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Russia’s 2014 Winter Olympics an Environmental Disaster


As Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi prepares to take the Winter Olympics torch from Vancouver, conservationists are calling the area an environmental disaster. Read More The post Russia’s 2014 Winter Olympics an Environmental Disaster appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Environment News Top News

Ship Carrying Thick Black Bitumen Sinks off Oman’s Pristine Coast

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Tire Fire In Kuwait Seen From Space

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According to Grist, a fire that size will have huge environmental impacts. “It An investigation has been launched into how the fire started.

Qatar Eco-Summit Spotlights Environmental Safety

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Particular focus will be on environmentally and socially sustainable deployment of oil and gas processes. It’s about time.

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“The Garden of Eden Had Been Turned Into The Ashes of Hell”- Azzam Alwash On The Destruction Of The Marshlands of Iraq

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The worst engineered environmental disaster of the last century”- UNEP. A Profile of Iraq’s Environmental Woes.

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BP Should Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon.

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Ground-Breaking Solar Agreement Between LA and Nevada Tribe » BP Should Pay Maximum Civil Damages for Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Compass.

Canada's proposed Pipline: Economic Necessity or Environmental Disaster ?


The Canadian government contends that the five and a half billion dollar pipeline is vital to tap into China’s energy demands

Greenpeace: Obama must shelve Arctic drilling plans, call for offshore moratorium

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“We a dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster,&# Obama said. And why shouldn’t they?

Are consumers responsible for the BP oil disaster?

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If “we” would just use less oil, then “they” wouldn’t have to drill in environmentally sensitive areas like the Gulf of Mexico. We Are,” by U.S.

Help me think of 11 times in Your everyday life that PVC, BPA and plastic hurt You!

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In today's video Waylon talks about the carcinogenic and environmental disaster known as plastic PVC, BPA, and so on.

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, October 9

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This infographic shows the real costs of environmental disasters. ( It’s a weird, wild world in today’s green news. Even Antarctica is affected by the government shutdown. ( NPR ). Tanzania’s government minister has a suggestion for how to deal with poachers. TreeHugger ). Grist ). Cyborg cockroaches ? For kids?

My Great Backyard Bird County on the Florida Panhandle

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In a world where we hear of environmental disasters more than environmental success stories, I like that thousands and thousands of birders across the world came together over one weekend to see and to count for a common cause. This year the event was even preceded by an article in the New York Times. Willet and Sanderling.

The red line that runs through Hungary after a massive sludge spill

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Cruise ships: the good, the bad, the Concordia

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Only time will tell whether one of the worst cruise liner accidents in Italian history will also lead to one of the worst environmental disasters. The human tragedy of the Concordia shipwreck is now largely known, but a possible marine tragedy is yet to unfold. Cruise News Concordia Cruise Lines Green Travel News Reuters

The Keystone XL pipeline is down, but not out

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But environmental activists and those affected by the oil industry have been answering that question since the project''s inception back in 2008. "If

Sightline Sues Obama Administration over Crude Oil Exports and Illegal Secrecy

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Removing the ban—or even opening loopholes in it—could unleash environmental disaster. The only response to date? Silence.

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"We are now in the era of Extreme Energy" -Naomi Klein interviewed


We also have the issue of the incredible environmental disaster that was BP. This is Naomi Klein on the era of 'extreme energy" and the BP Oil Spill. It's a transcript of a video that can be seen on Democracy Now. AMY GOODMAN: So, you have climate change. NAOMI KLEIN: Yeah, yeah. It’s just business as usual." But it’s

Top 10 environmental issues of 2013

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It''s been another year of environmental disasters in the U.S. So while wolves were certainly a hot topic in 2013, if enough people stand up for them, this issue need not devolve into a disaster. Oil Possibly the number one word on the tip of every environmental activist''s tongue this year, for a variety of unpleasant reasons.

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Video Reviews: Las Vegas Restaurants with Vegan Options

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I'm one of those people who loves Las Vegas, aside from the environmental disaster it is.

Mysterious mass fish die-off in Tunisia sparks world-ending debate (video)

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The M editerranean risks becoming a soup of environmental disasters, with little investigative science to explain such disasters.

