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The Eiffel Tower goes green, two wind turbines installed on the iconic monument

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Two wind turbines have been installed on France’s most iconic site, the Eiffel Tower, as part of the famous tower’s extensive green retrofit project.

World's first airborne wind turbine will be tested in Alaska

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A big helium-filled wind-turbine will soon float just south over the city of Fairbanks in Alaska, USA. The floating wind turbine, which is designed and built by Altaeros Energies , will hover at nearly 305 meters up in the sky and generate electricity for more than a dozen families living off the grid. Airborne wind turbines is nothing new. We wrote about similar wind power technology as early as 2008 with the MARS prototype from Magenn.

Now that’s huge! Record-breaking wind turbine being built by Siemens

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German manufactuer Siemens have constructed off-shore wind turbines with record-breaking rotors. Besides making it lightweight, in relation to its size of course, these construction processes also makes the wind turbine extremely strong.

Wind Turbines and Birds: What’s the Real Story?

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The problem of birds being killed at wind power facilities continues to generate a lot of media attention. These studies provide valuable context for considering the issue of bird mortality related to wind turbines by confirming that turbines are not the leading cause of bird deaths.

Bergey Small Wind Turbine Gets AWEA Certification

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Bergey Windpower announced this week that its BWC Excel 10 wind turbine has now received full “AWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard” certification. This is the first small wind turbine to get this certification.

Saphonian Blade-less Wind Turbines Save Birds and Energy

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While solar advancements continue apace , wind energy technology has remained fairly stagnant over the years, making it in most cases less viable than fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Mitigating global warming with wind.

Greater Sage-grouse v. Wind Turbines in Oregon

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Wind energy is an alternative to burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, but there are consequences to the environment and, in particular, to birds. For example, turbine blades can be lethal to raptors, particularly eagles. Additionally, some of the best locations for wind farms are sensitive habitat and turbines must first be constructed and then maintained, which requires roads and other infrastructure. Jason A.

Leviathan Energy To Dedicate Wind Turbine To Hilton Hotel

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Leviathan Energy will donate a small wind turbine in honor of Earth Day 2011. Cleantech, Science & Technology alternative energy Dead Sea Earth Day 2011 Eilat Leviathan wind energy wind turbine

Hercules vertical axis wind turbine harnesses energy from all directions


Surbhi Sharma: With the world going green, wind energy is one of the environment friendly energy sources. And with a new form of wind mill designed by Terry Glenn Phipps, things become much easier. An Italian clean technology company has coined this turbine ‘Hercules’.

New Age Wind Turbine Blades Hope To Be Shape Shifters

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Wind energy is just one example. Generating energy from the natural force of wind using windmills is now old hat. Turbines are the modern avatars of the windmills. But even turbines are changing shape, thanks to new designs being tried out.

Protected: How does wind turbines work?

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Alec Baldwin Wants Wind Turbine for East Hampton Home


Alec Baldwin wants a wind turbine for his East Hampton home. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News alec baldwin

Water-Producing Eole Wind Turbine Has Gulf States Drooling

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Eole Water from France has developed a water-producing wind turbine and Gulf states are drooling at the jowls to have at least one of their own. Although the wind turbine’s name isn’t very sexy, what it is able to achieve certainly is.

RenewableUK welcomes latest entrant to the offshore wind turbine market

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Vote of confidence in offshore wind sector as Vestas biggest ever turbine unveiled in London Construction begins next year – production expected in 2015 Massive prototype blades to be constructed in UK The UK’s offshore turbine market received a boost today with the announcement by the Danish manufacturer Vestas that a prototype 7MW turbine is to be tested next year. We expect the major part of offshore wind development to happen in the northern part of Europe.”

Top 4 Reasons the US Still Doesn't Have a Single Offshore Wind.

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Top 4 Reasons the US Still Doesn't Have a Single Offshore Wind Turbine. 28, 2013 3:07 AM PST Tweet "Jack-up" ships like this are needed to drive massive offshore wind turbines into the seafloor. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment.

