Blowing Horn harvests wind energy with a multi-rotor turbine

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Are you tired of seeing the same old giant wind turbines in a field or offshore? Related: The Shard architect designs lightweight dragonfly wind turbine. Designed by Doug Selsam, this technology allows for additional energy generation.

Iran Blows Past Sanctions with Wind Energy

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Determined to stay its unpopular nuclear course , Iran is now turning to wind power and other renewable energy sources to blow past sanctions. Mega wind potential. Another firm is exploring the potential of converting urban waste from large cities into energy.

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Winflex Inflatable Turbines Prove Wind Energy Practical Anywhere

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Inflatable wind turbines are lighter and cheaper than heavy conventional ones. Winflex wind rotor. What is unique about Winflex’s inflatable wind turbines is that they are made out of “light, flexible and inexpensive cloth sheets made out of composite materials.&#

Europe installed twice as much wind energy capacity in 2014 as coal and gas combined

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New data from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) shows that wind energy installations outperformed both coal and gas last year in the European Union. Across the 28 EU member states, the wind industry built a total of 11,791 MW to the European grid.

U.K. Wind Energy Jobs Up 91%

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wind power industry has surged 91 percent in three years, the RenewableUK lobby group said today. The number of people employed full-time in the large-scale onshore and offshore wind energy industry rose to about 9,200 in 2010 from 4,800 in 2007, RenewableUK said today in an e-mailed report. is banking on wind energy to help meet its European Union target of deriving 15 percent of energy for electricity, heat and transportation from renewables by 2020.

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Local Wind Energy Industry Emerges In Turkey

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Turkey has used wind energy for more than ten years now, but never from locally developed and produced wind turbines. By 2014, the government expects to follow up this 500-KW model with a 2,500-KW wind turbine, also completely locally produced.

Wind Energy and Organic Farming Collide in Western Turkey

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Virgin wilderness on Turkey’s western coast is threatened by the construction of new wind energy transmission infrastructure being built by the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company. The lines will connect new wind energy projects in Çe?me

New Firm Enters Turkey’s Rapidly Expanding Wind Energy Sector

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German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex will construct eleven 2.5 Elektrik Group’s first wind project. MW “Sincik” wind energy farm, Nordex announced today. It will be the flagship wind energy project of the Tektu?

Energy Storage Device For Offshore Wind Energy Tested

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Massive offshore wind projects are planned and expected to become commonplace across the globe. Many countries are fortunate to have vast coasts in order to take advantage of winds upon the sea, but one major concern is energy loss. Environment Wind Power

Save the Planet in 3 Simple Steps: A Common-Sense Mom’s Guide to Sustainability.

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This stuff isn’t just for hippies anymore. It’s becoming mainstream, and it needs to be.

What's Next: Clean solutions to store excess wind energy


The hunt for sustainable energy has led us to interesting places. Solar, wind, water and biogas are a few of them, having the ability to provide an almost endless supply of renewable power. We now have a rising demand for solar systems, wind energy and biogas.

Offshore Wind Energy Could Power 14 Million American Homes If.

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As we've been discussing , in less than three weeks, certain tax incentives that encourage growth in the clean energy sector, resulting in thousands of jobs and improved public health conditions, are set to expire. Now those are some wind energy statistics to blow anyone away!

Study: Offshore Wind Energy Capable Of Powering East Coast

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According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the United States has at least 4,150 gigawatts of potential wind energy along the coastlines. Despite this, the country has yet to establish their first offshore wind farm, making them decades behind some European nations.

Wind Energy Project Moves Ahead in Nantucket

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Wind energy generation off the coast of Nantucket looks to be a reality after all. There has been a lot of push-bask on this project from wealthy New Englanders who had NIMBY attitude toward sustainable energy. renewable energy sustainability wind energy alternative energy Nantucket wind energy project sustainable energy

Wind energy to be created using lamp-posts

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An IT company has joined forces with a green technology firm to develop wind turbines which attach to lamp-posts. The NVT Group's partnership with Own Energy Solutions is set to create 25 jobs over the next 12 months which it hopes will rise to about 300 within three years.

Study: Wind Energy To Prevent 34 Billion Tons Of Carbon Emissions By 2030

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Wind energy has become a clear component of the future of the renewable energy sector. Wind energy grows yearly and globally, with more developing nations joining the field as well. In total, seventy-five countries around the world currently are using wind energy.

Study reveals 91 per cent rise in UK wind energy employment

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Wind employment withstands recession and slow GDP growth Offshore wind farm development, port refits and supply chain manufacturing set to further boost sector employment in the years ahead RenewableUK, the country’s leading voice for the renewable energy industry, has today published the most comprehensive ever employment figures for the wind energy industry, showing a 91 per cent increase in full-time employment in the sector between 2007/8 and 2009/10.

Eole’s double-duty turbines wick water from wind

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A company called Eole Water has taken the same concept and “built a better mousetrap” – or in this case, better wind turbine – retooling technology to siphon 1,000 liters of clean water a day from the same wind that is used to generate renewable energy.

Energy Storage Super-capacitors Bottle Energy In New Breakthrough

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UCLA and Egyptian scientist accidentally find a new way to bottle stored energy. This missing link for solar energy, hydro and electric cars could be a fast, tiny, biodegradable battery. Batteries convert electrical energy to and from chemical energy.

How Does It Work: Wind Energy

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How Does It Work: Wind Energy. People have been capturing the power of this wind since ancient times: it’s moved sailboats for thousands of years while windmills were around in England as early as the 11 th century and in other parts of the world even earlier than that.

