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Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

Conservancy Talk

” With those words this afternoon, President Obama took an important step toward turning his pledges on climate change into reality.

Obama’s Climate Failure

Sightline Daily

When it comes to climate policy, I’m with country music star Toby Keith: we need a little less talk and a lot more action. So I didn’t listen to Obama’s big climate address yesterday because I already know that the President is a brilliant orator. Climate & Energy I’m sure it was a great speech. sweeping rhetoric.

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Political Green: The Climate is Mum

Green Home Blog

Political Green: The Climate is Mum. Tagged: 2012 election , climate change , climate deniers , hurricane , obama , politics , romney.

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Obama attacked climate change deniers in speech to students

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who claimed that the effects of climate change, if any, were "unknowable;" and Sen. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., Marco Rubio, R-Fla.,

The Supreme Court Just Dealt a Huge Blow to Obama's Climate Plan

Mother Jones

In a setback for the Obama administration, the Supreme Court on Tuesday temporarily halted enforcement of Obama's signature climate initiative.

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

Conservancy Talk

We should all welcome the carbon dividend proposal announced by the Climate Leadership Council today. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek.

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Greenpeace response to the Obama climate plan

Green (Living) Review

Now the world’s most powerful man is saying, “We’re going to talk about climate change again.” We’ll know soon enough, when negotiators next meet at the UN climate talks in Warsaw. Obama plan can be read here: [link] Source: Greenpeace UK. US Government USA climate plan Obama Greenpeace

An Environmentalist Goes to Alabama to Talk About Climate Change—Find Out What Happens Next

Conservancy Talk

Supreme Court issued a stay temporarily blocking the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek.

Obama Keystone statement bodes ill for future of climate

Green Blog

If President Obama’s thoroughly embarrassing stumbling-block posture at Durban left any doubt about the softness of his conviction on climate change, the Keystone decision has just nailed the notion. It really would have been game over for the climate had the pipeline gone through. And it’s not one bit encouraging.

Sightline Sues Obama Administration over Crude Oil Exports and Illegal Secrecy

Sightline Daily

Although such shipments are for the most part illegal today, the Obama Administration is quietly changing the rules to favor oil exporters.

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Donald Trump Is "Not a Big Believer" in Climate Change

Mother Jones

One exception, where he actually did answer to the question asked of him, was the following exchange about climate change. Naturally, Trump also doesn't view climate change as a national security threat. HIATT: Last one: You think climate change is a real thing? Is there human-caused climate change? It doesn't. It is.

Obama defends wildlife refuge from dirty oil drilling

Green Blog

25 the Obama administration proposed new protections for large portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which, if approved, would be a huge win. 29, sending it to President Obama''s desk for a likely veto, the likelihood of their cooperation on this matter is doubtful. On Jan. According to the U.S.

Is it Obama? Is it Gore? No! It's the Green Ninja! | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Must Reads: America Under the Gun | How to Win Any Climate Change Argument | Sequestration, Explained | Best. Is it Obama? Mother Jones.

Obama defends new carbon emission rules in face of growing criticism

Green Blog

It is the centerpiece of a larger climate action plan, and could prove to be one of the most important initiatives ever to fight climate change.

Obama Wants to Raise Your Gas Prices to Pay for Trains

Mother Jones

Blue Marble Climate Change Climate Desk Energy ObamaNow, he seems ready to roll out his plan for oil. James Inhofe (R-Okla.),

Before the Flood: the Must-See Climate Change Film by Leonardo DiCaprio

Conservancy Talk

On stage in London introducing the film DiCaprio said, “The journey for me was to try and make a modern-day film about climate change.

Climate Change and Birds

10,000 Birds

I write a lot about climate change on my other blog , and so I don’t really feel a strong need to touch on this topic very often here. But when you think about it, climate change might be more important to the people who read 10,000 Birds than a lot of other groups of people. We should be expecting sea level rise. Because it is.

Obama signs executive order to cut government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent, increase use of renewable energy

Green Blog

US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order to cut the federal government’s carbon pollution emissions by 40 percent by 2025.

A Group of Kids Are Suing Obama Over Climate Change


” The kids aren’t going Read More The post A Group of Kids Are Suing Obama Over Climate Change appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Obama Calls Climate Change a Threat to National Security


In a speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy commencement in New London, Connecticut, President Obama sent a message to climate change deniers calling them a threat to national Read More The post Obama Calls Climate Change a Threat to National Security appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Scott Walker and Barack Obama Have the Same Campaign Slogan.

