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COP18 Host Could Be Swallowed Up by Rising Seas

Green Prophet

A sea level rise of 100 inches or eight feet in Ar Ru’ays, a city at the northern tip of Qatar, would render 100% of the population homeless.

Qatar 18

Hayden Panettiere Explains Why She Ditched Her Vegetarian Diet


Actress Hayden Panettiere apparently tried vegetarianism, but couldn't keep up the diet because she felt too tired. Read More The post Hayden Panettiere Explains Why She Ditched Her Vegetarian Diet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Top News Vegetarian hayden panettiere

Egypt’s Inspiring Youth Launch New Environmental Coalition

Green Prophet

Egypt’s youth are an inspiring bunch. But they are not being deterred. It just takes time.” Image via 350 Egypt Facebook Page.

Hotels ‘green up’ for business guests

Green Traveler Guides

A hotel stay might have once been thought of as an opportunity to overindulge on rich buffet food, multiple luxuriant baths and mini-bar nightcaps, but is the modern business traveler more likely to demand gluten-free breakfasts, in-room yoga mats and a green-energy policy?

Is Britain about to privatize and denationalize its road network?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If reports are to believed this is in the offing with the Highways Agency probably being abolished and foreign investors sought to run the roads. This could mean that other countries have a say how our roads are maintained, who can drive on them, and the toll charges for them.

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Tesco launches nationwide food collection for Christmas as new research highlights extent of people going hungry

Green (Living) Review

Significant numbers of parents had also gone without food to feed their children. Thank you.” In the past year, we provided food for 8.6 Thank you!”

Recipe: Pear and Cranberry Infused Nutty Brown Rice Salad

Hug a Tree with Me

Together with high fiber and vitamin packed cranberries, almonds and walnuts. salt ¼ tsp. Makes 6 servings

What is Your Water Footprint?

Green Home Blog

What is Your Water Footprint? Most of us know what a carbon footprint is. The phrase “global warming” was not even mentioned. Is it sustainable? - Number One Source for all Things Permaculture

Hug a Tree with Me

Without a healthy earth, there can be no healthy man!

Barred Owl in Central Park

10,000 Birds

Barred Owl is not a species that most birders expect to find in New York City, much less Central Park. When reports of not one, not two, but three (!)

Is increasing marginal cost a zombie idea?

Environmental Economics

I used to like Angry Bear -- "slightly left of center" macro stuff. I happened to land there this weekend and found it has gone post-Autistic (could that be true, or did I find a renegade post?). is ridiculous on its face, 2. is completely contrary to how profit-maximizing producers think, and 3. is based on just-plain incorrect math.*

Vagrant Cliff Swallow Killed By Sparrowhawk in Sweden

10,000 Birds

A twitcher’s worst nightmare. Asides

WildSpring Guest Habitat: deep green ‘nature with four stars’ on Oregon’s coast

Green Traveler Guides

| Natural Green Magic | When we arrive, it’s like time traveling back, oh, a generation or so. This funky little artist enclave of Port Orford, the oldest town in Oregon, is barely 60 miles north into the Beaver State, yet three hours to anywhere. It’s quiet. Quirky.

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UN Climate Talks: Critical Phase

Green (Living) Review

DOHA, Qatar, 26 November 2012 - Today was day one of the UN climate conference as it kicked off with an ongoing battle over the rules of the international climate controls from now until 2020. " Brandon Wu, Senior Policy Analyst, Action Aid USA said. " Brandon Wu, Senior Policy Analyst, Action Aid USA said.


Environmental Economics

Here's a link to a fun little sea level rise tool to waste some time at work , er, for you doomsday lovers out there , er, for you climate change denier s, er, for you climate change alarmists , er, for you. No matter the scenario.I sure hope thoase Army Corp engineers knew what they were doing in New Orleans


Green (Living) Review

DOHA, QATAR, 26 November 2012 - Today, the Like-Minded Developing Countries (LMDC) underlined that a successful closure to the work of two Ad hoc Working Groups namely the AWG on the Kyoto Protocol and the AWG on the Long-term Cooperation Agreement will be the first priority for the Doha COP. Currently, the ambition levels pledged are very low.