Protected: Wind Energy

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Santa Clara CA Purchases 50 MW Of New Projects Wind Energy

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Iberdrola Renewables recently announced that it had sold 50 Megawatts to the City of Santa Clara Silicon Valley Power (SVP) from its Manzana Wind Power Project that is still under construction. SVP is Iberdrolla’s repeat customer according to Martin Mugica, an executive vice president of Iberdrolla renewable, who added that the company was delighted to be of help to SVP in meeting its renewable energy portfolio goals.

Trump May Spend Millions to Kill Scotland’s Wind Energy Plans


Trump and his piggy bank are fighting a new battle - one that would seek to prevent Scotland from installing 11 wind turbines off the Aberdeenshire coast Read More. Causes Environment News Top News donald trump

3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Planned by Israeli Professors on Mexico-US Border

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Can the Energy Tower slated for US Mexico border create clean power and mitigate climate change? In what is known as a downdraft energy tower, water is sprayed onto solar heated air at the top of a hollow tower. Energy Towers might just work.

Obama’s First Offshore Wind Energy Strategy

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Early this week, two members of the Obama cabinet announced an offshore wind energy strategy that includes releasing more than fifty million dollars for offshore wind energy research as well as a plan to fast-track approval of wind farms in wind energy zones. Government / Industry ken salazar wind power obama wind energy obama wind power us wind energy

Results Positive for AWEA Wind Energy Survey

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The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has announced the results of a national survey of the public opinion of wind energy. Conducted in March, the results conclude that there is generally a clear support for wind energy as well as public support for new projects. . AWEA CEO Denise Bode said, “Wind works for America and that is why voters want Congress to pass a strong national RES.

A Different Perspective to Understand How Energy Impacts Biodiversity

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A wind farm in Texas. For biodiversity, there’s no escaping energy development. Even clean energy sources, like wind and solar, have some effect on the natural landscapes where they’re placed. The State of the Science on Energy Development Impacts.

How Vertical Wind Systems can Help Overcome Wind Energy Challenges

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Learn how vertical wind systems can help improve our wind energy capacity. The post How Vertical Wind Systems can Help Overcome Wind Energy Challenges appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Sponsored Posts off grid renewable energy turbines vertical wind systems Wind Energy wind power

IRENA says: it’s not too late to turn to renewables

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IRENA, the global renewable energy consortia with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi believes that though the clock of climate change is ticking, we still have time to avert global catastrophes. Historically, as energy consumption grows, so has carbon dioxide emissions.

India Continues Wind Energy Boom

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India is currently in the midst of a wind energy boom. The increasing installations of wind turbines in India is causing many to believe that the country will by far exceed their wind energy goals for 2030. Environment Wind Power

Fracking Sucks! Waylon Lewis talks with Josh Fox of Gasland fame.

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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: One Take: In the Moment with Josh Fox. Fracking is not a hippie liberal environmentalist issue. See GASLAND and you’ll see it’s hitting conservatives and hunters and business owners and real estate values and children…all of us.

France Says “Oui” to Masdar Renewables Deal

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Masdar CEO Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber signed a joint declaration with the French government, paving the way for new collaboration on advancing clean energy projects in France. In also underscores existing cooperation on the Global Atlas of Renewable Energy.

Saphonian Blade-less Wind Turbines Save Birds and Energy

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While solar advancements continue apace , wind energy technology has remained fairly stagnant over the years, making it in most cases less viable than fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Plus, thanks to the hydraulic system, energy can be stored, which creates a more stable supply.

How Can We Make Energy Security Sustainable?

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Meeting energy development needs will require that we convert land from current uses. Access to cheap energy has become essential to modern economies. How future energy demand is met will have consequences for both people and nature.

Australia Wind Energy Sector Growing

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Approximately eighty percent of the country’s energy needs are currently met through coal. The current Australian goal is to have twenty percent of their energy needs met through renewable sources by 2020. REpower will be providing sixty-four wind turbines which are 2.05

Now that’s huge! Record-breaking wind turbine being built by Siemens

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German manufactuer Siemens have constructed off-shore wind turbines with record-breaking rotors. Besides making it lightweight, in relation to its size of course, these construction processes also makes the wind turbine extremely strong.

Schools selected for wind energy project

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Kansas The Kansas Rural Center and Kansas Wind Applications Center at Kansas State University announce the selection of five more primary and secondary schools to receive a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine as part of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Wind for Schools initiative.

Britain must do more to secure wind energy jobs

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Britain, as a nation, is punching well below its weight when it comes to offshore wind, risking missing legally-binding targets and the opportunity to secure tens of thousands of jobs. The paper says rapid expansion of the sector is needed to meet EC targets of 15% Britain's energy to come from renewable energy by 2020. Wind can provide clean, sustainable energy, while attracting investment and creating employment.


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European Investment Bank to authorize £700 million in matched loans for onshore wind developments Three UK banks involved Lending scheme designed to tackle lack of project finance BWEA report shows extent of problem by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA), the UK’s leading renewable energy association, welcomed the EIB backed Government plan to inject much needed liquidity into the onshore wind development market.

Wind Energy Increasing In Popularity In Brazil

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Renewable energy thus far has mainly been a focus of the northern hemisphere, with Europe, Asia and the United States being major contributors. However, there is major potential in the continents of Africa and South America yet to be fully tapped by the renewable energy market.