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Losing Nemo: Great Barrier Reef At Risk From Coal | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Now, it seems, the big momma of all reefs

Feed people, not landfills

Green (Living) Review

At the same time, more than 14% of households in the United States were food insecure, meaning they did not know where their next meal would come from.

Northern Lapwings in New Jersey – A Before Work Caper

10,000 Birds

I had been wishing I could get to see them but between family and job it just wasn’t working out for me to make the 90-minute ride to New Egypt.

Germany now has 1.3 million solar energy systems

Green (Living) Review

Germany now has 1.3 million solar energy systems which generated 28 billion kilowatt hours in 2012 by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There are now some 1.3

Saturday Morning Motivational Video

Wend Magazine

Click here to view the embedded video. Now get out and do something! No related posts. General

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A Planning Guide for Edible School Garden

The Green Changemakers

Start Your Own Seed to Table Garden Today! Share This Download the free pdf guide on planning your own School Garden. Garden activities and literature.

cosmetic safety: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Green Living Ideas

We put hundreds of products on our bodies each week- but how many of these are good and clean? And how many of them are actually bad for our bodies ?

Scarab (Dung) Beetles Navigate by the Stars

Green Prophet

Scarab beetles were sacred to the ancient Egyptians. These insects rolled balls of dung across the earth just as the sun god Ra rolled across the sky.

Make Climate Change a Priority , Says World Bank Group President


Jim Yong Kin is president of the World Bank Group. This article is on their website and appeared also in the Washington Post.

The Fossil Fuel Burden -Interview Part 2


Kari: In your book, you address what a forceful public involvement in the climate crisis might look like, and you describe as a civil rights movement.

2013 The Year for Real Action on Climate Change ?


Can we really start to hope again that world leaders might really act on climate change?

The Fossil Fuel Burden


Kari Birdseye: Sandra Steingraber, welcome to Down to Earth. As a parent, I want to thank you for writing Raising Elijah.

John Kerry Says He'll Control Keystone XL Review as Secretary of State


” Kerry made his remarks to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a hearing on his

Oil 1

President's Remarks Reinforce Need for Climate Action


The next four years are among the most important in human history. “We’ve seen a glimpse