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Zaha Hadid Greens Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Stadium Design

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Japan has won the bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and Zaha Hadid has been picked to retrofit its National Stadium.

Zaha Hadid’s 2020 Olympic Stadium Thwarted by Japanese Peers

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Cities 2020 Olympics Stadium eco design geothermal energy green design Japan National Stadium sustainable design Zaha Hadid Architects

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Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020


Green Products. Green Homes. Recycling. Green Living. Green Tips. Podder: A futuristic form of public transport set in Singapore 2020. In this regard, the Podder will serve as an electric public transport system for the city of Singapore, in the year of 2020. Top 5 most extreme recycling projects.

£30m food waste recycling facility to be built in Dagenham

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Indeed, we have been delighted by the positive response that the Vision 2020 ambition has already received.”

How Fast Fashion is Being Converted Into Jet Fuel

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Other companies participating in Jeplan’s recycling project also include Patagonia and Talbots. How Do You Convert Clothes to Jet Fuel?

Islamic New Year – Staying Green Since 622CE

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Ten years on and it has shifted ‘backwards’ to the beginning of November and come 2020, Hajj will hit during peak heat season in August.

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Eco-friendly concrete now mandatory in Dubai

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The green additives create a stronger concrete mix, more resistant to water, salt and sulfate than OP, and causing less dust and fumes.

BGreen 2020 A Sustainability Plan for Bridgeport, Connecticut

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A Green Collar Institute will train workers and act as an incubator for developing green industries. link].

EU sets 70% recycling target in new Circular Economy Package

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The ''Circular Economy Package'' requires member states to recycle 70% of municipal waste and 80% of packaging waste by 2030.

Dubai: World’s Largest Airport Greens Up its Act

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At least 10% of materials will be sourced from within 800km of Dubai International, and 20% from recycled goods. Image via Dubai International.

Recycling alone is not enough

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recycling on its own is not enough to tackle Britain's ever growing waste problem and recycling must be the very last resource in waste management. billion and the amount of harmful methane 1 emissions will double by 2020. This just is the wrong way round. We must change this, again.

Moving towards a circular economy

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This means re-using, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products. What we need is a more circular economy.

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Crown Paints Lifts The Lid On Major Recycling Scheme To Mark Climate Week

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Crown Paints’ partner, the regeneration charity Groundwork, will be distributing the recycled paint to worthy causes nationwide.

Masdar City Unveils Phase B For the First Time (PHOTOS)

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On a VIP media tour of the zero-carbon city Masdar, Tafline unveils these new pics of the stunning green oasis in the desert.


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Its ambition is to: Save the UK economy over £17bn a year by 2020 through the reduction of food wasted by households, businesses and the public sector.

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Will Rising Oil Prices Ignite a Boomtime For Recycling?

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The expected result – look towards recycling. Environment Green News landfill oil plastic recycling Waste Source: Reuters.

Denmark’s new government promises far reaching green policies

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The former opposition is currently negotiating the alliance of a new government which looks like it will be more green than red. But there is something else the entire opposition has in common: green policies! Half of electricity from wind and biogas produced from all major agricultural manure by 2020.

Double or Nothing? Our Climate Gamble

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I sort-of recycle. The light turns green. Imagine you’re in a high-stakes poker game, and … your cards suck. She doesn’t bluff. You fold.

Ungreen Facts about e-Reading Devices

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Nowhere is exempt from the pressure to green up, not even the beleaguered (and beloved) book industry. Buy books printed on recycled paper.

Eco-Friendly Universities Are Leading the Way to Sustainability in the U.S.

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Educating young people in how to go green is a great step in the right direction toward an eco-friendly future.

Take your next green holiday in Cyprus

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| Shades of Green |. And then there is the kind of green we most zealously seek and scout: green and great travel. Where to tour.

British government announces green home makeovers

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Government will also commit to cutting a third of greenhouse gas emissions from households by 2020. Friends of the Earth – yet again – is arguing that the UK will need to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2020, compared to 1990 levels, to avoid catastrophic climate change. Tags: green home makeovers

Green Sport Shoes

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Whether it is the equipment, the location, or other aspects of getting moving, being green has not been high on every fitness agenda.

