"The Withering of Wind Power"

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Ironman: We learned something really surprising about the wind energy industry from President Obama's FY2015 budget proposal. Tucked away within the proposal, President Obama is proposing making the wind energy production tax credit permanent. Mr. Obama’s budget would permanently extend the production tax credit for wind electricity, which expired last year after Congress failed to pass a bill renewing it.

Wind power is cheapest energy, EU analysis finds

Green (Living) Review

Onshore windfarms far cheaper than coal and gas when health impacts are factored in, report shows Onshore wind is cheaper than coal, gas or nuclear energy when the costs of ‘external’ factors like air quality, human toxicity and climate change are taken into account, according to an EU analysis. Nuclear power, offshore wind and solar energy are all comparably inexpensive generators, at roughly €125 per MW/h. green living wind energy wind power


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Shine Turbine is a wind-powered portable device charger


This portable wind-turbine weighs less than three pounds and fits in your backpack

So You Think You Want Wind Power?

Green Home Blog

So You Think You Want Wind Power? Perhaps it’s time to think about wind power. At one time I was so committed to the MagLev Wind Turbine I almost reached the point of sending flowers once a week (well, not seriously, but you know what I mean). But never fear, the concept – of a frictionless levitated wind generator which operates without lubricant or TLC (put the dog out, bring the Maglev in) – has been picked up and refreshed by NuEnergy, among others.

Government attack on wind power

Green (Living) Review

London, UK, June 6, 2013: Commenting on Government plans to make it harder for onshore wind turbines to get the go-ahead, Friends of the Earth''s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton said: "Another day, another Government attack on efforts to tackle climate change. "Earlier this week the Liberal Democrat leadership helped torpedo proposals to clean up the power sector, now they''re allowing the Conservative right to scupper onshore wind.

Shine Turbine is a wind-powered portable device charger


A modern problem of the off-grid and outdoorsy lifestyle is how to keep your devices powered. Related: The Gaia off-grid container house has a custom rooftop wind turbine Designed and manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada, the patent-pending technology ‘Shines’.

Popular Wind-Powered Bamboo Landmine Detonator Needs Support

Green Prophet

An enormously popular wind-powered device modeled after the Afghan designer’s childhood toy, the spherical Mine Kafon has biodegradable bamboo and plastic spikes that detonate landmines rooted out with help from a sophisticated GPS chip embedded in the large ball. Cleantech, Science & Technology bamboo land mines Massoud Hassani Mine Kafon wind-powered minesweeperLand mines kill 42 people every month.

The Future of US Wind Power

Green Living Ideas

It’s amazing to think that wind power could actually be on the decline when the alternative energy sector seems to be just taking off in the United States. Wind power generation broke records in 2009 with 9.8 GW of new installation; however, this expansion of growth is slowing down dramatically as favorable sites are already [.] [ The Future of US Wind Power from Green Living Ideas ].

Who’s Got the Wind Power in the Middle East?

Green Prophet

Who’s got the wind in the Middle East? Morocco and Egypt have the biggest wind power plants, but don’t discount Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Wind power has taken a backseat to solar power across the Middle East and North Africa, but there are still some ambitious projects in wind power being undertaken across the region. Two of the largest wind farms in the world are in the region, in Morocco and Egypt.

Largest Palestinian Hospital to Get Wind Power from Europe

Green Prophet

Few things are as deadly as a hospital without power , but a new wind turbine is about to blow away one hospital’s fear of losing theirs. So in 2009, a project was officially inaugurated to incorporate wind energy into the hospital’s generating mix, and the European Union agreed to fund 80% of it; now, following years of planning and mapping, a 700 kilowatt wind turbine is about to be installed. Image of a wind turbine , Shutterstock.

Small-Scale Wind Power Solutions with Be-Wind

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While the image of giant wind turbines dominates our wind power imagination, Be Wind offers another solution for our renewable future. The post Small-Scale Wind Power Solutions with Be-Wind appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Sponsored Posts Be-Wind renewable energy solar wind power wind turbine

Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping


Conceptually, the wind-powered cargo vessel is designed for car and truck shipments and will have the capacity to carry up to 7,000 cars at a time. Wallenius Marine, the company responsible for Oceanbird (along with the Royal Institute of Technology, SSPA and the Swedish Transport Administration), believes in the future of zero-emissions shipping using wind as the main energy source. Excerpt from: Wind-powered cargo vessel promises sustainable ocean shipping.

