"AERE" Workshop

Environmental Economics

Last weekend, the Department of Economics hosted the Appstate Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop. "AERE" "AERE" Workshop. day workshop. get it? It is amazing how many excellent E&R economists are within driving distance of Boone, NC (and if you fly from Anchorage you are within driving distance once you get to Charlotte).

2012 122

Jumpstarting Your Creativity Workshop

The Alien Next Door

Last Saturday I facilitated a workshop called “Jumpstarting Your Creativity” in Mississauga organized by poet and publisher of In Our Words Inc. Cheryl and husband Allan had kindly offered their back patio as the venue and hosted the workshop as part of a wonderful “High Tea”. Hope we''ll have more workshops. Vicki Konrad and Jackie Brinck: Thank you, Cheryl and Allan, for putting this workshop together and for the hospitality and the delicious food.

2014 130

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AERE Workshops: 1985-2009

Environmental Economics

Before this list vanishes from the internets due to link rot, here is the full list of workshops compiled from the old  and new websites :  1985, Recreation Demand Modeling -- Boulder, Colorado. No workshops were held in 1998, 2002 and 2006 due to the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists.    And, just because I know that readers want to know, I attended the 1991, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 2001 workshops.

2013 135

2014 Recreational Fisheries Economics Constituent Workshop

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: Thank you again for attending the Recreational Fisheries Constituents Workshop this past January. A website with materials from the workshop is now available at [link]. You  You will find a detailed agenda, with a summary of key discussion points and comments, copies of the presentations (where the author granted us permission to post it), a workshop summary, two factsheets on data and models, and a list of participants.

2014 144

Blogging and Social Media Workshop for Writers

The Alien Next Door

My November 9 th workshop on Blogging & Social Media for Writers was held at the Mississauga Central Library. It was the second workshop in the “ Telling My Story ” workshop series conducted by Rise Up! The workshop navigated writers with differing levels of social media proficiency, exploring anything from the Twitter gospel of using hashtags (#) to why a blogger should also use Facebook. for the next Blogging Workshop in the GTA.

2014 126

The Writer's Toolkit Workshop with Nina Munteanu

The Alien Next Door

I''m giving the first of a series of writing workshops this coming Saturday, November 23rd 2013 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Wunderland Cafe in The Beaches, Toronto. The Writer''s Toolkit Workshop: Every writer requires some necessary items in his/her toolkit to get published. This workshop introduces and discusses the most common challenges faced by writers serious about getting published.

2013 145

Leading a Contra Dance Role-Swapping Workshop


Contra dancers, if you’ve ever been curious about dancing the other gender role, I have published a new article with co-author Erik Erhardt about how to optimally pull it off. We of course offer tips for smooth swapping points and the like, yet our main point is the “prime directive” of keeping neighbors, shadows, […]. Arts Dance cdss contra dance Erik Erhardt gender respect role swapping

2017 116

I need to start holding workshops in cool places

Environmental Economics

The workshop develops step by step stated preference models that are used for the economic assessment of policy initiatives. Registered participants will receive teaching material prior to the start of the workshop such that they can prepare in advance. This is a workshop put on by Bengt Kristrom and colleagues.

2015 157

Telling My Story: Blogging & Social Media Workshop November 9, 2014 in Mississauga, ON

The Alien Next Door

is holding its second "Telling My Story" Workshop on November 9th (2014) in the Mississauga Central Library from 2-4pm. The workshop specifically covers blogging and social media as story telling. In this interactive 2-hour workshop, I''ll explore the elements of storytelling for this specific media, how to create a good blog, how to use it, SEO techniques (with other social media) and the pros and cons of keeping one. Rise Up! Rise ABOVE!

