Wind Powered EV Crosses Australia

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This amazing electric car which was built by two German inventors, was fitted wit a small wind turbine mounted atop a bamboo pole and was also fitted with a kite (from a kite board) for extra propulsion. The EV achieved a top speed of 55mph on its journey and set a number of world records including; The first wind-powered vehicle to cross a continent. Many electric car owners have wind turbines at home and operate their electric cars 100% off the grid.

Wind power is cheapest energy, EU analysis finds

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Onshore windfarms far cheaper than coal and gas when health impacts are factored in, report shows Onshore wind is cheaper than coal, gas or nuclear energy when the costs of ‘external’ factors like air quality, human toxicity and climate change are taken into account, according to an EU analysis.

Brazil’s Wind Power Push

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Brazil, currently Latin America’s leading country in terms of renewable energy is expected to install 31.6GW of wind power by 2025, according to a recent study by HIS Emerging Energy Research. and 1.6MW wind turbines to four utilities which participated in a clean energy auction in 2009. Wind Power News brazil wind power

Minnesota Approves Large Wind Power Project

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Adding to a steadily growing influx of renewable energy in Minnesota is the Bison 2 wind farm. The Bison 2 will generate 105 megawatts of power and reduce carbon emissions by 90,000 tons a year. Bison 2 will generate 105 megawatts of power and will consist of 35 Siemens direct-drive wind turbines. ” Government / Industry bison 2 wind farm minnesota wind power

Wind-Powered Creatures | Wend Magazine - Greenery

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But in the case of Jansen’s work, nature–wind, to be more specific–is what powers these technological works of art. With just a little bit of wind, Jansen’s sculptures, which appear as odd and grandiose creatures, are propelled forward in constant motion.

"The Withering of Wind Power"

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Ironman: We learned something really surprising about the wind energy industry from President Obama's FY2015 budget proposal. Tucked away within the proposal, President Obama is proposing making the wind energy production tax credit permanent. Mr. Obama’s budget would permanently extend the production tax credit for wind electricity, which expired last year after Congress failed to pass a bill renewing it.

Tamiya Wind Power Generator Set

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A great way for kids to learn about wind power, this is a Loopwing Wind Power Generator Set from Tamiya. This educational assembly kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing the alternative energy of wind power. Witness the conversion of wind power into working electricity! The motorized car sits on the top of the generator receiving power produced from the Loopwing Wind Power Generator.

So You Think You Want Wind Power?

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So You Think You Want Wind Power? Perhaps it’s time to think about wind power. At one time I was so committed to the MagLev Wind Turbine I almost reached the point of sending flowers once a week (well, not seriously, but you know what I mean).

Ice Banking Wind Power

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Reducing the peak daytime demand for electricity can cut cooling costs 20-40%, source energy and emissions are reduced and construction of new power plants and transmission lines can be delayed or eliminated. This is a great idea, and makes wind power that much more efficient! Calmac has come up with a storage system called IceBank that uses the energy generated at off-peak night-time hours to make ice.

Popular Wind-Powered Bamboo Landmine Detonator Needs Support

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An enormously popular wind-powered device modeled after the Afghan designer’s childhood toy, the spherical Mine Kafon has biodegradable bamboo and plastic spikes that detonate landmines rooted out with help from a sophisticated GPS chip embedded in the large ball.

Massoud Hassani Turns Childhood Toy into Wind-Powered Mine Sweepers

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Afghani designer Massoud Hassani transformed a childhood toy into a giant bamboo minesweeper powered by the wind. . Fashion & Design Afghanistan bamboo biodegradable plastic green design land mine Massoud Hassani social design sustainable design wind power

In Many Locations, Wind Power Is a Sound Investment

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Investment in wind power — whether by a government, utility or consumer — is a sound strategy if the benefits outweigh the costs. Frequently, wind power is such an investment. Government / Industry wind power investment

Who’s Got the Wind Power in the Middle East?

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Who’s got the wind in the Middle East? Morocco and Egypt have the biggest wind power plants, but don’t discount Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Two of the largest wind farms in the world are in the region, in Morocco and Egypt.

Largest Palestinian Hospital to Get Wind Power from Europe

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Few things are as deadly as a hospital without power , but a new wind turbine is about to blow away one hospital’s fear of losing theirs. It is expected to start generating 40% of the hospital’s power by the end of 2012. Image of a wind turbine , Shutterstock.

Wind Power Helps Texas Attain Energy Goals Early

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99% of those megawatts come from wind power. West Texas has some of the country’s best wind resources, and has seen a burst of wind power development since ERCOT’s renewable energy program was signed into law by then-Governor George W. Government / Industry texas wind powerThe state of Texas has attained their goal of getting 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity this year.

