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Job Search for the Mindful Life: Clarify Your Mission. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Job Search for the Mindful Life: Clarify Your Mission

A new poll with climate change questions

Environmental Economics

  E2 Wire : About one-third of people in the United States say action on climate change is "essential" in 2013, according to a  USA TODAY/ Pew Research Center poll released Thursday. Thirty-four percent of people in the poll called taking action on climate change “essential this year." " Thirty-nine percent said climate change needs to be addressed in the next few years, while 19 percent said nothing should be done and 8 percent had no opinion. 

Olivia Munn Narrates New Shocking Anti-Fur Video


Actress and animal activist Olivia Munn has once again partnered with PETA to shed light on the fur industry, with a horrific, undercover video showing what really happens to animals Read More The post Olivia Munn Narrates New Shocking Anti-Fur Video appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Good Riddance: 112th Congress Had Worst Environmental Record.

Mother Jones

"The best that can be said about this session of the 112th Congress is that it's over," League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski said this week. The sentiment comes in reaction to the League's 2012

2012 13

Bhutan- Helping Lead the Way on Sustainability


Bhutan plans to become the first country in the world to grow all of its crops using only organic agricultural practices. It plans to ban the sale of pesticides and herbicides and rely instead on its own animals and farm waste to produce fertilisers.

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Why 2013 is the Year to Buy a Hybrid Car

Living Green & Saving Energy

At the beginning of 2012, the median age of cars on the road was 10.8 years, an all time high, according to

Carbon Regulation Watch

Environmental Economics

"So the EPA, probably in the next few weeks, is probably going to set standards that any new power plant that's built in the U.S. has to achieve a certain carbon dioxide emissions rate per unit of energy produced."

Receive a Healthier and Cleaner House While you Relax

Hug a Tree with Me

Okay, so all of my Virginia, Baltimore area and Washington DC readers are gonna thank me for this one. First I have a few questions; wouldn’t it be just lovely to come home after a long day at the office and not have to worry about cleaning your house?

Toxic Toys

Green Home Blog

It’s that time of year again. Spring break is just around the corner and your kids are excited about the idea of free time away from school. But when the big event finally occurs, it seldom takes more than three days before they start whining, “Ma, there’s nothing to d-o-o-o !”.

Beauty Recipe: Intoxicating Peppermint Orange Oil Body Scrub

Hug a Tree with Me

This exfoliating sea salt scrub is extremely intoxicating. The Peppermint oil marries beautifully with the orange oil to create a lovely fragrance. The combination of detoxing Himalayan sea salt with sweet almond oil and orange peel makes for a wonderful body scrub.

Oil 2

Gauging the Gear: Ibex Wool Aire Sweater

Wend Magazine

Ibex Introduces Wool to Down vs. Synthetic Debate. Lunchtime. The insulated, lightweight jacket is an essential part of an outdoors (and often in-city) wardrobe. Until recently, there have been two insulation choices: down or synthetic. Now Ibex has introduced a third: wool.

Defining value: One giant panda at a time

Environmental Economics

Some insights into values as defined by panda preservation: Who wouldn’t want to fly across the world and spend a week with giant pandas? They  They are undeniably cute.

Peli Can-Do

10,000 Birds

“The young ones are incredibly curious and playful,” says Monte Merrick, the co-Director of Bird Ally X in Arcata, California, which is almost to the border of Oregon. The adults don’t say much – minor grunts, mostly bill clacking. But the babies bark like dogs and moo like cows.”.

Fresh Ideas for Home Recycling

Hug a Tree with Me

In an ever-changing world, it’s growing more and more important for humans to think about their impact on the environment. The smallest change can be enough to make a big difference, if enough people subscribe to it. One area we can all examine is our choice and usage of eco-friendly stationery. Nowadays there are hundreds of choices when it comes to the types of paper, pens and pencils we can choose.

"Paying Ecuador to Protect the Rainforest"

Environmental Economics

Common Resources : A recent episode of NPR’s  Planet Money discussed Ecuador’s proposed solution to a national dilemma: the fact that a massive oil discovery and a national park happen to be in the same place. Ecuador’s proposal is to forswear drilling – but only if other countries donate half the value of the oil in aid (about $3.6 billion).