14,000 Turkish Homes To Be Powered By World’s Most Efficient 1.5-MW Wind Turbines

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With a rotor diameter of 100 meters and hub heights of 80 meters, GE’s 1.6-100 MW turbines have the highest power production capacity of any turbines in their category. A 50 MW wind farm in a town near Istanbul will be the first site in Europe to use GE’s revolutionary 1.6-100 MW wind turbines, GE announced at the European Wind Energy Association’s annual meeting last week. Wind farm to come online in early 2013.

Whisper 500 Wind Turbine

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The Whisper 500 performs well in harsh, high wind environments with it’s two-bladed, fiberglass-reinforced design. Patented side furling overspeed protection optimizes output at any wind speed. m/s) wind, a Whisper 500 will produce as much as 500 kWh per month. Exclusive to the Whisper, the side-furling angle-governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure.

Windspire Home Wind Turbine

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Not only is the Mariah Windspire® wind turbine great-looking and affordable, it also enables you to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. kW wind turbine is distinguished by its sleek propeller-free design and ultra quiet operation. Home Wind Turbines Home Wind Turbine mariah windspire

Honeywell Home Wind Turbine

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The Honeywell Wind Turbine is a gearless turbine that generates power from the blade tips rather than through a center shaft. By claiming to practically eliminate mechanical resistance and drag, the Honeywell Wind Turbine creates power (2000 kWh/yr) and operates in a greater range of wind speeds (2-45 mph) than traditional wind turbines. Home Wind Turbines honeywell home wind turbine

Wind turbines may have lesser impact on birds than previously thought


Dattatreya Mandal: Any ecological enthusiast worth his salt would tell you that birds and wind turbines do not go along that well. Wind turbines have little impact on bird populations.

AeroCraft AC 1002 Wind Turbine

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AeroCraft has released specs on the AC 1002 wind turbine. According to the company, this direct drive wind turbine runs quietly and performs well. The AC 1002 wind turbine incorporates 16 poles permanent magnet type of generator with an output of 1000 W and a voltage of 230 V. This wind turbine also can be used in combination with photovoltaic elements in solar power production. Home Wind Turbines aerocraft wind turbine

Japan Installing Wind Turbines Off Fukushima Coast

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Japan says it will spend $260 million dollars over the next five years to install at least six floating wind turbines off the coast of Fukushima. Government / Industry japan offshore wind japan wind turbines wind fukushima

For the Cost of an Iphone, You Can Buy a Wind Turbine to Power a Home

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How to Make a Cheap Vertical Home Wind Turbine

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Do it yourself how-to video about making your own vertical home wind turbine. Videos How to make a wind turbine wind turbine videoPerfect for the green-minded homeowner!

One Meter High ‘Shattel-Power’ Wind Turbine to Power Jordan Households

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Shattel’s vertical wind turbine was designed to generate electrical power from the wind at four times the efficiency rate of standard wind turbines, and to harvest energy from low wind speeds.

BWC Excel Home Wind Turbine

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The BWC EXCEL is a modern 7 meter (23 ft) diameter, 10,000W wind turbine designed for high reliability, low maintenance, and automatic operation in adverse weather conditions. The BWC Excel is a ruggedly built turbine that comes with the longest warranty (5 years) in the industry. In July 2009 the Excel turbine was upgraded with a more powerful alternator and longer blades. Home Wind Turbines bwc excel Home Wind Turbine

Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Turbine

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The AIR X Marine is the world’s number one selling small wind turbine for Sailboats. The controller allows for peak-power tracking of the wind by optimizing the alternator’s output on all points of the cubic curve and efficiently delivers the energy to the battery. The turbine’s smart controller allows it to actually control blade rotation speed thus eliminating the buzzing noise commonly found with most small wind turbines.


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A prototype for a brand new design of wind turbine that will generate electricity in urban areas, potentially revolutionising the renewables industry, has been installed for the first time in the UK at Keele University in North Staffordshire.