We Went to See Eileen Fisher at The New School and It Was Life Changing

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Eileen’s brand plans to radically change the supply chain of their business by the year 2020.

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Government must act on household waste mountain

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Limiting the amount of waste that households can throw out for nothing could be good news for council tax-payers and the environment, provided recycling schemes are improved, Friends of the Earth said today. The move is aimed at saving councils money, boosting recycling of precious resources and encouraging people to cut down on waste.

Opus Tower: Zaha Hadid’s latest luxury composition in Dubai

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We know that she won’t be hitting up local designers who work with recycled or repurposed materials. Most, that is, but Hadid.

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Sainsbury’s puts all store waste to positive use

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And all general waste from stores is recycled or turned into fuel. In 2011 and 2012, after just three days of campaigning, 3.2

Green Issues Will Rise To The Top Of The Agenda Again

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by Michael Smith In today’s economic climate, some companies may see ‘green’ issues as something to put on the back burner. But Sally Taylor, of not-for-profit organization “ Environmental Population ”, believes that taking steps to be ‘green’ could actually save money and enhance a company’s reputation. M Smith (Veshengro), 2009.

15 Future Wonders of Green Technology

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Written by Urbanist on July 8th, 2008 As the world increasingly focuses on sustainable initiatives, green architecture is a booming industry.

Government Minister Backs Isle of Wight EcoIsland Plans

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He said that he was impressed by the determination of EcoIslanders to make EcoIsland a HUB for Green Business development and also how EcoIsland Businesses have already started embracing new technologies. Government’s Zero Waste plan ( released May 2011 ) which aligns with EcoIsland recycling aims.

Is Anaerobic Digestion the Future of Renewable Energy?

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Much has been said about the more popular ‘green’ energy sources such as solar power and wind. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is one of these.

17 Things to Know About California’s Carbon Cap

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until 2020. After 2020, the same annual cap will likely apply, but as of yet, the legislature has not told ARB to ratchet down permits further.

Aerosol Is Still Bad, So Don’t Use It!

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There are several reasons not to use aerosols, and my wife and I have banned them as part of Our Green Year. Green Tips formation.

What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back?

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To get 10% of its power from renewable energy, as it has pledged to do by 2020 – would take only about 4,000 MW of renewable power.

E-waste Causing Problems for Countries

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UN experts say action needs to be taken when it comes to recycling materials such as cell phones, computers, and other electronic gadgets or “hazardous e-waste mountains” could occur in many developing countries. . E-waste televisions will be almost 2 times higher in China and India in 2020 as well.

Fuel Cell Road sweeper cleans Switz streets with green oomph


Green Products. Green Homes. Recycling. Green Living. Green Tips. Fuel Cell Road sweeper cleans Switz streets with green oomph. While this might have taken a long time to come, it now seems obvious that authorities in major cities across the world are making an all out effort to go green. Sign In.

Toxic TVs: Is the digital switchover damaging the environment?

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A governmental report published in 2007[iv] predicted that: "Although there will be a shift in the pattern of disposal of televisions as a direct consequence of digital switchover, total disposal during the period to 2020 is similar in both switchover and non-switchover scenarios." million tonnes by 2020[x]. What can we do?

Can electric vehicles overtake competing green car technologies?

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The Cornwall-based eco attraction worked hard to encourage visitors to use green transport, offering the bribe of cheaper entry for anyone who arrived by bike, foot or public transport. In a world where few are ready or willing to give up their cars, electric vehicles (EVs) are emerging as a bright hope for greening our personal transport.

San Francisco Makes Composting Mandatory

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Citizens will be required to have a trash bin for recycling, a bin for regular trash and a bin for compost. Environment Green News

Germany Leads The World in Solar Panels: Can Germany Continue As.

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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Germany Leads The World in Solar Panels: Can Germany Continue As World’s Top Solar Panel User? The answer can be given in one word: subsidies. In 2010 German consumers paid a subsidy of 2.05