Is Your Kitty Cat a Destructive Killer?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Cats kill billions of birds each year. Credit: Flickr/dr_relling. by Matt Miller, senior science writer. Does the loss of bird populations begin with a meow ?

Georgia Activists Greet Obama, Keep the Pressure On - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

It's hard to catch a president whose travel schedule is always up in the air. But that didn't discourage Georgia activists from greeting President Obama during a recent last-minute stop in Atlanta. Mere days after President

Reflections on Gil Hedley's 6-Day Dissection Workshop. ~ Maria.

Elephant Journal

It takes a while to get used to the intensity of standing for long hours each day, dissecting a cadaver

Healthier Peanut Butter and Delicious Recipes

Eco-Vegan Girl

I found out by chance that today is National Peanut Butter Lover's Day ! I'm sure every day is a national celebration for some random ingredient, but none the less I felt inspired to write about this one because I happen to be a peanut butter lover.

The Trial & Error of the Human Condition. ~ Linda Pecone | elephant.

Elephant Journal

The Trial & Error of the Human Condition. Linda Pecone

Facing Climate Change

Sightline Daily

This should be mandatory viewing: four new multimedia films from Northwest artists Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele. Oyster Farmers, Coastal Tribes, Potato Farmers and Plateau Tribes all explore global climate change through people who live and work in the Pacific Northwest.

Omar Nour Aims to be the First Egyptian Olympic Triathlete

Green Prophet

Mountaineer Omar Samra posted a photo on his Facebook page of him posing with Egyptian triathlete Omar Nour. Theirs is a match made in sporting heaven. Samra went from a hectic career in finance to being the first Egyptian to reach the top of Mt. Everest. (He

EXCLUSIVE: Willie Nelson on Farm Aid Line-Up and Being Green


Legendary singer song-writer Willie Nelson attended Global Green's 10th annual pre-Oscar party. Read More The post EXCLUSIVE: Willie Nelson on Farm Aid Line-Up and Being Green appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Music News Top News Video willie nelson

Weekend Reading 2/22/13

Sightline Daily

Alan. I’ve had little to contribute to weekend reading of late, because I decided to read fewer articles and more books—hence my recent entry about an 800-page biography of Winston Churchill. And today’s: Eight years late, I finally read John Vaillant’s astoundingly gripping and deeply illuminating The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed (W.W. Norton).

Try This: Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup


Another soup to keep your warm this Winter without packing on the pounds is Cream of Broccoli. I’m not talking about the version with cream and/or white potato. Read More The post Try This: Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup appeared first on Ecorazzi. Eats News Recipes Top News Vegan

The End of Orange Juice ?


A deadly plant disease, huanglongbing (HLB), has been spreading throughout the U.S.’s ’s citrus groves from Florida to California over the past decade, costing farmers and others billions of dollars. Some worry it may wipe out the American orange juice industry.

H&M Announces Garment Recycling Program at Global Green Bash


Global Green USA and celebs help launch H&M's global garment-recycling initiative at the 10th annual Pre-Oscar party. Read More The post H&M Announces Garment Recycling Program at Global Green Bash appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Fashion News Top News luke perry miranda kerr orlando bloom sophia bush willie nelson

Westpac Looks to Sustainability Strategy in Australia


he Westpac Group has launched its new 2017 sustainability strategy aimed at addressing the most pressing issues in society and the environment today. Three areas specifically targeted include: Demographic and cultural change. Economic solutions for environmental challenges.

Monster Goldfish Discovered in Lake Tahoe (Video)


“Monster Goldfish,” some measuring more than a foot and a half long and weighing over 4 lbs, have been discovered in Lake Tahoe. And if you think these look exactly Read More The post Monster Goldfish Discovered in Lake Tahoe (Video) appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News

EXCLUSIVE: Luke Perry’s Neighbors Hate Him but for a Good Cause


Actor Luke Perry attended the Global Green pre-Oscar bash the other night, in his own words, because of "friendship and fear." Read More The post EXCLUSIVE: Luke Perry’s Neighbors Hate Him but for a Good Cause appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News Video luke perry