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Giving Season – Oysters and Boots

Green Home Blog

Giving Season – Oysters and Boots. Now is the time that the locked doors of many hearts creak or swing open with great avail. The Oysters are Freed.

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Beirut, Lebanon: eating organic & slow

Green Traveler Guides

| A Green Revolution | Come to Beirut. Come for the more recent French colonial heritage, impressive [.]

Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

10,000 Birds

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Africa’s famous Big Five , but do you know there is also an equally fascinating Little Five ?

Our Top 10 Favorite Vegan Recipes of 2012


For your enjoyment, we've put together a list of our favorite recipes here at Razz that you can go back to time and time again.

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Holiday Efficiency: 10 EPA Tips on Keeping it Green

Green Home Blog

Holiday Efficiency: 10 EPA Tips on Keeping it Green. In the whirlwind of holiday shopping, activities, family, cooking and so much more it can easily let your green intentions slip away from you. Print this out and tape it to your fridge so you can refer to it as you speed by in-between roasts, toasts and those you love the most. USDA Organic.

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Ah, a chink in the armor of the google

Environmental Economics

Digitopoly : Google Scholar works via algorithm. It is an interesting question as to whether we should expect Google to be so hands off.

The UK steps up green living a notch: the biggest home improvement scheme since WWII

Green Living Ideas

Similar to PACE Programs in the U.S. , Property owners will actually pay for these improvements through their energy bills in monthly installments.

Shades of the Sunshine State

10,000 Birds

Corey let the cat out of the bag a couple days ago. It won’t be my first trip to Florida. 1) The Magnificant Frigatebird Tornado.

Dazzling Carpet of Plastic Bottles Adorns the Moroccan Desert

Green Prophet

Nobody wants to see rubbish littering the magical Sahara desert , unless of course it belongs to WE MAKE CARPETS.

Not funny

Environmental Economics

Multimillion-dollar salaries for coaches had gotten out of hand, it was generally conceded. Even worse were the buyouts being paid to fired coaches.

New Vegan Sitcom with Eric Roberts Raises Funds on Mobcaster


Wish there was a vegan character on television who you could relate to and who brought veganism to the masses?

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When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their.

Sierra Club Compass

In contrast to the wind industry's bold

Fruitful Fusion “Trochets” Bean Bags from Trash

Green Prophet

The founder of Fruitful Fusion , Khawja lent her crocheting expertise to the Trochet, an environmental initiative that turns trash into treasure.

Just sayin'

Environmental Economics

I was thinking of writing a lengthy post about climate change denial being completely unscientific nonsense, but then geochemist and National Science Board member James Lawrence Powell wrote a post that is basically a slam-dunk of debunking. What did he find? This: The thin red wedge.    via

Costa Rica Officially Bans Hunting as a Sport


Back in October, lawmakers in Costa Rica made history by passing a reform to its Wildlife Conservation law banning hunting as a sport; the first in Latin America to pursue Read More The post Costa Rica Officially Bans Hunting as a Sport appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Environment News Top News

New research proves it really is the giving that counts this Christmas

Green (Living) Review

The average spend per child is set to be ?104, 104, while one in five parents plan on spending more than ?200 200 on each child. on each household pet.

6 Slow Food Revolutionaries in Lebanon

Green Prophet

And their options to do so are growing alongside their burgeoning demand. Souk el Tayeb and Tawlet. Walid Ataya and Slow Food Lebanon. A New Earth.

Why Beyonce’s Pepsi Deal Pisses Me Off

Eco Chic

Soda has been identified by numerous studies as unhealthy , and some even compare it’s pernicious effects to the hazards of cigarette smoking.

Money-Saving and Water-Saving Purchases for the Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

Going green and saving money means conserving resources as you create a greener lifestyle at home. While saving energy provides the biggest bang for the buck, saving water should not be overlooked as an important step in permanently directing more money into your bank account and away from your local utility. Saving water in the [.].

21% of British households in fuel poverty

Green (Living) Review

But critics have warned that the plans could see an end to cheap deals, reduce competition and push up bills in the long run.

Jordan’s Feed-in-Tariff for Renewable Energy is an Arab World First

Green Prophet

Jordan is the first country in the Arab world to offer its residents an opportunity to earn money through feed-in-tariffs (FITs).

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How and When to Watch the Geminid Meteor Shower Tonight


Get your binoculars ready for the annual Geminid Meteor Shower happening this week. Featured News Science

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Eco-Chick Founder Starre Vartan Speaks to New York Times Blogger Andrew Revkin (Video)

Eco Chic

We were also neighbors back in my hometown of Garrison, New York, for a time.

While renewables grow, world nuclear electricity generation is on the decline

Green Blog

In fact, the actual electricity generated at nuclear power plants fell 5 percent between 2006 and 2011. shutdowns. Matthew Roney.

McDonalds Fleet Traveled 800,000 Miles With Recycled Biofuel

Green Prophet

It has been just 17 months since McDonalds announced its intention to recycle all of its vegetable oil for use as biofuel in its own fleet.

Ian Somerhalder Urges Donations to Win $50,000 Charity Challenge


Last year, Mozilla Firefox teamed up with Edward Norton’s social charity site Crowdrise to throw 12 celebrities and their causes together for some friendly competition. Whoever raised the most money Read More The post Ian Somerhalder Urges Donations to Win $50,000 Charity Challenge appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Wrap Smarter: 10 Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping Ideas

Eco Chic

VZWraps. An eco-friendly way to make gift-wrapping a cinch. Why wrap smarter? Half of the paper consumed in the U.S. Use VZWraps. Start shredding.

When Drinking and Fishing Don’t Mix

10,000 Birds

This photo came over the rehabber network, and I’ve been trying to track down its source ever since. Can anyone lay claim to it?

GlassPoint Uses Solar Mirrors to Loosen Dirty Oil in Oman

Green Prophet

California-based GlassPoint Solar has installed an unconventional concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in Oman.

Hundreds of Humboldt Squid Die on California Beach


Sadly, over the past few days in Santa Cruz, California, hundreds of the deep sea creatures have been stranding themselves on the beach.

Trust for Public Lands Offers Green Gift Suggestions

Green Home Blog

Trust for Public Lands Offers Green Gift Suggestions. What do you get for the friend or family member who insists they have everything?

The Dodo and the Solitaire: A Natural History

10,000 Birds

In the aim of addressing the many mysteries that surround the Dodo and the Solitaire , author Jolyon C. Non-English accounts are freshly translated.

Zucchini Latkehs Hannukah RECIPE

Green Prophet

A healthier spin on the season’s traditional potato pancakes. But children and adults all expect to eat something fried. Zucchini Latkehs.

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Anne Hathaway Wears Tom Ford Vegan Bondage Boots to Les Mis


Vegan actress Anne Hathaway caused a major stir with the bondage themed boots she wore to the "Les Miserables" premiere.