September, 2011

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Not seeing the forest for the trees?

Environmental Economics

Nancy Folbre promotes the notion of green jobs at Economix and then gets down to business: The biggest gains from investments in new renewable-energy technologies are not easily captured in private transactions, because they produce environmental services that are largely unpriced. These are red herrings because cost of green jobs vs. what exactly?

Monsanto or Organic? Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic]

Wend Magazine

(Sources and much more info, linked below this text). The company’s toxic and deadly past is enough to make any Monsanto supporter turn coat. ”".

Food 87

Twenty Hummingbirds To See Before You Die

10,000 Birds

You are wandering through a tropical rainforest. It is late morning and the humidity seems to rise with every step. But you are here for the birds.

2011 63

The untouchable Himalayan Healers

Green Traveler Guides

| Nepal’s Green Massage |. C an something as ahhhh -some as a massage be green? Why not? If your massage does that, it’s green. It hasn’t been easy.

2011 40

Egyptian Organic Farm Declared Sustainability World Leader

Green Prophet

These ‘New Sustainability Champions’ include just one company from the Middle East and North Africa region- SEKEM. Image via Bijan/flickr.

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Why Do Penguins Wear Tuxedos?

10,000 Birds

Penguins. The birds that wear tuxedos and star in major motion pictures. They eat only seafood, including fish, squid, krill and other organisms.

2011 54

Fiji resort named ‘Australasia’s leading green hotel’

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Travel News |. orld Travel Awards has picked Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort as “Australasia’s Leading Green Hotel” in 2011.

Fiji 34

Tel Aviv University Invents 40-Times Better Electricity Transmission

Green Prophet

These single-crystal sapphire fibers are only slightly thicker than a human hair. This is that find. But not forty times more efficiently, till now.

2011 33

10 Green Chefs You Should Follow Online


Ecorazzi’s Food Editorial Series is brought to you by Ecorazzi Eats Restaurant Week happening in vegan, vegetarian, & sustainable restaurants across the US on October 12-19, 2011. The world of food is becoming a leading factor in the green movement. As people decide they want to live better, eat better, and feel better about their [.].

2011 35

I just participated in a "faculty perceptions of social technology" survey

Environmental Economics

2011 28

Climber’s Thumb Reattached After Friend Finds It

Wend Magazine

But he wasn’t thumbless for long, because his climbing partner quickly spotted the thumb on a ledge below and climbed down to retrieve it.

2011 50

Is falconry a good thing?

10,000 Birds

James’ expression of his feelings and thoughts on falconry have helped me cement a little in me how I feel/think about it. Conservation falconr

Video: Natural to Eat Meat? Bras Cause Cancer? Vegans Can Be Bodybuilders? Organic Mexican Food? Another Giveaway?!!

Eco-Vegan Girl

It's Weekly Roundup video day!! Health Tip of the Week : Ladies, wear wireless bras (thanks to Rachel Avalon for the advice!) Giveaway Winner!

‘The Dome’ Mosque In Gaza Strip Is Under Repair

Green Prophet

In a bid to join the UN, Palestine needs more funding to repair damage and mosques like “The Dome&# in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.

2011 30

Cate Blanchett Launches Massive Rainwater Harvesting System


Both sectors are purveyors of experimentation and the embodiment of the imagination,&# she said. We’re Causes Environment cate blanchett

2011 31

The Plastic Pollution Coalition Celebrity Charity Auction

The Green Samaritan

If you have ever wanted to get a personal tour of  Ed Begley, Jr.’s Plastic straws  TO   Stainless steel, glass or just forgo althogether.

It's Friday, so this must be a sports economics post

Environmental Economics

We're covering the economics of sports subsidies. Here is the presentation ( PPT ). Thanks to Bruce Johnson for providing most of the slides.

Yes, That Bald Bird Is A Bald Cardinal…Probably

10,000 Birds

” I’m also sent photos via email and asked the same question on Twitter and Facebook. So it is somewhat a of a mystery. 