Bergey 1500 Home Wind Turbine

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The BWC 1500 is a modern 10 feet diameter 1,500 Watt wind turbine designed for high reliability, low maintenance, and automatic operation in adverse weather conditions. It is built much more ruggedly than most other turbines of its size and it carries the longest warranty in the industry. Home Wind Turbines bergey home wind turbine BWC 1500 turbine

Siemens Opens Kansas Wind Turbine Factory

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Wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Energy has opened its first nacelle assembly facility in the United States, at Hutchinson, Kansas. The 300,000 square foot plant will produce nacelles – the central structure of the wind turbine including the power transmission and generating systems – for Siemens’ 2.3 megawatt and 3MW wind turbines. Wind Power News siemens wind turbine wind power kansas

Human memory based solution to enhance power from wind turbines


Abdul Vahid V: Consistent performance of wind turbine is always necessary for better power generation. A wind turbine has to face both mild breezes and gale-force gusts under various weather conditions. A team of Chinese researchers suggests a human memory-based solution to keep the reliability of the wind turbine under varying wind conditions. A bio-inspired approach to enhancing wind power conversion.

Mini Wind Turbine Educational Kit

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Perfect for teaching kids about the incredible science behind wind power, this mini turbine kit is the ultimate educational tool! The completed wind turbine stands about 12″ tall. The wind educational kit comes with a circuit board that lets you switch between steady-on and flashing LEDs and a musical tone – or, connect the leads to another load. Home Wind Turbines kids wid turbine kit

FloDesign Wind Turbine Company Set to Expand

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After earning a cool $3 million from MassCEC , Wilbraham, MA based FloDesign Wind Turbine Corp will use the funds to expand its operations. Department of Energy-recognized “transformative” wind energy technology. FloDesign hopes to build its first wind turbines in Massachusetts and to establish a new benchmark for other wid technology companies to look to. Home Wind Turbines Wind Turbine

How To Turn An Old Ceiling Fan Into A Wind Turbine DIY…

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Part Four shows how to mount the face plate and create your own turbine blades. Part Five shows how to build the body to support the turbine. Part Six shows how to mount the turbine unit onto the body as well as partially lighting a CFL bulb with a quick spin.

Southwest WindPower Whisper 500 Wind Turbine

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Power your entire home, cabin or workshop with this super quiet wind turbine. The Southwest WindPower Whisper 500 Wind Turbine kit comes with a controller to protect the turbine. It provides 538 kW per month in a 12 MPH average wind and works in winds as low as 7.5 The turbine boasts a 15-foot diameter rotor which has carbon reinforced fiberglass blades, and the alternator has steel body with powder-coat finish.

Small wind turbines ride out recent Atlantic storms

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The Met Office issued its strongest warning – a red alert – for winds in Scotland, and people were warned to stay indoors, schools were forced to close and flights were canceled. mechanism that automatically pitches the turbine's blades so it can regulate energy capture and blade speed.

China helped wind power climb to new record levels in 2011

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Wind energy developers installed a record 41,000 megawatts of electricity-generating capacity in 2011, bringing the world total to 238,000 megawatts. China’s ambitious Wind Base program will help ensure a widening lead for some years to come. wind leaderboard since 2006.

Vestas Wins California Wind Turbine Contract

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Major wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems has announced that they’ve won a contract which will deliver 190 turbine units of for a wind power project in the US state of California. The order is Vestas’ largest one for a single site and is for the Alta Wind Energy Center near Tehachapi, California. Delivery of the wind turbines is slated for late 2010. Government / Industry california wind power vestas wind turbines

This wind turbine will power your apartment without keeping you up at night

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The nautilus shell took time off from fitness-namesake duty to inspire The Liam F1 Urban Wind Turbine, which we are renaming The Not-So-Little Turbine That Could.

Established Wind Turbine Companies Continue to Dominate

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The Emerging Energy Research’s annual Wind Turbine Market Share Update found that in 2008 the established wind turbine manufacturers installed over 50 percent more wind turbines than the previous year. Newer wind turbine companies saw a growth of 100 percent. The big established wind turbine companies include: Bestas, General Electric , Gamesa, Enercon, Suzlon and Siemens.