An Environmentally Friendly Approach to Death

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I created this film out of my graduate work for at the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University,” added Tripler.

Is Bamboo environmentally friendly?

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Neither is green or environmentally friendly. Everything about bamboo clothing is a lot of hype and especially greenwash with many of the environmental lobby being guilty and complicit in this. In fact rather the opposite. So bamboo clothing is not a very good and clean and green option at all. Bamboo cannot be cut into planks.

How to Make the Kitchen More Environmentally Friendly

Living Green & Saving Energy

As the kitchen is such an important part of the family home, it is vital to think about various ways of how you can make your kitchen more environmentally friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. The kitchen is often the heart of the home with everyone always congregating there. You’ll be surprised at the positive […].

Guest Post - Ideas for a Clean and Environmentally Friendly Home

Hug a Tree with Me

Choosing cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and removing toxic ones will ensure a fresh home with clean air.

Chandlers takes latest environmentally friendly products to Eco Technology Show

Green (Living) Review

They will be showcasing the latest environmental products at the Eco Technology Show at the Amex Stadium in Brighton on 15th and 16th June.

Are e-Readers really as environmentally-friendly as claimed?

Green (Living) Review

Are e-Readers really as environmentally-friendly and green as is it always claimed? They are far from green and environmentally-friendly.

31 Ideas for the Everyday Anyone to Go Greener.

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The Hows: Aside from the basic: refuse, refuse, refuse and reduce, reuse, recycle mantras, here are some specific Eco-ideas. Use what works for you.

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Green Your Laundry & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Mother Earth. ~ Dayna Colvin

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Aaron Perry’s kickstarter preview: 5 earthy & actually-fun things to make us actually-smarter & happier.

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Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Waylon Lewis WAYLON: Today Only Aaron Perry environmentally friendly fermenting gardening green living grow your food Kickstarter life hacks meal prep Oxytocin soil take a walk Y on Earth

Why you Don’t have to be a Tree Hugger to Hug Trees.

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"If you want to be happy, think first of others. If you want to be unhappy, think only of yourself.".

The Environmentally Friendly Toyota

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Toyota has been the leader in the auto industry for being green since it came out with its well-known hybrid Prius. One Million. What Next? The Future.

Dear Environmentally Friendly Diary

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I don’t know the exact answer to that, but I do know I have found several eco-friendly alternatives. It’s my thing. Make you own journal.

Environmentally friendly, efficient cleaning

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Here are my favorite green & cheap cleaning tricks that work with things you probably already have (or should have) on hand. Baking Soda. Vinegar.

Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Landscape

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Shrubs, trees and flowers are essential components of eco-friendly landscaping. Garden and Yard Care eco-friendly garden pesticides xeriscape

Making Airplanes More Environmentally Friendly

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On Saturday afternoon, I got on a plane to fly to Vancouver from Toronto- a five-hour flight that covers about 3500 kilometres. Videos

Eco Art Productions Goes Live in EcoPlum’s Online Boutique, Environmentally Friendly Handbags by Original Artists

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The EcoPlum online boutique debuts Eco Art Productions, environmentally friendly handbags made from original artwork.

Environmentally Friendly Odor Eliminators Tips

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Leave an environmentally friendly candle in the bathroom to light up when needed. Below are some tips. Stinky kitchen. Dish Disposal.

Got Shrilk? Insect Inspired Bioplastic. ~ Ansel Oommen

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Health & Wellness biodegradable bioplastic chemical eco-friendly environmentally friendly green green living insects material plastic recycle shrilk The other, chitin, is derived from shrimp shells.

24 handy lemon tips

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Lemons not only have a wonderful fragrance, but can also act as a green replacement for cleaning chemicals used around the home that aren't so environmentally friendly Is there anything better than scent of a lemon?

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An Environmentally Friendly Battery Made from Wood


Their report on the device — 1,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper — appears in the journal Nano Letters.

7-Eleven Stores Will Switch Exclusively to Plant-Based Just Mayo


Coming soon to a 7-Eleven near you: Just Mayo, Hampton Creek’s tasty, environmentally-friendly, and healthy plant-based condiment.

Hemp facts

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Hemp is an extraordinarily useful plant that can provide more environmentally friendly food, fiber, fuel, medicinal and building products

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6 Ways to Take Planes & Still Care for the Environment.

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Adventure Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today air travel airplanes compassion eco-friendly travel environmentally friendly zero wasteA lot of us love to travel, and I hope that one day there will be more carbon neutral ways to do so.

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Plastic wrap vs. reusable containers

Green Living Tips

What is more environmentally friendly - using plastic wrap or reusable plastic containers? Like so many aspects of going green, the answer depends on a number of factors

Exclusively Green Companies: The Best of the Best. ~ Lindsey McMahon

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Customers want to be environmentally friendly at all levels of their consumption, and are actively making purchasing choices that allow them to do this. Green methods of production and supply are becoming more and more commonplace, and it’s really consumer demand that has shaped this change.

This summer, travel the USA the eco-friendly way!

Green Traveler Guides

Community Xtras best tips for eco-friendly adventure travel vacations in the USA How to have an environmentally friendly adventure holiday in the USA

Wear a Green Costume this Purim

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For kids, the most important part of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim is the costume. So before you go shopping, ask your child what he wants.

The Winter Olympics Has a Winner – The Environmentally Friendly Richmond Olympic Oval

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The ice skating ring has been considered the best when it comes to environmental friendliness. The end result has been a resounding success.

3 Reasons You Should Make the Great Outdoors Your Gym. ~ Drew Kobb

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Bicycle Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Health & Wellness environment environmentally friendly exercise family green gym health Health and Wellness mind body relationship money saving ideas vacation It should come as no surprise that the great outdoors has a higher oxygen level than any indoor gym.

Hybrid electric bikes make touring in Bermuda lively and environmentally friendly


Hybrid electric bicycles. In addition to this these bikes provide a good source for a fun way to exercise. Via: Bermudasun

A Guide to Creating an Environmentally Friendly Office

The Green Changemakers

Traveling Green with LEED®-Certified Destinations

Living Green & Saving Energy

Vacation season is approaching, and information on environmentally friendly traveling is in order. green travel green vacation eco-friendly travel environmentally-friendly travel An eco-conscious traveler makes several decisions throughout his or her trip to ensure that the journey is as green as it can be.