2014 109

"Telling My Story" Workshop in Mississauga October 19

The Alien Next Door

expressive writing fiction writing free writing how to tell stories journaling memoir nina munteanu storytelling telling my story writing workshop

2014 100

Writers Workshop in Leslieville (Toronto) on Self-Editing & Revisions

The Alien Next Door

I''ll be giving my next writing workshop in the WRITERS TAKE FLIGHT Series (last Saturday of each month) on Self-Editing and Revisions this coming March 29th at 6-8 pm (Saturday). The workshop will be held in FLIGHT CAFE (Any Direct Flight) on 1382 Queen St. editing and revisions Flight Cafe how to write Leslieville metaphor nina munteanu nina the writers coach self-editing writers workshops

2014 109

Appalachian Experimental and Environmental Economics Workshop | April 29-30, 2016

Environmental Economics

From the Walker College Sustainable Business News website : The Department of Economics and the Center for Economic Research & Policy Analysis (CERPA) at Appalachian State University will host its 4th annual  Appalachian Experimental and Environmental Economics Workshop  on April 29-30, 2016  at the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum (BRAHM) in Blowing Rock NC. The workshop is arranged to be a catalyst for a special issue at  Resource and Energy Economics. 

2016 116

Nina Munteanu on Panels and Doing Two Workshops at Ad Astra 2014

The Alien Next Door

I''ll be participating on several panels and doing two writing workshops. Ad Astra nina munteanu revision and polish science fiction convention SF convention the hero''s journey writer''s workshops I''ll be guesting at Ad Astra, one of the bestest science fiction and fantasy conventions in Toronto, this April 4-6, 2014. The convention is being held at the Sheraton Parkway North, 600 Hwy 7E in Richmond Hill, ON.

2014 127

Workshop: Advances in the Economics of Climate Change (call for papers)

Environmental Economics

SEEPAC  will be hosting a two day workshop October 9-10 on Advances in the Economics of Climate Change.  Objectives:   The purpose of the workshop is to identify and advance empirical and theoretical economic methods for analyzing climate change policy.  From the RESECON list: Friday, October 9, 2015 - 9:00am to Saturday, October 10, 2015 - 5:00pm.

"The workshop is open to a limited and selected audience"

Environmental Economics

The goal of this workshop is to examine and discuss recent and emerging methodological and technical issues, solutions to such issues, and applications of existing methods to novel areas and topics. The workshop is open to a limited and selected audience. Here is what I would have put in the email: Here is our great workshop.

Notes from my contribution to the NMFS Recreational Fisheries Constituents' Economic Workshop

Environmental Economics

I spent January 29 and 30 at the Sheraton Silver Spring participating in this Workshop (where there were a lot of great presentations from NMFS economists). I was given 10 minutes to talk on the "Panel Discussion on Management Needs, Future Directions." " I tried to make four points (which is pretty much my research agenda if I can ever focus on NMFS data). Increased use of existing MRIP data is needed.

Recycle Art Workshops @Darb 1718 This October

Green Prophet

If you are in Cairo, don’t miss these fun and fabulous recycling and upcycling workshops at Darb 1718. Following what looks like a very successful Recycling Art festival at the end of August , Darb 1718 are hosting a set of four recycling workshops this month. According to the organisers, “the re-art workshop will teach you to use the unused stuff at your home and gives you the skill to look at it with different perspectives. to the workshops.

Picture of the day: Appstate E & R Workshop

Environmental Economics


2012 126

A Design Thinking workshop for Educators

The Green Changemakers

Pham Hai Yen On 21 June 2018, School of Gumption was honored to partner the Director of Design For Change, Singapore to co-design and co-facilitate a one-day Design Thinking workshop for a primary school in the East. The aim of this workshop was to empower 30 innovation champions, including teachers, middle managers and school leaders to lead and build innovation culture in the school. By: Ms.

2018 40

Five Principles for Ethical Photography Use in Classes & Workshops.

Elephant Journal

Photographs and videos have the potential to inspire. But what’s the fallout? Have we, as teachers and small business owners, considered the potential emotional costs to those being photographed and filmed? Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga embodied healing informed consent martial arts photo release photography pilates real-time photography social media marketing

Hannukah Workshop To Teach the Miracle of Upcycled Lighting

Green Prophet

Sustainable designer Aya Tager will teach upcycling workshops this month so that the lighting miracle of Hannukah can continue beyond the holiday’s 8 days. During this year’s Jewish festival of lights, sustainable designer Aya Tager will teach workshops on how to upcycle glass jars into lanterns that can be used all year long.

