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5 Ways to Be Happier & Less Depressed Through Buddhism.

Elephant Journal

5 Ways to Be Happier & Less Depressed Through Buddhism

Sunny Solar Outlook For Middle East and North Africa

Green Prophet

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are expected to bring 3.5GW of solar capacity online by 2015: Saudi Arabia and Turkey lead the way.

Plastics Suck Up Other Toxins: Double Whammy for Marine Life.

Mother Jones

Some plastics are worse than others for the marine life that accidentally or intentionally eat them. Unfortunately the most

The Dove Who Came In From the Cold

10,000 Birds

Not in any espionage sense. The pigeon seemed very comfortable. Of course it’s not permanent. Time and chance happeneth to museum specimens.

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Renewables, In One Chart.

Mother Jones

When it comes to America's energy future, it seems like all we ever hear about these days is natural gas.

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TSA Dumps Porno Airport Scanners. Good Riddance! | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

The reason: Rapiscan, their maker, can't meet the software

DC 21

Not all charcoal is equal

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) With barbecuing becoming more and more popular, also and especially with many top chefs and gastro-pubs around Britain most of the charcoal sold in the country aids in the destruction of the tropical forests. Only 10% of all charcoal sold in Britain is from this country. The rest is greenwash.

Farewell, Obama's "Green Dream Team" | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Another member of President Barack Obama's cabinet is on his way out the door. The Nobel

The Dirty Secret About Quinoa – And Its Real Cost

Green Prophet

This healthy superfood filling up kitchen cupboards of ethical and vegetarian eaters comes at a high price for those in Peru and Bolivia .

Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Green Living Ideas

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll wind up with a sore throat at least once now that Winter us upon us. Cayenne Pepper. Apple Cider Vinegar.

DiCaprio to Focus on Environment During ‘Long Break’ from Acting


Causes Entertainment Environment News Top News leonardo dicaprio

Friday Downer: BPA Substitute Is Still Bad For You | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Years of research have found evidence that Bisphenol A?also also know as BPA?is Those findings have

DC 4

Why I Decided to Break Up with Facebook: A Yogic Perspective.

Elephant Journal

The same caveats apply to the social networking world. We wish to put our best face forward, to scream from the cyber

SAG Awards Dinner to Feature Delicious Vegan Option


Eats Entertainment Film/TV News Top News Vegan

Seane Corn on the Hyatt Boycott & Yoga Journal Conference.

Elephant Journal

Seane Corn on the Hyatt Boycott & Yoga Journal Conference: Statement

Bhalo: Hand Created, Ethical Prints to Excite and Amuse (De-Rut Your Wardrobe!)

Eco Chic

The confetti dress , with fabric made in Rajshahi, and sewn by Folk Bangladesh. All of their (very well-priced—check out the sale section!)

Eco 3

Filter It: Clean Your Water Right

Green Home Blog

Filter It: Clean Your Water Right. Not long ago it was normal to fill a glass of cold, clear water from the kitchen tap for a refreshing beverage.

Get Your Ears in Shape for Spring with Larkwire

10,000 Birds

Are you sometimes astounded when you are out with another birder who manages to hear and identify many more birds than you? Larkwire!

Do You Got The Gear? Or Oh Portlandia You Make Me Anxious

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. For a comedy skit I found this, well funny first, but then disturbing… very disturbing, I was literally squirming in my chair watching these two get ready for a hike. The last few seconds of the skit are priceless though. Related posts: Gauging the Gear: Avex Autospout and Autoseal Water Bottles.

Union v. Hyatt: "Are yoga teachers & students who attend the Yoga.

Elephant Journal

Official statement from the Union: Are yoga teachers & students who are attending the Yoga Journal conference crossing a picket line

Watch: Paul McCartney Records Song to Promote Vegetarian Food


Eats Featured Music News Vegetarian linda mccartney paul mccartney

Help! I Forgot Who I Am! | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Source: via ? Jevel Wedding Planning | Jennifer E Wilson ? on Pinterest Today my 22-year-old called me feeling distressed. It was

Weekend Reading 1/18/13

Sightline Daily

Eric: Okay readers, I could use your help here. Al Jazeera has a good segment on the growth of bicycling in Seattle. First, at Crosscut, Daniel M.

elephant has a crush on. our Parade of Apprentices! | elephant.

Elephant Journal

These people are one of the many reasons I love working for elephant

Who Pays for Freight Railway Upgrades?

Sightline Daily

Photo credit Jesse Varner. Whatever you think about coal exports, you’ve got to admit the proponents have a terrific sense of humor. Hilarious!

The Yogi Muse on Choosing Teacher Training, Certification and.

Elephant Journal

How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training, should you get certified, and does it matter if your teacher is famous? Advice from the Yogi Muse

PETA Wants Monopoly’s Purebred Scottie Changed to Rescue Mutt


PETA has always found interesting ways to get the word out about animal protection issues. Read More The post PETA Wants Monopoly’s Purebred Scottie Changed to Rescue Mutt appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

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The Year of Community. ~ Ann Griffin | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Experiencing a broader meaning of community every day.

Fracking Up Our Food System


In the past few years, the United States and many other nations have developed a growing interest in natural gas as an alternative to coal and oil.

2013: The Year of the Robot Unicorn. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

2013 is expected to be a most auspicious year! Here's a list of what may come in the upcoming year: Weather: ? We will finally

New York Eyes $1B Green Fund, Electric Car Network


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed creating a green bank to spur private investment in the clean economy.

My Study of Life. ~ Sh'mal Ellenberg | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Study nature in order to understand about life and maybe the universe

Mercury, Birds & People: What we can learn from studying our.

Elephant Journal

Birds aren't that different from people. We learn from our parents, just like zebra finches learn songs from their fathers.

What Every New Yoga Student Needs to Know. ~ Shanan Harrell.

Elephant Journal

What Every New Yoga Student Needs to Know. Shanan Harrell