INTERVIEW: Sofiah Jamil Talks Faith, Women & Climate Justice

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Green Prophet spoke to her about the unique environmental risks that the Southeast region faces and the role women can play in dealing with these.

Dimona Silica To Ship The Negev Desert To China

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An infusion of foreign investment has since saved them from obscurity, but at grave environmental cost. 6th century C.E. image via wikicommons.

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Scope of Gateway Pacific Analysis is Bad News for Coal Industry

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In other words, it’s a clear environmental disaster that would overshadow every other effort the state has made to reduce climate-changing emissions. The major takeaway is that it’s bad news for the coal industry. But in the end it doesn’t much matter. There’s simply no way around the math. Climate & Energ

"The Harsh Economic Sting of the Beepocalypse"

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Like other apocalypic environmental disasters we've been warned about, this one, too, is 99.9% Craig Newmark: OMG! What will we do when all the bees die ?    My suggestion: Don't worry. bogus. See Wally briefly explain in this short video with John Stossel. Or read this brief piece by Shawn Regan of PERC.

Lebanon Carpet Fire Causing More Atmospheric Pollution

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Doumet Kamel, head of Lebanon’s World Environment Party, told the Lebanon Star that: “This is an environmental disaster.

Don't confuse smaller government with more efficient government

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The juxtaposition of regulators losing their jobs so soon after the environmental disaster at Dan River that spilled coal ash into the state’s waterways is jarring.   The NC legislature is arguing that reductions in monitoring and enforcement will not reduce environmental quality. via  

'Microsubmarines' could help clean oil spills more efficiently


First ‘Microsubmarines’ Designed to Help Clean Up Oil Spills. The small vehicles can carry weights of up to ten times their volume in oil.

Rediscover the bicycle. and help the world go green

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) At some time most of us learned to ride a bicycle and the great majority of us did so as a child.

Can Environmental SF Help Save Our Planet?

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There is an obvious trend toward environmental premise in science fiction. An environmental disaster. A scientific discovery.

Climate Risk Means Financial Risk

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Research. from Carbon Tracker and the Grantham Research Institute at LSE shows that in order to stay below 2?C, C, 60 to 80 percent. only delivered 19.7

Actress Lucy Lawless and Greenpeace blocks Shell arctic driller

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Greenpeace is critical of Shell’s planned exploration for oil in the Arctic which the environmental organization says “signals the beginning of an Arctic oil rush” that could potentially cause “irreparable harm” to the fragile nature and its inhabitants. greenblog. Lucy Lawless protesting Shell’s planned exploration for oil in the Arctic.

Double Dividend

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So why not do that through a tax on carbon pollution or other assorted environmental unpleasantries? Point is, there are plenty of options for green revenue boosters, and most of them have the advantage of boosting our overall quality of life (and nudging us away from environmental disaster) in addition to closing the deficit.

Climate change “worst” is yet to come, UN report warns today

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The United Nations has issued a five years in the making report on climate change, and our future. It does not look bright.

Despite Toxins in Soil, Construction Approved for Former Jerusalem Munitions Factory Site

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Nahal Zin jet fuel leakage disaster. Architecture & Urban Environmental damage pollution soil contaminationBuyers beware. Haaretz.

Leader of Conservation Group to Become Coal Export President

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The board president of an environmental group, who is on the board of a second, will soon leave his partnership with a major law firm to go to work full time in support of coal exports, according to knowledgeable sources in the legal community. Both are fine organizations that deserve support. Read more at

BP and US Citizens Learn from

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What remains instead, say those who lived through the disaster, is the memory of their own power. It's like living through a war." When on Nov.

Asbestos Exposure Raises Cancer Rates in Lebanon

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Sudden environmental disasters such as the recent carpet fire in Safra and protesters burning rubber tires plague the beleaguered country.

Interview With Environmental Filmmaker Zeina Aboul Hosn

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I was always very passionate about environmental issues so I studied environmental health at American University of Beirut.

Three Years On From Deepwater Horizon little has Changed


So what has the government learned in the three years since the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history

February 17th Massive "Forward on Climate" Rally in Washington


The goal is to ensure that President Obama rejects the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline because it is an environmental disaster in the making.