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Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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As auto traffic grew in other parts of the nation, the public health threat from smog grew across the country as well. Congress.

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Heated Bottled Water Myth or Not?

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To all my environment safety friends, I am making the switch from bottled water to huge sports drink containers. Everyone is talking about the matter and has an opinion on it but there is no information on the large health sites like Web MD. Being a person that always has a case of bottled water in the car, I wanted to check this out.

The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Thursday, March 19, 2009 The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

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Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Stewart Brand

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Mark Tercek: Your 2009 book Whole Earth Discipline is one of my all-time favorite reads. What can we learn from it? It is such a freeing dictum.

Architecture of Dreams & the Salk Institute

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Jonas Salk was a strong promoter of creative arts alongside scientific pursuit to create a more balanced creative environment. Well, guess what?

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5 Ways You Can Participate in Earth Day 2009

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April 14, 2009; Boulder, Colorado : According to the Earth Day Network’s web site, it took us (collectively as a human race) about 125 years to use our first trillion barrels of oil. It stands to reason our increased oil usage has an impact on our environment, our health and our lives. c=lighting.pr_ lighting Plant a tree.

How Genuine Is the Arab World About the Environment?

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Rola Tassabehji | March 6th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Email this Share Arab world “green&# announcements seem to fade in the sands. um, really?

Veganism & the Environment: By the Numbers. {Infographic.

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Veganism & the Environment: By the Numbers. A meat-filled diet does quite a number on the environment. Video. Talk Show. Member.

Habitat Piles – A Health Hazard in the Woods

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They claimed and still claim that such piles are good for the environment and wildlife. Habitat piles are not only not all that beneficial to the environment and wildlife, they are in fact a threat to the woods and to the global climate. Tags: forestry habitat piles forest health The fact, however, is that neither is the case.

Pope says neglect of environment as great a threat as terrorism

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) VATICAN CITY, December 2009: Neglect of the natural environment is as great a threat to peace and prosperity as global terrorism, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI said in his most extensive ecological statement to date, released by the Vatican on Tuesday, December 15, 2009.

The 6th Annual FESTIVAL OF LIFE - Creating a Healthy Future - Now !

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During the day, a huge selection of stalls will offer goods, products, services and information for the aspiring health-conscious, eco-minded soul.

Diverse Health and Environmental Coalition Calls for Sweeping Changes in U.S. Chemical Safety Law

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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition Releases Comprehensive Reform Platform by Michael Smith (Veshengro) WASHINGTON, DC, August 2009 -- A broad coalition of health and environmental organizations unveiled today a set of key requirements for reforming the nation's antiquated chemical safety law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Accountability of People, Politicians, Corporations and Countries for War Crimes and Climate Crimes

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Photo credit: andriux-uk. 2, 3]. However there can be no negotiation with the Laws of Physics and Chemistry. 7, 8]. billion non-Arab Africans, 0.6

Sunbeds Cause Damage to your Health and to the Environment

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While many are becoming increasing aware of the fact that tanning salons can endanger your health, fewer people make the connection to the danger of sunbeds vis-a-vis the planet. According to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, sunbeds give out harmful UV rays which damage the DNA in our skin cells.

EPA: Greenhouse Gases Threaten Public Health and the Environment

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People are environmentalists for many different reasons – many of which stem from a desire to preserve the amazing natural beauty in the world, but more so I am realizing (and hoping) people are caring about the environment because they also see the great risk to us – as humans- if we don’t care about

Report: Wind Turbine Noise NOT Harmful To Health

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The American Wind Energy Association has released a report that says that the noises produced by wind turbines are not health threatening. The report disputes that the frequencies of the produced turbine noise are lesser compared to the level normally heard in cities and metropolitan environments.

Holistic Education - An Introduction

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Learning emotional literacy has been shown to be crucial for intellectual development, social development, aesthetic development, and health. This is done not through an academic “curriculum” that condenses the world into instructional packages, but through direct engagement with the environment. Social development. Resilience.

Barbara's Bakery Concludes Dr. Kress Award Program For Kids

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The page will be up until October 15, 2009.