20% Wind Power Possible for Eastern U.S. by 2024

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An increase to 20% or more of the Eastern Interconnection’s electrical load to wind energy is possible by 2024, which is great news. Supplying 20% of the electrical requirements of the Eastern Interconnection would call for approximately 225,000 megawatts of wind generation capacity, which is ten times more than today’s levels. Wind Power News eastern interconnection eastern united states wind power wind power news united states

Anti Wind Power Protestors Make a Stink in Ottawa

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Canada’s capital city of Ottawa saw a Conservative group named, the North Gower Wind Action Group, march on Queen’s Park to deliver a staggering 408 signature petition to stop the building of 10 wind turbines in the Ottawa community. “If you live next to the 400 series of highways in Ontario, you will be subjected to a lot more noise than you ever will be from wind turbines.” Government / Industry Ottawa wind power wind power protest Wind Turbine

Two-thirds of Britons favour wind power over fracking

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A new survey has revealed that almost two-thirds of Britons would choose to live near a wind farm over a fracking site. The latest figures, published in February, found that 27% support shale gas extraction whilst 77% support renewables, including onshore wind.

Web Provides Creative Ways to Promote Wind Powered Energy

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That’s why using the web to spread the word about everything that wind powered energy has to offer can raise awareness for hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people. Because blogs rank so high in search engines, are so easy to follow with their simple format, and encourage interaction from readers, they can be a very effective way to promote wind powered energy. These FAQS are clearly worded documents that address many of the basic questions about wind energy.

Government attack on wind power

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London, UK, June 6, 2013: Commenting on Government plans to make it harder for onshore wind turbines to get the go-ahead, Friends of the Earth''s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said: "Another day, another Government attack on efforts to tackle climate change. "Earlier this week the Liberal Democrat leadership helped torpedo proposals to clean up the power sector, now they''re allowing the Conservative right to scupper onshore wind.

US Has Fastest Growing Wind Power Market

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Major investments last year helped the United States surpass Germany to become the world’s leader in wind power, according to a report recently released by the U.S. Wind now delivers nearly 2% of the nation’s electricity supply. For the fourth year in a row, the United States is home to the fastest-growing wind power market in the world. Wind power capacity increased by 60% in 2008, representing $16.4 Government / Industry us wind power

Egypt To Build 1000 MW Wind Power Plant

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Egypt plans to invite bids for the construction of a 1,000-megawatt wind energy plant in the Gulf of Suez at an international tender in September, according to Aktham Abou El- Ella, a spokesman for the Electricity Ministry of Egypt. Construction of the wind farm, which will be located in the Gabal El-Zeit area, will be tendered on a build-own-operate basis, Abou El-Ella told in an interview in Cairo. Government / Industry egypt wind power

Google Signs Major Wind Power Contract

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Google made a big move this week to use more renewable energy when they signed a 20-year contract with an Iowa wind farm that will allow Google to purchase wind power at a set rate over the next two decades. The energy from the NextEra Energy Resources wind farm will be sufficient to power “several data centers,” Google wrote on its blog. Government / Industry google energy google iowa wind farm google wind farm google wind power

Why Wind Power is so Beneficial to Electricity Companies

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There’s probably not a single person in the world who doesn’t understand that our resources for producing power are diminishing very quickly. alternative energy reduce fossil fuels wind energy green energy sustainable energy sources While scientists are trying to develop new ways to obtain and produce energy, we should remember that we already have such methods and some of them are not only efficient, but also eco-friendly. [.].

Texas Leads Nation In Wind Power

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According to a new report by the American Wind Energy Association, an extra 1,210 megawatts of wind power was moved to the nation’s power grid in the second quarter of 2009. The oil state continues to lead the nation in wind power generating capacity, with 454 megawatts added in the second quarter. That’s a 6 percent growth in wind capacity, giving Texas more than 8,000 megawatts in wind power capacity.

UK Wind Power Projects Delayed

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A massive project planned in the UK that would erect an offshore wind farm consisting of over 8,000 wind turbines by 2020 is likely to now be delayed. The government is looking to contract out a major project that would connect the wind farm energy to the grid. By letting contractors bid on the project, the UK government is hoping to reduce some of the $23 billion expected to cost to connect the 33,000 megawatts of wind energy power to the central grid.

The Unexpected Barrier to Wind Power

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The interest and development of wind power has soared in recent months. Wind farms have gained a great deal of media attention as well as the controversy some have ignited. The questions regarding large-scale wind farms have been tossed back and forth.

Cape Wind Power Future in Obama’s Hands

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President Obama hasn’t made any indication on what he plans to say on April 30 when he reveals the fate of the Cape Code Wind Power project. The massive wind power plan was been in the works for nearly a decade and it is now up to Obama and interior Secretary Ken Salazar whether the project will be allowed to continue. This wind power project’s future could have far reaching ramifications for wind energy around the U.S.