Two-thirds of Britons favour wind power over fracking

Green (Living) Review

A new survey has revealed that almost two-thirds of Britons would choose to live near a wind farm over a fracking site. The findings have led to the government being accused of ignoring public opinion The YouGov poll, commissioned by renewable energy firm Ecotricity, found that 62% of participants – if forced to choose – would prefer to have a wind farm in their local council area. The conservatives are reportedly planning to curb onshore wind farms in their next election manifesto.

What Is An Off-The-Grid Home System And How To Convert Your Home Into One

Green Living Guy

Globally, the need to embrace eco-friendly energy options are more evident than ever before. As a way of reducing greenhouse gases to save the planet, more people are now opting for an off-the-grid home system.

2020 83

Home Wind Power for Half the Price, Over the Counter

Green Living Ideas

For commercial renewable energy enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of eye candy among industrial sized wind installations, but for the homeowner, the closest they get to feeling like they’re really generating clean energy might be the ‘Powered by the Wind’ sticker they get from their local utility when purchasing the wind power option for electricity. But [.] [ Home Wind Power for Half the Price, Over the Counter from Green Living Ideas ].

Wind Power Blows Away Coal and Gas in Nordic Countries

Green (Living) Review

Wind power is blowing gas and coal-fired turbines out of business in the Nordic countries, and the effects will be felt across the Baltic region as the renewable glut erodes utility margins for thermal power stations. OSLO (Reuters) - Wind power is blowing gas and coal-fired turbines out of business in the Nordic countries, and the effects will be felt across the Baltic region as the renewable glut erodes utility margins for thermal power stations.

Wind power breezes through 5GW mark

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) · 5 gigawatts of installed wind capacity in the UK · UK wind energy now providing enough electricity for close to 3 million homes · Delivery accelerates – 5th GW installed in less than 12 months The wind energy industry in the UK has recently been celebrating a milestone of 5GW of installed wind energy capacity, which is enough to supply close to 3 million homes with electricity on an annual basis.

Wind turbine listening device prepares for commercial launch

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One that does check the health of wind turbines. The post Wind turbine listening device prepares for commercial launch appeared first on Green Living Guy. To begin, final trials of listening devices or a ping monitor.

Wind Power Pitting Environmentalists Against Environmentalists

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Wind power offers a clean alternative to coal-derived energy. The proposed 50-turbine wind farm raises concerns about the impact on the local bald eagle population, including two rare golden eagles that use the bluff country for habitat. The controversy over the wind farm shows two conflicting ideas regarding environmentalism. A state law requires that green energy projects like AWA Goodhue Wind move forward to meet the state goal of 25 percent wind power by 2020.

The Unexpected Barrier to Wind Power

Eco Friendly Daily

The interest and development of wind power has soared in recent months. Wind farms have gained a great deal of media attention as well as the controversy some have ignited. Another battlefield has emerged as interest in small wind projects to provide energy for homeowners has increased. A conflict has arisen in a suburb of Minneapolis over a homeowner’s right to erect a wind turbine in a residential area. Wind Power wind power wind turbine

China Plans to Tap 600 MW of Wind Power in Turkey

Green Prophet

Turkey’s massive wind resource has long been recognized. Now China’s wind giant Sinovel has signed an agreement to supply turbines to build 600 MW of wind projects in Turkey, in what could be the company’s largest overseas deal to date. Rather than a single large wind farm, the deal would be split up into more than 10 smaller projects, but the turbines would be Sinovel’s 1.5 Turkey offers a feed-in tariff for wind at 7.3

Wind-powered Tumbleweed robot rolls back encroaching deserts

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Wrapped in a box kite sail that picks up wind and propels it in random directions, the Tumbleweed is equipped with a kinetically-powered on board computer, motor and sensor that help to collect climate data, along with a GPS that maps its trajectory. Desertification has gobbled up huge swaths of the Middle East and North Africa, a fact that Jerusalem-based industrial designer Shlomi Mir knows all too well.

