Sat.Nov 24, 2012

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Eco Friendly Tips For Ridding Your Garden of Snails

Green Living Ideas

Now that rainy season is upon us, the snails will be coming out on a regular basis. The other solution is snail bait. Materials: Cardboard. Repeat.

Seeing Sociable Lapwing in Kazakhstan

10,000 Birds

Well, that is almost too much to ask for! Often, nests are near villages, though sometimes they are found on the shores of salt lakes or on hills.

We need a new way

Green (Living) Review

On the other hand, governments fail at many, many things, mainly things we wish they didn't have their noses in, such as the educating our children; providing for the downtrodden; keeping our currency viable; and ensuring the safety of our food supply. It is time to end the failed experiment of government. We need a new way. I doubt it as well.

Twitching Northern Lapwings in Montauk

10,000 Birds

No big deal. Still no lapwings. Perhaps now would be a good time to pause and explain why we wanted to see Northern Lapwings. NORTHERN LAPWINGS !

Biofuel Breakthrough? Crude Oil From Algae in 1 Minute!

Living Green & Saving Energy

Biofuel Breakthrough? Crude Oil From Algae in 1 Minute! alternative energy Biofuels reduce fossil fuels synthetic biology algae biofuels renewable fuel

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