Skis Created From Your DNA

Wend Magazine

Well not exactly, but Peter Wagner of his namesake Wagner Custom ski’s outside Telluride comes close. A Skibum/Mechanical Engineer who designed custom golf clubs by night, combined his two passions into his own venture. No related posts. General

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LA Approves Plan to Buy Solar Power from Moapa River Indian.

Sierra Club Compass

It Takes a Cluster to Build a Rain Garden

Sightline Daily

New rain garden purchased through Seattle's RainWise program and installed at Beth Humphrey's Ballard home; Lisa Stiffler. Isn’t it great?”

Doha Climate Conference: Beyond Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

Sierra Club Compass

The Sierra Club is also here to push for sensible solutions

Beemtech’s Smart Sensors Slash Energy Use in Commercial Spaces

Green Prophet

Online and remote controls for smart energy solutions for heating, cooling and office space lighting. Is it too bright or too hot in the room?

Fashioning Change Offers 40% Off Everything for Cyber Monday! And a Fun Song for Their First Birthday

Eco Chic

Organic Camel Coco Coat Head on over to Fashioning Change to check out all the cute sustainable fashion fabulousness you can get 40% off on today!

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 2

Green Prophet

Investing in African Agriculture. Israel will contribute expertise in irrigation, water technologies, agricultural production and climate change.

How to Avoid a Federal Budget Train Wreck

Sightline Daily

In Washington DC, lawmakers’ attention is turning quickly to avoiding the so-called “ fiscal cliff.” Unless the lame duck Congress can fashion a more sensible compromise, a set of measures automatically go into effect in January 2013: The Bush-Cheney tax cuts will expire for everyone, and “sequestration” will mandate budget cuts of $1.2 billion.

Water Portraits – Making A Splash For Water Conservation

Green Prophet

In a bid to highlight our water use and waste , photographer Peter Holmes has created a series of memorable portraits. In England it was 4.9

Captain Planet Sequel: Don Cheadle Returns (VIDEO)

Eccorazzi has released a follow-up to their hilarious 2011 "Captain Planet" spoof - and boy oh boy, are humans ever screwed. Read More The post Captain Planet Sequel: Don Cheadle Returns (VIDEO) appeared first on Ecorazzi. Entertainment Featured Film/TV News don cheadle

ZARA Fast Fashion Retailer Under Fire for Polluting China’s Waterways

Green Prophet

Several other clothing manufacturers rose to the environmental advocacy group’s challenge to clean up their act. Zara under fire.

Affleck to Obama: Make the Congo a Priority


Ben Affleck continues to use the spotlight to focus on the civil violence impacting the Congolese people. Read More The post Affleck to Obama: Make the Congo a Priority appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes News People Top News ben affleck

Bookstores Guerilla Book Campaign


Independent bookstore Weller Book Works left 878 books lying around Salt Lake City as part of a guerilla campaign to promote literacy in the community.

Vegan Holidays Drinks to Spice Up Any Party


For guests unsure of what omnivorous hosts may have on hand, bring a vegan-approved bottle (or two) to the celebration. Read More The post Vegan Holidays Drinks to Spice Up Any Party appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegan

How To Stay Secure On the Internet and Go Green Too


As quality of life and health care is improving thanks to medicine and technology, the population is over 7 billion. Small change

Miley Cyrus Loves Her Rescued Pig Birthday Gift from PETA


PETA has been known to be generous with gift giving. Read More The post Miley Cyrus Loves Her Rescued Pig Birthday Gift from PETA appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News miley cyrus

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Qatar Welcomes Climate Change Talks


President His Excellency Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah welcomed parties to Doha with a frank assessment of how dependent Qatar was on a positive outcome: "As a coastal dry land nation, Qatar understands the very real threat posed by the impacts of climate change. Our entire population lives at sea level. This is why environmental