NESEA Announces Spring Sustainability Workshop Series

Green (Living) Review

Serving Professionals, Building Knowledge GREENFIELD, MA, February 2010: The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is pleased to announce its Spring 2010 Sustainability Workshop Series scheduled to run in March, April, May and June. An exciting new element to the workshops this year is NESEA’s affiliation with the Affordable Comfort, Inc. Each workshop is accredited by AIA, BOMI, InterNACHI, NAHB, and NARI.

2010 100

Vegan educator does empathy workshops in Florida schools


By using the experiences of animals, Magaly Madrid has been teaching workshops on empathy , a crucial skill for children to learn as they grow into adults. In addition to collecting dog and cat food as a companion animal food bank, Madrid goes into public schools to teach her workshops that promote vegan eating and compassionate living. Having worked with children for the better part of my young life, I find that any news about vegan youth outreach is always a delight to read.

Workshop; gardening for wildlife with green roofs and floral meadows

Green (Living) Review

Q Lawns' are hosting a wildlife gardening workshop on thursday 12th July 2012. Starting with a light breakfast at Brandon House Hotel on the Norfolk/Suffolk Border, this promises to be an educational and entertaining day with talks, tours, photo opportunities and the chance to learn more about green roofing and wild flower meadows.

The Divinity of All: A Workshop with Sri O.P. Tiwari.

Elephant Journal

The Spring has finally arrived to Paris and the divinity of many yogic hearts was embraced during the progressive five day workshop on Pranayama – fourth of the eight Ashtanga limbs, the traditional Yoga breathing techniques – at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. Contagious love, lasting happinness and optimism, were some of the inspiring reflections that echoed O.P. Tiwari’s teachings – Director of the Kaivalyadhama Center in Lonalva, India.

India 79

Billyburg Gone Way Cute: Kallio’s Ethical Line and Eco Fashion Workshop

Eco Chic

they are also raising funds for the Kallio WorkSHOP, a consciously minded retail and workshop studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In the cooperative spirit of paying it forward, Kallio will use the WorkSHOP space to showcase like-minded brands, so that other artists can get much-needed exposure. The space will also be home to an exciting workshop series “where artists and designers will teach simple and sustainable design techniques.”.

The “Aha” of the “Aha From a Science Fiction Writer's Workshop”

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Thursday, February 5, 2009 The “Aha” of the “Aha From a Science Fiction Writer’s Workshop” A short while ago, I gave a writing workshop at the local library to an interesting group of writers. Another chapter from The Fiction Writer that I covered in the workshop was about The Hero’s Journey. Colin writes a blog too and he blogged the very night of the workshop!

2009 100

Reflections on Gil Hedley's 6-Day Dissection Workshop. ~ Maria.

Elephant Journal

Reflections on Gil Hedley’s 6-Day Dissection Workshop. For the second year in a row, I am doing Gil Hedley’s six-day, hands-on Dissection Workshop. Here at this workshop we are going with the model of skin, superficial fascia, deep fascia, muscles, organs and bones. Last year at Gil’s workshop, I focused on the leg. I never heard of the greater omentum before I did Gil’s workshop. I found what I was longing for since the last workshop: the elbow joint.

2013 79

Bridging the Gap Workshop

The Green Changemakers

A Bridging the Gap workshop entitled'climate change and development in the transport sector: what do you need to achieve GHG mitigation from land transport' was held on Tuesday 8 th June.The workshop was hosted by GTZ in parallel to the UNFCCC climate change negotiations in Bonn and was attended by almost 80 policy makers, academics and consultants working both within and external to the transport sector.

2010 40

Nebraka Sustainability Leadership Workshop - Documents

The Green Changemakers

Initiatives: Nebraska Sustainability Leadership Workshop [link] [link] The Nebraska Sustainability Leadership Workshop (NSLW) completed its series of 22 workshops in towns and cities across the state, with the goal of creating a network of sustainability leaders throughout Nebraska. The workshops are part of a new partnership program that is preparing Nebraska’s communities for today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges.

Alarming State of Glaciers Prompts Workshop and Report Commissioned by Vatican

Green (Living) Review

Though scientists usually refrain from proposing specific action, Professor Ramanathan from the Scripps Institution, at the University of California, San Diego, and one of the workshop co-chairs, said the circumstances of climate change warranted advancing suggestions from the working group.