New York Wind Power Hits New High

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Wind power is being harnessed in New York at an unprecedented level now with a new record being set after hitting 1,000 megawatts last week. February 19 saw wind power output hit a level high enough to supply almost five percent of all of the 21,000 MW required by New York. To put into a more recognizable format; 1,000 MW is almost enough power to supply 1,000,000 homes. Wind Power News NYISO

China Plans to Tap 600 MW of Wind Power in Turkey

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Turkey’s massive wind resource has long been recognized. Now China’s wind giant Sinovel has signed an agreement to supply turbines to build 600 MW of wind projects in Turkey, in what could be the company’s largest overseas deal to date.

Wind power breezes through 5GW mark

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Renewable energy generally and wind energy in particular is not alternative energy any longer - it is absolutely mainstream.” Øystein Løseth, President and CEO of Vattenfall, said: “Today we are proud to launch Thanet offshore wind farm, the world’s largest operating offshore wind farm.

Global Wind Power Grew By 29% In 2008

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Global wind capacity grew by 29 percent in 2008 with America passing Germany to become the world’s leading wind power generator. Worldwatch, a Washington-based research organization said that global wind capacity rose by over 27,000 megawatts, to 120,798 MW last year. Wind now provides 1.5 wind capacity increased by 50 percent to 25,170 MW, or 21 percent of global capacity. Government / Industry Wind Power News global wind power

China Aims For 100 GW of Wind Power By 2020

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The total wind power generating capacity in China is currently 12,000 MW, but the nation, which is growing at the most rapid rate among all the countries in the world, wants to raise it to 20,000 MW by next year. This is an increase of its goal for wind power generation capacity by the year 2020 to as much as 100,000 megawatts. ” Wind Power News china wind power

Wind Power Tax Break Fails in Senate

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In a move that Democratic Senator Mark Udall claims could destroy the wind energy industry in the US, the extension of a federal tax break for wind energy production failed in the Senate on Tuesday. Experts and politicians say that it’s helped grow the wind industry in Colorado.

Landmark Wind Power Plant To Be Built In Pakistan

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A landmark wind power project is set to be built in south Pakistan, which will form part of the 6% target renewable energy in the total power mix by 2030. million in Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Limited to support the construction of the only wind power project in the Sindh Province.

20% of Iowa’s Electricity Comes From Wind Power

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A press release from earlier this year says that up to 20% of Iowa’s electricity is produced by wind. The organization’s director, David Osterberg said of the trend, “In the last two years, Iowa added 2,500 megawatts of wind turbine capacity, and now has wind capacity nearly six times the size of Iowa’s lone nuclear plant.” Approximately 5% of Iowa’s electricity was generated by wind power in 2006. Government / Industry iowa wind power

Iowa 100

Wind-powered Tumbleweed robot rolls back encroaching deserts

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Wrapped in a box kite sail that picks up wind and propels it in random directions, the Tumbleweed is equipped with a kinetically-powered on board computer, motor and sensor that help to collect climate data, along with a GPS that maps its trajectory.

Eole Uses Wind Power to Make Water From Desert Air

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Abu Dhabi hosts successful test of prototype water condensation, using wind power. And would be even better, of course, if it was placed in coastal or offshore areas where there is higher humidity and more wind.”.

Wind Power Blows Away Coal and Gas in Nordic Countries

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Wind power is blowing gas and coal-fired turbines out of business in the Nordic countries, and the effects will be felt across the Baltic region as the renewable glut erodes utility margins for thermal power stations. OSLO (Reuters) - Wind power is blowing gas and coal-fired turbines out of business in the Nordic countries, and the effects will be felt across the Baltic region as the renewable glut erodes utility margins for thermal power stations.

The Future of US Wind Power

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It’s amazing to think that wind power could actually be on the decline when the alternative energy sector seems to be just taking off in the United States. Wind power generation broke records in 2009 with 9.8 GW of new installation; however, this expansion of growth is slowing down dramatically as favorable sites are already [.] [ The Future of US Wind Power from Green Living Ideas ].

East Coast Governors Support Cape Wind Power

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Six East Coast Governors have formally backed the Cape Wind wind farm being considered by the Obama Administration. Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, to permit the massive offshore wind farm and disregard the opposing views of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. The $1 billion wind power project would see 130 large wind turbines installed across 25 square miles of federal coastal waters.

Wind Power Pitting Environmentalists Against Environmentalists

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Wind power offers a clean alternative to coal-derived energy. The proposed 50-turbine wind farm raises concerns about the impact on the local bald eagle population, including two rare golden eagles that use the bluff country for habitat. The controversy over the wind farm shows two conflicting ideas regarding environmentalism. A state law requires that green energy projects like AWA Goodhue Wind move forward to meet the state goal of 25 percent wind power by 2020.

Spain Approves Offshore Wind Power

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Spain is truly an international leader in the development of renewable energy and already produce the third most wind energy in the world and the second most solar energy. Despite this, Spain’s massive coastline has remained untapped as a wind energy resource, until now. The coastline has officially been approved to be mapped out for all relevant factors for establishing wind farms including wind speed, ecological factors and boat traffic.

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