2011 46

Video: Organic Delivery, Best Indian Food Ever, Funny YouTube Videos, Vegan Advice, VegFest and More!

Eco-Vegan Girl

The title kinda speaks for itself - aren't you curious where I had the best Indian food EVER?!

1000 Naked Israelis Strip to Save the Dead Sea

Green Prophet

Spencer Tunick’s naked shoot at the Dead Sea in Israel: y es, some women even got covered in Dead Sea mud. There is a freedom of choice.

2011 24

Jamie Oliver Cooks Up Vegan Feast For Sea Shepherd Crew


Animals Causes Vegan jamie oliver paul watson

2011 27

OWL Giveaway Competition

Green (Living) Review

OWL ( ) has the ultimate gadget to keep your electricity costs down and help reduce your carbon footprint.

2011 23

Teaching Kids to Go Green and Save Money: Going Green Tips for Kids

Living Green & Saving Energy

By teaching your kids some ideas on living greener now they will grow up with more efficient habits, and likely will add a few of their own ideas on how to live green and save money in the future. Here are 10 going green tips for kids. green living how to go green saving money going green for kids green living for kids green tips for kids

2011 22

Machi the Whimbrel Gunned Down by Hunters

10,000 Birds

This is a bird that flew over 3,400 miles in one flight from Brazil to South Carolina, an amazing bird that is representative of every other Whimbrel.

2011 46

Paddle Board Fisherman Hooks 9-Foot Shark Near Surf Spot

Wend Magazine

When Calvin Tom took off on his paddle board yesterday to go fishing in North County, Calif., he didn’t know he’d be bringing back a shark.

2011 21
2011 Water 21

Video: MSG in Doritos, Cooking with a Vegan Zombie, How to Compost, Mind Upgrade and Free Organic Clothing!

Eco-Vegan Girl

You know what time it is: healthy and sustainable weekly roundup time! Are You Ready For Dis?! Health Tip of the Week: Eat your greens!

Japan To Resume Whaling, Inject More Cash Into Defense Against Sea Shepherd


With their people and economy still reeling from this year’s tragic and horrific earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government is reportedly proceeding with plans to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean. Even more mind-numbing is news that an additional $25M US will be added to the estimated $40M cost of the program to beef up [.].

Japan 26

Jews, Muslims, Christians in Israel Unite for Planet Earth

Green Prophet

Providing teaching material to unite Holy Land faiths. Quelling the effects of climate change. Lifestyle & Culture Religion

Diaphanous Dreams: Suzanne Rae S/S 2012 Collection (Video)

Eco Chic

Suzanne Rae’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection was shown as part of New York’s Fashion Week. Seriously, I’m obsessed!

2012 16

Meet James and Mike at Extreme Raptor Weekend

10,000 Birds

Yeah, me too! You’ll have your chance three weekends from now, 15-16 October, at the Extreme Raptor Weekend in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

2011 34

Reel Rock Film Tour 2011

Wend Magazine

The fall adventure movie season kicks off in Boulder next week with the Reel Rock Film Tour. Visit their web site for show times and details [link].

2011 21

Video: Easy, Cheap, Healthy Vegan Meals That Take Less Than $2 and 15 minutes to Prepare

Eco-Vegan Girl

And that's in San Francisco, which is likely more expensive than most areas of the country/world. 50-$1 + 1 minute Oatmeal (sugar free): $.85 35 ($.75

2011 20

Report: Dolphin Slaughter Underway In Taiji, Japan


The annual dolphin hunt season in Taiji, Japan began on September 1st. Now, reportedly the first dolphins of the season have been killed at the cove.

2011 25

Under Siege in Iran, Baha’i Advocate Social Action, Human Rights, Sustainability

Green Prophet

The terrace of the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens in Haifa is the most stunning destination in Israel’s third largest city. Baha’i Tourism.

Iran 16