2011 124

Why We Practice: Teachings from Richard Freeman’s Workshop in Tel Aviv. ~ Yael Weisbach

Elephant Journal

".when we try to understand the key alignment of an asana, we might think at first that the key is opening the heart, which means prana. Then, after few years of practice, we might realize that the key is actually rooting down, which is apana. A few more years down the road we realize, oh wait a minute, it''s both prana and apana, the whole key of yoga is balancing prana and apana! Then we meditate couple of years more and realize the key to the asana is neither prana nor apana.".

2013 80

RI Chapter of USGBC announces lineup of events and workshops

Green Life Smart Life

The RI Chapter of the USGBC has been planning its events and workshops for the first half of 2010 and has provided an exciting line-up including the NFL’s Climate Change Initiative event coming in mid-March. Information and sign-ups can be found on the Chapter’s website. You’ve should become a member a member and get involved. Did you know? The National Football League Is Green.

2010 46

Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects (ESSAP) Workshop

The Green Changemakers

Engaging Students in Sustainable Action Projects Workshop is offered to teachers in conjunction with our Youth Taking Action Youth Forum program. Led by trained consultants, the workshop is designed to complement the student youth forums. It focuses on engaging the students in successful environment/social justice action projects students that are explored over the course of the youth forum.

Nina Teaching SF Writing Course at George Brown College FALL 2015

The Alien Next Door

Meant for both beginning writers and those already published, the 12-week course is run like a workshop with student input and feedback on student’s WIPs. creative writing George Brown College learning science fiction Nina Munteanu teaching science fiction novels SF writing course short stories writing workshopI'm back at George Brown College, teaching my 12-week long writing course on how to write science fiction.

2015 151

Creating Science Fiction with Nina Munteanu at George Brown College

The Alien Next Door

I am again teaching my workshop-style course on how to write science fiction this fall at the St. I run the course like a workshop with lots of students input and feedback on their WIP. creating science fiction creative writing course evening classes in writing George Brown College how to write science fiction Nina Munteanu teaching SF workshop James Campus of George Brown College in Toronto, Canada.

2014 159

Palm Springs, Calif.: this retro resort town looks marvelous in green

Green Traveler Guides

All California Hotels North America Palm Springs Restaurants/Cafes Riverside United States Birba Cheeky's Jiao Marco Rossetti Palm Spring Tram Reuters Shields Date Garden Tara Lazar Workshop Kitchen + Bar| A New Era Dawns | Palm Springs, someone says. What comes to mind?

2013 190

The Most Valuable Gift that Tantra has Given Me.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga coming out desire holding space tantra teacher tantra workshop traumaThere are many methods and opportunities to open ourselves. But opening is not enough.

2016 79

The Buddhist Secret: How to Transform our Anger into Clarity.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Meditation Right Livelihood How to transform anger practice Tantric Buddhist thangkas Tibetan Wisdom Sword Tog Chöd visualize workshop YogaThe reason I call it a secret is because I am one of only three Tog Chöd teachers in all of North America, and the only one actively training new teachers.

2018 64

Do not Expect Others to do your Spiritual Work for You.

Elephant Journal

Non New-Agey Spirituality disappointment disillusionment expectations shook up spiritual journey spiritual workshopWhile we might imagine that our progress toward awakening is going to be smooth and progressive.

Why Shadow Work is Bullsh*t.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality emotional healing internal healing meditation psychotherapy shadow work spirit work spiritual healing spiritual retreat workshopThere is no promise of being more popular, more attractive, more sexy. There is only the promise of being more you.

2016 78

Why Vulnerability is Not Always a Good Thing.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Love Non New-Agey Spirituality armor awareness forgiveness honesty love mindfulness openness protection relationship workshop relationships spirituality truthfulness vulnerability vulnerableTo all those who blithely assume vulnerability to be some kind of sweet and harmless openness—to which we can kindly respond with an aw shucks tenderness—it's important to remember that vulnerability can cut both ways.

2017 67

How I Transformed my Handstand with 3 Simple Exercises.

Elephant Journal

Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga Yoga Practice Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today advanced yoga basics difficult yoga poses handstand Handstand workshop inversion trainingAfter about five months, I was still doing the classic “banana” handstand. I couldn’t get my body into a straight line. the way I was training was not effective.

2015 86