Product Review from Naturepedic

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I truly believe that my kid's health is well worth the cost. 10, 2009. Pixie, 1.5. I am so so in love with Naturepedic right now!

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Nontoxic Housecleaning – Book Review

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inches with color photos Published by Chelsea Green Publishing (August 2009) ISBN: 9781603582032 Price: $7.95

Ugg Boots for Christmas!

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Ugg Boots for Christmas! and celebrities. Bonus.


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The first leg of the roadshow took place in June 2009 and took in the cities of Palo Alto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle and Dallas.

Bamboo Clothing - The Facts - Not So Great

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Both sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide have been linked to serious health problems. Here’s the scoop. Click image for bamboo facts.

The Speed of Life: Slow Down and Taste Life

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science-fiction posted by SF Girl @ 1:58 PM 6 Comments 6 Comments: At October 20, 2009 7:43 PM , Anonymous said. Add onion, shallots and garlic.

NEA Expo in the San Diego Convention Centre

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In an earlier post I talked about how our environment shaped how our minds worked , enhancing or detracting from our creativity and imagination.

£230,000 to get Scottish schoolgirls cycling

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If we can get them to be more active as part of their everyday journeys then it will have a huge impact on their health as they enter adulthood. “We

The Truth About Organic Gardening - Book Review

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x 5.8 inches Published by Timber Press, February 1, 2008 ISBN-13: 978-0881928624 Price: $12.95 coli contamination.

I Love NY: The Spirit of New York & Andrée Putnam's Design of the.

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science-fiction posted by SF Girl @ 4:10 PM 9 Comments 9 Comments: At July 3, 2009 9:45 PM , Karen said. At July 4, 2009 8:03 AM , SF Girl said.

Prepare Yourself: “Shocking Weather Has Just Begun”…

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The heat wave impacted human health, water and air quality, and caused a bazillion forest fires. At August 3, 2009 1:07 PM , Anonymous said.

Value for money National Cycle Network is cutting car traffic and getting more people active

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Yet we face a low carbon future, escalating fuel costs, and an obesity time-bomb that is set to devastate not just our health but also our economy.

Scribblers Retreat Writers' Conference

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science-fiction posted by SF Girl @ 12:11 AM 7 Comments 7 Comments: At May 27, 2009 12:48 PM , Jean-Luc Picard said. They were good!), Part 2.Co-evolution:

Leeds bike loan scheme expands across universities

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Its vision is a world in which people choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment. in daily bus fares.

Treacherous Ice Storms in Kentucky—What is Gaia Saying to Us?

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science-fiction posted by SF Girl @ 8:43 AM 18 Comments 18 Comments: At February 2, 2009 11:22 AM , Bobbi said. How did I not know, you ask.

Love's Labor Lost: Those Who Prey on Love

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science-fiction posted by SF Girl @ 11:44 PM 9 Comments 9 Comments: At May 12, 2009 12:35 PM , Jean-Luc Picard said. There is a catch, though.

Is your sunscreen harming the environment

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But before you stock up on sunscreen, you should know if it is doing more harm to the environment than it is protecting you. According to this article from Slate : To figure out how a particular sunscreen might affect the environment, you have to look at its active ingredients. Summer is here! Finally. Posted by: Lauren.

Gemstone Series - Citrine

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Citrine can be used to clear unwanted energies from your environment as well as mend family issues caused by negative feelings.

Restorative Commons: Creating Health and Well-Being Through Urban Landscapes

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Forest Service Northern Research Station as they work to strengthen networks of researchers and practitioners to develop new solutions to persistent and emergent challenges to human health, well-being, and potential within the urban environment. Tags: Health Urban Green Happiness Eco-design by: U.S. pubs/order/8810.

Jasmines Bath and Beauty Products

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Our environment is our most precious resource and I'm committed to maintaining a clean green earth. Also, our skin is our largest organ.

Should Teens Ditch the Makeup?

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I agree that the general environment in which we grow up and live is far too full of unnatural, possibly harmful chemicals," says Dr. Audeh.

Soft Star Shoes

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My daughter loves the shoes she received from Soft Star Shoes. They offer easy exchanges. Over 99.9% We reuse, recycle and reduce whenever possible.