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Smoking is (good) for the birds

10,000 Birds

I remember taking an advanced seminar in plant-animal interaction, in preparation for my own study of human-plant interactions. Insects ruled. 2012).

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Warning: This Picture May Cause Climate Change

Green Prophet

Image from Luigi Montanez on Upworthy. Climate Climate Change Climate science

Manual Address Book

Green (Living) Review

Part of the series (S)Low Tech vs. High Tech by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In today's digital world we all – well not all of us really but a great many of us – rely and depend on our contacts list via computers or cell phones, whether stored on the device or online, and often this address book is only backed up digitally as well, if at all. Beats me!

Palestinians Celebrate Green Innovation

Green Prophet

Last week was the annual ‘Made in Palestine 2012’ fair showcasing local Palestinian innovations. We invented something new for Palestine.”. ::IPS.

Tufted Duck at Huntington Harbor, New York

10,000 Birds

So I headed out to Huntington Harbor, ran into Anthony Collerton, and eventually found the bird. Not bad for a few minutes before work, no?

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Updating the vita: part 2

Environmental Economics

It looks like Economic Inquiry is trying to work through their backlog of accepted papers. The January 2013 issue has 64 +/- articles. JOHNSON, B.

Catching CO2 the Saudi Way?

Green Prophet

Saudi Arabia has a lofty goal of storing CO2 by increasing oil recovery and reducing waste. . Until now.

John's not the only adminstrator who can brag about his research productivity today

Environmental Economics

Castilla, Carolina and Timothy Haab. "Limited 2013) 95(1): 181-199 doi:10.1093/ajae/aas131. gasoline. When consumers search for prices.

I and the Bird: Gimme a Jay!

10,000 Birds

Green. Unicolored. Jays are among the most charismatic and appreciated families of birds in the world. We love their attitudes. We love their colors.

Picture of the Day

Environmental Economics

If you are thinking about attending the AERE Summer Conference in Banff , er, don't feed the bears? Photo Credit: Lynne Lewis and Carol Mansfield

2012 2

Getting the Bill – Taste, Touch and Smell in Birds

10,000 Birds

One of the defining characteristics of birds, besides the obvious features of wings and feathers, is their bills. Let’s talk about taste.

Updating the vita

Environmental Economics

Here is the cover page

Happy Holiday Hints from Uncle Sam

Green Home Blog

Happy Holiday Hints from Uncle Sam. In this new century, Uncle Sam has become a softie. He even has a usa.gov page that gives safe holiday advice.

Eco-friendly Wetsuits from Patagonia

Wend Magazine

The brand that touts itself as the “The Cleanest Line” is at it again. This time with wetsuits. Via: Transworld Business ].

A shortage in the labor market for economists

Environmental Economics

From The Chronicle of Higher Education : New job openings for economists increased by 2.7 percent, to a total of 2,059 in 2012. percent, to 856.

Welcome, Winter


Four days till Solstice. Welcome, Winter. Welcome the reign of the Holly King. This Winter Solstice 2012, the world cycle begins anew Again. Yet again. The Holly King is portrayed here by Bret Gold, a friend of a friend. I’ve never seen finer.).

Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Cartoon for the Pigou Club

Environmental Economics

via gregmankiw.blogspot.com.

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Israel’s Animal Abuse Story in Tnuva Meat Plant Causes Furor

Green Prophet

Caught by Kolbotek’s hidden camera: a former dairy cow gets shocked on the way to being slaughtered.

An anti-carbon tax pledge?

Environmental Economics

With the election over, it's nice to get climate policy back in the news: Conservative groups pressed lawmakers in a Wednesday letter  to oppose all proposals to enact a carbon tax. That structure would use revenue from taxing emissions to reduce other tax rates or would return that money to consumers. via thehill.com. Reducing U.S.

Meet the Minimalists

Sightline Daily

Recently, I found out about Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus—a.k.a. The Minimalists. I’ll be at the Seattle event and will report back.

Souk: Lebanese Street Food Served in Contemporary Athens

Green Prophet

Designed by K Studio, this delightful eatery combines industrial-chic design with Islamic accents, creating a friendly, warm atmosphere.

last-minute green gift ideas!

Green Living Ideas

If you are struggling with last minute gift ideas, why not give someone the gift of sustainability? or great reusable shopping bags.

Palestinian Villagers and Israeli Environmentalists Join Forces to Protect Ancient Artefacts

Green Prophet

This is particularly good news as the unique agricultural landscape is soon to be declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Flickr.

Healthy Holiday Breakout Solutions

Eco Chic

Breakouts aren’t only for teenagers. This time of year is taxing on everyone’s skin. Find at their on-line store.

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Climate Change Deaths Show Biggest Increase in Mortality Study


Carbon Dioxide Emissions Continue to Rise Worldwide


Global carbon emissions rose again last year by 3.1 percent in 2011 and are predicted to rise again this year by 2.6