PR Watch

Scott Walker and Barack Obama Have the Same Campaign Slogan, Who is the Commie Pinko Now? Obama is a part of the neo-conservative movement.

Will COP 21 finally deal with climate change ?

Green Prophet

to reverse the ravages of climate change? More articles on climate change: Crazy heat dome will mean no one can live in the Arab Gulf by 2100.

Keystone XL: The Iconic Climate Battle

Sierra Club Compass

In February 50,000 people marched on the freezing Washington Mall to tell President Obama that he must reject Keystone XL and move forward on climate.

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Farewell, Obama's "Green Dream Team" | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Must Reads: America Under the Gun | How to Win Any Climate Change Argument | Sequestration, Explained | Best. Skip to Navigation. Mother Jones.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Bill McKibben

Conservancy Talk

Bill is founder of the grassroots climate campaign , which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in nearly 200 countries in the past four years.

Obama Does Indeed Have a Proposal to Avert the Sequester.

Mother Jones

Must Reads: America Under the Gun | How to Win Any Climate Change Argument | Sequestration, Explained | Best. But Obama certainly has one.

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President Obama to Appear on ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’


President Barack Obama is teaming up with British adventurer Bear Grylls in an effort to highlight the effects of climate change in the Alaskan wilderness. The President will appear on Grylls’ Read More The post President Obama to Appear on ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’ appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Obama says he will attend Copenhagen climate talks, also announces emissions reduction target

Green Blog

Either way, President Barack Obama announced today that he will attend the climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

Biggest US climate rally ever calls for the President to reject the Keystone pipeline project

Green Blog

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied this past Sunday in Washington DC, USA, to demand action on climate change.

A majority of Americans would pay more to curb climate change

Green Blog

A new poll shows that Americans are willing to pay more to curb climate change. Ann Selzer, who conducted the poll for Bloomberg. government.

The White House Garden gets support to endure from Burpee seed company

Green Prophet

Obama created the garden in 2009, and made sure to expand it twice so it will be hard to plow under by the next family. Atlee Burpee & Co.,

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On the road to Paris towards a new global climate deal

Green Blog

The first UN negotiating session preparing for a climate deal this fall just wrapped up in Geneva. China deal on limiting carbon pollution.

"Details Of Obama’s Climate Change Plan"

Environmental Economics

The Onion: President Obama unveiled Monday a plan to increase the country’s clean power usage that many are calling the strongest action ever taken by a U.S. president to combat the effects of climate change. Here are some key details of Obama’s climate change plan: Immediate removal of smokestacks atop White House.

"A Republican Case for Climate Action"

Environmental Economics

Dealing with this political reality, President Obama’s June climate action plan lays out achievable actions that would deliver real progress. We can have both a strong economy and a livable climate. Mr. Obama’s plan is just a start. William D. Ruckelshaus, Lee M. Thomas, William K. As administrators of the E.P.A

Al Gore says Barack Obama has failed to tackle the climate crisis

Green Blog

In an essay titled “ Climate of Denial “, published by the Rolling Stone magazine, the former Vice-president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore criticizes President Barack Obama for failing to do enough to tackle climate change. Since taking office in 2008 Obama has failed to bring the change he promised.

Lima climate talks begin as countries eye global treaty in 2015

Green Blog

The goal is to lay the basis for a climate treaty deal in Paris in November 2015. The recent bilateral agreement between the Obama administration and the Chinese government set targets for limiting and then reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, the foot-dragging of U.S.

Explained in 90 Seconds: What the @#% Is Climate Change Doing.

Mother Jones

Must Reads: America Under the Gun | How to Win Any Climate Change Argument | Sequestration, Explained | Best. Skip to Navigation. Mother Jones.

A new poll with climate change questions

Environmental Economics

  E2 Wire : About one-third of people in the United States say action on climate change is "essential" in 2013, according to a  USA TODAY/ Pew Research Center poll released Thursday. Thirty-four percent of people in the poll called taking action on climate change “essential this year." It has a 2.9

This GOP Congressman’s Crusade Against Scientists Just Got Even More Insane

Mother Jones

Blue Marble Climate Change Climate Desk Congress ScienceNOAA is part of the Commerce Department.).

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"Obama looks to forge ‘climate-smart economy’ with budget"

Environmental Economics

  The plan, he said in a budget document released by the White House on Tuesday, looks to create a “climate-smart economy” and cement his legacy on climate change on his way out of the Oval Office next year. Obama is also looking to double the federal government’s investment in clean energy research and development, from $6.4