Landmark Wind Power Plant To Be Built In Pakistan

Green Prophet

A landmark wind power project is set to be built in south Pakistan, which will form part of the 6% target renewable energy in the total power mix by 2030. million to Pakistan’s first privately owned wind farm by the Turkish company, Zorlu Enerji Electrik Uretim, that is utilising it to raise the power output from the current 6 megawatts (MW) to 56.4 South-Asia’s first wind turbine. Environmental benefits to wind turbines in Pakistan.

Eole Uses Wind Power to Make Water From Desert Air

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Abu Dhabi hosts successful test of prototype water condensation, using wind power. A revolutionary way to condense water from the desert air, powered by – and housed within – a wind turbine has been tested in the UAE since October of 2011, by French innovation startup Eole Water. And would be even better, of course, if it was placed in coastal or offshore areas where there is higher humidity and more wind.”.

Wind power generation increases by almost a third

Green (Living) Review

Wind now powering more than two million homes Energy statistics reveal a 31% increase in wind power generation in 2009 Renewables contribution to UK electricity mix up by 20% Wind energy now represents 2.5% of all UK electricity production by Michael Smith (Veshengro) RenewableUK, the trade body representing Britain 's wind, wave and tidal energy sector has welcomed figures which show the percentage of electricity on the grid from wind power increased by 31.1%

New Finance Package to help UK Schools harness wind power

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Evance Wind Turbines reduces second biggest cost for schools For schools, energy is the second biggest expenditure, so with energy costs rising by around 20% this year and possibly more in future years, schools will see increasing pressure on budgets. Presently, Evance has over 50 small wind turbines supporting educational centres across the UK. So, with energy costs rising, wind energy is a great benefit. “We

Wind Power Can Replace Coal

Eco Friendly Daily

Coal power is the dirtiest form of energy creation on Earth. Right now, there are far too many coal power plants on Earth, especially in China which seems to build about five a week it seems. The supporters of coal power say that coal power is cheap and plentiful, so why replace it with something that is not, which they often cite wind power as an example of. This would be enough energy to power around 800,000 to 900,000 homes.

Wind-Powered Mosque Makes Going Green A Breeze

Green Prophet

A cool green breeze will soon sweep through a new wind-powered mosque in German. The newest eco mosque in Nordesrstedt, Germany will get the majority of its power from the wind. In addition to sucking up hot air and providing a natural ventilation system, Hamburg-based architect Selcuk Ünyilmaz has designed a minaret that captures wind energy. For €2.5m, Ünyilmaz will outfit the mosque’s two 22 meter high minarets with wind turbines and 1.5m

Renewables rising – wind power passes the six gigawatt threshold

Green (Living) Review

6GW of installed capacity as wind industry makes great stride forward UK now has enough installed capacity to supply over 3.3 million homes Chief Secretary to the Treasury calls for further expansion of wind power RenewableUK, the trade association representing the renewable energy industries, has announced that the country’s wind sector has reached a landmark 6 gigawatts of installed capacity – enough to supply electricity to 3,354,893 homes.

Local Congressmen Pocket Cash from Wind Power's Foes While Jobs Blow Away In Their Backyards

Sierra Club Compass

That’s the devastating reality people in Cambria County, PA are seeing play out before their eyes, as the Gamesa wind turbine plant in their community just announced it was closing amid dire uncertainty over whether Congress will renew critical wind energy investments (see the Sierra Club's statement here ). If anyone does, Rothfus and Shuster should know the huge positives of wind power. Now, these wind jobs themselves may head overseas as well.

Wyoming Looking To Tax Wind Power

Eco Friendly Daily

Wind energy is a fast growing sector of renewable energy. Each year more and more wind energy facilities are built and more megawatts are added to the grid. However, many are concerned over a new bill in Wyoming that would put an excise tax on wind energy production in the state. A State Senator for Wyoming, Jim Anderson, stated: “We recognize that Wyoming has some of the best wind in the world. Wind Power

Vinalhaven, Maine Shows Us How We Can Help Store Wind Power

Green Living Ideas

If you wish we had more wind energy on the grid, you no doubt have been frustrated by all the Nay Sayers who say; “Nah, wind will never work. And when it does blow in the wee hours of the mornings, nobody has any use for the power. You can’t store wind power.&#. Not [.] [ Vinalhaven, Maine Shows Us How We Can Help Store Wind Power from Green Living Ideas ].

Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly

Green Living Guy

From solar panels to wind turbines, there’s a lot of attention on reducing your carbon footprint. One of the fastest changing industries for technology is related to the climate. Luckily, there are many simple changes you can make to be a little more eco-friendly in your life.

Other World Computing: First 100% Wind Powered Tech Manufacturer in U.S.

Green Living Ideas

technology manufacturer to be completely powered by an on-site wind generator, which provides over double the energy requirements of the company’s operations, including its datacenter. The power is generated by a Vestas V39 500kW turbine, and any excess energy is sold back to [.] [ Other World Computing: First 100% Wind Powered Tech Manufacturer in U.S. Other World Computing (OWC) has become the first U.S.

Wind Power: What is it we are trying to save?

Environmental News Network

Even if the naysayers are right and they produce little else, wind farms most certainly generate debate. But, as wind farms will continue to be built, the result is that they are moved to areas where land is cheap, and human habitation scarce. A while ago the RSPB released a map showing the areas most sensitive to wind farms in England and Scotland, based on their levels of biodiversity and fragility of their bird populations. Bird and wind turbine image via Shutterstock.

Green Architecture: What Makes a Structure a “Living Building”?

Green Living Guy

Green architecture is a branch of architecture that strives to combine functionality with sustainability. As society becomes more aware of climate change and environmental issues, ecological architecture has gained exponential interest.

UK should and could be leading Europe on wind power

Green (Living) Review

That needs to change, according to the chief executive of the British Wind Energy Association Maria McCaffrey. Within that the greatest contributor is going to be wind energy - both on and offshore.” She said there were four key things needed to make wind power a reality – plenty of wind, the technology, capital investment and political will.

Wind power continues to beat nuclear energy in China

Green Blog

billion on wind, solar and other renewable projects in 2013. Last year China became a powerhouse for solar and wind as the country’s investments in renewable energy increased by 32 percent, to $89.5 Unfortunately not everything is renewable energy as China has plans to triple its nuclear power capacity by 2020. But at the same time China added 23,000 megawatts of new wind energy capacity – a world record.

Renewable Energy for Residential Air Quality

Green Living Guy

Air quality has dramatically improved over the years, but it’s still not up to healthy standards. Many people spend most of their time indoors, and while vents and air purifiers help keep the air clean, it’s not enough. People are often unaware of the impacts of low air quality. Non-renewable.

From New Age Traveller to wind-power tycoon

Green (Living) Review

He had a little wind turbine to charge old batteries and even ran a laptop computer from it. Vince wanted more, however, than to just lead a low-impact lifestyle, so he drove to Cornwall to see Britain’s first wind farm. It gave him the dream of building a wind turbine on the hill where he lived in Gloucestershire. The next hurdle Vince was faced with was actually selling the power he generated. In 2007 alone Ecotricity invested £25m in wind energy.

NASA Engineers develop a new, more efficient airborne wind-power system


Two and half centuries hence, NASA is using the lowly kite yet again albeit this time the purpose of the experiment is to change the way the world approaches wind turbines and sustainable energy generation. Wind-borne power systems may not yet be viewed with the same level of trust as land-based tower-like wind turbines but they may just prove to be just the viable and ingenious alternative that can bring wind energy to the masses.

Wind power in Spain reaches an historic high in March 2011

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Madrid, Spain: Wind power became Spain's main source of electricity for the first time ever in April 2011 and wind farms accounted for 21 percent of demand and reached a monthly record, which is 5.0 Spain is a country renowned for its focus on renewable energy but very few people will have realized how much energy Spain derives from wind rather than, as people might like to assume, solar.

2011 131

Wind powers my hometown pride

Green Life Smart Life

The self-proclaimed Birthplace of American Democrcy is a fine place to raise a family, buy fresh produce, and as of a few days ago, witness wind power at it’s ultimate glory. This single wind turbine is expected to generate nearly 60% of our town’s power while serving as a collossal example of what many skylines could look like years from now.